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  • 3rd graders forced to 'decontruct their racial identities' in class assignment Children then required to rank themselves according to their 'power and privilege'

    01/16/2021 9:36:17 AM PST · by rktman · 59 replies ^ | 1/13/2021 | Christopher Rufo
    An elementary school in Cupertino, California—a Silicon Valley community with a median home price of $2.3 million—recently forced a class of third-graders to deconstruct their racial identities, then rank themselves according to their “power and privilege.” Based on whistleblower documents and parents familiar with the session, a third-grade teacher at R.I. Meyerholz Elementary School began the lesson on “social identities” during a math class. The teacher asked all students to create an “identity map,” listing their race, class, gender, religion, family structure, and other characteristics. The teacher explained that the students live in a “dominant culture” of “white, middle class,...
  • The left's vindictiveness: From erasing truth to criminalizing it Exclusive: Patrice Lewis warns patriots, notes stark irony of Joe Biden's 'Unity' inauguration theme

    01/16/2021 9:25:49 AM PST · by rktman · 15 replies ^ | 1/15/2021 | Patrice Lewis
    Typically, when I noodle around the idea for a column I choose a subject of interest and start gathering links to relevant articles as I come across them. I seldom go looking for links; most often I just come across them as I peruse the news. So when I decided to write about revenge – specifically, how the left is waging an all-out war on conservatives – I duly began gathering links. Imagine my surprise when I sat down to write this column and realized I had nine pages of links about leftist revenge … most of them gathered just...
  • Video: Dennis Prager—‘This Is the Reichstag Fire, Relived’

    01/15/2021 2:10:12 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 28 replies
    The Epoch Times ^ | January 15, 2021 | Jan Jekielek
    On the heels of the breach of the U.S. Capitol, Big Tech companies have swiftly censored the President, the emerging social media platform Parler was effectively shut down, and there are growing calls for no-fly lists. Does the assault on the Capitol warrant such a response? “We’re living in a gigantic lie that is reminiscent of the Reichstag fire,” argues talk show host Dennis Prager, founder of Prager University. This is American Thought Leaders, and I’m Jan Jekielek.
  • Systematic Racism Is Real and Democrats Are the Ones Engineering It

    01/15/2021 10:09:19 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 8 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 01/15/2021 | Megan Fox
    Why can’t Republicans be as smart as this caller, J.C., on Rush Limbaugh’s program on Thursday? Want to solve the problem of reaching the black community, Republicans? Then find this man and put him in charge of the whole darn party.I’m a black American conservative here in West Texas, El Paso. I’m concerned about the messaging—the verbiage from people on the conservative side to get folks who look like me who are straddling the fence to say “Hey, I’m all in.’How is it not systemic racism that if I’m in California and I go to jail and someone who is...
  • Leftists Are Colonizing Red Towns Like Mine, And Local Republicans Are Clueless

    01/15/2021 9:05:37 AM PST · by GreenWalls · 81 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 1/13/2021 | Mark Pulliam
    As 2020 wound to a close, pundits noted the growing toll of leftist policies on residents of blue states, prompting migration from California, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois to Republican-run states such as Texas and Florida, which offer lower taxes and a better business climate. In addition to losing Oracle, Charles Schwab, Hewlett Packard, and Elon Musk, for the first time in its history California is expected to lose a congressional seat in the upcoming decennial census allocation, due to stagnating population. Texas is expected to gain three seats, and Florida is expected to pick up two. Blue states...
  • With These Figures, It's No Shock Why Republicans Got Swept by Democrats in Georgia

    01/15/2021 7:46:38 AM PST · by rktman · 171 replies ^ | 1/15/2021 | Matt Vespa
    After all the vote totals were analyzed, it’s no shock why Democrats swept the GOP in the Georgia runoffs. Comparing Election Day 2020 to the January 5, 2021 runoffs, there was a massive dip in Republican voter turnout. Some 500,000 Georgia voters decided to stay home with Republican districts seeing the bigger declines in turnout. Jon Ossoff beat Republican incumbent Sen. David Perdue by 55, 354 votes. Raphael Warnock booted Kelly Loeffler by 93,659 votes. Due to the lack of GOP turnout, Georgia has two Democratic senators. Sorry, twohorribleDemocratic senators. One wholly owned by China, allegedly, and another with a...
  • War in Belgium as coronavirus curfew arrest leads to massive riots BLM, Islamic supremacists attack police

    01/15/2021 6:22:02 AM PST · by rktman · 6 replies ^ | 1/14/2010 | WND new service
    Violent riots led by communist group Black Lives Matter and Islamic supremacists break out in the city of Brussels after the death of Ibrahim, a migrant in Police custody. The migrant was filming police enforcing coronavirus lockdown measures at a train station. Ibrahim refused to comply with police and their requests to stop filming. Ibrahim fled the scene, but was captured by police and shortly after died, possibly of a heart attack at the station due to drugs he ingested. Ibrahima B. was arrested on Saturday, January 9th a little before 7 pm by inspectors from the Brussels North police...
  • MLB Suspends Political Donations After Capitol Riots

    01/14/2021 10:23:25 AM PST · by rktman · 20 replies ^ | 1/13/2021 | Dylan Gwinn
    Major League Baseball (MLB) has decided to suspend all political donations in the wake of last week’s riots at the U.S. Capitol, the Associated Press reports. The move comes as several corporations have suspended contributions who voted to decertify the elections. “In light of the unprecedented events last week at the U.S. Capitol, MLB is suspending contributions from its Political Action Committee pending a review of our political contribution policy going forward,” the league told The Associated Press on Wednesday. Other major U.S. sports leagues could soon follow suit. The National Football League announced that it is evaluating its political...
  • Trump’s Actions Should Slow Biden’s Radical Climate Agenda

    01/14/2021 8:39:58 AM PST · by rktman · 22 replies ^ | 1/14/2021 | H Sterling Burnett
    Incoming President Joe Biden has promised to implement the most radical energy and climate agenda Americans have ever seen. With the Democratic party having become an almost wholly owned subsidiary of the radical progressive environmental left while controlling both houses of Congress for at least the next two years and the White House for the next four years, Biden and his climate alarmist ilk have their best opportunity ever to impose the biggest government takeover of the economy since the Great Depression. Fortunately, in the waning days of President Donald Trump’s term, his administration took a series of actions that...
  • Hey, Twitter, why haven't these Dems been canceled? Larry Elder notes Hillary Clinton promoted 'a dangerous, divisive 2016 election narrative'

    01/14/2021 8:21:15 AM PST · by rktman · 12 replies ^ | 1/13/2021 | Larry Elder
    Twitter explained why it decided to permanently ban President Donald Trump: "After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them – specifically how they are being received and interpreted on and off Twitter – we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence." Trump gave a long, raucous speech, in which he claimed election fraud, in front of supporters an hour before a mob stormed the Capitol building on Jan. 6. This horrific siege took place during a joint session of Congress. After the violent disruption, former Vice...
  • Americans forced underground Exclusive: Sean Harshey, in wake of Big Tech crackdown, advises readers to keep their heads down

    01/14/2021 7:50:56 AM PST · by rktman · 60 replies ^ | 1/13/2021 | Sean Harshey
    In just over two years, suppression of political speech online has grown from Google's purge of conservative employees and the subsequent collusion between tech companies to simultaneously ban commentator Alex Jones from their platforms, to the point where these companies are emboldened not only to ban the president of the United States from social media, but official campaign websites, financial services – and even his email companies are refusing service. In the past week, Twitter removed over 70,000 conservative accounts, and Facebook suspended former Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul after he wrote a column criticizing tech censorship. In...
  • Why is the fascist left trying to incite violence with an ‘armed protest’ false flag? The socialist left is spending a lot of time trying to provoke the pro-liberty right into violence, Don't Take The Bait!

    01/13/2021 7:41:58 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 29 replies
    NOQ Report ^ | 01/13/2021 | D. Parker
    At a time when they should be attempting reconciliation with the rest of the nation, the fascist left is dumping fuel on the flames. Why? Could it be that they have learned from last week that they get what they want when they provoke violence?It’s a staple of whenever the pro-liberty right wins an electoral contest that the nation’s socialist media begins talk of ‘bipartisanship’, reaching across the aisle and tempering our tone. Because whenever we win, we must immediately compromise with the nation’s socialist left, at least according to the nation’s socialist media.Contrast that with the present situation where...
  • Amnesia of the anarcho-tyrannists Michelle Malkin: 'Riots and invasive protest are the primary means by which the left operates'

    01/13/2021 8:30:11 AM PST · by rktman · 9 replies ^ | 1/12/2021 | Michelle Malkin
    Is it just me or has the entire universe of establishment media, politics and Hollywood forgotten that this country has endured an entire year of relentless violent anarcho-tyranny? Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters set businesses and churches ablaze, smashed state capitols and laid siege to federal courthouses. They permanently destroyed precious statues and symbols of America's heritage. They assaulted elderly people, stalked and menaced bystanders, taunted and terrorized law enforcement. And they committed murder – dozens of times – in the name of social justice while the powers that be sat idly by. How conveniently they have all forgotten...
  • Analysis concludes Antifa provoked shooting of Ashli Babbitt at Capitol 'The ones who were agitating the crowd were not Trump supporters'

    01/13/2021 7:39:26 AM PST · by rktman · 23 replies ^ | 1/12/2021 | Art Moore
    An analysis of videos of the death of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt at the U.S. Capitol indicates Antifa activists provoked the fatal gunshot from a police officer. Japanese investigator Misako Ganaha explained in a video interview with Epoch Times reporter Joshua Philipp on his "Crossroads" program that she analyzed two lengthy videos, affording two different angles of the incident near the House chamber. One of the videos was posted by a "Jayden X," who was later identified as Antifa organizer John Sullivan of Utah. D.C. police said the unnamed officer who shot Babbitt, a 35-year-old San Diego resident, was...
  • World Leaders Denounce Big Tech Censorship of President Donald Trump

    01/12/2021 7:52:35 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 23 replies
    The Epoch Times ^ | January 12, 2021 | Victoria Kelly-Clark
    Political elites worldwide have criticized big tech companies for banning President Donald Trump from their social media platforms. At present, the president has been banned from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and Instagram. Twitter permanently removed Trump’s account, saying that his recent posts were in violation of the “Glorification of Violence Policy.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Twitter’s ban on Trump “problematic,” and said that freedom of opinion is an essential right of “elementary significance,” her spokesperson, Steffen Siebert, said on Jan 11. “This fundamental right can be intervened in, but according to the law and within the framework defined...
  • REPORT: City Begins Removing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mural(RuhRoh)

    01/12/2021 2:32:22 PM PST · by rktman · 36 replies ^ | 1/11/2021 | Shawn Waugh
    The City of Fayetteville, North Carolina, began with the official removal of a Black Lives Matter (BLM) mural Monday. The mural was first placed in the summer 2020 after nationwide BLM protests in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. City leaders voted unanimously to allow the mural. It was an attempt to help with the BLM protest and to add more art to the historic district, ABC 11 reported. Because of the history of the Market House, a petition that garnered more than 117,000 signatures for complete removal was obtained in June of 2020. This...
  • Germany’s Merkel publicly warns that Trump’s de-platforming is ‘problematic’ while Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a fool of himself

    01/12/2021 11:26:05 AM PST · by rktman · 22 replies ^ | 1/12/2021 | Thomas Lifson
    Some people raised in the aftermath of the horrors of Naziism understand its meaning for today, while others get it exactly backwards. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is no friend of Donald Trump, but having grown up in totalitarian East Germany and cognizant of the dangers of Nazi suppression of dissent, she sees the dangers in silencing political thought. And she is not alone among European leaders.
  • MSNBC: How Do We ‘Deprogram’ Millions of Racist, Violent Trump Supporters?

    01/12/2021 10:00:06 AM PST · by rktman · 113 replies ^ | 1/12/2021 | Kristine Marsh
    Nikole Hannah-Jones, of the NYT’s 1619 Project, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday, to join the panel in attacking Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, as well as the 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump this past election as evil racists akin to the KKK. Panelist Eugene Robinson from The Washington Post even demanded “millions” of Americans needed to be “deprogrammed.” The disgusting segment began with co-host Joe Scarborough posing to Hannah Jones that Trump supporters were actually well-educated and wealthy Americans (such as these two Senators), and not blue collar rubes, as the narrative goes. This led...
  • Rep. Stefanik Reacts After Harvard Kicks Her Off Senior Advisory Committee

    01/12/2021 8:58:45 AM PST · by rktman · 34 replies ^ | 1/12/2021 1040 hrs est | Cortney O'Brien
    Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) says she is proud to join a growing list of conservatives who have been banned or shunned by college campuses. On Tuesday, the Harvard Kennedy School informed the conservative lawmaker that they have decided to boot her from the school's Senior Advisory Committee for what they referred to as her baseless claims of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election. Stefanik was in Harvard College's class of 2006 and has been mentoring students ever since. In a message to the Senior Advisory Committee of the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School, Dean Doug Elmendorf explained...
  • Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson dies at 87

    01/12/2021 8:02:40 AM PST · by rktman · 12 replies ^ | 1/12/2021 | Mike Brest
    Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson has died at the age of 87. Adelson died on Monday night after complications from his treatment for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Las Vegas Sands said in a statement regarding the death of the company’s chairman and chief executive officer. “It is with unbearable pain that I announce the death of my husband, Sheldon G. Adelson, of complications from a long illness,” his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson, said in a Tuesday statement provided by Las Vegas Sands to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “To me — as to his children, grandchildren, and his legions of friends and admirers, employees...