Since Oct 21, 1998

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Believe in a strong military that supports the country, the Army and the soldiers. Joined the Army in the Carter era, saw Reagan make it a real force, and lived with it as Clintoon tore it down. I had real hope for GW, but he while not a RINO was not a Reagan conservative. Want relief from taxes, get the surplus out of DC where they'll spend it, and back the the tax payers. And get the Government out of our toilets (1.6 gallons is inadequate), that is unless we can really flush the Government weennies.

Was called up for 911, given the vacation tour overseas to include Afghanistan. God Bless our VETS!!!!!! As the saying goes, if you enjoy your freedom, thank a Vet. Finished my 4th (and hopefully last) tour in the sandbox, luckily as a contractor.

And I've come to believe one of Rush's most profound statements, "Successful people are those that have failed, picked themselves up, and tried again." Or as I tell my kid when he thinks I'm stopping him from making it, "Don't let some SOB stand in your way, succeed despite them."

I had been paying about 30% of my income in taxes, working 50+ hours a week is a high stress job. Finally decided I had enough. Gave my boss 8 months notice, trained my replacement, left and moved to Thailand. Now I play with the kids and dogs, bother my sweet Thai Girl, and enjoy the little things. Had to come back to Amerca in April 2012 for Taxes and other type paperwork. My company asked me to come help them while I was in town. They asked me how I was liking my choice, I replied that this morning it was really rough as I had to make my own breakfast and get my own coffee.

Update, in 2013 my Thai Wife and I were blessed to have a daughter, she is the light of my life. I have to Thank Obama and Hillary for making it near impossible to get my wife any kind of Visa to visit the USA. They gave me the push to move to Thailand, as I would not have done it otherwise. My angel is about to turn 3, wow there is no better time to have a child as being retired I have time to spend with her.

Talked the TW into trying for a US Visa 1 more time (she said it was degrading), and she got a 10 year tourist visa. She also said that the embassy people were polite and helpful this time. We decided that it would be best to educate the daughter in the USA to have her talk like an American. So we are trying to buy a house and she is attending Kindergarten in Michigan. I chose MI because of the Catholic Schools and my relatives live here. So far we are pleased with our choice.
visited 45 states