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  • Rep. Wasserman Schultz calls for replacement of Florida's surgeon general over measles outbreak handling

    02/27/2024 8:58:14 AM PST · by Recovering_Democrat · 29 replies
    ....Debbie Wasserman Schultz held a press conference on school safety measures Tuesday and called for the replacement of Florida's surgeon general -- as the measles outbreak in South Florida continues to expand. She called for the termination of Dr. Joseph Ladapo and for Governor DeSantis to replace him...
  • America Is Having a Senior Moment on Vaccines

    02/26/2024 5:41:43 PM PST · by DallasBiff · 33 replies
    The Atlantic ^ | 1/11/24 | Daniel Engbar
    SNIP But even in the shadow of this triumph, a more specific crisis in vaccine acceptance has emerged. Americans aren’t now suspicious of inoculations on the whole—the nation isn’t anti-vax—but we have lost faith in yearly COVID shots. Barely any children have been getting them. Among adults, the drop in uptake has been rapid and relentless: By the spring of 2022, 56 percent of all adults had received their initial booster shot; a year later, just 28 percent were up to date; so far this COVID season, just 19 percent can say the same.
  • Florida refuses to bar unvaccinated students from school suffering a measles outbreak

    02/26/2024 5:44:14 AM PST · by Recovering_Democrat · 37 replies
    Florida's controversial surgeon general is drawing criticism for his handling of an elementary school's measles outbreak... ...Dr. Joseph Ladapo, nationally known for his outspoken skepticism toward the COVID-19 vaccine, sent a letter this week to parents at Manatee Bay Elementary School near Fort Lauderdale after six students contracted... The letter notes that when a school has a measles outbreak, it is “normally recommended” that unvaccinated kept home for three weeks “because of the high likelihood” they will be infected. But the letter then says the state won't turn that recommendation into a mandate, at least for now. The Broward...
  • Neuralink First Human Patient Reportedly Makes ‘Full Recovery’, Musk Says Patient Can Control Computer Mouse With Thoughts

    02/22/2024 4:22:22 PM PST · by Roman_War_Criminal · 28 replies
    100 Percent Fed Up ^ | 2/21/24 | Danielle
    The first human patient for Neuralink implanted with a brain chip appears to have made a ‘full recovery,’ according to Elon Musk. “Progress is good and the patient seems to have made a full recovery, with neural effects that we are aware of,” Musk said in a Spaces event on X, according to the Daily Mail. “Patient is able to move a mouse around the screen by just thinking,” he reportedly added.
  • Beautiful woman GRABS the mic from Trump, what happens next is unbelievable

    02/22/2024 7:34:26 PM PST · by · 74 replies
    PolitiBrawl ^ | 2-22-2024 10:00 a.m. EST | Brian
    TRANSCRIPT Hey y'all and welcome. MY name is Brian and this video shows how Trump cuts through all of the BS in politics. I was watching and I heard the story of an incredible unbelievable young woman who was battling rare bone cancer. They made a mistake. A doctor or Hospital made a mistake she called it a it was a medical error her name is Natalie Harp. She lit up the television screen like very few people I've ever seen do. And, she talked about how they were preparing her for death. However, because of "right to try" she's...
  • The next big thing in cancer treatment (?)

    02/22/2024 12:29:49 AM PST · by MoraBlack · 17 replies
    CNN ^ | February 20th 2024 | Katie Hunt
    The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which selects Nobel laureates in chemistry and physics, last week awarded Wu its Sjöberg Prize in honor of “decisive contributions” to cancer research.
  • Which Lifestyle Changes Can Make You Live Longer? See This Chart

    02/21/2024 9:40:41 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 35 replies
    Statista ^ | 02/21/2024 | Katharina Buchholz,
    Lifestyle and habits can have a big effect on our health - and our life expectancy. A recently released study that followed U.S. veterans of the age group 40 to 99 between the years 2011 and 2019 is attempting to show just how much.As Statista's Katharina Buchholz details below, according to mortality trends collected among 719,147 veterans and lifestyle factors assessed among 276,132, being physically active lowered the risk of death among the sample population the most - by 46 percent - opposite someone with no healthy habits and factors.You will find more infographics at StatistaThe study applied the Department...
  • Rewriting History: Groundbreaking New Research Reveals That Early Human Diets Were Primarily Plant-Based

    02/17/2024 4:53:28 PM PST · by Red Badger · 68 replies
    Scitech Daily ^ | FEBRUARY 17, 2024 | By UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING
    Recent research challenges the traditional view of early human diets in the Andes, suggesting a shift from “hunter-gatherers” to “gatherer-hunters.” The study, analyzing remains from the Wilamaya Patjxa and Soro Mik’aya Patjxa sites in Peru, reveals an 80 percent plant-based and 20 percent meat diet among early Andeans. This finding, based on isotope chemistry and statistical modeling, contradicts previous beliefs and influences current perceptions of diets such as the Paleodiet. It also indicates a need to reassess archaeological frameworks globally. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The commonly used term “hunter-gatherers” for describing early humans should be revised to “gatherer-hunters” in the context of the...
  • Loneliness declared health emergency in California's San Mateo County

    02/07/2024 6:04:00 PM PST · by qwertyz · 23 replies
    The Mercury News via Microsoft Start ^ | Feb. 6 2024 | Ryan Macasero
    San Mateo County recently became the first county in the country to recognize loneliness as a public health emergency. The county Board of Supervisors voted unanimously last week to approve a resolution introduced by Supervisor David Canepa declaring loneliness a health emergency. In the resolution, Canepa outlined several strategies to address loneliness. These include strengthening social infrastructure, implementing pro-connection public policies, mobilizing the health sector, conducting research to deepen knowledge, reforming online environments and fostering a culture of connection. “Many people are suffering alone in silence, and there’s no cure for it,” Canepa said.... Following the resolution, Canepa wrote a...
  • Disease X: Is World Ready for the Next Pandemic?

    02/07/2024 3:00:45 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 40 replies
    The National ^ | Jan 19, 2024 | Daniel Bardsley
    A pathogen that is not yet known to cause disease in people could begin infecting humans in vast numbers, say expertsIt is just over four years since the novel coronavirus – which came to be known as Covid-19 – first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The rapid outbreak of the disease sparked a pandemic, claiming millions of lives and devastating economies the world over. Now experts are working to prevent a future global health crisis by sharpening their focus on an as yet unknown threat, often termed as Disease X. At a World Economic Forum discussion in Davos...
  • Widely consumed vegetable oil leads to an unhealthy gut

    02/07/2024 8:46:30 AM PST · by fireman15 · 49 replies
    University of California ^ | July 6, 2023 | Iqbal Pittalwala
    High consumption of soybean oil has been linked to obesity and diabetes and potentially autism, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and depression. Add now to this growing list ulcerative colitis, a form of inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, characterized by chronic inflammation of the large intestine. Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, examined the gut of mice that were consistently fed a diet high in soybean oil for up to 24 weeks in the lab. They found beneficial bacteria decreased and harmful bacteria (specifically, adherent invasive Escherichia coli) increased — conditions that can lead to colitis. Soybean oil is the most...
  • Humana Medicare "Take Advantantage" Plan

    02/06/2024 4:57:01 AM PST · by tired&retired · 86 replies
    How can Humana change the coverage after the patient is admitted? I logged into the indiviual account and printed the "My Benefits" in November when a close friend was hospitalized for a severe stroke. I have full medical and legal POA. The "Plan Benefits" showed FULL PAYMENT Coverage for skilled nursing through day 100. While she was admitted, they changed her plan to only cover 80% through day 100. With a $203 per day co-pay, that is a lot of money she doesn't have. How can they change the plan during continuous admission? In addition, they keep denying any payment...
  • Candida Auris Unleashed: A Silent Menace with a 60% Fatality Rate Spreads Rapidly Across the US

    02/06/2024 5:25:37 AM PST · by davikkm · 91 replies
    In the shadows of the ongoing health challenges, a silent but deadly adversary is swiftly making its presence known across the United States: Candida auris. This rare and drug-resistant fungal infection, marked by a chilling 60% fatality rate, is sending shockwaves through the healthcare community due to its rapid spread and defiance against traditional antifungal treatments. Recent reports confirm its arrival in Washington State, underscoring the urgent need for proactive measures. With a death rate as high as 60%, Candida auris has become a formidable adversary in the realm of infectious diseases.
  • Globalists Will Use Carbon Controls to Stop You From Growing Your Own Food

    02/02/2024 5:35:57 AM PST · by Red Badger · 41 replies
    Discern Report ^ | February 2, 2024 | Brandon Smith
    In early 2020 in the midst of the covid lockdowns, blue states run by leftist governors pursued mandates with extreme prejudice. In red states like Montana, after the first month or two most of us simply ignored the restrictions and went on with life as usual. It was clear that covid was not the threat federal authorities made it out to be. However, in states like Michigan the vice was squeezed tighter and tighter under the direction of shady leaders like Gretchen Whitmer. Whitmer used covid as an opportunity to institute some bizarre limitations on the public, including a mandate...
  • Report: Manchin to Launch 2024 Bid If Biden Has ‘Health Scare’

    01/29/2024 9:15:29 AM PST · by ChicagoConservative27 · 31 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 01/29/2024 | WENDELL HUSEBØ
    Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) reportedly remains interested in launching a 2024 presidential bid on a “No Labels” ticket if President Joe Biden, 81, has a “health scare.” If he enters the race, Manchin would siphon votes from Biden, potentially dooming the president’s reelection campaign. Democrats have raised concerns for months about Biden’s 2024 chances due to poor polling about his age and physical stamina: Redfield & Wilton Strategies: A majority of Democrats are “concerned” about Biden’s ability. YouGov: Fifty-five percent say Biden’s health and age “severely” limit his ability to do the job. NBC News: Most registered voters have “major”...
  • Scientists Have Discovered a Previously Unknown Protein Capable of Keeping Human Cells Healthy

    01/26/2024 9:04:18 PM PST · by Red Badger · 11 replies
    Scitech Daily ^ | JANUARY 26, 2024 | By SÃO PAULO RESEARCH FOUNDATION
    Human cells showing cell nuclei (cyan), mitochondria (magenta), and the Coxiella burnetii protein MceF (yellow). The figure evidences the co-location of MceF with cellular mitochondria. Credit: Robson Kriiger Loterio Researchers have discovered a previously unidentified protein with antioxidant properties produced by Coxiella burnetii, a Gram-negative intracellular bacterium. This breakthrough suggests potential new treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancer. Researchers at the University of São Paulo, in collaboration with Australian colleagues, have discovered a unique bacterial protein capable of keeping human cells healthy even when the cells have a heavy bacterial burden. This breakthrough holds the potential for developing new treatments...
  • What does weight really tell us about our health? [Fake News Shills for Big Pharma]

    01/22/2024 2:30:04 AM PST · by Recovering_Democrat · 23 replies
    Fake News CNN ^ | 1/18/24 | Sanjay Gupta
    If you’ve been paying attention to health news recently, you may have noticed a subtle but real shift in the way society discusses body weight. It started about 10 years ago with the body positivity movement, the idea that we should love our bodies at any size. ...transformational changes picked up speed with the arrival of powerful and wildly popular new medications that have already helped many people shed pounds.... ...widespread adoption of a powerful and effective new class of medications originally developed to treat type 2 diabetes. Those drugs include semaglutide (sold as Ozempic, Rybelsus and Wegovy) and tirzepatide...
  • ‘When I tried to play, my hand spasmed and shook’: why musicians get the yips

    01/12/2024 6:05:26 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 24 replies
    The Guardian ^ | Tue 17 Oct 2023 | Lynn Hallarman
    One day, my hand stopped speaking to my brain. As a doctor and flute player, I had to try to understand this strange afflictionThe morning after performing the concert of my life, I could no longer play the flute. The pinky and ring fingers of my left hand failed to cooperate with what my mind wanted to do – I couldn’t work the keys. The harder I tried, the more my fingers curled into a claw, stuck in spasm. Even stranger: no other activity was affected. I could type on a keyboard with the same facility as usual and play...
  • Jack LaLanne

    01/10/2024 12:13:36 PM PST · by DallasBiff · 49 replies
    Britannica ^ | 12/13/23 | Melissa Albert
    Jack LaLanne (born September 26, 1914, San Francisco, California, U.S.—died January 23, 2011, Morro Bay, California) American exercise and nutrition guru, television personality, and motivational speaker. During his childhood, LaLanne suffered from poor health and erratic behaviour, which he would come to believe was caused by a sugar addiction. As a teen, he attended a lecture by nutritionist Paul Bragg, after which LaLanne cut sugar from his diet and embarked on an exercise routine. These lifestyle changes would come to define his decades-long quest to promote healthy living in America. In 1936 he opened the first public health club (later...
  • Microplastics found in overwhelming majority of American meat, water, plants: study.

    01/09/2024 4:35:22 PM PST · by Carriage Hill · 31 replies
    Fox News ^ | 1.09.2024 | Timothy H.J. Nerozzi
    A new study has found that the overwhelming majority of protein foods such as meat and fish are contaminated with microplastics. The comprehensive study, conducted by researchers at the nonprofit Ocean Conservancy, found that approximately 88% of protein samples tested contained microplastic particles. "Highly processed products contained the most microplastics per gram," the study said in its findings.