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  • This Scary Experiment Explains Two Years of COVID Hell

    04/29/2022 3:39:19 AM PDT · by MtnClimber · 23 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 29 Apr, 2022 | Vic Hughes
    In case you were wondering why all views contrary to the Official Narrative have been canceled, it's because of the Asch Conformity Experiment. We have just gone through a nationwide, and actually a worldwide, Asch Conformity Experiment. As implied, the goal of the experiment was not to get to the truth. It was to get conformity. Only conformity is allowed. Asch showed that people will actually believe things that they know to be false if they think everybody else believes those things. That is the point of the COVID nightmare experiment we just lived though. You must believe: -COVID is...
  • Biggest Public Health Mistake in History [semi-satire]

    06/26/2021 11:44:45 AM PDT · by John Semmens · 1 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 27 June 2021 | John Semmens
    A study by economists from the University of Southern California and the RAND Corporation examined the effectiveness of pandemic lockdowns and concluded that the measures taken to try to stop the spread of COVID did not save lives. In fact, every week these policies were in place an extra 2.7 deaths per 100,000 persons was recorded. The mechanisms by which the added fatalities were enabled included increased unemployment and poverty, increased stress and anxiety leading to increased drug use and suicides, increased child abuse and domestic violence, and reduced access to medical care for other serious diseases. Countries and US...
  • Seattle woman claims ‘ideological conformity’ required for waterfront job

    06/09/2021 6:15:01 AM PDT · by MAGA2017 · 41 replies ^ | 6/8/21 | BY DORI MONSON SHOW
    When you visit Seattle’s new waterfront, you are going to be reminded that you’re on stolen land. One of the things that inspired a recent story by Fox News’ Dan Springer about the city’s waterfront was a piece by Elizabeth Economou for American Thinker, titled “Only the woke need apply,” in which she describes her experience applying for a job. Economou told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show she applied for a public relations job with the organization that’s running things down the waterfront: Friends of Waterfront Seattle. She says she received a formal invite from a recruiter inviting her to...
  • VIDEO: Scary Scenes of the Face Mask Cultists

    06/08/2021 4:33:01 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 32 replies
    YouTube ^ | June 8, 2021 | DUmmie FUnnies
    VIDEOThey could be a permanent element of our society. Face Mask cultists. Despite the CDC stating it is okay to not wear face masks, the cultists are continuing to wear them both indoors and outdoors as you can see in these grocery store scenes in Broward County, FL.
  • VIDEO: Mask Cultists Clinging to Their Masks at Outdoor DMV Line

    05/24/2021 9:59:38 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 55 replies
    YouTube ^ | May 24, 2021 | DUmmie FUnnies
    VIDEOI was shocked at how many people continue clinging to their security masks while I was waiting on the DMV line to renew my driver's license on the morning of May 24. As you can see, obedience to the Mask Borg was nearly 100%. Please give this video a Thumbs Up if you think I should return to the DMV on a weekly basis to record how many people continue to blindly worship the Mask Cult.
  • Brain Implants for Herd Unity [semi-satire]

    05/19/2021 10:34:53 AM PDT · by John Semmens · 1 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 16 May 2021 | John Semmens
    Scientists at Northwestern University have developed wireless brain implants that have been inserted into mice to see if their behavior can be controlled remotely. An experiment found that it can. To be more explicit, the experiment tried to use the devices to get the mice to become friends with other mice having the same implants. It worked. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra called this experiment "a potential game-changer for the President's drive to unify the country. The main impediment to total unity is independent thought. The aspiration of trying to achieve unity via volitional means is likely...
  • ‘Your papers, please!’

    03/30/2021 4:52:29 AM PDT · by MtnClimber · 30 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 30 Mar, 2021 | Patricia McCarthy
    Biden intends to mandate Covid vaccine “passports” for every American. Why? It is becoming increasingly clear that part of the global left’s master plan to institute absolute control over the world’s population is to mandate their still-experimental vaccines for all of us even though Covid is a very treatable disease from which nearly 98.5% of those afflicted recover. Given that fact, there are many millions of people who will not willingly submit to any medically intrusive procedure without doing their own research. SNIP Those of us old enough to remember some of the most egregious “scientific” experiments on people (Tuskeegee,...
  • The cult of the vaccine

    03/25/2021 5:19:36 AM PDT · by MtnClimber · 69 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 25 Mar, 2021 | Landon Freeman
    Various entities are doing all they can to entice Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine. It's a little weird. Close your eyes and think back to a time in which you, your kids, or any other loved one received a vaccine. Chances are, the event wasn't treated as if it was some grandiose event. No, the vaccine was simply administered, and you moved on to other things. That nonchalant, non-celebratory attitude toward vaccines was an almost universally accepted outlook for decades. However, in 2021, a new precedent seems to have been set. Indeed, with the arrival and widespread distribution of...
  • Dems Pressure Cable TV to Drop Conservative News Networks [semi-satire]

    03/03/2021 9:49:54 AM PST · by John Semmens · 2 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 28 Feb 2021 | John Semmens
    Reps. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) and Jerry McNerney (D-CA) sent letters to the CEOs of multiple cable TV providers—including Amazon, Apple, Google and others—demanding to know "why Fox News, One America News Network and Newsmax are still part of your basic cable programming. You must be aware that they are using your platform to disseminate disinformation." Eshoo explained "if we want to have true democracy in this country we must have unity of thoughts and expressions. The conservative news sites we single out are trying to turn the tide against true democracy. The notion that truth will emerge from vigorous debate...
  • The Doublethinkers

    02/18/2021 3:32:12 PM PST · by Paved Paradise · 31 replies
    Tablet ^ | 02/11/2021 | Natan Sharansky
    My father, a journalist named Boris Shcharansky, was born in 1904 in Odessa, the cultural and economic center of the Pale of Settlement, where the Russian empire stuck most Jews. He studied in the Jewish Commercial Gymnasium, because most other gymnasiums accepted very few Jews, if any. By the time he was 16, he had already lived through the Czarist Regime with its anti-Semitic restrictions, the “February” Socialist Revolution, the “October” Bolshevik Revolution, and the years of civil war when power in Odessa seesawed back and forth from faction to faction, as hunger, pogroms, and destruction decimated the population. When...
  • Pelosi Criticizes Pro-Lifers' "Warped Values" [semi-satire]

    01/24/2021 9:33:14 AM PST · by John Semmens · 5 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 24 January 2021 | John Semmens
    In a podcast with Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) sharply criticized opponents of abortion. "First they helped Trump win the 2016 presidential election because he promised to protect the lives of unborn babies," she said. "Now that voters have massively elected the most pro-choice president in American history, pro-lifers stubbornly resist the unity our nation so desperately needs." "It is one thing to privately hold onto warped values out of loyalty to out-dated concepts of morality," the Speaker contended. "It is quite another to resist the new reality. In a democracy the determination of what is right or...
  • Everything Is Broken

    01/15/2021 4:32:58 PM PST · by Bratch · 45 replies
    Tablet ^ | January 14, 2021 | ALANA NEWHOUSE
    In the summer of 2014, I gave birth to a baby boy. He was born with a perfect Apgar score, after a very easy delivery. But my labor had not been smooth—in fact, throughout the day and a half of contractions, I believed there was something decidedly wrong. I also felt that way as I held him for the first time, and he writhed violently under my hands. In a video taken about 10 minutes after he was born, he can be seen lifting his head up off my chest. “Ooooh, look at how advanced he is!” someone can be...
  • An Artist Is Selling T-Shirts But Won't Accept Money - They Want Something Else& People Are Doing It

    08/11/2017 5:29:15 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 16 replies
    Wales Online ^ | 11 AUG 2017 | JOSHUA KNAPMAN
    You really have to be a fan if you want this T-shirtPlenty of up-and-coming artists sell T-shirts showcasing their work - although usually they ask for money. But that's not the case with Newport's mysterious street artist , who goes by the name of RISE Propaganda - they want something else in return. The anonymous creative has launched a range of T-shirts, which are described as "the Black Uniform", and if you want one you'll have to get inked up . The chance of a lifetime for graffiti artists: Your design could be printed on thousands of beer bottles That's...
  • The Myth of the Peaceful Woman by outofthedarkness

    08/11/2017 12:12:22 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 23 replies
    Sarah A. Hoyt ^ | August 9, 2017 | outofthedarkness
    There’s a persistent trope in science fiction and fantasy about a society consisting solely of women. It’s a peaceful and prosperous society, free from all violence. There may be some female warriors, who are somehow better than all male warriors everywhere despite having no real pressure or battles to harden themselves on. As a female reader with a strong taste for rational thinking, I am begging authors to stop doing this. Every female over the age of seven knows that a planet full of only women would not be peaceful. Every female Odd will picture this situation as The Special...
  • Do We Really Respect Diversity of Thought?

    03/21/2017 8:12:12 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 12 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 3/21/17 | Dottie Perkins
    A major issue of concern in today’s world involves the effect liberals have when they demand everyone conform to their opinions. As a teenager, in my particular social circle there exists rather a diverse world of ideas about politics, religion and countless other “socially inappropriate” subjects of discussion. And regardless of the particular opinions offered by my peers on these issues, I often observe how willingly people change their viewpoints in order to avoid being harshly judged for holding a less than popular—that is, less than acceptable-- belief. Growing up in such an environment has become a major source of...
  • Is Big Gay finally losing its grip on America?

    01/10/2014 4:50:55 AM PST · by ReformationFan · 17 replies
    Renew America ^ | 1-9-04 | Tim Dunkin
    Recent events have not been kind to the radical homosexual lobby and its efforts to impose "homo-normalization" onto America. For years, Big Gay has given the appearance of being an unstoppable juggernaut as it rolled from one court victory to the next, leaving behind it a wreckage of ruined lives of people who had the temerity to not show enough deference to the gay agenda. Yet, there are a few recent signs that this might be changing. It brings up the question, "Are average, everyday Americans finally tired enough of being bullied, hectored, accused, attacked, shouted at, threatened, and otherwise...
  • Liberals and Groupthink: the Narrative Is King

    10/13/2013 3:40:00 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 6 replies
    Clash Daily ^ | 13Oct13 | Allan Erickson
    Neanderthals and Narcissists in the age of incoherence. ”Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an incorrect or deviant decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative ideas or viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences.” (Source: Wikipedia) One of the stark ironies in this age of incoherence is the clash between post-modern presuppositions, and reality. For example, the prevailing presupposition appears to be: we can print money endlessly, spend this...
  • Wrong note? School orchestra bans 6th-grader's purple violin

    09/25/2012 11:58:09 AM PDT · by Altariel · 70 replies
    LA Times ^ | September 12, 2012 | John M. Glionna
    ll 11-year-old Camille Cruz wanted to do was play in her sixth-grade orchestra class at a Farmington, N.M., middle school using a violin her grandmother bought her. This instrument is definitely different: Not only does it have sentimental value, it’s purple -- and that was where school officials drew the line. They insisted Camille had to play a violin the same color as everyone else’s, or she couldn’t play at all. The student’s violin of a different color now has the town of Farmington (pop. 45,000) in a tizzy. After the local Daily Times newspaper published a story about Camille...
  • New World Order Educational Tool

    12/14/2009 1:53:41 AM PST · by FromLori · 5 replies · 552+ views
    I know the New World Order is just a Conspiracy or at least that is what people were led to believe anyone talking about their plans to impose a Totalitarian Global Government was just some crazy (tin foil) lunatic. Recently however everyone seems to be talking about it even the new European President and they are getting geared up to educate you on how you are supposed to behave here is the information from Education Futures on how to think, act, interact in the New World Order..
  • Obama scientist sees strong consensus on climate

    12/03/2009 11:41:56 AM PST · by PROCON · 44 replies · 1,141+ views ^ | Dec.3 2009 | Timothy Gardner
    The science showing that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities are causing a dangerous warming of the world's climate is sound, President Barack Obama's top scientists said on Wednesday, despite controversial e-mails stolen from climate researchers. E-mails from Britain's University of East Anglia, made public last month after being obtained by hackers, show climate researchers deriding global warming skeptics, who argue that the messages show that the researchers manipulated data to make climate change appear more definitive.