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  • Strong Foreign Partnerships Are Key to Countering Russia and China

    05/13/2022 6:22:30 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 1 replies ^ | May 13, 2022 | Sergio de la Peña
    The current conflict in Ukraine has demonstrated how strengthening alliances and attracting new partners, a central part of the current Department of Defense (DoD) National Defense Strategy, is one of the most important ways the United States can keep our citizens safe. As part of this broader effort, the DoD has prioritized foreign military sales to ensure our allies and partners have the tools that they need to defend our common interests. Improved policies and practices have lowered costs and introduced competitive financing opportunities which have been yielding results. In fiscal year 2019, the DoD maintained sales of more than...
  • The Fortunate Results of the South Korean Election – America Keeps a Key Ally as the Left Is Defeated

    05/11/2022 5:38:14 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies ^ | May 11, 2022 | Lawrence Peck
    A particularly annoying intellectual tic of certain leftist academics, area experts, and journalists, with regard to nations that fell to communism or have increasingly come under the baleful influence of communist states, is the proclivity of such individuals to indignantly proclaim that such nations were not and could not have been "lost" because they were "not ours to lose." This leftist objection to the use of the term "lost" (as in the "loss" of China) is a deceptive rhetorical device which falsely and maliciously implies that those using the term believed that the "lost" nation in question somehow "belonged" to...
  • Why the World Is More Chaotic under Biden Than Under Trump

    05/11/2022 6:58:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 26 replies ^ | May 11, 2022 | Rachel Marsden
    PARIS -- With Joe Biden's seemingly tenuous grasp on the cockpit controls, we're currently witnessing the result of U.S. foreign policy governance piloted by establishment civil servants. Is anyone really surprised that we're caught in a death spiral? Sometimes pejoratively referred to as the "deep state", the U.S. foreign policy establishment tends toward interventionism, with few who rise to senior positions favoring a hands-off approach to the rest of the world. It's precisely that attitude -- that the U.S. has to constantly intervene militarily everywhere -- that contributed to the election of former President Donald Trump. The former Oval Office...
  • Biden Administration Needs to Learn Lessons of Ukraine in Relationship With Brazil

    05/10/2022 4:09:50 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | May 10, 2022 | Brian Darling
    The Biden administration seems to have learned a lesson in Ukraine on how to support liberty and freedom movements. As a Libertarian-ish Republican, I share the concerns of many on the right that the United States needs to be careful not to be drawn into a war with Russia, yet I do agree that supporting the natural right of people exercising their rights to protect themselves is fundamental to the idea of freedom as recognized by the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I am a conservative who is happy that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made a trip to Ukraine...
  • A History of Conflict and Conquests

    04/26/2022 5:29:12 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | April 26, 2022 | Gil Gutknecht
    He was one of the most consequential public figures of the last century. Winston Churchill was a man of many interests. Even now, his paintings fetch prices approaching those of the master Hunter Biden. Always fascinated with words, Sir Winston mobilized the English language and skillfully used them to help win a world war. Churchill was also interested in history. That curiosity combined with his considerable writing talents to produce his four volume classic, The History of the English-Speaking Peoples. He began writing in the 30s during his “wilderness years.” He didn’t finish it until the early 1950s. It begins...
  • Mark Levin: I believe in 'America First'

    04/24/2022 9:25:55 PM PDT · by conservative98 · 48 replies
    Fox News ^ | Apr 24 2022 | Mark Levin
    'Life, Liberty & Levin' host Mark Levin breaks down what it means for someone to believe in 'America First.'
  • China Dominates Our Military Supply Chain

    04/22/2022 10:01:19 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | April 22, 2022 | Will Coggin
    Since Russia invaded Ukraine and captured the world’s attention, Pew polling finds Americans have largely shifted their view of Russia from a competitor to an enemy in just two months. But we can’t allow the focus on Russia to become a myopic view of our foreign policy. Remember Iran? North Korea? And most importantly, China. The same day of Russia’s invasion, the Department of Defense (DoD) released with little fanfare a report detailing a critical threat to American national security. The report warns the United States’ ability to defend itself is dependent on an even bigger threat than Russia: Communist...
  • So Why Isn’t Biden Visiting Ukraine?

    04/20/2022 2:30:24 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 59 replies ^ | April 20, 2022 | John and Andy Schlafly
    The latest request by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, who was elected after a 2014 Leftist revolution there and supported by a media oligarch billionaire, is for $50 billion in new funding from the West and a personal visit by Joe Biden. The White House responded “no,” but only to the part about Biden visiting. Biden and Congress have already granted the liberal Ukrainian politicians 13.6 billion American dollars. But Zelensky is back, asking for more than three times that much this week in the form of grants or loan guarantees by the United States, with no end in sight for...
  • Western Powers Must Decide Who to Support in the Caucasus

    04/06/2022 9:20:26 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies ^ | April 6, 2022 | Ivan Sascha Sheehan
    Is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war spreading beyond Ukraine? On Saturday, tensions flared in the South Caucasus in Nagorno-Karabakh, the location of a Russian-backed separatist state a thousand miles to the south. Internationally recognized as Azerbaijan, long-standing Russian ally Armenia has occupied the territory since the 1990s. As of 2020, so have Russian “peacekeepers.” Last weekend, Russia accused Azerbaijan of breaking a ceasefire agreement. A new front? Perhaps. But there is little doubt these events are tied to The unfortunate answer is that when it comes to the Caucasus many Western officials seem not to know where they stand. When...
  • How Long Will GAE's (Global American Empire's) Hegemony Last?

    04/04/2022 4:11:40 PM PDT · by Yashcheritsiy · 6 replies
    The Neo-Ciceronian Times ^ | April 4, 2022 | Theophilus Chilton
    One of the questions we see commonly debated in Dissident Right circles is just how long can the Global American Empire (GAE) really last as a hegemonic force in international politics. Some, like Curtin Yarvin/Mencius Moldbug, speculate that the Regime could last for another century or more. Others believe its demise will be within ten years or less. Both sides are likely overstating their cases, but I do tend to believe that the truth of the matter is much closer to the latter than the former. However one lands on this, it must surely be accepted that the answer will...
  • Focusing On Russia Instead Of China Would Be The United States’s Biggest Foreign Policy Mistake Ever

    04/04/2022 9:21:32 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 14 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 04/04/2022 | Sumantra Maitra
    As we reach a month of the Ukrainian war amid talks of possible peace, a strategic appraisal is in order. It appears the Russians thought the war would be easy and fast, the Ukrainians would simply roll over and surrender, and the common people would rise up to greet Russians as liberators. Russian strategic decision-making, worsened by ideological bubbles, turned out to be as haunting as British and American misadventures in Iraq and Libya.The Russian officer attrition in this war is on a level rarely observed in any recent conflict, partially because this level of high-intensity, state versus state, multi-domain...
  • Kid Rock Allegedly Advised Donald Trump on US Foreign Policy

    03/25/2022 2:59:15 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 54 replies
    Far Out Magazine ^ | WED 23RD MAR 2022 | Sam Kemp
    Conservative rocker Kid Rock has alleged that former US President Donald Trump asked for his advice about America’s policy on North Korea and Islamic State (IS). The singer and rapper, who was one of Trump’s most vocal supporters during his presidential campaign, has claimed that he asked for help writing tweets after the fall of IS in 2019. Speaking to Fox News host Tucker Carlson in a recent interview, the musician claimed that he was with Trump when the terrorist organisation fell. “I was there with [Trump] one day when he ended the caliphate,” he said. Rock – real name...
  • The Return of Realpolitik

    03/23/2022 6:35:23 AM PDT · by Yashcheritsiy · 7 replies
    Neo-Ciceronian Times ^ | March 23, 2022 | Theophilus Chilton
    There are a whole lot of people in the West who are having their conceptual view of the world turned upside down. Westerners, and especially Americans, are used to the post-World War II globohomo order in which the Global American Empire (GAE) uses its power, both soft and hard, to enforce onto the rest of the world a set of progressive, left-wing social patterns coupled with exploitative economic patterns designed to benefit a tiny globalist transnational elite. Modern Americans are used to thinking of themselves as “heroes” who step in to save the day all around the world wherever there...
  • Here's everything the US is sending to Ukraine's military

    03/16/2022 10:17:00 PM PDT · by blueplum · 30 replies
    The Hill ^ | 16 Mar 2022 | ELLEN MITCHELL
    President Biden on Wednesday announced $800 million in new lethal aid for Ukraine, bolstering U.S. support to the ex-Soviet nation as it ends the third week fighting Russian forces. The latest tranche — part of the nearly $14 billion Congress appropriated for Ukrainian aid which Biden signed into law a day prior — brings the U.S. government’s total pledge of military assistance for the embattled nation to $1 billion in the past week and $2 billion since Biden took office. ...
  • Russia turns east: Three countries undermine West sanction with Putin olive branch

    03/16/2022 9:52:44 PM PDT · by blueplum · 9 replies
    The Express UK ^ | 16 Mar 2022 | ANTONY ASHKENAZ
    AS WESTERN powers come down hard on Russian energy, Putin has turned to countries in Asia to sell his oil and gas. ... to evade western sanctions, Putin is looking eastwards, towards India, Pakistan and China, to sell its gas and construct more energy pipelines...
  • Mark Levin: ‘For All the Attacks on Donald Trump, the Man Was a Foreign Policy Genius’

    03/14/2022 5:24:48 AM PDT · by conservative98 · 32 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 14 Mar 2022 | JEFF POOR
    On Sunday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” conservative talker Mark Levin blasted the Biden administration for its response to a situation in Ukraine that is spiraling out of control by the day while seemingly enabling Iran to achieve its nuclear ambitions. Levin said the status quo made him miss the days of former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Trump, according to Levin, looked to be a foreign policy genius based on the present situation. Transcript as follows: [cut] You know what, ladies and gentlemen, I really do miss the Reagan days and the Trump days. We never...
  • Congress Proposes Millions for Border Security — in Eight Other Countries

    03/11/2022 2:50:13 PM PST · by River Hawk · 11 replies
    US Incorporated ^ | March 11, 2022 | Allan Wall
    Our stalwart lawmakers in Washington never cease to amaze. John Binder of Breitbart reports on a recent undertaking on Capitol Hill. It’s an amendment to an amendment that authorizes millions of new dollars for border security. That sounds impressive, until you realize the money is being appropriated for the borders of eight foreign countries! It’s not that our lawmakers don’t care about borders. They do care about the borders of many foreign countries. It’s our own borders many of them aren’t concerned about securing.
  • The Cracks Are Showing (good piece)

    03/09/2022 5:53:39 PM PST · by cotton1706 · 14 replies ^ | 3/9/22 | George D. O'Neill Jr.
    Establishment Republicans and Conservatism, Inc., are on their heels. Ignore the swamp, and fight for your home. The law of exponentiality holds that small, almost imperceptible events slowly build until what appears to be a major cataclysm suddenly unfolds. It is the building of tiny cracks over time that eventually leads to the dam breaking, causing unimaginable destruction. We are witnessing those tiny cracks now at an increasing rate in the political, economic, and cultural systems in the West, primarily the United States. They are building toward something that just a short time ago was unthinkable: the crumbling of the...
  • America's Ever-Changing Role in the World

    03/05/2022 7:58:02 AM PST · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | March 4, 2022 | Tom Copeland
    Pundits have more questions than answers at the moment. What does Putin want from his invasion of Ukraine? Does he want to reconstitute the Soviet Union? Will he resort to using nuclear weapons? Is he crazy? Here at home, did President Biden think that sanctions would work, or not? Why does America seem to be leading from behind? Why did we rely on China to ask Putin to not invade? How has our energy policy funded Russia’s invasion? But there is another question that must be asked: What do Americans want in the World? The answer isn’t clear. Twenty years...
  • Ukrainians Are Winning The Information War

    03/02/2022 1:53:02 PM PST · by Kaslin · 23 replies
    American ^ | March 2, 2022 | Chuck DeVore
    The ability to mobilize civil society, through media in particular, can tip the scales towards victory or defeat as much as bombs and tanks.As the bombardment of Ukraine’s two largest cities intensifies, there’s another aspect of the struggle between Russia and Ukraine that is getting less notice from military analysts fixated on troop numbers and equipment — the moral aspect of war and its interplay with information warfare. Based on the relatively small force Russian President Vladimir Putin sent charging at Kyiv, he appeared to expect Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to flee and his government to collapse. When Zelenskyy refused...