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  • Metal falls from sky in Broomfield; United jet lands safely at DIA after engine failure (Denver to Honolulu Flight)

    02/20/2021 3:37:01 PM PST · by Drago · 36 replies
    Fox 31, Denver ^ | 02/20/2021 | Staff
    BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) — Large chunks of metal rained down on northwest Denver metro neighborhoods Saturday afternoon after a United Airlines plane reported engine trouble. United Airlines confirmed flight 328 departed Denver International Airport for Honolulu at 12:15 p.m.
  • Conservative grassroots Candidates are on the Trail (campaigns have begun) #2 of a series

    02/11/2021 4:42:38 PM PST · by campaignPete R-CT · 15 replies
    freeRepublic | Feb 11, 2021
    Candidates are wasting no time getting on the campaign trail. Research is needed to identify the best Conservatives. We know that RINO Liberals are campaigning. ILLINOIS: March 2022 primary is 13 months away. To take on Congress-critter Kinzinger, the Impeachment RINO. IL-16 Already 4 challenger Republicans running, including: Gene Koprowski (R) - Multimedia Producer & Conservative Activist Jim Marter (R) - Management Consultant & Former Candidate Wyoming at-large. House Defeat Liz Cheney in Aug '22 primary 4 challengers, including: Bryan Miller (R) - Energy Consultant, Retired USAF Officer & '20 US Sen Candidate Anthony Bouchard (R) - State Sen., Realtor
  • Conservative grassroots Candidates are on the Trail (campaigns have begun)

    02/10/2021 9:25:13 PM PST · by campaignPete R-CT · 18 replies
    freeRepublic | Feb 10, 2021
    Candidates are wasting no time getting on the campaign trail. Research is needed to identify the best Conservatives. We know that RINO Liberals will eventually appear. LOUISIANA: March 20 primary is 5 weeks away. To fill vacant seat in Congress. LA-5, DUE TO death of Luke Letlow More than 7 Republicans running, including: Julia Letlow (R) - University Official & Widow of Cong-elect Luke Letlow Chad Conerly (R) - Retired USAF Colonel & Farmer TEXAS District 6 - SPECIAL ELECTION - 2021: Ron Wright (R)* - Died February 7, 2021 ... NO DATE SET FOR THE PRIMARY. SOON! Possible candidates...
  • HOLD THE LINE, Patriots: January 6th was the Glorious Beginning, NOT the End!

    01/07/2021 3:52:27 PM PST · by Lenora Thompson · 71 replies
    Lenora Thompson, Patriotic Writer ^ | 1/7/2021 | Lenora Thompson, Patriotic Writer
    Did you feel it, Patriots? Did you feel your heart swell with an indescribable emotion at that moment when the real patriots walked reverently into our Capitol building and suddenly, for one glorious unforgettable moment, their elected "representatives" cowered and ran from We The People. For one glorious moment, it was our House again, our voices were heard in its hallowed halls. Watching on YouTube and Twitter, I thought my heart was going to explode! Stick with me as we explore what really happened yesterday and hey! Hold your heads up high, Patriots! Hold the line! Yesterday had like many...
  • POTUS Trump - dealing with this Election FRAUD may be the most important thing I have ever done

    11/27/2020 5:30:07 AM PST · by 3161J410 · 59 replies ^ | 11/27/20 | REX
    Of note, Pres. Trump said in today's press conference that dealing with the election fraud may be the most important thing he's ever done. Joe Biden is currently negotiating for a get out of jail card for him and his family. So are the others. The window to carry off this crime has closed. Schiff, Pelosi etc are compromised veteran crooks. Believe it or not, but I think it's Kamala Harris. She's an opportunist, extremely ruthless and cynical, disloyal, happy to switch positions and allies at a moment's notice.
  • State of the 2020 election

    10/06/2020 2:45:48 PM PDT · by Coop · 219 replies
    Various links provided throughout | 10/6/2020 | Coop
    It’s been many years since I’ve publicly posted on Free Republic (I briefly posted under another screen name in late 2008). Once in a blue moon (usually around elections) I have remained in touch with certain folks via FReepmail. What used to be a site filled with interesting information and analysis is now sadly overrun with people who most often can’t even be bothered to read an article before making well-informed [cough] posts on how so-and-so can’t possibly win a certain state, or Person X should sue Person Y (when an article’s second sentence clearly spells out such litigation). But...
  • The door-to-door army that helped Trump win in 2016 is ready for battle. (By Salena Zito)

    08/30/2020 5:24:09 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 13 replies
    New York Post ^ | August 29, 2020 | By Salena Zito
    Jerry Morgan, a longtime Republican grassroots strategist, was on the line. “Potter, I’m glad I caught you,” he said. “I’ve been up all night long, analyzing the results from Pennsylvania. We won by less than 1 percent — 40,000 votes. I’m absolutely convinced if the Mighty American Strike Force had not been here for the past 15 days Trump would not have carried Pennsylvania. Today they are known as the Mighty American Strike Force and their ranks have grown to more than 3,000, with volunteers based in safe red states like Alabama and Mississippi and impossible-to-win blue states like California...
  • Three Prophetic Dreams From Pastor Dana

    07/08/2020 11:57:46 AM PDT · by fightin kentuckian · 34 replies
    Youtube | Fightin Kentuckian A friend sent me this video of a Kentucky Pastor describing three very apocalyptic dreams. The dreams, as he describes them, are disturbing and scary. Another Pastor has posted a reaction to the video and offers that Pastor Dana's dreams are more metaphorical rather than literal. If you've seen Pastor Dana's video I'd like to hear your thoughts on what the dreams mean to you. To be clear, I'm not saying I think Pastor Dana is true prophet and should be believed. I'm still formulating my own opinions and need some collegial dialogue to help. And I'm buying guns...
  • Is There a High Blood Pressure and Coronavirus Link?

    04/10/2020 5:53:56 AM PDT · by tired&retired · 62 replies
    Web MD ^ | March 21, 2020 | Web MD
    Ralph Baric, PhD, perked up when he saw that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 illness, enters the lungs through ACE2 receptors, and that people with hypertension have worse outcomes than those with any other underlying condition. "I've thought it needed to be explored in more detail for quite a while," said Baric, a professor of epidemiology, microbiology, and immunology at the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who has been studying coronavirus outbreaks for decades. Researchers and doctors are trying to determine whether the spike in serious COVID-19 illness in those with baseline...

    01/18/2020 6:41:00 AM PST · by stars & stripes forever · 79 replies
    #SOULWAR ^ | 1/18/2020 | Duane Cates
    It's Happening! Trump's Senate Trial is HAPPENING! It will begin Jan. 21, 2020. First the SMART SET explained how impeachment would never happen. As I tirelessly & diligently explained TRUMP WANTS THIS....
  • Coalition of Concerned Catholics: We Won’t Give Another Dime

    03/09/2019 1:44:24 PM PST · by Mrs. Don-o · 63 replies
    The Coalition of Concerned Catholics, a group of lay faithful primarily concerned with the dissent, heterodoxy and apostasy present in the Church, recently published an open letter to Bp. Felipe Estévez of the diocese of St. Augustine, Florida. They have given Church Militant permission to republish it in full. ******* His Excellency, Felipe Estevez, MA, STL, STD Bishop, Diocese of St. Augustine 11625 Old St. Augustine Road Jacksonville, FL 32258 Friday, March 1, 2019 Dear Bishop Estevez: As committed Catholics, we are concerned that not enough is being done globally about the abuse crisis in our Church. Presently, the issue...
  • Meghan Markle wants Prince Harry to skip the royals' Christmas shoot because she hates blood sport

    12/20/2018 7:56:27 PM PST · by GuavaCheesePuff · 96 replies
    Business Insider ^ | December 20, 2018 | Jake Kanter
    Meghan Markle has asked Prince Harry to skip the traditional royal Christmas shoot because she hates hunting, according to The Sunday Mirror. The British newspaper revealed that Harry will not take part in the Boxing Day pheasant shoot, a tradition he has participated in since he was young, out of respect for his new wife's views. Markle refuses to wear fur and is anti-blood sports, according to numerous reports. Citing royal sources, the Sunday Mirror said she has expressed concern about Harry killing "defenceless animals."
  • All Signs Point to Big Democratic Wins in 2018 [fakenews barf alert]

    01/29/2018 10:01:13 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 70 replies
    Bloomberg Government | January 29, 2018 | Greg Giroux
    Link only:
  • IMPORTANT GOP House Primary Races: And How You Can Help (Mountain West)

    05/09/2014 8:39:19 PM PDT · by campaignPete R-CT · 94 replies
    THIS IS FOR THE MOUNTAIN WEST (Rest of the country is in separate threads and Pacific Coast coming later, see links below) There are numerous important House Primary Races! And places where we can WIN! PLEASE contribute! And if you can't contribute money ... the least we can do is go to their pages and give them a "like" or a tweet. All of these candidates are involved in primaries that are close (or could be close) against generally more moderate or liberal Republicans. All of these districts are winnable in November. Nevada: NIGER INNIS, NEVADA-4, June 10th .... winner...
  • IMPORTANT GOP House Primary Races: And How You Can Help (Midwest)

    05/09/2014 5:56:10 PM PDT · by campaignPete R-CT · 55 replies
    THIS IS FOR THE MIDWEST (NORTHEAST and SOUTH is in a separate thread and West coming later, see links below) There are numerous important House Primary Races! And places where we can WIN! PLEASE contribute! And if you can't contribute money ... the least we can do is go to their pages and give them a "like" or a tweet. All of these candidates are involved in primaries that are close (or could be close) against generally more moderate or liberal Republicans. All of these districts are winnable in November. West Virginia: ALEX MOONEY, WEST VIRGINIA-2, May 13th .... Open...
  • Prince Harry Ditches Boxing Day Shoot to Please ‘Hunt-Hating’ Meghan Markl

    12/27/2017 9:15:16 AM PST · by skimbell · 124 replies
    Brietbart ^ | 12/27/17 | Virginia Hale
    Prince Harry refused to take part in the Royal Family’s traditional Boxing Day shoot on Tuesday so as not to upset his ‘part-vegan’ activist fiancée, according to reports. Gamekeepers at the Sandringham estate, where Harry first joined his family at the annual shoot more than 20 years ago, were “stunned” by the prince’s decision...
  • Major corporations funding ‘gay’ attacks on children, families & society

    11/16/2014 9:15:16 PM PST · by massmike · 13 replies ^ | 11/17/2014 | n/a
    Most people don’t know that major corporations in America are funding the massive push to introduce homosexuality and transgenderism into the elementary school grades, pass laws across the country to criminalize Christian belief in the workplace, force “gay marriage” through the federal courts, viciously harass pro-family groups, and much more. They're companies you likely buy from. This is what the average parent and citizen is up against. It’s time to say: We’re not taking it any longer. At the center of this effort is the world’s largest and wealthiest LGBT advocacy group, the (Orwellian-named) Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Based in...
  • HRC: A formidable force for LGBT cause

    11/14/2014 5:49:21 PM PST · by Graybeard58 · 27 replies
    Baptist Press ^ | November 14, 2014 | Tom Strode
    WASHINGTON (BP) -- The Human Rights Campaign brings a notable track record of helping change public opinion on homosexuality. Now it has set its sights on persuading Baptists and other Mississippians that homosexuality is compatible with Christianity. The country's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization unveiled its "All God's Children" public relations campaign Nov. 10. The drive to increase public and legislative support for LGBT rights is focused on faith in a state Gallup pollsters found early this year to be the most religious in the country. "We want to successfully engage a majority of Mississippians...
  • Evangelicals plunge America into darkness – mislead polls and stay home on Election Day

    11/08/2012 4:55:02 AM PST · by jmaroneps37 · 113 replies ^ | NOVEMBER 8TH, 2012 | Kevin "Coach" Collins
    The experts are wringing their hands trying to figure out why Romney didn’t win, but now we know: the 14 million missing voters from Romney’s column are Evangelicals. Evangelical Christians may not be evil people, but they helped an evil president become an evil dictator on Tuesday. The exact numbers aren’t in but clearly the vast majority of Evangelicals stayed home on Election Day. They weren’t dealing with a storm or a personal family emergency. They stayed home because they made a conscious decision to allow our Marxist enemy to continue ruining our lives rather than have Mormon Mitt Romney...
  • Updated Full Primary/Caucus Calendar

    01/07/2012 5:44:30 PM PST · by Ron C. · 12 replies · 1+ views
    CA GOP, and various additional | 1/7/2012 | RNC
    Updated Full Primary/Caucus Calendar Jan 3 Iowa (caucus) 28 Delegates 28 Unbound - Allocation at State Convention Jan 10 New Hampshire (primary) 12 Delegates 12 Bound - Proportional with 10% threshold Jan 21 South Carolina (primary) 25 Delegates 25 Bound - Winner-take-all per statewide vote Jan 31 Florida (primary) 50 Delegates 50 Bound - winner-take-all per statewide vote Feb 4 Nevada (caucus) 28 Delegates 28 Bound - Allocated on results of primary Feb 4-11 Maine (caucus) 24 Delegates 24 Unbound - Convention elects delegates Feb 18 Guam (caucus) 9 Delegates 9 Unbound - Allocation at State Convention Feb 7 Colorado...