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Science (General/Chat)

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  • Astronomy Picture of the Day - NGC 7822 in Cepheus

    01/20/2022 4:13:23 PM PST · by MtnClimber · 9 replies ^ | 20 Jan, 2022 | Image Credit & Copyright: Mark Carter
    Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. Explanation: Hot, young stars and cosmic pillars of gas and dust seem to crowd into NGC 7822. At the edge of a giant molecular cloud toward the northern constellation Cepheus, the glowing star forming region lies about 3,000 light-years away. Within the nebula, bright edges and dark shapes stand out in this colorful telescopic skyscape. The image includes data from narrowband filters, mapping emission from atomic oxygen, hydrogen, and sulfur into blue, green, and...
  • Daily Glass of Wine Is Not Good For You, World Heart Experts Say

    01/20/2022 3:39:08 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 93 replies
    Irish Examiner ^ | THU, 20 JAN, 2022 | Jane Kirby
    Any level of drinking can lead to loss of healthy life, the World Heart Federation has said, as it sought to dispel the idea that a daily glass of wine may be good for you. In a new policy briefing, the organisation said it wanted to “challenge the widespread notion” that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can decrease the risk of heart disease and called for urgent action to tackle the global rise in deaths caused by drinking. Monika Arora, member of WHF’s advocacy committee and co-author of the briefing, said: “The portrayal of alcohol as necessary for a vibrant...
  • Great white sharks have been a major focus along Cape Cod. More tiger sharks could be coming soon because of climate change

    01/20/2022 12:21:06 PM PST · by Capt. Tom · 63 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | January 17, 2022 | Rick Sobey
    LOCAL NEWS Great white sharks have been a major focus along Cape Cod. More tiger sharks could be coming soon because of climate change Tiger sharks moving north ‘could have ramifications for human safety’ Tiger sharks are migrating farther north because of climate change, according to new research. Move over, great white sharks. A new apex predator could be patrolling the Cape soon, as tiger sharks migrate farther north each year because of climate change and warmer oceans. While waters off the Northeast have historically been too cold for tiger sharks, temps have warmed significantly in recent years and are...
  • 21-Year-old Bayern Munchen Canadian Soccer Star Develops Myocarditis After COVID, December Booster Vaccine

    01/20/2022 11:29:21 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 17 replies
    Vision Times ^ | January 17, 2022 | Neil Campbell
    One of the highest profile cases of a potential adverse reaction to either Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) or its associated gene therapy vaccines was quietly reported on Jan. 14 when one of the best left backs in professional soccer was sidelined indefinitely with “signs of mild myocarditis.” Posted on the website for the FC Bayern Munchen website, Head Coach Julian Nagelsmann announced that a routine medical examination following a COVID infection in 21-year-old Alphonso Davies, a resident of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, had “detected signs of mild myocarditis, i.e. an inflammation of the heart muscle.” Nagelsmann continued, “He’ll sit out training...
  • Meet Azza Gadir, The Vaccine Whisperer (97% Success Rate in Convincing People)

    01/20/2022 10:23:14 AM PST · by nickcarraway · 36 replies
    Women's Health ^ | DEC 16, 2021 | Jeannine Amber
    This immunologist has a 97 percent success rate for convincing COVID-vax-hesitant people to get the shot. She can teach you how to support the wary people in your life.n the spring of 2020, Eva Allen barely left her home. She was living in New Orleans with her young daughter and the pandemic was raging out of control. “I home schooled and had food delivered,” she says. “I was doing everything I could to keep my child safe.” Over the next ten months, more than a dozen of Allen’s friends and family contracted the virus. A cousin ended up on a...
  • The Big Bang: How Could Something Come From Nothing?

    01/20/2022 6:07:24 AM PST · by Kid Shelleen · 65 replies
    Sci Tech Daily ^ | 01/19/22 | ALASTAIR WILSON
    “The last star will slowly cool and fade away. With its passing, the universe will become once more a void, without light or life or meaning.” So warned the physicist Brian Cox in the recent BBC series Universe. The fading of that last star will only be the beginning of an infinitely long, dark epoch. All matter will eventually be consumed by monstrous black holes, which in their turn will evaporate away into the dimmest glimmers of light. Space will expand ever outwards until even that dim light becomes too spread out to interact. Activity will cease. Or will it?...
  • How C. elegans worms avoid getting poisoned

    01/20/2022 4:33:20 AM PST · by Scarlett156 · 16 replies
    Phys Org ^ | 20 January 2022 | Eva Botkin-Kowacki
    Javier Apfeld approached the question like a worm detective. Except, instead of solving a wiggly creature's murder, the biologist was trying to understand why worms didn't die, despite a deadly toxin's common presence in the environments in which they live. The verdict: The worms know how to detect and dodge the chemical threat. A trick they use, as Apfeld and colleagues describe in a new paper published in PLOS Pathogens, is that they know how to get by with a little help from their food. And, says Apfeld, an assistant professor of biology at Northeastern, understanding the worms' methods could...
  • The authoritarians must be stopped

    01/20/2022 4:24:04 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 10 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 20 Jan, 2022 | Eric Utter
    There can’t be a worse, more dangerous, and outright evil class of people than those who want to tell others how to think and what to do. Those who would rule you and take away your liberty do not do it “for your own good.” Ever. The Founders knew this. That is why they pushed back hard against “The Intolerable Acts. It is why they tossed tea into the harbor. It is why they eventually fought the world’s mightiest military. And it is why they so valued the Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness granted to us...
  • Israeli Covid vaccine advisor and head of Immunology at Bar Ilan University : “We have made mistakes”

    01/19/2022 10:44:23 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 24 replies
    The Post ^ | 01/19/2022
    Professor Cyrille Cohen is head of Immunology at Bar Ilan University and a member of the advisory committee for vaccines for the Israeli Government. In a wide-ranging and forthright interview, the Professor tells Freddie Sayers: The Green Pass / vaccine passport concept is no longer relevant in the Omicron era and should be phased out (he expects it to be in short order in Israel) He and his colleagues were surprised and disappointed that the vaccines did not prevent transmission, as they had originally hoped The biggest mistake of the pandemic in Israel was closing schools and education Widespread infection...
  • WORLDOMETER COVID-19 Deaths in USA 1/19/2022: 2,368 with 698,619 new cases

    01/19/2022 6:32:19 PM PST · by MinorityRepublican · 21 replies
    Worldometer ^ | January 19, 2022
  • The narrative is falling apart, piece by piece

    01/19/2022 5:11:12 PM PST · by ransomnote · 47 replies ^ | 1/19/2022 | Steve Kirsch
    The momentum feels to me like it is accelerating... Here are four important new developments you should be aware of.Steve Kirsch18 hr ago Here are some narrative pieces that have been falling apart that were recently brought to my attention.Here are the four new truths:The vaccines make you more likely to get COVID: It was supposed to make things better, but we’re basically mandating you get a shot that makes you more likely to get infected. That is totally insane, but that’s what we are doing. Check out the graphs here. No age confounding this time: UK Government Data proves...
  • Citing Myocarditis Data, 30+ Experts Call on UK Regulators to Reassess COVID Vaccines for 12- to 15-Year-Olds

    01/19/2022 5:33:59 PM PST · by jacknhoo · 7 replies
    Children’s Health Defense ^ | The Defender Staff
    In a letter to the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation, more than 30 politicians, doctors and medical experts said long-term effects from COVID vaccines could compromise the life expectancy of the country’s children. By The Defender Staff Dozens of medical professors, heads of scientific organizations, MP’s and experts in immunology asked UK regulators to overhaul the country’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout for 12- to 15-year-olds. Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender's Top News of the Day. It's free. Dozens of medical professors, heads of scientific organizations, MP’s and experts in immunology asked UK regulators to...
  • Fauci Admits PCR Test Cannot Detect Infection

    01/15/2022 9:24:56 AM PST · by ransomnote · 22 replies ^ | JANUARY 15, 2022 | RHODA WILSON
    ransomnote: Paypal is trying to choke off donations going to fund the reporting at (over the target). Prayers up that the DailyExpose will continue to survive Paypal's effort at censorship.Since the beginning of the pandemic, experts have warned that the PCR test is not a valid diagnostic tool and produces far too many false positives, as it can pick up on “dead,” nonreplicating viral debris. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) now admits the PCR test cannot identify active infection or measure contagiousness.A PCR test cannot distinguish between “live” viruses and inactive, non-infectious, viral particles. This...
  • Deaths among male Teens increased by 53% following Covid-19 Vaccination in 2021 and the Death spikes correlate perfectly with the uptake of dose 1, 2 & 3

    01/16/2022 3:23:29 PM PST · by ransomnote · 22 replies ^ | 1/15/2022 | THE EXPOSÉ
    An investigation of Office for National Statistics data has revealed that since the Covid-19 vaccine began to be rolled-out to teenagers there has been a 53% rise in the number of deaths due to all-causes among males aged 15-19, and each spike in deaths correlates perfectly with a spike in administration of the first, second, and third doses of the Covid-19 injection to this age group.Further investigation has also found that whilst Covid-19 deaths remained low among this age group following Covid-19 vaccination, they were still considerably higher than the negligible amount of deaths that had occurred before the Covid-19...
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day - M31: The Andromeda Galaxy

    01/19/2022 4:09:15 PM PST · by MtnClimber · 30 replies ^ | 19 Jan, 2022 | Image Credit: Subaru (NAOJ), Hubble (NASA/ESA), Mayall (NSF);
    Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. Explanation: The most distant object easily visible to the unaided eye is M31, the great Andromeda Galaxy. Even at some two and a half million light-years distant, this immense spiral galaxy -- spanning over 200,000 light years -- is visible, although as a faint, nebulous cloud in the constellation Andromeda. In contrast, a bright yellow nucleus, dark winding dust lanes, and expansive spiral arms dotted with blue star clusters and red nebulae, are recorded...
  • There Is Currently No COVID Medical Emergency Only Psychological Engineering Says Senior Israeli Immunologist

    01/18/2022 5:37:01 AM PST · by ransomnote · 13 replies ^ | 1/16/2022 | GreatGameIndia
    The attempts of governments across the globe at “psychological engineering” the population on Covid related matters has now been fully exposed after several years. A well respected immunologist in Israel heavily criticized the approach of every administration globally.In a scathing letter addressed to the Israeli Ministry of Health, a renowned immunologist denounced mass vaccination against COVID-19 and chastised officials who’ve already “branded” the unvaccinated “as spreaders of the disease.”The letter, penned by Professor Ehud Qimron, who is the head of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Microbiology and Immunology, rips off vaccine-focused COVID tactics endorsed by authorities across the globe, which...
  • Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Covid Injections and Neurodegenerative Disease

    01/19/2022 1:54:20 PM PST · by ransomnote · 35 replies ^ | 1/19/2022 | Rhoda Wilson
    “The mRNA vaccines are extremely dangerous, in my opinion, and the technology is novel and untested,” Dr Seneff began her presentation, “today I want to focus on neurodegeneration and prion diseases.”Dr. Stephanie Seneff is a senior research scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Her recent interests have focused on the role of toxic chemicals and micronutrient deficiencies in health and disease, with a special emphasis on the pervasive herbicide, glyphosate, and the mineral, sulphur.During a presentation at a World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting earlier this month, Dr. Seneff explained that a...
  • Coherent Matter Travelling Wave Beams

    01/19/2022 10:45:15 AM PST · by Kevmo · 5 replies
    Greenyer - Coherent Matter Travelling Wave Beams And their possible role in making ‘Strange Radiation’ tracks Bob W. Greenyer B. Eng. (Hons.) Director – Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project In collaboration with experimentalists in Europe and North America, a series of repeatable observations, video recorded in some cases from multiple angles, appear to show beams that would account for all of the historical structures and behaviours that have been seen indelibly marked onto witness materials in LENR reactors since at least 1992, when they were first noted (not named) in Mikhail Solin’s awarded coherent matter based nuclear reactor patent....
  • Stop putting stupid people on television…

    01/19/2022 9:11:03 AM PST · by Red Badger · 47 replies ^ | Posted by Kane on January 19, 2022 11:54 am
    CBS's Nate Burleson ties the underwater volcanic eruption and 50-foot-high tsunami in Tonga to climate change: "We talk about climate change quite a bit. These stories are a harsh reality of what we're going through and we have to do our part because these are more frequent." — Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) January 19, 2022 Climate change causes underwater volcanic eruptions, according to Gayle King and crew. Huge volcanic eruption near Tonga. Reports of tsunami there and it's gone pitch black. Lots of lightning too. #tonga — Rick Threlfall (@RickThrelfall) January 15, 2022
  • Vast 4,500-year-old network of 'funerary avenues' discovered in Saudi Arabia

    01/18/2022 9:42:07 PM PST · by SunkenCiv · 7 replies
    Live Science ^ | January 2022 | Owen Jarus
    Archaeologists in northwest Saudi Arabia have discovered 4,500-year-old "funerary avenues" — the longest running for 105 miles (170 km) — alongside thousands of pendant-shaped stone tombs.They are called funerary avenues because tombs are located beside them. While funeral processions could have taken place on them this is uncertain. They would have linked oases together and formed an ancient highway network of sorts, the researchers said.Some of the avenues are delineated with red rock, but most "were simply formed as the ground was worn smooth by the footfall of ancient people — and especially by the hooves of their domestic animals,"...