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Keyword: haaretzism

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  • Commenters on the twisted Haaretz stating IDF doesn't rape Arab women because of racism." [Haaretzism fake racism]

    06/22/2024 4:58:18 PM PDT · by Freeleesy · 9 replies
    C. At EoZ ^ | June 23, 2024
    Commenters on the twisted Haaretz stating IDF doesn't rape Arab women because of racism." (Just like the usual fake racism terminology by Haaretz - while justifying routinely racist Arab attacks - Haaretzism).(Translated from now14): There is a competition on the left who can say the most delusional statement. They have an iron dome of the media. _ There should be a demonstration in Kaplan [i.e. the center for leftists protesters] for the underprivileged Muslims, with huge signs that will read "We demand pluralistic equality, kidnapping, abuse and rape without discrimination"!!! _ Naama Riba says that whoever is not a racist...
  • Pro Arab racism Haaretz: 'IDF soldiers don't rape Arab women due to racism.' - fake racism - pallyweid. Garbage Haaretzism!

    06/20/2024 4:50:53 AM PDT · by Freeleesy · 16 replies
    Compilation | June 20, 2024
    This is the very same garbage Haaretz - Haaretzism - that rationalizes Arab racism and racially / Islamic bigotry motivated Arab-Muslim attacks targeting [any] Jews, which is a routine, but casts Jews' fear of Arab racism as if rather this is supposedly "racist." Haaretz: IDF soldiers don't rape Arab women due to racism. A Haaretz article sparked outrage online after it claimed that 'IDF soldiers don't rape Arab women due to racism.' Online users criticized: 'How do we get to such a twisted situation?' Israel National News. Jun 20, 2024. _____ The "Haaretz" reporter claims: "IDF soldiers do not rape...
  • Instead of reading it as is, i. e. playing the devil's advocate for Hitler fans "palestinians" who he rightfully calls IslamoNazis, twisted Haaretz, a long foe of the right, presented ex MK Feiglin in a ludicrous light

    06/18/2024 11:53:48 AM PDT · by Freeleesy · 14 replies
    Comment at EoZ ^ | June 18, 2024
    Instead of reading it as is, i. e. playing the devil's advocate for Hitler fans "palestinians" who he rightfully calls IslamoNazis, the Anti-Israel and often anti-Jewish twisted Haaretz, a long foe of the right, presented Feiglin in a ludicrous light as if he were suicidal which doesn't make sense. Here is the Haaretz piece: "Former Israeli MK Quotes Hitler While Discussing Gaza War. June 16, 2024. — 'As Hitler Said,' Moshe Feiglin Said to Channel 12 News, 'I Can't Live if One Jew Is Left,' We Can't Live Here if One 'Islamo-Nazi' Remains in Gaza." It has been then quoted...
  • "You Moron": Yosef Haddad confronted a 'Haaretz' employee in the foreign media. (pro-terror pro-racism - Haaretzism)

    02/12/2024 3:29:08 AM PST · by Conservat1 · 2 replies
    Now14 ^ | Feb 12, 2024
    Yosef Haddad probably never imagined that he would be interviewed by the foreign media and hear an employee of the "Haaretz" newspaper claiming that israel's only goal in the war is to destroy the palestinian people: "nothing but genocide[sic]" • Haddad did not remain indifferent, he explained why he was wrong and attacked live : "oh my god!" • watch. • 2 Adar I, 5784. • 12.02.24 • 10:29 "Ya Ahbal": Yosef Haddad confronted a "Haaretz" employee in the foreign media The Israeli advocacy activist Yosef Haddad is often interviewed by foreign media for the sake of explaining Israel, but...
  • Dr. Mordechai Kedar: "If it wasn't for this [foreign money] support, the newspaper "Haaretz" would have gone bankrupt a long time ago" [Haaretzism]

    01/19/2024 7:54:50 AM PST · by Conservat1 · 1 replies
    TovNews ^ | 01/19/2024 | Dvir Yadai
    Dr. Mordechai Kedar answers the question: Could the State of Israel have won the War of Independence if there had been media like today's at that time? Ynet's military reporter Ron Ben Yishai, one of the oldest military reporters, was a guest at the Channel 13 studio and criticized the Israeli media on the way the war was covered. According to him, if the War of Independence had taken place in the era of the current media, the State of Israel would not have been established. Dr. Mordechai Kedar , who heard about these things, said: "He is absolutely right...
  • 'Haaretz' justifies the massacre and mocks the kidnapped victims (garbage Haaretzism)

    10/24/2023 12:29:07 AM PDT · by Freeleesy · 11 replies
    Presspectiva ^ | Oct 23, 2023
    And again, as always, the issue is not who wrote the article, but the decision of the newspaper's editors that it is worthy of publication On Monday, October 9, two days after the massacre in the Gaza Strip, Amira Hass published an article in Ha'aretz entitled... But the article did not describe any circle, but was entirely a song of praise and praise for the barbaric Nazi massacre carried out by Hamas throughout the enclave, and a song of mockery and joy for the IDF's defeat on that blackest of black Sabbaths. Already at the beginning of the story, Haaretz's...
  • The end of the Netanyahu doctrine

    10/19/2023 1:57:20 PM PDT · by Ultra Sonic 007 · 40 replies
    Responsible Statecraft ^ | October 11th, 2023 | Meron Rapoport
    The events of recent days are unprecedented. The last time units of Jewish and Palestinian fighters — military or paramilitary — went to battle on such a broad front in Israel-Palestine was in 1948. There have, of course, been various battles over the years in Gaza as well as West Bank cities like Jenin, and Israeli and Palestinian units fought one another in Lebanon in 1982. But there is no parallel to the scope of what has taken place here since Saturday morning, and not since 1948 have Palestinian fighters occupied Jewish communities on this scale.This fact is not just...
  • 'Haaretz' lies: "Israel did nothing to offer a normal life to Gaza." [Another racist-Arab Hanin Majadli piece]

    10/15/2023 6:13:34 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 19 replies
    Presspectiva ^ | Oct 15, 2023
    Unfortunately, as usual, in the rest of the article she lies and presents a distorted picture of reality and the conditions that led to Black Sabbath. Of course, in her eyes "the occupation is the root of all evil" and the "inhumane[sic], violent and brutal blockade" is what creates the motivation in the Palestinians to become human animals and support monstrous massacres. For one moment she does not think that the events of that Saturday actually proved decisively the need to impose restrictions on the Strip, and what happens when the Israeli security measures collapse. Majadli is allowed to err...
  • Haim Yelin: "Individual citizens with weapons fought against hundreds of terrorists"

    10/10/2023 10:01:38 AM PDT · by Freeleesy · 25 replies
    Maariv ^ | 8 Oct 2023
    Former member of the Knesset Haim Yelin, who was evacuated from his home in Be'eri, was interviewed by Galatz, and told painfully: "This is the saddest day of my life, they massacred us in the settlement. We waited eight and a half hours until the first evacuation began - I call it the second Yom Kippur war, we were captured by Hamas. Individual citizens with weapons fought against hundreds of terrorists."
  • Since there is no democracy in Israel and the unelected elites that control the supreme court want to surrender Judea and Samaria, religious Jerusalem should secede from secular Tel Aviv and restore the Jewish Kingdom of Judea

    08/06/2023 1:24:35 PM PDT · by Ezequiel Doiny · 9 replies
    Since there is no democracy in Israel there should be a referendum to restore the Jewish Kingdom of Judea By Ezequiel Doiny On August 6, 2023 Carolin Glick wrote in Arutz 7 " On Sept. 15, just two weeks before she heads for the exit, Hayut will take the unprecedented step of convening the entire court—all 15 justices—to adjudicate an even more outrageous petition regarding a Basic Law. That day, Hayut and her associate justices will hear arguments regarding a petition asking them to overturn the Knesset’s amendment to the Basic Law: Judiciary from last month. That amendment bars the...
  • Historian: "It is not Israel's settlement blocks but rather the Palestinian ideological blockade that constitutes the biggest barrier to peaceful arrangements"

    It is not Israel's settlement blocks but rather the Palestinian ideological blockade that constitutes the biggest barrier to peaceful arrangements . The Jew-hatred in this region must no longer be played down as a kind of local custom
  • BBC Anchor Utters Blood Libel During Live Interview [vile Haaretz invented the bloodlibel]

    07/05/2023 7:13:57 AM PDT · by Milagros · 11 replies
    HR ^ | Jul 5, 2023
    Bennett swiftly countered the despicable comment and pointedly asked Gadgil to explain how she would personally define a young terrorist: You know it’s quite remarkable that you’d say that. They’re killing us. Now if there’s a 17-year-old Palestinian that’s shooting at your family, Anjana, what are you calling him?” HonestReporting has since submitted an official complaint to the BBC in which we asked the corporation to investigate and take appropriate action.Origin of the vile lie: Haaretz presents: a classic anti-Semitic method, Presspectiva, 15.05.23. The newspaper does not let reality spoil the anti-Semitic thesis it spreads, even when it is 180...
  • Haim Ramon attacks 'Haaretz': "Even in a Haredi paper there is more pluralism"

    06/23/2023 8:47:30 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 11 replies
    HaMechadesh ^ | 21/06/2023 | Moshi Herman
    Haim Ramon attacks 'Haaretz': "Even in a Y.N (Haredi paper) there is more pluralism" The Haaretz newspaper published an article: "Netanyahu is interested in the Milchan Wall operation in Jenin, don't show up" - to which Haim Ramon responded in the Patriots: "Haaretz has become a Pravda, which is all recruited to the service of a political line. This is not a newspaper, it is a pamphlet. Even at Yated-Neeman, there is more pluralism" -
  • Palestinian terrorists shoot at journalists, Israel blamed [by 'Haaretz', Haaretzism]

    06/20/2023 9:26:50 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 5 replies
    EoZ ^ | June 20, 2023
    Haaretz reported about the clashes in Jenin yesterday, and fully accepted the idea that unseen snipers shooting towards the journalists were Israeli and not Palestinian. .. What is certain is that trained, professional soldiers do not fire wildly and randomly. They might mistake a target but they fire at targets. The random fire described in the Haaretz article is far more likely from Jenin terrorists, whom we know will fire without even looking at their target.
  • Freedom of speech? The Haaretz newspaper in its [banning] decision against Channel 14 (Haaretzism - hypocrisy)

    06/13/2023 5:43:00 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 5 replies
    SrugimNews ^ | June 12, 2023
    The Haaretz newspaper decided on an immediate ban on its writers, the newspaper, which already knew of similar incidents of restrictions on writers in the past, decided to ban its writers from appearing on Channel 14 broadcasts The newspaper Haaretz recently decided on a blanket ban that applies to all the writers in the newspaper, in which the newspaper forbids the writers to appear on the broadcasts of the channel 'Now 14'. According to the report of the editor of Walla Barangay, David Wertheim, the newspaper's writers are prohibited from hosting the channel and appearing in its programs officially, and...
  • Boaz Golan Exposing: Some of the [secular-liberal Haaretz type] protest leaders plan to establish autonomy: "as little blood as possible" | All correspondence

    05/29/2023 7:47:41 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 4 replies
    0404 ^ | May 29, 2023 | B Golan
    ...In the WhatsApp group called - "Establishment of Liberal Democratic Autonomy" managed by Nicham R. - a senior lecturer at the Van Leer Institute and whose members are some of the leaders of the leftist protest, one of the participants in the group, attorney Tal Nevo, asked: "So when will we reach the stage of autonomy? We want a solution Immediate to the situation, not another 5 or 10 years." Another participant by the name of Gal Efrati answered him: "It needs to be done right, yes unilateral separation, but as little blood on the streets as possible, we must...
  • The anti-Zionist Soros - anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian war

    05/28/2023 8:04:00 PM PDT · by Milagros · 7 replies
    Various sources in post
    The anti-Zionist Soros anti-Israel war Some links:User, Mod (2016-08-18). Jewish Billionaire George Soros Funds Groups That Support Boycotts Of Israel Bnai Brith. Israel, David (2016-08-14). DC Leaks Publishes George Soros’ Files Showing Millions Contributed to Anti-Israel Causes. JewishPress. Muqata, Jameel (2016-08-14). Soros’ Strategy: “Raise the Cost of the Occupation”, JewishPress. Leaked files show how George Soros is going after Israel through Israeli-Arabs. Tobin, Jonathan S. (2022-08-24). J Street backs terror-linked NGOs that also take Soros’s cash JNS. Shapiro, Dmitriy (2022-08-24). AIPAC attacks J Street for financial backing from billionaire George Soros JNS. Solomon, Ariel Ben (2018-09-03). Iran admits to having...
  • Conservative Israelis: Lefty Ehud Barak met w/ Epstein dozens of times after his conviction, "Imagine what would have happened if it wasn't Ehud Barak...

    05/28/2023 9:35:39 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 8 replies
    Now14 ^ | May 4, 2023
    Now14 @Now14Israel: May 4, 2023 Ehud Barak met with the pedophile Epstein dozens of times after his conviction, Noam Fathi: "Imagine what would have happened if Binyamin Netanyahu had met with him, what would have happened here? All the investigative programs of the leftists, all the channels, he would never stick his nose out alive anymore to the streets of Israel" #חמישי_בשש @YaaraZered @noam_fathi ____ ·Ehud Barak became a liberal lefty (including propagating at anti-Zionist Haaretz): Then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, U.S. President Bill Clinton, and Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat at the Camp David talks in 2000,...
  • "The inconvenient Palestinians" (for biased media) - the victims by their own people

    05/25/2023 9:50:19 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 22 replies
    The Spectator ^ | May 16, 2023 | Stephen Daisley
    His name was Abdullah Abu Jaba and I want you to remember it because it’s the last time you’ll hear it. He was a Palestinian from Gaza, reportedly a father of six, and was killed in the latest clashes between Israel and Palestine Islamic Jihad. You haven’t heard of Abu Jaba because he was an inconvenient Palestinian, one who cannot be held up as the latest victim of Zionist aggression. Pictures of his weeping widow and confused children will not fill your social media timeline. Major media outlets will not compete to tell human interest stories about how he played...
  • The modern day blood libel (unreliable source: Haaretz = hate and lies)

    05/24/2023 4:09:35 AM PDT · by Conservat1 · 2 replies
    INN ^ | May 21, 2023
    The press said that there was (supposedly) "racism", violence, and hate at the flag march. Lies can kill, but lies do not have legs to stand on. Op-ed. ...Today as well, the haters of Israel allow themselves to brazenly lie and falsely accuse the Jewish people. Newspapers discuss the flag march on Jerusalem Day and say there was racism, hate, and violence. The Haaretz newspaper wrote that the Jews (supposedly) rioted in the Arab streets, damaged, broke, and yelled: "Death to (sic) Arabs." This is a lie like no other. I was there, I walked along the entire route in...