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Keyword: nuclearwar

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  • After successfully defusing the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John Kennedy warned...

    05/04/2023 5:37:15 PM PDT · by Nextrush · 49 replies
    Twitter ^ | 5/4/2023 | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
    After successfully defusing the Cuban Missile Crisis, President John Kennedy warned against ever again forcing Russia to choose between national humiliation and nuclear war. We should heed his advice.#Kennedy24
  • Biden Frees Al Qaeda Ally Who Plotted to Smuggle Nukes Into US

    05/27/2021 6:36:47 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 17 replies
    Front Page ^ | 09/27/21 | Daniel Greenfield
    Why settle for helping Iran nuke America, when you can also help Al Qaeda nuke America? With inflation rising almost as fast as gas prices and the cost of a home, Joe Biden ain’t doing much for most Americans. But if you’re an Al Qaeda terrorist, he’s got your back. Just ask three of Gitmo’s finest who are benefiting from Biden’s generosity. Saifullah Paracha (pictured above) was a Pakistani businessman and New York travel agent with some big plans. The Gitmo inmate now being set loose by Biden wanted to “do something big against the US.” 9/11 was in Al...
  • Czech Defense Minister: Nuclear War? Not a Problem.

    04/03/2023 8:46:08 AM PDT · by hardspunned · 21 replies
    Hungary Today ^ | 4/3/23 | Daniel Deme
    The Czech Defense Minister has succeeded in raising the already sky-high threshold of gung ho attitudes towards the possibility of the escalation of the war in Ukraine even higher. In her view, Czech citizens have nothing to fear even if nuclear weapons were to be used in the battlefield. Reacting to the news about the Kremlin’s intention to place nuclear weapons on the territory of neighboring Belarus, during an interview on Czech television last week, Jana Černochová tried to reassure Czech citizens about the prospect of a nuclear escalation. However, instead of trying to dismiss such theories, or inform about...
  • Dmitry Muratov: Nuclear warning from Russia's Nobel-winning journalist

    04/02/2023 12:23:40 PM PDT · by Twotone · 20 replies
    BBC ^ | March 31, 2023 | Steve Rosenberg
    The Russian authorities may have shut down his newspaper, but journalist Dmitry Muratov refuses to be silenced. When we meet in Moscow, the editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta and Russia's Nobel Peace Prize laureate is worried how far the Kremlin will go in its confrontation with the West. "Two generations have lived without the threat of nuclear war," Mr Muratov tells me. "But this period is over. Will Putin press the nuclear button, or won't he? Who knows? No one knows this. There isn't a single person who can say for sure." Since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in...
  • Update from Ukraine | Ukrainian Plan for Summer 2023 is to take Crimea back

    02/07/2023 4:01:07 PM PST · by · 63 replies ^ | 2-7-2023 | Denys Davydov
    Update from Ukraine | Now we know the big Attack Direction of Ruzzia | It may happen very soon Follow on Instagram up to date uploads. ****SUMMARY Military MAPS & COMMENTS here:
  • Grid Down, Power Up | The Documentary

    02/02/2023 6:43:35 AM PST · by Heartlander · 18 replies
    Grid Down Power Up ^ | January 18, 2023 | Documentary
    Grid Down, Power Up | The DocumentaryThis documentary investigates and follows the trail of information surrounding threats that the US national power grid faces right now. Dennis Quaid hosts an alarming look into the potential of life without power. A dynamic legion of energy, economic, national security, and infrastructure experts fearlessly expose our most critical global threat: the vulnerability of our nation's power grids. Together they inform the public of imminent threats, and the infinite horrors in store from prolonged power loss. Buckle down and power up with this series of shocking scenarios. Natural disasters and weather phenomena are only...
  • Biden to Send Ukraine ANOTHER $2.2 Billion in Military Aid – Including Long-Range Missiles

    01/31/2023 5:55:23 PM PST · by Macho MAGA Man · 38 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | January 31, 2023 | Cristina Laila
    For the first time ever, the military aid will include longer-range missiles, according to Reuters. Reuters reported: The United States is readying more than $2 billion worth of military aid for Ukraine that is expected to include longer-range rockets for the first time as well as other munitions and weapons, two U.S. officials briefed on the matter told Reuters on Tuesday. The weapons aid is expected to be announced as soon as this week, the officials said. It is also expected to include support equipment for Patriot air defense systems, precision guided munitions and Javelin anti-tank weapons, they added.
  • This Time It’s Different - Neither we nor our allies are prepared to fight all-out war with Russia, regionally or globally (Ukes failing, Washington wants direct war)

    01/29/2023 5:53:38 AM PST · by BusterDog · 139 replies
    Until it decided to confront Moscow with an existential military threat in Ukraine, Washington confined the use of American military power to conflicts that Americans could afford to lose, wars with weak opponents in the developing world from Saigon to Baghdad that did not present an existential threat to U.S. forces or American territory. This time—a proxy war with Russia—is different. Contrary to early Beltway hopes and expectations, Russia neither collapsed internally nor capitulated to the collective West’s demands for regime change in Moscow. Washington underestimated Russia’s societal cohesion, its latent military potential, and its relative immunity to Western economic...
  • Trump: “We are at the brink of World War 3 in Ukraine. And we need a peace deal right now. I would have a peace deal within 24 hours”

    01/28/2023 6:13:36 PM PST · by Macho MAGA Man · 178 replies
    Jack Posobiec on Twitter ^ | January 28, 2023 | Jack Posobiec
    Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 @JackPosobiec BREAKING: “We are at the brink of World War 3 in Ukraine. And we need a peace deal right now. I would have a peace deal within 24 hours”
  • Russia threatens nuclear war if it loses in Ukraine

    01/19/2023 1:24:45 PM PST · by Anti-Bubba182 · 167 replies
    New York Post ^ | January 19, 2023 | Evan Simko-Bednarski
    "A Kremlin insider warned Thursday that Russia could start a nuclear war if it lost its conventional war in Ukraine. Dmitry Medvedev, deputy head of Russia’s security council and a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, made the threat in a post on the Telegram messaging app...."
  • Scott Ritter - Ukraine-Russia War Longer than Expected

    12/08/2022 8:31:50 PM PST · by Cathi · 68 replies
    Judging Freedom ^ | December 7, 2022 | Scott Ritter
    A lot of interesting info about the Ukrainian attacks on Russian air bases.
  • Threat Of Nuclear War Reminds Us Why Selling Out Manufacturing To China Was A Horrible Idea

    10/18/2022 9:14:03 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 15 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 10/18/2022 | Helen Raleigh
    For the sake of America’s peace, prosperity, and security, we must refocus and revive our domestic manufacturing industry.A new report confirms former President Bill Clinton was delusional about the long-term effects of trade with China on American workers and the U.S. economy. In 2000, then-President Clinton deployed much of his political capital to help China become a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Clinton promised the American public that economic engagement would be a “win-win” for both the U.S. and China because free trade would “move China faster and further in the right direction.” Later that year, Clinton signed...
  • Newsweek Legitimizes Idea Nuclear War Could Offer ‘Temporary’ Help for Climate Change

    10/17/2022 11:58:28 AM PDT · by JV3MRC · 36 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 10/17/2022 | Joseph Vazquez
    Newsweek wasted column space treating a claim that nuclear war could “solve” climate change as serious enough to warrant a fact-check, and ended up legitimizing the idea to an extent. Yes, really. The insane article, headlined “Fact Check: Would Nuclear War 'Solve' Climate Change,” said that while it was “false” to say that a nuclear war would “solve” the climate crisis, “it is true that even a small nuclear war could have a global cooling effect.” The fact-check continued: “There is ample evidence to suggest that a nuclear war would have a temporary global cooling effect (at least on land),...
  • Tucker: AOC is just another stooge

    10/14/2022 1:51:19 AM PDT · by Cathi · 31 replies
    Tucker Carlson Tonight ^ | October 13, 2022 | Tucker Carlson
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over not speaking out on the Russia-Ukraine war on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #tucker Interesting clip of AOC Town Hall with two of her progressive constituents calling her out for backing and funding a possible nuclear war. She responds to it all by telling them they are rude...:-)
  • What Happens If Russia Attacks With Nuclear Weapons?

    10/09/2022 8:18:17 AM PDT · by whyilovetexas111 · 220 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 10/9/2022 | Robert Farley
    The impact of the use of a nuclear device in Ukraine will depend on the details. Like any large-scale industrial army, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have obvious pressure points that would be vulnerable to nuclear attack. These include logistical centers, command and communications nodes, and concentrations of front-line forces. During the Cold War the Soviet Union expected to use tactical nuclear weapons against NATO (and expected that NATO would use them in return) and it is therefore likely that the Russian armed forces have workable theories as to how they might best use tactical nukes to inflict damage on Ukraine’s...
  • John Bolton says Biden "overstated" the situation with "Armageddon" remark [but calls for starting WWIII]

    10/07/2022 6:11:12 PM PDT · by AndyJackson · 48 replies
    Former national security adviser John Bolton thinks President Biden "overstated the gravity of the situation we're in right now" when he suggested that the "prospect of Armageddon" is the highest it's been since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Bolton offered his observation in an interview Friday with CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge. .... Bolton said nuclear threats must be taken seriously, but he doesn't think the world is in quite the situation the president described. .... "Well, you know, [Putin's the the center of command and control of the Russian military," Bolton said. "National Command authority is what we...
  • BREAKING: Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 500 points (Joe Biden is a DISASTER!)

    10/07/2022 9:20:17 AM PDT · by RandFan · 48 replies
    twitter ^ | Oct 7 | IA Polls
    @IAPolls2022 BREAKING: Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 500 points, or 1.65%. The S&P 500 lost 2.2%, while the Nasdaq Composite slid 3.1%. NASDAQ Return 626 Days in office 🟢 PRESIDENT TRUMP: +40.2% 🔴 PRESIDENT BIDEN: -18.63%
  • Excellent Tucker Carlson video on Ukraine war and Biden Administration pushing the U.S. closer to nuclear war

    10/04/2022 10:32:29 AM PDT · by Cathi · 108 replies
    Tucker Carlson Tonight ^ | October 3, 2022 | Tucker Carlson
    Tucker: "Despite what you may hear on NBC News, Zelenskyy is not the leader of a democratic nation. Zelenskyy is a client of the Biden administration. And ideologues within the Biden administration did not want negotiated peace. They wanted regime change against Russia." Watch the video to see the whole excerpted on twitter section of a longer Tucker feature on the subject.
  • How would the United States Fight a Nuclear War?[video]

    10/01/2022 9:31:47 AM PDT · by daniel1212 · 49 replies
    youtube ^ | Jun 27, 2022 | Modern Muscle
    it's been over 80 years since a major conflict has broken out in europe the 0:06 conflict has broken out in europe the 0:08 result has left many with a deep sense 0:10 of uncertainty nearly 70 percent of 0:12 americans surveyed by the american 0:14 psychological association feared that we 0:16 are at the beginning stages of world war 0:19 iii the prospect of nuclear conflict 0:21 once unthinkable is now a very real 0:23 possibility today we're going to explore 0:25 the unthinkable how would the united 0:27 states respond during a nuclear conflict 0:30 what's america's nuclear...
  • Trump Offers Services [semi-satire]

    09/30/2022 10:59:03 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 3 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 2 October 2022 | John Semmens
    The recent success of Ukraine's counterattack against the Russian troops that invaded has sent them into a disorderly retreat. Putin has sent press gangs around Russia to draft 300,000 more men into his army. A bogus referendum held in parts of the Russian-occupied portions of Ukraine is being used to justify their annexation to Russia. Belarus is offering to send 100,000 troops to help defend the annexed territory from Ukrainian aggression. Last, but not least, Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons—citing the precedent established by the atomic bombs the US dropped on Japan to end World War II. President...