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  • Why Impeachment Failed

    02/07/2020 4:48:20 AM PST · by Kaslin · 57 replies ^ | February 7, 2020 | David Harsanyi
    It's comforting, no doubt, to believe that Donald Trump has survived the impeachment trial because he possesses a tighter hold on his party than did Barack Obama or George W. Bush or any other contemporary president. In truth, Trump, often because of his own actions, has engendered less loyalty than the average president. It's difficult to recall, after all, a single Democratic senator throwing anything but hosannas Obama's way, which allowed the former president to ride his high horse from one scandalous attack on the Constitution to the next. In 1998, no Democrat voted to convict Bill Clinton, who had...
  • Trump Is Right. Adam Schiff Has Not Paid For Damaging The Country With Years Of Lies

    01/27/2020 8:11:33 AM PST · by yoe · 11 replies
    The Federlist ^ | January 27, 2020 | Mollie Hemingway
    When President Trump (tweeted) on Sunday that Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., was a ďCORRUPT POLITICIANĒ who ďhas not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!Ē the media and Democrats loudly protested, as they do, that this was a threat. ďSchiff Ďhas not paid the priceí for impeachment, Trump says in what appears to be veiled threat,Ē said a Washington Post headline. ďSchiff, Calling Trump ĎWrathful and Vindictive,í Sees Tweet as a ThreatĒ The New York Times headlined. ďTrump makes Ďthreatí against Rep. Adam Schiff,Ē was the New York Daily News headline. ďAdam Schiff: Trump Saying...
  • As The Impeachment Trial Begins, Democrats Are Losing Their Minds

    01/22/2020 7:43:06 AM PST · by Kaslin · 11 replies
    The Federalist, ^ | January 22, 2019 | John Daniel Davidson
    On Monday, as senators and House impeachment managers prepared for the opening of President Trump¬ís impeachment trial Tuesday, Democrats and their courtiers in the mainstream press decided to ratchet up the their rhetoric to the point of delusional hysteria. The House managers¬óled by Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler¬óissued a statement that essentially accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of a coverup, saying his proposed rules for the trial are ¬ďrigged,¬Ē nothing more than an ¬ďeffort to prevent the full truth of the President¬ís misconduct from coming to light.¬ĒThat wasn¬ít all. Schiff and the impeachment managers also called on Trump¬ís...
  • Impeachment Witness Says Case Against Trump 'Collapses Under Weight of Time'

    01/04/2020 1:11:27 PM PST · by Kaslin · 26 replies ^ | January 4, 2020 | Bronson Stocking
    Democrats are demanding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell call a list of witnesses the Democrats believe will bolster their impeachment case against President Trump. In their rush to impeach the president before the holidays, the Democrats abandoned their legal fight to subpoena the witnesses they once proclaimed were central to building their case. Now Democrats want a do-over in the Senate.† Jonathan Turley, the Republican witness and legal scholar who testified before the House Judiciary Committee during the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry, wrote†an op-ed explaining how the Democrats' weak case against the president is already collapsing as Senate Republicans continue to...
  • Why Democratsí ĎImpeachmentí Is An Insult To Their Base

    12/22/2019 10:40:16 AM PST · by Kaslin · 25 replies
    The Federalist ^ | December 22, 2019 | Christopher Bedford
    From San Francisco to Amherst, hungover activists greeted Thursday‚Äôs mid-afternoon sun, rolling out of their waterbeds in the warm belief that Donald J. Trump was no longer president of the United States. Of course, he is still the president. Indeed, he might not even have been constitutionally impeached yet. That‚Äôs because every chapter of this story, from accusations to investigations, charges to impeachment, has been pure political theater. ‚ÄúVery sadly now‚Ķ I solemnly and sadly open the debate on the impeachment,‚ÄĚ Pelosi announced before Wednesday‚Äôs vote. ‚ÄúHe gave us no choice,‚ÄĚ she concluded.The speaker and her allies wore black, of...
  • New York Times Discovers Voters Are Paying Little Mind To Impeachment

    12/20/2019 7:57:54 AM PST · by Kaslin · 27 replies
    The Federalist ^ | December 20, 2019, | Tristan Justice
    The New York Times discovered this week that few people around the country seemed to pay much attention to the the House passing articles of impeachment Wednesday making President Donald Trump only the third president in history to be impeached.¬ďIt was a momentous day in American history. But, by all indications, it was not a momentous day in the lives of most Americans,¬Ē the Times declared. ¬ďAs history played out Wednesday amid the bombast and rancor of impeachment proceedings, many of them seemed intent on looking elsewhere.¬ĒThe Times reported on people across the country who remained focused on their day-to-day...
  • Why Impeachment Is A Massive Blunder For Nancy Pelosi

    12/19/2019 2:30:50 PM PST · by Kaslin · 37 replies
    The Fedralist ^ | December 19, 2020 | Christopher Bedford
    Washington, D.C. ‚ÄĒ It‚Äôs been an ugly fall in Washington. Wet, dreary and deeply stupid. In the season we‚Äôre supposed to be shopping for the perfect gift for our loved ones, instead most of us are busily shopping for a reason to give America what they say she wants more than her two front teeth: impeachment. But despite Wednesday‚Äôs long-expected vote and the media cheer group accompanying it, this is going terribly for the Democrats.There‚Äôs a willful suspension of belief at work in the capital city. Self-proclaimed defenders of the Constitution make excuses for sloppy spying on a major candidate...
  • 4 Reasons Trumpís Impeachment Is The Weakest In U.S. History

    12/19/2019 1:52:37 PM PST · by Kaslin · 10 replies
    The Federalist ^ | December 19, 2019 | Mollie Hemmingway
    President Donald Trump joined Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson in the club of impeached presidents Wednesday night. Like the other two, Trump will be acquitted by the Senate once the articles of impeachment are delivered. The case for Trump’s impeachment is the weakest of the three. If we include Richard Nixon, who resigned on his way to impeachment, it’s the weakest of the four. Here’s why.1. No Actual Crime Previous impeachments at least had a crime. Andrew Johnson was the first U.S. president to be impeached. He faced 11 articles of impeachment, mostly built around his violation of the Tenure...
  • Dems Lose at High Stakes Politics

    12/16/2019 4:39:43 AM PST · by Kaslin · 18 replies ^ | December 16, 2019 | Terry Paulson
    ďI bet it all!Ē Youíve seen it in the movies, as a player pushes all their chips to the center of the poker table. Then with a smile, one player follows suit saying, ďI match your bet and call. Itís show and tell time.Ē Nancy Pelosi called for Articles of Impeachment, announcing her big bet before the House Judiciary Committee had even finished its investigation. Itís as if President Trump pushed a matching pile of political chips into the center of the table, ďBring it on. In the Senate, Iíll get to show you my hand!Ē You think you know...
  • Boy, Have the Democrats Ever Overplayed Their Hand!

    12/13/2019 3:28:44 AM PST · by Kaslin · 52 replies ^ | December 13, 2019 | David Limbaugh
    If cosmic justice were to prevail, Democrats would drop their impeachment sham in confessed disgrace and move to give President Donald Trump a second term by acclamation for having ceaselessly abused their power in trying to nullify his first term. Though cosmic justice won't prevail, the Constitution will, including its prescribed Senate check on impeachment and its provision for election of presidents through the Electoral College. The Democrats have given new meaning to the term "overplaying your hand," and their witch hunt will continue to backfire. They will fail to remove Trump from office and, through their egregious overreach, will...
  • The Judiciary Committee's Ex Post Facto Approach To Impeachment Violates the Constitution

    12/09/2019 5:32:29 AM PST · by Kaslin · 25 replies ^ | December 9, 2019 | Rob Natelson
    The House Judiciary Committee has issued a report claiming, essentially, that Congress is not bound by any standards of what is impeachable. Citing Justice Joseph Story, who wrote a 19th-century commentary on the Constitution, the report claims that it is impossible to establish any ‚Äúcomprehensive definition of ‚Äėhigh Crimes and Misdemeanors‚Äô or a catalog of offenses that are impeachable.‚ÄĚ Instead, the report says, Congress must collect the facts and then consider whether impeachment is warranted. This conclusion is not unprecedented. It tracks the conclusions of some writers on impeachment, who (as I note in one of my scholarly articles) have...
  • Cancel Culture in the House: Using Impeachment Outrage to Fundraise

    12/09/2019 5:15:25 AM PST · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | December 9, 2019 | Matt Webb
    What could the Democrats possibly be thinking starting this impeachment now? They are in the midst of a contested primary, and should be focusing their energy on campaigning, securing their base and winning new voters. None of the reasons being bandied about really made sense to me, especially not, as Speaker Pelosi stated, that they are moving forward. †ďSadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders, and our heart full of love for America." †No one, not even Nancy herself, believes that. Love of and respect for the Constitution they routinely trample on is not the reason.But...
  • Impeachment Charade -- Faculty Lounge Edition

    12/07/2019 3:22:31 AM PST · by Kaslin · 12 replies ^ | December 7, 2019 | Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel
    Another chapter in the House impeachment melodrama unfolded this week. The proceedings shifted from Adam Schiff's Intel Committee to the Judiciary Committee, which is run by another Democratic member of Congress, Jerry Nadler of New York. Last month Schiff's failed approach was to bring down the president by bringing in a whole cavalcade of intelligence and foreign policy professionals and having them explain how their feelings had been hurt by the bad Orange man. Jerry Nadler tried a new approach. His strategy was to treat impeachment like a faculty meeting at Wesleyan. He produced a long line of academics with...
  • Nadler blew his big chance in the Judiciary Committee yesterday

    12/05/2019 7:31:05 AM PST · by george76 · 40 replies
    American Thinker ^ | December 5, 2019 | Thomas Lifson
    Rep. Jerrold Nadler was hoping for redemption yesterday, having earlier been so inept that Nancy Pelosi gave the Adam Schiffís House Intelligence Committee the opportunity to hold ďimpeachment inquiryĒ hearings, even though Nadlerís Judiciary Committee would have the responsibility of drawing up articles of impeachment. But yesterdayís hearing continued excavating the hole that the Democratsí collective Trump Derangement Syndrome has dug for themselves. Nadlerís first mistake was to start with law professors lecturing us on their hatred .. for Donald Trump. ... they displayed their own contempt, epitomized by Stanford Professor Pamela Karlanís .. nonsensical but nasty attack on President...
  • Trumpís Opposition Has Lost their Grip and Their Minds

    12/05/2019 6:17:00 AM PST · by Kaslin · 20 replies ^ | December 5, 2019 | Chris Stigall
    Florida Representative Matt Gaetz (R) blew his stack during the House Judiciary impeachment show this week. It was righteous anger, lending voice to the millions of Americans whoíve lost their tolerance for the parade of academics and unelected functionaries of government and their fawning media cheerleaders who continue to insist President Trump should be impeached and we voters are simply not sophisticated enough to understand why. Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan offered particularly shrill and hysterical commentary more fitting for a guest appearance on MSNBC than expert testimony before Congress."Put simply, a candidate for president should resist foreign interference in...
  • The Democratsí Massive Impeachment Fail

    12/05/2019 12:15:13 AM PST · by Kaslin · 35 replies ^ | December 5, 2019 | Kurt Schlichter
    Well, the gibbering, babbling left wanted an impeachment, and now theyíre getting it good and hard. To the surprise of no one who isnít a blue city pol, a media hack, or an insufferable Fredocon sissy, the American people are not particularly impressed by the genius idea of replacing our president a year before an election because he allegedly expressed curiosity about why the coke-sniffing, stripper-impregnating, dead brotherís wife-trifling, Navy-rejected loser son of Vice President Gropey OíDefinitelynotsenile scored a $50K+ a month gig on a Ukrainian gas board. And itís just dawning on some of them they maybe this impeachment...
  • Dems' (The Demon Rats) Impeachment Trickery

    12/04/2019 4:17:40 AM PST · by Kaslin · 8 replies ^ | December 4, 2019 | Betsy McCaughey
    On Wednesday, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., takes over as ringmaster for the ongoing impeachment show. He's billing his opening act as an inquiry into the "historical and constitutional basis of impeachment" and "the framers' intent." Nadler claims he'll be looking into what the Constitution's authors meant by "high crimes and misdemeanors." Don't be fooled by Nadler's scholarly posturing. He isn't planning a civics lesson. Democrats are hell-bent on impeaching Trump, so Nadler has to rewrite American history and massage the meaning of the Constitution's Impeachment Clause to fit the pile of nonevidence Adam Schiff's Intelligence Committee has...

    12/02/2019 5:32:53 PM PST · by bitt · 116 replies ^ | 12/2/2019 |
    Republican Staff Report Prepared For Devin Nunes Ranking Member Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Jim Jordan Ranking Member Committee on Oversight and Reform Michael T. McCaul Ranking Member Committee on Foreign Affairs
  • News Summary-Intelligence Report Sunday 12/1/2019

    12/01/2019 8:22:06 PM PST · by Nextrush · 3 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 12/1/2019 | Nextrush/Self
    "This baseless and highly partisan inquiry violates all past historical precedent, basic due process rights, and fundamental fairness" That's part of the letter from White House counsel Pat Cipollone to the Democrat controlled House Judiciary Committee Sunday evening..... Friday's terrorist attack front and center in the British election campaign. Two dead and three wounded in the stabbing attack on London Bridge..... On Friday night in London's Stamford Hill neighborhood a visitng rabbi assaulted and left bleeding on the ground.... At least 14 killed in an attack on a church in the African nation of Burkina Faso...... Police in the Netherlands...
  • Of Course: Progressive Org Launches Media Blitz Focusing on Impeachment and Claims

    11/28/2019 5:37:17 AM PST · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | November 28, 2019 | Beth Bauman
    The one thing the Left has always been great at is "grassroots" organizing. We all know that progressive organizations are almost always†behind these movements. Just look at the preprinted, professional signs. They all have the same colors, fonts and political messaging. And it's all done by design.† MoveOn, the progressive political action committee (PAC), is now touting their members' "grassroots impeachment events" across the nation.†According to a press release sent to Townhall, the organization has established more than 300 events with more than 50,000 people to take place the day before the House of Representatives votes on articles of impeachment....