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    05/14/2023 7:41:33 PM PDT · by Kazan · 19 replies
    Sonar 21 ^ | 14 May 2023 | Larry Johnson
    I am fascinated by the misinformation and deception being spread via social media channels about famed-Russian Chef, Evgeny Prigozhin, and his mythical military prowess. The latest example of this comes courtesy of Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post:Wagner chief offered to give Russian troop locations to Ukraine, leak saysTHE DISCORD LEAKS | Yevgeniy Prigozhin said he would tell Ukraine’s military where to attack Russian troops if they pulled their own forces back from the beleaguered city of Bakhmut, where Wagner mercenaries were taking heavy lossesIf there was ever any doubt that the so-called “Discord Leaks”, allegedly the handiwork of a lowly U.S....
  • Bloody Bakhmut is Falling… into Zelensky’s Shame "Forward", the General yelled from the rear

    05/08/2023 4:50:11 PM PDT · by delta7 · 56 replies
    Mike Hampton ^ | 8 May23 | Mike Hampton
    After 9 months, Bloodbath Bakhmut is falling. Soon, scared, maimed and dying Ukrainian soldiers won’t have to scream in the “Meat Grinder”. Maybe Ukraine is falling. Russia stands on the dead, proud captor of buildings like holes and earth like charcoal. There's the possibility that I'm lying. After all, John Kirby, retired Admiral and ex-spokesperson for the Pentagon, and now spokesperson for the National Security Council, stated on May 2 that: "Russia's attempt at an offensive in the Donbas, largely through Bakhmut, has failed." In the words of the White House, "The National Security Council is the President's principal forum...
  • Dmitry Medvedev explains why Ukraine will disappear:

    04/10/2023 4:53:26 AM PDT · by Steven Tyler · 154 replies
    Slavyangrad ^ | April 8 2023 | Anya
    Real senile people like Biden, whose place is not at the head of a huge power but on the grass, surrounded by their relatives with their mouths open with dementia, Ordinary Americans have no idea at all what "Ukraine" is or where it is located. Most of them can't even show this "country" on a map. Why should they suffer such inconvenience for the sake of some obscure part of Russia
  • Up to 30,000 Russian casualties claimed in Bakhmut

    03/07/2023 2:09:08 PM PST · by MinorityRepublican · 56 replies
    BBC News ^ | 3/7/2023 | Paul Adams
    Between 20,000 and 30,000 Russian troops have been killed and wounded in the battle for the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut since it began last summer, Western officials say. The epic nature of the battle is out of all proportion to Bakhmut's strategic significance, they add. But after more than six months of grinding, horrific fighting, the future of Bakhmut still hangs in the balance. Since the fighting began, some 90% of its pre-invasion population has fled.
  • Col. MacGregor: Ukraine has been DESTROYED and there's nothing left

    03/01/2023 9:07:00 PM PST · by Kazan · 128 replies
    Redacted on YouTube ^ | Mar 1, 2023 | Clayton Morris
    Ukrainian president Zelensky just admitted that American troops will be needed to keep Ukraine from total collapse. At the same time NATO announces Ukraine will become a member of the alliance before too long. This is a non-starter for Russian President Putin. Colonel Douglas MacGregor joins Redacted host Clayton Morris for the very latest developments. Video at link.
  • Ritter/Nixon: Bakhmut on the Edge

    03/01/2023 7:23:19 AM PST · by ganeemead · 21 replies
  • Ukraine: Is it almost over?

    02/28/2023 5:23:27 PM PST · by delta7 · 66 replies
    Pearls and Irritations ^ | 1 Mar 23 | Scott Burchill
    DEFENCE AND SECURITY, ECONOMY, MEDIA, POLITICS, WORLD Ukraine: Is it almost over? By Scott Burchill Mar 1, 2023 Joint press conference President Biden and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy December 21, 2022 Despite celebrating 12 months of surviving the Russian onslaught, promises of more money and military equipment (including tanks) from the West, and a chorus of support for the courage and resilience of the people, the war appears almost over for Ukraine. There are four reasons for thinking this. First, as the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal explains, public rhetoric [about Ukraine’s heroic resistance] masks deepening private doubts among politicians in the...
  • Security Council meeting ( President Putin’s Speech Q and A)

    02/21/2023 3:33:37 PM PST · by delta7 · 16 replies
    President of Russia ^ | 21 Feb 23 | The Kremlin
    President of Russia Events Structure Videos and Photos Documents Contacts Search president President Presidential Executive Office State Council Security Council Commissions and Councils February, 2022 News Transcripts Trips About President Events Security Council meeting The President held a meeting of the Russian Federation Security Council at the Kremlin. February 21, 202218:30The Kremlin, Moscow At the Security Council meeting. 2 of 17 At the Security Council meeting. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues. We are meeting today to discuss the current developments in Donbass. I will briefly remind you how it all started and how the situation has developed...

    02/16/2023 2:08:22 PM PST · by delta7 · 57 replies
    A Son of tge America Revolution ^ | 15 Feb 23 | Larry Johnson
    I am fascinated by guys like Wes O’Donnell, who publish delusional nonsense without offering one piece of credible evidence. O’Donnell, who claims to have served in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force, put up a piece at Medium last week with the catchy title, Putin’s Death Cult Prepares for Huge Casualties in the Coming Days. Here are some salient points from his article: The Russian army just suffered the deadliest 24 hours since the start of the war. According to Ukraine, 1,030 Russians were killed yesterday as Moscow continues to throw thousands of freshly mobilized soldiers into the...
  • The Russians have surrounded Bakhmut. Day 333 of the war

    02/08/2023 6:41:00 PM PST · by JonPreston · 78 replies
    Center for Eastern Studies ^ | 2/8/23 | Andrzej Wilk Piotr Żochowski
    Communiqués from the Ukrainian General Staff indicate that Russian forces are tightening their grip around Bakhmut. Enemy subunits are being held back on the north-western outskirts of the town (Krasna Hora, Paraskoviivka, Yahidne) and south of the Bakhmut-Kostiantynivka road, including on the western side of the Donets-Donbas canal (Predtechyne, Stupochky), which they have now crossed. The Russians are also expanding the area of their assault to the northwest of Soledar, where they have crossed the Bakhmut-Siversk road at Vasyukivka. The aggressor’s offensive is being contained south and east of Siversk, in the Avdiivka area, and in an arc west of...
  • Seymour Hersh: How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

    02/08/2023 11:13:14 AM PST · by SmokingJoe · 115 replies
    Subtstack ^ | February 8 2022 | Seymour Hersh
    The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now The U.S. Navy’s Diving and Salvage Center can be found in a location as obscure as its name—down what was once a country lane in rural Panama City, a now-booming resort city in the southwestern panhandle of Florida, 70 miles south of the Alabama border. The center’s complex is as nondescript as its location—a drab concrete post-World War II structure that has the look of a vocational high school on the west side of Chicago. A coin-operated laundromat...
  • Ukraine: Possible Bakhmut retreat to pre-empt Russian reprisal

    01/15/2023 1:17:56 PM PST · by JonPreston · 68 replies ^ | 1/15/23 | Al Mayadeen English
    Ukraine is considering retreating from Bakhmut (formerly Artemovsk), according to Ukrainian military personnel cited in The Washington Post, in order to save manpower and supplies in anticipation of a counteroffensive elsewhere.A Ukrainian commander, who chose to remain anonymous, commented on the possibility of withdrawal and told The Washington Post that "we have lost many friends in the defense of this city, so we do not want to surrender it now. But maybe a temporary withdrawal would save some of our people," adding that his unit suffered "great losses." Yuriy Skala, a Ukrainian commander of an intelligence battalion currently on the...
  • The Decline and Fall of Nazi-Infested Ukraine

    01/14/2023 4:48:27 PM PST · by delta7 · 135 replies
    Strategic Culture ^ | 14 Jan 22 | Stephan Lendman
    What hegemon USA created, Russia is systematically annihilating. And there’s nothing that the empire of lies and its Western vassals can do to change the course of history. In challenging Russia militarily, they bit off more than they can chew and swallow. Russia is a preeminent military power, China heading in the same direction — while the US-dominated West is in decline. The battle to demilitarize and NeNazify Ukraine is proceeding as planned. Russia’s liberation of Soledar assures deNazification of Artyomovsk to follow. These triumphs hasten the end of Nazi occupation throughout Donbass, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Kharkov and demise of the...
  • Is Biden Being Blackmailed To Send US Combat Troops To Ukraine?

    01/12/2023 11:36:50 PM PST · by 6thavenue · 49 replies
    Eurasia Review ^ | Jan 13 2023 | By Mike Whitney
    No one should be surprised that Joe Biden’s ‘classified documents problem’ has emerged at the same time a key city in Ukraine (Soledar) has been liberated by Russian troops. All of the recent reports from the frontlines indicate that the Russian army is steadily seizing more territory in the eastern part of the country while inflicting heavy casualties on the over-matched Ukrainian forces. In short, the Ukrainian army is being beaten badly forcing US war planners to rethink their approach. What the US needs to do to prevail in its proxy-war with Russia, is to enlist a coalition of nations...
  • Russia exacts revenge for the 63 killed in the recent hoho himars attack

    01/03/2023 1:01:47 PM PST · by ganeemead · 50 replies
    The tally of 63 I'm seeing on the web now is consistent with the statement by Alexander Mercouris this morning. The earlier claims of 600 - 700 Russian kia were typical hoho lies and propaganda.
  • Watch: Putin Says ‘The West Lied About Peace’ in New Year’s Address To Russia

    12/31/2022 1:49:02 PM PST · by E. Pluribus Unum · 116 replies ^ | December 31st 2022, 3:27 pm |
    Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered an unusual New Year’s address to his people on Saturday pledging victory against the “neo-Nazis” of the West who are intent on “destroying Russia.”Putin kicked off his 9-minute speech by noting that the year 2022 “put a lot of things in their place – clearly separating courage and heroism from betrayal and cowardice.”“It was a year of difficult, necessary decisions, the most important steps toward gaining full sovereignty of Russia and powerful consolidation of our society,” the he said in regards to Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.(Add Closed Captions and Auto-translate to English in Settings tab)“For...
  • LIVE: Ukraine's LAST STAND w/ Scott Ritter and Dan Kovalik!

    12/25/2022 3:45:45 PM PST · by Cathi · 24 replies
    The Left Lens with Danny Haiphong ^ | December 24, 2022 | Scott Ritter
    "Danny Haiphong: For the last several weeks there has been this intense battle in the city of Bahkmut and the western mainstream media has been kind of sounding the alarm a bit. You've had places like the Guardian, the New York Times talk about how Ukraine has been using artillery and all kinds of weapons at alarming rates to the point where it seems like they are admitting that Ukraine is outgunned here. What is your assessment of the situation right now on the ground in Bahkmut and going forward as we enter this winter phase of this proxy war...
  • US Intelligence community & conflict with Russia - Ray McGovern, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen

    12/09/2022 12:46:42 PM PST · by Cathi · 8 replies
    The Duran ^ | December 6, 2022 | Ray McGovern, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen
    Raymond McGovern is a former Central Intelligence Agency officer turned political activist. McGovern was a CIA analyst from 1963 to 1990, and in the 1980s chaired National Intelligence Estimates and prepared the President's Daily Brief.
  • Tyrant Zelensky to Ban Ukrainian Church After He Bans Media Outlets and Opposition Party

    12/02/2022 9:43:12 AM PST · by Kazan · 91 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | December 2, 2022 | Jim Hoft
    In May, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed into law No. 7172-1 that will ban opposition parties and seize their property. The law targets opposition parties if they deny the armed aggression against Ukraine.The law includes actions that support the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus, the two invading countries.The news was first published on the Ukrainian news website UKRinform. This news was reported the same day US GOP Senators paid him a visit in Kyiv to show their support.Zelenskyy also closed all of the TV stations and consolidated them into one state-run channel.“Ukraine has had to take extraordinary measures to...
  • LIVE: The Rise of BRICS+ and the Ukraine War Fallout w/ Pepe Escobar!

    11/24/2022 11:38:06 AM PST · by Cathi · 67 replies
    The Left Lens with Danny Haiphong ^ | November 24, 2022 | Pepe Escobar
    A look at how the majority of the rest of the world sees things through the lens of Pepe Escobar. Pepe Escobar is a Brazilian journalist and geopolitical analyst. His column "The Roving Eye" for Asia Times regularly discusses the multi-national "competition for dominance over the Middle East and Central Asia." Very useful, eye opening discussion for the very intelligent freepers. I do not recommend it for the others.