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  • Communist Party USA celebrates Obama victory: "A Landslide Mandate For Change"

    12/15/2008 7:30:35 AM PST · by ETL · 23 replies · 1,077+ views
    Communist Party, USA (CPUSA) | 11/25/2008 | Joelle Fishman, Chair, Political Action Committee, CPUSA
    Congratulations on an extraordinary history making election! We can think back with pride to decades of hard work toward our strategic goal of a big enough, broad enough and united enough labor and all-people’s movement that could overcome the ultra-right blockage to all progress. That all people’s movement has come to life, it is dynamic and it has the potential to keep growing. The election of Barack Obama and a strengthened Congress creates new conditions in our country. There is now the possibility to shift gears and move forward. This new day requires us to further develop our tactics in...
  • Blagojevich endorses Obama

    12/09/2008 1:59:56 PM PST · by Soliton · 9 replies · 619+ views
    PRESS RELEASE from the Office of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 10, 2007 Statement from Governor Rod R. Blagojevich “On this historic day, I am pleased to join many Illinoisans who are excited and proud to support Senator Obama in his bid for the Presidency. I know that Senator Obama will fight to make sure that working families have access to health care, good paying jobs, and opportunities to provide for their children. Senator Obama supports the very best of these Democratic values; they are values that he and I share, values I know he will fight...
  • Why Palin is the Most Attractive Candidate

    11/04/2008 12:00:03 PM PST · by AJKauf · 42 replies · 1,757+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | November 4, 2008 | Michael Ledeen
    There's one thing that has my dander flying: the snooty treatment of Palin. It’s as if that old New Yorker cover–the one that shows Manhattan occupying most of the map of the United States, then the Mississippi River and fly-over country in a small strip, then San Francisco and Los Angeles in a larger area–has now become the template for all proper thinkers. I’m sure lots of folks in fly-over country are enraged by this, but many others want to have a seat at the table, want to join the celebrities, want to be thought of as serious thinkers. And...

    11/04/2008 11:18:19 AM PST · by · 49 replies · 4,733+ views
    Show Biz ^ | 11-04-08 | David Ball
    Forget Paris Hilton I'm just thinking there has to be a lot of female voters, outside the GOP, who have kept their views secret-but feel exactly like Hilton does; Hilton says: ---"I don't think she's stupid - she wouldn't be where she is today if she was stupid. I think she's smart, and it's just because she's a woman people are saying she's not." I hope there are a lot of Hillary voters hiding in the weeds.
  • Ted Nugent: Today's the Day

    11/04/2008 3:56:40 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 36 replies · 3,362+ views
    Human Events ^ | November 4, 2008 | Ted Nugent
    OK. This is it. The big day has arrived. Do or die. The moment of truth, the big Kahuna, where “we the people” of the one and only experiment in self-government in the history of humankind get to step up to the plate and give it our best shot as individual participants in this grand "American Dream" of independence and autonomy. Election Day has arrived, my fellow Americans, and it is now that we shall see just what we are made of. Pull the lever, take your shot. There is no take two. I am as frustrated and disenfranchised as...

    11/03/2008 5:22:49 PM PST · by uglybiker · 27 replies · 1,746+ views
    WEEKELYWORLDNEWS.COM The World's Only Reliable News! ^ | November 3rd, 2008 | Reginald Cunningham III
    OCTOBER SURPRISE: ALIEN ENDORSES MCCAIN! Posted on Monday, November 3rd, 2008 By Reginald Cunningham III WASHINGTON, DC - In a shocking reversal, the Alien has switched his endorsement from Barack Obama to John McCain.With major implications for the U.S. presidential election, political kingmaker the Alien has changed his endorsement amid furor. Both political camps are buzzing about the implications, as the Alien has correctly predicted the winning president in every election for the past 28 years. Ongoing investigation points to Cindy McCain as being the cause for this historic shift in allegiances.Uncovered photos suggest that in a last ditch effort...
  • Editorial: Goode time for leadership [endorsements for Goode, Cantor]

    11/03/2008 2:21:52 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 1 replies · 239+ views
    Of all the politicians this newspaper has encountered, Virgil H. Goode Jr. is among the most sincere in his efforts for constituents and the least caught up in politics and paybacks. He does what he believes is right. That’s a rare quality in Washington these days. If for no other reason than to present the Beltway insiders with an example of a true independent, the 5th District should re-elect Virgil Goode. But there are other reasons — such as that constituent concern. Mr. Goode is well known for his work in assisting 5th District residents with their problems. His record...
  • McCain 'wins' Texas newspaper war ...

    11/03/2008 12:56:24 PM PST · by Kukai · 7 replies · 403+ views
    The Dalls Morning News ^ | November 3, 2008 | Rodger Jones
    ... if anyone's counting. I've been waiting to tally the last big newspaper endorsement, and the El Paso Times finally weighed in over the weekend with a nod for John McCain. It was a notable edit for its relative tardiness (early voting was over with) and for this characterization of Barack Obama: He often sounds more like Venezuelan despot Hugo Chavez than a U.S. presidential candidate. What's down the road, nationalization of oil companies, health -care providers and more? Whew! At least our newspaper gave Mr. O respect in our recommendation editorial of John McCain. The El Paso endorsement rounds...
  • Iraqis would vote McCain : "Republicans are more capable of establishing democracy in the world"

    11/03/2008 11:22:44 AM PST · by drzz · 20 replies · 1,038+ views
    AFP ^ | 11 03 2008 | drzz
    For five years Ali and Mohammed have lived alongside US soldiers in their Baghdad neighbourhood near Rasheed Street, a prominent commercial artery running through the heart of the Iraqi capital. During that time American culture and politics have become familiar to them, and they say that if they could, they would vote for Republican candidate John McCain in next week's US presidential election. "McCain would be best for Iraq because he would ensure stability," said Ali, 66, an expert on the Sumerian era. The personal qualities and political platforms of McCain and his Democrat rival Barack Obama are of little...
  • John McCain right choice for president

    11/03/2008 1:25:44 PM PST · by ancientart · 2 replies · 312+ views
    Aberdeen American News ^ | November 2, 2008
    The American News endorses John McCain for president. Clearly, this country is aching for change, and we think that McCain provides the right opportunity for a fundamental leadership change. McCain has demonstrated better than any other sitting senator an unabashed willingness to forge a path less taken. He eschews party politics and has found common ground with compatible colleagues countless times, regardless of party affiliation. That kind of collaborative effort is what should be the rule in Congress; too often it is the exception. Today, at this juncture of our country's history, we see McCain as a leader who can...
  • Joseph Sobran Endorses Chuck Baldwin

    11/03/2008 1:47:43 AM PST · by robert david · 26 replies · 743+ views
    The American Conservative ^ | 11/3/2008 | Joseph Sobran
    During the so-called presidential debates, I failed to hear a single mention of the U.S. Constitution, which should have been the chief subject. What are the proper powers of government, of the federal government, and of the president? These questions don’t even come up anymore. The debaters wrangle heatedly about “the economy”—a phrase that never appears in the text of the Constitution but preoccupies today’s pundits and politicians. Neither of the major-party presidential candidates, let alone President Bush, could have held an intelligent conversation with Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, or John Jay, the authors of The Federalist, our best known...
  • We recommend...A summary of our election selections [Bradenton (Florida) Herald endorses McCain]

    11/02/2008 9:40:35 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 3 replies · 592+ views
    The Bradenton Herald ^ | November 2, 2008 | The Editors
    Here are capsule summaries of our earlier recommendations on some of the candidates and issues on Tuesday’s ballot: President: John McCain Republican John McCain’s strengths center around his five decades of service to his country — as a Navy pilot, a prisoner of war in Vietnam and a longtime senator from Arizona. Experience matters a great deal in today’s unstable world. While the economy emerged as the overriding issue in this campaign, foreign relations, the war on terror and military leadership remain key to our national security. McCain trumps Barack Obama on all three points. With wars in Iraq and...
  • Catholic Caucus: Breaking: MLK close relative supporting/voting McCain...

    11/02/2008 9:12:54 PM PST · by topher · 14 replies · 1,012+ views
    Various | November 2, 2008 | Vanity
    Dr. Alveda King works with Father Frank Pavone (PFL) in the Gospel of Life Ministry. She personally supports and will vote for McCain-Palin. This is significant as she is a close relative of Martin Luther King, Jr. She is the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. Her father, A. D. King worked with his brother Martin on Civil Rights. She is author of the book: Sons of Thunder (ISBN-13 : 9781413411263). This book about her father (Dr. A. D. King) and her uncle Martin (Martin Luther King, Jr.) Dr. Alveda King is head of African-American outreach for the Gospel of...
  • For John McCain

    11/02/2008 9:12:47 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 1 replies · 395+ views
    The Tulsa World ^ | November 2, 2008 | World's Editorial Writers
    During October, the Tulsa World Opinion section was dedicated to an interesting project. The best and the brightest from Oklahoma Democratic and Republican parties were invited to write op-ed pieces on why they thought John McCain or Barack Obama was the best candidate for president of the United States. We asked U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe and former U.S. Rep. James R. Jones to discuss foreign affairs in the election. Former Gov. Frank Keating and former U.S. Rep. Brad Carson debated the two candidates on economic issues. U.S. Rep. Tom Cole and Gov. Brad Henry discussed why they thought their candidate...
  • Vote Obama or Die! ("Leave Barack Alone" t-girl now for The One)

    11/02/2008 1:06:52 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 49 replies · 2,113+ views
    You Tube ^ | October 31, 2008 | Chris Crocker
    Unintentionally funny, yet sad. If Karl Rove or Steve Schmidt didn't put this he/she up to this, they should have. WARNING: Some profanity on video and comments.
  • The case for John McCain (Iowa Newspaper Endorsement)

    11/02/2008 12:27:52 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 13 replies · 1,092+ views
    The Cedar Rapids Gazette ^ | October 31. 2008 | The Editors
    "It's the economy, stupid" was a political phrase that Bill Clinton's campaign frequently used during his successful 1992 presidential campaign against George H.W. Bush. Now, two days before the 2008 General Election, the state of the U.S. economy is again the biggest issue on the table ¿ in fact, its importance is even greater. The United States and the world is on the brink of a major economic recession. Our nation also is troubled by unending war against terrorism, immigration laws in desperate need of reform and spiraling health-care costs. But at the top of this mountain of challenges is...
  • Obama Accepted Jeremiah Wright's Endorsement

    11/02/2008 9:21:01 AM PST · by Winged Hussar · 7 replies · 431+ views
    Re: Obama Camp Enraged over Wright Ad; Over $8 Million Raised at Other pro-Obama supporters are claiming Obama was not really that close to Rev. Wright and that we are exaggerating the relationship. Tell us all about it, Barry. The linked page is from, and it shows that Barry accepted testimonials from Wright and also Michael "There were a whole lot of white people crying" Pfleger.
  • ICYMI: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Endorses John McCain

    11/02/2008 8:07:24 AM PST · by flyfree · 6 replies · 578+ views
    "John McCain is fiercely independent. And he makes no apologies for the principles he holds dear, even if they be at odds with the traditional party base. But he has never wavered in his core belief of what Republicanism (with a capital 'R') and republicanism (with a lower-case 'r') are all about: Small government. Fiscal discipline. Low taxes. A strong defense. And a judiciary that does not legislate from the bench. Compared with Barack Obama's long and dangerous statist laundry list of the ever more expansive role government should play in our lives, John McCain sums it up quite succinctly,...
  • McCain for President (Albuquerque Journal endorsement!)

    11/02/2008 6:55:11 AM PST · by CedarDave · 26 replies · 1,015+ views
    The Albuquerque Journal ^ | November 2, 2008 | Journal editorial staff
    Weekly town hall meeting-style debates for the last two months, as proposed by Sen. John McCain, would have done much to inform the public about the issues — and about McCain's long, clear record as a moderate who works across party lines. Sen. Barack Obama, whose record is very thin, shrewdly rejected the joint tour that could have given swing voters a more substantial comparison of the candidates. The Republican hasn't fared well in the traditional campaign that ensued, though voters caught a glimpse of the real McCain when he firmly told a supporter there was no reason to "fear"...
  • For President: John McCain - A lifetime of sacrifice and service make McCain best choice

    11/02/2008 1:32:56 AM PST · by BIOCHEMKY · 5 replies · 435+ views
    The Columbus Dispatch ^ | October 19, 2008
    For president of the United States, The Dispatch endorses Republican Sen. John McCain, whose experience, service and sacrifice for his country make him more qualified to lead the nation. McCain's Democratic opponent, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, is a rousing motivational speaker, but his experience and achievements -- eight years in the Illinois Legislature and less than four in the U.S. Senate -- do not stand comparison with McCain's. A resume containing so little evidence of leadership and accomplishment leaves in question Obama's ability to handle the most responsible and difficult job in the world, especially at a time when the...