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March 20, 1961. Ricky Nelson, "Traveling Man"

New Apartment

NYC, 1964

Joplin, 1968

Lou Glutz, the finest used car salesman Chicago has ever seen

God bless America

Like father, like son

Hallelujah - Lucy Thomas

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Post-war America, the envy of the world and that young lady is stealing the show.

Levon Helm with a tub of iced down beer

If I'm going to spend that kind of money, I'm going to call the Osmonds


The Charcot Shower: "Step right up, hit the Kewpie doll and win a free ride"!

The Baboons - Drinkin' Gasoline


America's first feminist, and one that actually had talent

A woman's kitchen, 1962

Summer, 1987, poolside somewhere near Cincinnati and everything screams danger

When men were men.

July, 1969, NYPD Brooklyn NY. Patrolman William Winter, assigned to the TPF, took on a woman’s identify in an effort to combat muggers and sex offenders. Winters, who was married and had a child, swiftly apprehended two perverts utilizing the act as an opportunity for an arrest. God bless Patrolman Winters, where ever he is (probably retired in Florida)

The children from St Jude Children's hospital thank this kind and generous man

Welcome to the first meeting of the Sisterhood of the Traveling BallSack

Can you guess which one has a penis?

Democrat women = Nightmare fuel

Eva Cassidy - Early Morning Rain

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Fetterman 2.0 just dropped

Randle Patrick McMurphy

1962, Hells Angel, California

Special mention to the guy watching this disaster from his front stoop

1957 Sock Hop

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Vincent LaGuardia Gambini, the greatest trial attorney in the history of American jurisprudence.

Thank you Sam.
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This is such a beautiful moment; two different political parties, two different colors, three different sexes

March 15, 1982 -

This photo was taken at the New York Hilton on the night of Dylan's induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Dylan had one request that night: He wanted to get his picture taken with Dinah Shore. When asked why, Dylan replied: "So my mother will finally think I'm somebody."

Blind Faith, 1969.
Please click the picture of Mariora Goschen


December 9, 1965. A simpler time, in a wonderful country.

Christmas 1966, Debbie Harry, Hawthorne, NJ

Living with Divorce, Tip #27: A slice of bread can double as an oven mitt

The odds that you wore this seatbelt in 1968 was 1.4%
The odds you burnt your legs on it that same summer: 98.6%

White Privilege; the ability to suffer and survive without blaming other groups for their problems


Walking on the moon is 93 y/o Buzz Aldren's second greatest achievement.

They all have man wives. That's the rule


Seattle, 1973. Charging an electric AMC Gremlin at a curbside charging station. 1hr for 25¢. Odds are strong that both the owner and the Gremlin are dead.

1977, Hot Stuff. If a guy can't find a party to invite these girls to, there's something wrong with him

NY Mets 2023 starting pitching rotation

Janis Joplin, San Francisco, 1968

Midterm Elections 2022

Nov 4th 1963: The Beatles performed for Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret & Lord Snowdon at the Royal Variety Performance. It was here that John Lennon said "Will the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands. All the rest of you, rattle your jewelry."

Summer, 1964. For the first time scientists connect sugar consumption to hyperactivity

They’ll find Jimmy Hoffa before they find Chuck Cunningham


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Smoke

Max Scherzer. Future Hall of Fame pitcher and throwback of the 1st order.

Elvis Presley, second from right, made his first public appearance at a talent show in Mississippi where he won $5 for getting 2nd place, October 3, 1945

“I'll find him for three but I'll catch him, and kill him, for ten. But you've gotta make up your minds. If you want to stay alive, then ante up. Ten thousand dollars for me by myself. For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.”

“Fred Astaire represented the aristocracy, I represented the proletariat.”

Both, proud US Marines. Baseball was better then

Merrill Stubing is at the top of my favorite captains list, along with Kangaroo, Kirk, and Crunch.

Baily Brothers Building & Loan. A family owned business with integrity you can trust

Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer, kicking ass in golf and lung darts.

Add the 1960s to zero impulse control and the result is self-immolation

1958, Yankees clubhouse. Yogi Berra enjoying a smoke and Whitey Ford having a Knickerbocker beer

Operations both knees…stitches over both eyes…at least 3 nose breaks…sprained shoulder…thigh injury…ankle...bone spur surgery…knee in cast 6 weeks - Willis Reed retires September 1974

Private James Hendrix, 101st Airborne Division, 1962

Get off my Cloud, Los Angles, 1965

"Come on down and get some of this, you rat bast*ed"

Opening day, April 9, 1962. The Washington Senators are playing the Detroit Tigers in D.C.

Additionally; Lower Right, Stewart Udall, Secretary of the Interior; JFKs left sholder; David Powers, Special Assistant and assistant Appointments Secretary to JFK; Mike Mansfield, Senate Majority Leader, behind JFK toward the right of the frame

The Senator's catcher was Bob Schmidt. He went 2 for 4 on that day in history

April 9, 1962 is likely one of the last times both the President and Vice President appeared together in public.

Pure Americana

Jim's Barber shop, Memphis, 1956

It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day somewhere near Choctaw Ridge

1977. Look closely, this was the last time Hollywood was great.

Alice Cooper and Edith Bunker, Studio 54, 1978

Pop Quiz:
A) Joe Torre running a 104 degree fever
B) Joe Torre getting a Lewinsky
C) Joe Torre running a 104 degree fever while getting a Lewinsky

Midtown, Manhattan 1965

The score wouldn't look so bad if Mondale hadn't missed the extra point

Beatlemania, Shea stadium, NY, 1965

I see a threesome with a medley of fine fruits and cheeses

Princess Margaret, Lord Snowdon and Elton John backstage at a benefit concert in London in 1972.

Talk about an opportunity for a young lady

Lou Reed as taken by Andy Warhol, 1966

June 9, 1964

George Blanda connected on 62% of his field goals which was the exact same percentage of his friends who died at Valley Forge.


Atlantic Beach, NJ 1966

Johnny Cool, 1963


John Riggins, the only running back to gain 1000 yards while looking like he directed 1000 porn flicks

They could arrest George Carlin, but they couldn't stop him

Rocket Man, Dodger Stadium, 1975

Gina Lollobrigida, 1959

Toxic masculinity, June 1960

Heaven can Wait

Telly Savalas is the focus of every photo he’s ever been in

Prime Gordie Howe

Carpet on doors = VanSex

America was a better place when Harry Caray was behind the mic at Wrigley field

"I give 'em the hip, then I take it away"

Walt Clyde Frazier, Madison Sq Garden, 1969

"I am no more proud of my career as an athlete than I am of the fact that I am a direct descendant of that noble warrior Chief Black Hawk." ~ Jim Thorpe.

Creedence Clearwater Revival at Taco Bell in San Luis Obispo in 1969.

A proud family, as American as apple pie

Below is former ESPN sportscaster, Robert Lee. Robert Lee was canceled by ESPN because of his name, he did nothing wrong. His whereabouts is currently unknown

J6 committee, Day 17

Based on my understanding of physics, he came up short

Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, 1975



Introducing the "I just Killed Barbie and I'm fleeing to Mexico in a bad disguise" Ken

Learning to swim, backyard pool, 1968. Today this dad would be in jail for child abuse.

I could work for Larry Tate. Solid guy. Lots of day drinking.

Eddie Matthews - Milwaukee Braves, 1959

May 24, 1951, the Say Hey Kid is in Omaha getting a plane ticket to fly to NYC to make his MLB debut the next day. Playing for Minneapolis Millers, Mays was tearing it up hitting .477 in 35 games with 8 HRs and 30 RBIs

#7, Bronx NY, 1958

On the right a guy with 39 successful combat flight missions, to the left a guy who was a machine gunner at Omaha Beach on D-Day. Two American men and examples of the Greatest Generation.

Beechwood 4-5789

Time has reduced these pathetic men to caricatures of themselves. On the left, a mumbling uninterested bore, and the one on the right, someone prone to yelling for no reason.

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