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  • Left-wing authoritarianism is a “real and pervasive issue,” according to a massive new psychology study

    09/04/2023 12:14:09 PM PDT · by tired&retired · 73 replies
    PsyPost ^ | March 2023 | Eric Dolan
    New research provides evidence that left-wing authoritarianism is a valid concept that predicts important real-world phenomena, including restrictive communication norms and dogmatism. The findings, published in Frontiers in Psychology, are based on data collected from more than 8,000 U.S. residents and more than 60,000 individuals from around the world. “It’s obvious to a lot of people that left-wing persons can be just as authoritarian as right-wing persons, and yet academics have been curiously reluctant to admit that, or even to show interest in studying it. We wanted to provide more definitive scientific evidence that left-wing authoritarianism was a real and...
  • How Governments Create Inhumane Bureaucracies

    07/05/2023 4:19:32 AM PDT · by MtnClimber · 18 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 5 Jul, 2023 | John Dale Dunn, M.D.
    In 1985, Leo Alexander,one of the most important psychiatrists to grace America, died at age 79 of cancer. He was author of the Nuremberg Code and trial aide and medical consultant to the Nuremberg Tribunal that tried 23 Nazi physicians for war crimes including inhumane experiments and murders of prisoners and concentration camp detainees. His New York Times obituary elaborates: A medical investigator for Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson and an aide to the chief counsel at the Nuremberg war crimes trials, Dr. Alexander wrote the (Nuremberg) code after studying the actions of German SS troops and concentration camp...
  • Conservatives and Liberals Motivated by Different Psychological Factors, New Study Shows

    06/01/2023 3:36:00 PM PDT · by DallasBiff · 25 replies
    NYU ^ | 11/11/20 | NYU
    Specifically, the studies by Jost and his colleagues, including Michael Strupp-Levitsky, who conducted the work as an NYU undergraduate and is now a doctoral candidate at Long Island University-Brooklyn, showed that those moral foundations known to be more appealing to liberals than conservatives—specifically, fairness and harm avoidance—are linked to empathic motivation, whereas the moral foundations that are more appealing to conservatives than to liberals —such as ingroup loyalty and deference to authority—are not. In fact, the “binding foundations” cited by previous studies as evidence of a broad “moral palette” are associated with authoritarianism, social dominance, and economic system justification—matters quite...
  • New study links left-wing extremism with psychopathy and narcissism

    05/25/2023 7:35:36 PM PDT · by NetAddicted · 47 replies ^ | 5/25/2023 | Brett T
    We had just noted in a post yesterday about how you never hear the term “far-left” — from Democrats to the media … even from Republicans. The media’s focus is always on the “far-right wing,” or the “ultra-MAGA conservatives.” The Atlantic just informed us that Twitter is now a “far-right social network.” AOC has said we need to protect Drag Queen Story Hour from the “far-right,” while no one said a word about the far-left militia members who brought AR-15s to protect an “all-ages” drag brunch in Texas. A new study has been published about left-wing extremism, and it links...
  • If You Believe Demons Exist and Evil Can't Be Solved by a 12-Step Program, 'Nefarious' Is the Movie for You

    04/15/2023 9:26:04 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 52 replies
    Red State ^ | 04/15/2023 | streiff
    Sean Patrick Flanery and Jordan Belfi in Nefarious I don’t do movie reviews because I don’t watch very many movies. I have a handful of movies that I dust off for semi-annual viewings (The Man Who Would Be King, Zulu, The Wind and the Lion, Master and Commander, Patton, We Were Soldiers Once, and Black Hawk Down among them), but movie-going is just not my thing. It seems like that when I do go out; my wife has chosen a movie, like, for instance, Father Stu and The Passion of the Christ.When we do find a non-woke and non-morally...
  • In California, Parents May Soon Effectively Lose Custody of Kids 12 and Older

    04/09/2023 7:01:25 PM PDT · by RaceBannon · 36 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | Katrina Trinko / @KatrinaTrinko / April 07, 2023 | Katrina Trinko / @KatrinaTrinko / April 07, 2023
    COMMENTARY BY Portrait of Katrina Trinko Katrina Trinko @KatrinaTrinko Katrina Trinko is editor-in-chief of The Daily Signal. Send an email to Katrina. In California, “stranger danger” may be about to acquire a whole new meaning. Forget warning kids. It’s the parents in California who will need to be terrified of strangers if a new bill passes. Snuck into AB 665, legislation ostensibly about extending mental health care to lower-income California youths, is a provision that effectively would terminate parents’ rights over their kids as soon as they turn 12. The California Family Council warns that this bill “would allow children...
  • Dr. Jordan Peterson sentenced to reeducation training by the College of Ontario Psychologists

    01/04/2023 6:47:22 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 38 replies
    Hotair ^ | 01/04/2023 | David Strom
    Canada doesn’t have reeducation camps…yet.But Justin Trudeau’s Canada is making progress towards becoming China’s North American twin. Compliance with the ideological diktats of the intelligentsia is apparently a requirement in order to keep your job these days.Yesterday Jordan Peterson revealed and the College of Ontario Psychologists acknowledged that he has been “sentenced” to mandatory retraining in order to retain his license to practice clinical psychology in Canada.I am to take a course of such training (with reports documenting my "progress" or face an in-person tribunal and suspension of my right to operate as a licensed clinical psychologist.— Dr Jordan B...
  • Gaslighting is behavioural lapse; must be countered

    12/24/2022 3:25:24 AM PST · by Jyotishi · 83 replies
    The Pioneer ^ | Thursday, December 22, 2022 | Sakshi Sethi
    ANALYSIS Left unaddressed, gaslighting can take a significant toll on your self-esteem and overall mental health You are overthinking... We all have often come across phrases in our daily life at least once or on repeated terms such as -- You have always been crazy; I don’t know what you want me to say; It’s your fault; Everyone agrees with me; That’s not how it happened; Your memory seems to be slipping; I did that because I was trying to help you. Such phrases undermine our trust and belief. The more we hear them, the more we stop trusting ourselves....
  • Russian Assault Units Have Entered BAKHMUT!

    12/13/2022 12:32:03 PM PST · by Cathi · 83 replies
    HistoryLegends ^ | December 12, 2022 | HistoryLegends
    Very good YouTube 17 min. video from HistoryLegends on the ongoing battle in Bakhmut. They do an excellent job (complete with pictures and maps) to spell out the pros and cons for both sides in this fierce battle. Also spells out KIA casualty figures for both sides to date in the Ukraine war. Over 100,000 KIA Ukrainians; 15,000 KIA Russians. The presenter has a sense of humor and does a good job mimicking neocons complete with accents...:-)
  • Is There Something More Behind the Social Media Accounts Spreading Conspiracy Theories?

    10/05/2022 9:30:06 PM PDT · by familyop · 30 replies
    Japan Forward ^ | October 5, 2022 | Miki Kinoshita
    Looking into some of the Japanese Twitter accounts that were crucial in spreading misinformation about the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, it was learned in August that some of the same accounts actively spread other conspiracy theories in the past. Is it a coincidence that the accounts that spread rumors saying the Abe assassination was a “fake” were previously linked to Russian propaganda about the invasion of Ukraine and COVID-19 theories against vaccines? Never Tweeted About Abe Before A Sendai-based internet security company,, analyzed tweets posted in Japan regarding the Abe assassination from July 8, when Mr....
  • Mexico: Christian student at risk of losing license to practice psychology after professors protest graduation speech defending the family and the sanctity of life

    09/13/2022 10:25:12 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 09/13/2022 | Anugrah Kumar
    A university in Mexico has initiated proceedings against a recent psychology graduate after a group of professors expressed concerns over his graduation speech defending the family and the sanctity of life, which might cost him his license to practice. The Autonomous University of Baja California received complaints against the student, Christian Cortez Pérez, and has started formal proceedings to ban him from practicing psychology, human rights group ADF International said Friday. As the top of his class at the university’s School of Medicine and Psychology, Pérez earned the right to deliver the commencement address at his graduation ceremony on June...
  • The Predatory Male Behavior Of So-Called Transgender Women

    08/19/2022 12:21:33 PM PDT · by grimalkin · 37 replies
    American Thinker ^ | August 19, 2022 | Eleanor Dashwood
    How do you know so-called transgender women aren’t real women? Because they act just like predatory men who, rather than having sympathy for women concerned when physically intact men invade their territory, revel in the ability to impose their will on these women.(snip) Will Thomas, who identifies as “Lia Thomas,” has male genitalia, is tall and broad-shouldered, and is built like a male swimmer. Oh, and he’s sexually attracted to women. By calling himself female, he was empowered to stroll around a female locker room despite the women made uncomfortable as he looked at them and strolled about naked, his...
  • Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, sentenced to multiple life terms, is transferred from supermax prison in Colorado to facility in North Carolina that treats inmates for significant health problems

    12/23/2021 12:17:45 PM PST · by algore · 34 replies
    Unabomber Ted Kaczynski has been transferred from the Colorado supermax prison to a federal medical facility in North Carolina - a sign the infamous domestic terrorist's health is deteriorating. Kaczynski, 79 - a mathematics prodigy who gained notoriety for his manifesto after sending a series of bombs in the mail over 17 years that killed three people and injured 23 - has been moved to FMC Butner, which is known for treating inmates with significant health problems. He was transferred on December 14 from supermax prison Florence-ADMAX - the 'Alcatraz of the Rockies' - where he has been serving multiple...
  • Elon Musk's son Xavier, 18, files petition to change their GENDER to become a woman named Vivian Jenna Wilson and says it's because 'I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form'

    06/20/2022 10:32:58 PM PDT · by libh8er · 110 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 6.20.2022 | Harriet Alexander
    Elon Musk's 18 year-old son has filed court documents seeking to legally change their gender from male to female and lose his last name, stating: 'I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form.' Xavier Musk, 18, filed the paperwork in Santa Monica, California, on April 18, seeking to be known as Vivian Jenna Wilson. The transgender teenage explained that she wishes to take her mother's last name to distance herself from her dad. She has not commented on whether she receives financial support from her dad - whose...
  • Obama signed Behavioral Health Executive Order

    09/15/2015 4:34:30 PM PDT · by MarchonDC09122009 · 76 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 09/15/2015 | Charlie Spiering
    Obama Issues Executive Order for the government to use individual's behavioral data.
  • Records Show Obama Hired Behavioral Experts to Expand Use of Govt. Programs - Judicial Watch

    09/09/2016 8:24:36 AM PDT · by MarchonDC09122009 · 23 replies
    Judicial Watch ^ | 09/08/2016 | Judicial Watch
    Records Show Obama Hired Behavioral Experts to Expand Use of Govt. Programs - Judicial Watch Records Show Obama Hired Behavioral Experts to Expand Use of Govt. Programs SEPTEMBER 08, 2016 The Obama administration quietly hired 20 social and behavioral research experts to help expand the use of government programs at dozens of agencies by, among other things, simplifying federal forms, according to records obtained by Judicial Watch. The controversial group of experts is collectively known as the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST) and it functions under the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). In 2015...
  • 'Inflationary Psychology' Has Set In – Dislodging It Won't Be Easy

    04/17/2022 2:39:48 PM PDT · by blam · 9 replies
    Zubu Brothers ^ | 4-17-2022 | Richard Curtin via University of Michigan
    There is a high probability that a self-perpetuating wage-price spiral will develop in the next few years. Households have already become less resistant to paying higher prices and firms have become less resistant to offering higher wages. Prices and wages will continue to spiral upward until the cumulative erosion in inflation-adjusted incomes causes the economy to collapse in recession. It is like the children’s game of musical chairs: Everyone knows the game will end, but they feel compelled to keep racing around the circle at an ever-faster pace hoping their forced exit will leave them in the best possible position—even...
  • CIA and Project Monarch Full History Ron Patton

    02/19/2022 12:14:06 AM PST · by Norski · 44 replies
    The Show Podcast ^ | July 31, 2008 | Ron Patton
    Nazi Mind Control Amidst the subtle cerebral circumvention of the gullible populace, through a multitude of manipulated mediums, lies one of the most diabolical atrocities perpetrated upon a segment of the human race; a form of systematic mind control which has permeated every aspect of society for almost fifty years.To objectively ascertain the following, one may need to re-examine preconceived ideologies relating to the dualistic nature of mankind. . . . . .This exposition is substantiated by declassified U.S. government documents, individuals formerly connected to the U.S. intelligence communities, historical writings, researchers knowledgeable in mind control, publications from mental health...
  • Professor resigns from APA, says woke ideology drives organization to harmful policies, ‘garbage therapy’

    02/16/2022 3:07:35 PM PST · by TChad · 11 replies
    The College Fix ^ | 2/16/22 | Daniel Nuccio
    Modern psychology’s emphasis on identity politics and progressive worldviews above personalized treatment approaches helped drive Christopher Ferguson, professor of psychology at Stetson University, to recently resign his position at the American Psychological Association.He had served on its Council of Representatives and as president of the organization’s Society for Media and Technology, but resigned from the organization in December.
  • Psychology student, 21, is arrested after spitting on Jewish boy, 8, and telling him and his two siblings that 'Hitler should have killed you all' in Brooklyn

    01/21/2022 3:29:19 PM PST · by Trillian · 47 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 21 January 2022 | Andrea Cavallier
    A psychology student has been arrested for a hate crime after allegedly hurling anti-Semitic slurs at three Jewish children before spitting on one in Brooklyn last week. Christina Darling, 21, was arrested on Friday and has been charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime, endangering the welfare of a child and menacing, the NYPD Hate Crimes unit tweeted. Disturbing video captured the vile incident that occurred around 12:30pm last week Friday on a Marine Park street lined with private homes. In the video, the St Francis College student can be seen stomping up to an eight-year-old boy playing with...