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  • Elon Musk And Javier Milei Meet In Texas, Speak About Boost Of Free Markets

    04/13/2024 11:02:09 AM PDT · by Navy Patriot · 9 replies
    One America News ^ | April 13, 2024 | Abril Elfi
    Space X CEO Elon Musk and Argentinian President Javier Milei have met in Texas and spoke about working together to promote free markets and potential lithium projects. President Javier Milei’s chief spokesperson said that during their visit to Tesla’s Austin headquarters, the two talked about a range of issues, including the need to boost declining birth rates globally and the pursuit of technological advancement while upholding “liberty.” Musk has previously expressed his admiration for Milei’s unabashed support of private enterprise as well as his distaste for what he considers to be socialist excesses.
  • Dem Rep. Jonathan Jackson: Migrants ‘Were Met with Whips’ and if They Weren’t, It Was ‘Far Cry’ from Statue of Liberty

    04/09/2024 6:43:21 PM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 21 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 04/09/2024 | Ian hatchett
    On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Rep. Jonathan Jackson (D-IL) claimed that Haitians trying to come to the U.S. “were met with whips and chains from like a bygone era and turned away.” Jackson later acknowledged after being corrected that Border Patrol agents didn’t whip migrants, but it “was a far cry from give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses that yearn to breathe free.” Jackson stated, “We’ve got a gentleman named Barbecue…in Haiti. … We can’t go in there and shore up what should be our longest, oldest ally in this hemisphere, Haiti,...
  • A Western Consensus Is Brewing

    02/16/2024 6:05:23 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 28 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 16 Feb, 2024 | J.B. Shurk
    There have been murmurs for at least the last ten years about the potential for civil war in the United States. Polls have shown that roughly half the country believes that future conflict is likely. The intrusion of unchecked government power into every crevice of our private lives has transformed politics into a high-stakes cage match in which furious citizens fight to survive. Because government exerts so much control over citizens, winning control of government has become an existential imperative. Such zero-sum thinking has fractured society and pitted Americans against one another. However, something fundamental has been shifting beneath our...
  • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like 1776

    01/27/2024 3:14:01 PM PST · by Red Badger · 15 replies
    PJ Media ^ | | 8:14 AM ON JANUARY 27, 2024 | DREW ALLEN
    I argue in my recently published book, "America’s Last Stand: Will You Vote to Save or Destroy America in 2024," that “our present conflict is unprecedented in our own nation’s history and in our own lifetimes and marks the third major test, which will determine whether America survives or dies” — our previous major tests being the American Revolution and Civil War. While it was the left’s unprecedented and unlawful efforts to indict and imprison former President Trump that compelled me to make such a claim, more recent events have unfortunately reaffirmed its validity and served to exacerbate already deteriorating...
  • The Elites' Absurd Economic Crusade: Destroy Freedom to Save Humanity

    01/20/2024 5:41:00 AM PST · by yldstrk · 53 replies
    New York Post ^ | January 17, 2024 | James Bovard
    Who would have guessed freedom of speech would become the biggest barrier to saving humanity? Luckily, a fix is pending from the billionaires, political poohbahs and other weasels attending this week’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. WEF has two big goals this year: “rebuild trust” and “crush dissent.” OK, that last one is a paraphrase. Instead, WEF is proclaiming the greatest peril humanity faces is “misinformation and disinformation.” And how can we recognize “misinformation”? Easy: It denies that Davos cronies should rule the world. OK, that’s another paraphrase.
  • Harvard Professor Naomi Oreskas Condemns Free Speech Platform X as a “Toxic Place” – Davos Colleague Warns Social Media and Speech Need to to Be Controlled

    01/16/2024 8:19:56 AM PST · by Tench_Coxe · 36 replies
    Harvard Professor Naomi Oreskes condemns free speech on Twitter-X as scary at the annual Davos globalist gathering.Naomi Oreskes: For a long time I was on Twitter, and now it’s become such a toxic place that I’ve concluded it’s not a worthwhile place to spend time. And as you’ve said, it is exhausting. So you do have to pick and choose and you have to think about where, the places where you can get your message across. But I am trying to figure out, I mean, I have given up on X. What a scary name that even is, right. And...
  • Patriotism? To What?

    12/14/2023 7:49:55 PM PST · by Noumenon · 25 replies
    T. L. Davis Blog ^ | DEC 15 2023 | T. L. Davis
    Patriotism? To What? I wish more people could see the United States Government for what it really is, a brutal organization seeking every means of stepping on one’s neck while they rip the wallet from their back pocket. What method of thuggery have they refused to utilize? A SWAT team descending on a local preacher or common welder who participated in a protest is not police work or law enforcement, it’s terrorism. It’s not fear of the preacher or common welder that dictates their actions, but the sheer terror they might strike into the hearts of patriots that they strive...
  • Freedom-Lovers of the World, Unite!

    11/28/2023 8:02:54 AM PST · by Dr. Marten
    American Thinker ^ | 11.26.2023 | J.B. Shurk
    What is the single greatest threat to globalist tyranny? A moral and self-sufficient population capable of critical thinking and dedicated to the defense of individual liberty.People who can distinguish between right and wrong do not require governments to safeguard their conscience. People who can provide for themselves and trade with others in free markets do not become addicted to government welfare. People who question authority and value objective truth are less inclined to be manipulated by government propaganda. People who recognize personal freedom as an inviolable right tend to possess the character and moral fortitude to resist coercion.
  • America and the Fourth Political Theory

    11/23/2023 11:57:32 PM PST · by Noumenon · 17 replies
    T.L. DAVIS blog ^ | NOV 22, 2023 | T.L. DAVIS
    America and the Fourth Political TheoryThere is no progression from the founding of the United States. Every step away from the founding principles of individual rights and freedom is not a progression, it is a degradation. The mistake that so many people have made is to believe that there has to be some form of updating the founding principles in order to move forward, but all of it goes backward. In one sense there is the recognition that the nation has modernized, but what it has done is drift backwards, towards the fiefdoms of Britain, the Lords and Commoners. America,...
  • NY ranked ‘Least Free State,’ with high taxes, debt, regulation: study

    11/20/2023 1:58:05 PM PST · by ChicagoConservative27 · 20 replies
    NY Post ^ | 11/20/2023 | Carl Campanile
    New York once again has the dubious distinction of being labeled “the least free state” in America, according to a report issued by libertarian-leaning think tank The Cato Institute. The Empire State ranked dead last — 50th — for policies impacting economic, social and personal freedoms in 2022, the report claims. By comparison, Florida ranked 2nd after New Hampshire as the most free state in the union. Cato said New York is a fiscal basket case. The state ranked 50th for economic freedom and scored at or near the bottom for debt and state and local taxation, government consumption, land...
  • Grand Canyon, nation's largest Christian university, says it's appealing 'ridiculous' federal fine

    11/17/2023 2:10:33 PM PST · by DFG · 6 replies
    AP via Yahoo ^ | 11/16/2023 | COLLIN BINKLEY
    The nation's largest Christian university says it's fighting a $37.7 million fine brought by the federal government over allegations that it lied to students about the cost of its programs. Grand Canyon University, which enrolls more than 100,000 students mostly in online programs, said it's filing an appeal with the U.S. Education Department on Thursday. If it fails, the Phoenix-based school said it's prepared to file a federal lawsuit. In a 40-minute speech, university President Brian Mueller called the fine “ridiculous” and questioned whether the school is being targeted because of its faith affiliation. He noted that the nation's second-largest...
  • The Best and worst American states for religious liberty: report

    11/08/2023 7:06:41 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 2 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 11/08/23 | Ryan Foley
    A new report reveals that Illinois has the most religious liberty safeguards in place as many states continue to lack adequate protections for religious people. The Center for Religion, Culture and Democracy at First Liberty Institute released its second annual Religious Liberty in the States report last week. The report ranked all 50 states by the number of safeguards in place for religious liberty. While Mississippi scored highest last year, Illinois received the highest score this year. Illinois’ 85% score marks an increase from the 81% it received last year. Mississippi, which received a score of 82% last year, now...
  • ‘Mao’s America’ author Xi Van Fleet reveals how US is on the verge of becoming a Communist state like China

    11/03/2023 6:46:07 PM PDT · by simpson96 · 20 replies
    NY Post ^ | 11/1/2023 | Miranda Devine
    Remember when Hollywood activist Jane Fonda chortled that the coronavirus was “God’s gift to the left”? That was back in October 2020, at the height of lockdowns and school closures, when the country was reeling from the violent BLM-Antifa riots over the summer. It was no time for celebration, but clearly Hanoi Jane knew something that most Americans didn’t pick up at the time. A new book out this week explains what leftist Fonda seemed to know back then, perhaps from her papered-over days as a Communist collaborator during the Vietnam War. While we were sleeping, in 2020, America went...
  • Slavery Isn’t Uncommon in Human History, Freedom Is-What our ignorance of history threatens to do to us.

    10/31/2023 7:46:11 AM PDT · by SJackson · 15 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | October 31, 2023 | Mark Lewis
    The greatest battle we face in America today is the attempt by Leftists to overthrow and overturn the principles that abolished slavery and led humanity on the path to freedom. The Left’s unceasing attacks on our Founding Fathers undermine the values upon which America was established. And suppose the Democratic Party Leftists succeed in destroying our Founders in the minds of the American people. In that case, there will be no reason not to return to governmental oppression and, in effect, slavery.Slavery is not uncommon in human history; freedom is. And, as in almost every human endeavor, our ignorance of...
  • Anti-Jordan Reps' Conservative Review Liberty Scores

    Womack, Steve (AR) 52% LaMalfa, Doug (CA) 71% Buck, Ken (CO) 96% Diaz-Balart, Mario (FL) 38% Giminez, Carlos (FL) 54% Rutherford, John (FL) 53% Simpson, Mike (ID) 47% Spartz, Victoria (IN) 79% James, John (MI) New Bacon, Don (NE) 48% D'Esposito, Anthony (NY) New Garbarino, Andrew (NY) 67% LaLota, Nick (NY) New Lawler, Mike (NY) New Chavez-DeRemer, Lori (OR) New Kelly, Mike (PA) 67% Ellzey, Jake (TX) 69% Gonzales, Tony (TX) 58% Granger, Kay (TX) 51% Kiggans, Jan (VA) New
  • To stop cancel culture from killing society, we need to embrace free speech

    10/08/2023 8:42:20 PM PDT · by TBP · 4 replies
    The New York Post ^ | Oct. 8, 2023 | Greg Lukianoff and Rikki Schlott
    What matters more to the maintenance of a free society: laws that support free speech, or a culture that supports it? To answer that question, take a look at these three speech protections, each of which is legally afforded to citizens by different countries: “Everyone shall be guaranteed freedom of thought and speech.” “Citizens are guaranteed freedom of speech, the press, assembly, demonstration, and association.” “Everyone has the right to express and disseminate his or her thoughts and opinions by speech, in writing or in pictures or through other media, individually or collectively.” These all sound like relatively principled, robust...
  • People Want To Clean The Statue Of Liberty To Reveal Its True Color

    09/10/2023 12:38:42 PM PDT · by algore · 85 replies
    The Statue of Liberty, with its big torch, blue-green color and fancy hat, is one of the most recognizable landmarks on Earth. But when it was first constructed as a gift from France in 1885, the statue had not yet acquired this color, doing so later as the result of chemistry. The idea of returning it to its original color is gaining a little attention on X (Twitter). So how has the color been altered over the years? As a video from the American Chemical Society's YouTube channel Reactions explains, the original color of the Statue of Liberty was a...
  • "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness" - The Biblical Foundations

    09/08/2023 10:11:49 AM PDT · by dware · 3 replies
    FR Exclusive ^ | 09.08.2023 | dware
    "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness" - The Biblical Foundations "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." - Declaration of Independence In the crucible of history, where ideals of freedom and governance converged, stood the remarkable Founding Fathers of America. These luminaries were more than architects of a nation; they were visionaries whose convictions were deeply intertwined with their faith. The corridors of history bear witness to their profound belief in...
  • Gun Safe Manufacturer (Liberty Safe) Backtracks After MAGA World Threatens Boycott

    09/07/2023 10:24:19 AM PDT · by tired&retired · 109 replies
    Daily Beast ^ | September 7, 2023 | Alex Nguyen
    Popular gun safe manufacturer Liberty Safe has been struggling to respond to conservative backlash after it gave the FBI access to a customer’s safe as part of a probe into the customer’s participation in the Capitol riot. Late Wednesday, the company announced that customers will have the option to erase data of their safe combinations and “take control of how their information is stored and protected.” Earlier in the day, Liberty Safe had explained that the FBI had produced a search warrant to the safe owned by Nathan Hughes, a 34-year-old Arkansas man charged with felony civil disorder in connection...
  • THE GREAT RESET: Report Reveals Globalist Climate Organization’s Goal to Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Vehicles In 14 US Cities by 2030

    08/22/2023 11:45:21 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 50 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | Aug. 22, 2023 7:30 am | By Cullen Linebarger
    An exclusive report revealed that the global ringmasters and their Democrat allies are embarking on an expedited Marxist scheme to ensure you will have no choice but to enjoy bugs and public transportation in less than a decade. The Federalist on Saturday dropped this explosive story. 14 prominent American cities are part of a far-left climate organization headed by billionaire globalist “Mini” Mike Bloomberg that aims to abolish private vehicle ownership and wean their constituents off meat and dairy by 2030. That is just SEVEN years away from now. The Federalist astutely notes that fully adopting these measures will lead...