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  • Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle Killed at Shooting Range; Suspect Arrested

    02/03/2013 4:43:54 PM PST · 29 of 34
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to KeyLargo

    We are shocked beyond belief.

    He saved so many of our own troops lives and the lives of our allies with his abilities.

    Then he came home to help organize a non-profit FITCO Cares, which provides at-home fitness equipment for emotionally and physically wounded veterans.

    We’ve seen him on shows to raise money for wounded troops. He never stopped. He loved our troops. This is a real heart breaker. He was truly humble.

    Only wanting to help those who hadn’t “come home” all the way yet.

    Shooting is a good way to help people get past tank fire and gun fire going off in your head. I remember people “hitting the deck”, from fourth of July fire works going off.

    God Bless Chris and I believe a fellow Veteran who was assisting him in this endeavor. Bless both their families who served as well.

    He will be sorely missed.

    I haven’t posted in years, due being a disabled Vet.

    Chris brought me back to the Forum, as well as the other half of my family who served. We both loved our brother.

    Salute Chris, you are an example for all, including our nations youth to look up too.

    We always thank the troops and their families. I wish we had been given the chance to thank you in person. We will do it in our prayers tonight.

    You protected many a families son, husband, brother, grandson, cousin and friend. He’s our nations hero.

    We will truly miss having this man bless this planet. We were a better place for his presence.


    John 15:13

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    13 Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

  • Discovery Channel Shroud of Turin documentary will air again this Saturday

    12/21/2008 11:44:06 PM PST · 38 of 38
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to Swordmaker


  • [Sen. Joe] Lieberman’s Fate in New Senate Looks Grim (May join GOP)

    11/06/2008 1:54:56 AM PST · 34 of 61
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to 2ndDivisionVet

    It’s my understanding Reed told him to report tomorrow. I might be wrong. But...

    At any rate, he’s “A” ok in my book. Anytime someone puts their country first, I don’t care what they have after their name. That’s how it is in the military... and everyone’s blood runs the same color.

  • Gorbachev says Obama will bring 'perestroika' to US

    11/06/2008 1:49:50 AM PST · 42 of 44
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to swordfishtrombone

    Gee’s HE’S STILL ALIVE? Gotta forgive the old guy... what is he, 100?

  • Ahmadinejad aide: Obama must 'replace Bush's war-mongering approach'

    11/06/2008 1:48:08 AM PST · 17 of 19
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to markomalley

    See? They are going to hold Obama to his word!

    What a mess!

  • Iran sends mixed signals on Obama victory

    11/06/2008 1:47:04 AM PST · 11 of 11
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to nickcarraway

    Iran can’t OPENLY welcome his win, that would be TOO OBVIOUS!

  • Botched US bombing kills 40 at Afghan wedding party

    11/06/2008 1:45:42 AM PST · 26 of 26
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to BlackVeil

    Yeah, I should think by now we’re all on to the “wedding party” excuse.


  • 'Obama Boleh' spirit abounds in KL (US Ambassador to Malaysia Pro_Obama)

    11/06/2008 1:44:44 AM PST · 3 of 3
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to JeepInMazar

    I’m sure he has many friends in Jakarta!

    Lord help us!

  • Why McCain Lost

    11/06/2008 1:07:35 AM PST · 65 of 87
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to princeofdarkness

    Right on! And he had Louis Farrakhan all those years as a mentor to teach him his speaking styles.

    There were many years in Chicago that he and the Rev. Wright traveled with Louis Farrakhan and he learned a lot from both of them. I’ll post a link below which explains it from an insider.

    Then in the 1970’s, there was a community organizer who taught “socialism”. Socialism for “change”. Sound familiar? It curled my hair when I read it!

    His name was Saul Alinsky. Read about it if you want to know who a REAL “communtiy organizer” is and what the “spreading of wealth” is all about!

    Here is link to the article that tells of his ties to Farrakhan and Rev. Wright and how his speaking changed.

    Praying for our country. They were all duped, but they did it to themselves.

    May the Good Lord Protect us all.

  • Obama's Kenya ghosts

    11/05/2008 2:33:13 AM PST · 52 of 53
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to television is just wrong

    God protect us. Especially lay a protective hand over our brave men and women serving our nation.

    Here is a great article regarding President Bush. We have never waivered in our belief that what he has been doing is right. There are people out there trying to do us in. People “here” trying to do us in.

    This man was a reporter/lawyer in John Kerry’s 04 campaign. It really shocked me to see he had written this today. But it’s exactly how we feel.

  • A Letter from a Soldier's Wife

    11/05/2008 2:29:05 AM PST · 45 of 49
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to Rockingham

    I might add Rockingham, we and a lot of others we know agree with this author ( a former John Kerry supporter and reporter no less.)

    What happened to this President and Tony Blair was total brainwashing to the masses by the liberal medias both here and the UK.

    If you can’t recognize what happened here, the media, the money and then seeing who the REAL Obama was. Then God protect you.

    I myself posted horrific links to recent stories from The Washington Times, and other sources that told of his atrocities campaigning with Odinga in Kenya in 06. On Tax dollars which violated the Logan act. Children died! They were raped and sodomized! Hacked to death with machetes!

    1000 people dead, 300,000 injured and over 300 Christian churches destroyed. In one church 50 people were locked in and killed as it was set fire to.

    The African Internation Press reported on it too!

    The Kenyan Government protested about him campaigning on a Visa that stated he was coming to “nurture relations with the Government” then spoke out against it in hostility!

    It’s to late now. But that same Government was helping us against al Quaeda. And the President is still the President. Odinga is the Prime Minister. It was the only way to get the violence to calm down!!!

    Nice huh?

    OH, and Odinga who stated he was Christian, seems he has a different kind of religious tie.

    But, again...

    What good does it do to worry.. Our whole citizenship followed like sheep. Ignorant sheep.

    He and Michelle burned OUR FLAG! And, on a meet the press interview, he stated a better national anthem should be sung. One that would show the world we are about love and peace. Not “bombs bursting in air”. This is why he couldn’t put his hand on his heart all these years! (Oh yeah... I’ll have to leave my mind off this, but I won’t forget. For the sake of my country,... I’ll be very careful.)

    President Bush AND Sen. McCain are both extremely honorable men. YOU just don’t acknowledge (or perhaps even understand) what they’ve been up against.

  • A Letter from a Soldier's Wife

  • A Letter from a Soldier's Wife

    11/05/2008 2:11:50 AM PST · 43 of 49
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to Marie; All

    Marie and everyone else.

    Have solace. As another service member stated, we serve to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    We;ll be ok because of your husband and you. Because of our troops.

    Think about it. President Bush has done the right things in keeping us safe for the past years since 9-11. There have been so many foiled domestic plots. NUMEROUS plots that the public doesn’t even know about. ONE man didn’t do that alone.

    We know our troops were pulling for a true hero, someone they could trust. But that didn’t happen.

    Our troops have learned to have cool heads under intense situations.

    Remember that Charlie Rangel wanted to re instate the draft!

    We come from a time when there WAS a draft. We’re praying and hoping we can continue on with a volunteer military. When you force people to do things against their will, you have anarchy and chaos.

    Tonight we were extremely proud of Senator McCain and Governor Palin. They know how important it is for a smooth transition of power.

    The last two elections weren’t done as classy as this one will be.

    At the bottom I’m going to post a link from a reporter/lawyer that worked for John Kerry. I think he finally grew a set and speaks to the disgusting way President Bush has been treated all these years.

    God Bless you and your husband and all who serve this great nation. We thank every service member we see and their families. And if the family member isn’t with them, we ask them to thank their family, because families serve too!

    Remember, the people who voted for Obama are either liberal haters or have been BOUGHT during this election and BRAINWASHED by the liberal media for President Bush’s “entire” tenure as President.

    We’re proud of our President and we couldn’t be prouder of our troops.

    Here’s the article;

  • Obama's Kenya ghosts

    11/04/2008 2:04:43 AM PST · 50 of 53
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to ETL

    Thanks. Just like the Florida reporter said “Marxist”.

    Everything I just read was right off that website!

    The people are being led to the slaughter like sheep.

    WILLINGLY.. because they are lazy. FAT and lazy!

  • A "Sound" Economy? (Thomas Sowell)

    11/04/2008 2:01:50 AM PST · 17 of 26
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to 353FMG

    What he’s saying is, McCain is right! The foundation of our economy is sound. And what you DO NOT DO is “bad mouth” a bad situation. There is ALWAYS a bad reaction to that kind of thing. On the other hand you wouldn’t want to over glorify the situation either. But what McCain was saying was appropriate for the moment. Things were beginning to happen. A “panic” was about to happen.

    It has always been known that “words” hurt when it comes to the economy. Stock markets can tumble by mere words.

    Senator McCain has had a history of being correct on a multitude of things in his career.

    1) Getting out of the cockpit of his plane that was on fire in time.
    2) When captured and becoming a P.O.W, not being released earlier than his fellow P.O.W’s. Then, enduring his torture with dignity and humor, so as to help his fellow P.O.W’s endure it too. (All while no one back home was watching. No TV reporters, no liberal media. He just did the right thing.)

    3)Sadly, he didn’t agree with President Reagan in sending military and cilvilian peacekeepers to Beirut. 61 civilian and 241 military troops died.

    His disagreed with;

    4)Warned about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac/AIG
    5)And, ... warned we needed more boots on the ground “The Surge.”

    He wasn’t “popular” because he “dared” to talk to the other side!

    We aren’t going to get ANYWHERE as a nation unless we can do that.

    Which is exactly why he was the man for the job, and why Barrack Hussein Obama isn’t.

    But, as usual, conservatives cut their noses off despite their own faces.

    It drives us crazy watching this insanity.

    McCain has wanted to cut spending repeatedly in his career.

    But NO ONE wanted to listen.

    They went on a wild spending spree... “R’s” and “D’s” included.

    So, come election time, we had Rush “L”, Hannity, Laura Ingrham and the likes saying how much they hated him!

    Now they all LOVE HIM and want him as their President!

    Words are like feathers in a mighty wind...

    Once you throw them out there... you’ll never get them all back.

    The people I feel sorry for are our children and those immediately affected “our troops!”

  • Obama's Kenya ghosts

    11/04/2008 1:25:28 AM PST · 49 of 53
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to igoramus08

    It’s Tuesday am. NOTHING about this. And,... on the Africa Press International they said they had given Fox News Hannity and Greta some tapes on Michelle Obama. That they were to release them and that they had passed the deadline!

    You will find all of this on the African link.

    They had sent “LEGAL” notice to Fox news. Because they had been ASSURED this would be released BEFORE THE ELECTION!!!

    I think they wanted this stuff out!

  • Obama's Kenya ghosts

    11/04/2008 1:21:57 AM PST · 48 of 53
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to Frantzie

    I never knew how evil he was. I sensed something.. but truly I never knew.

    I would be MORE than happy to have a President Lynn Swann one day. After President McCain. Lynn Swann is running to be Governor of Pennsylvania. He’s been a fantastic advocate for Senator McCain.

    I’m extremely disappointed in J.C. Watts. I haven’t heard him endorse McCain yet!

  • Obama's Kenya ghosts

    11/04/2008 1:06:49 AM PST · 47 of 53
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to television is just wrong

    If only WE could have gotten the truth out. WHY COULDN”T WE?

    Why didn’t this thread stay on the side bars here at FR?

    We’ve been members here since 1998. This site has been the providers of truth since it started.

    I’m heartbroken tonight.

    For those who died because the BIG SHOT SENATOR came to visit in Kenya, and for the loss of Christianity in Kenya.

    Dear God...

  • Obama's Kenya ghosts

    11/04/2008 1:03:58 AM PST · 46 of 53
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to tarpit

    Clearly, Obama campaigned for someone who is corrupt, ruthless and has financial ties to terrorists. More importantly, Obama campaigned for a candidate who had the stated objective of dismantling US & Kenyan government efforts to root out Al Queda and other terrorist organizations. Organizations that had already caused the deaths of hundreds of Americans and Africans in embassy bombings.






  • Obama's Kenya ghosts

    11/04/2008 1:00:53 AM PST · 45 of 53
    Vets_Husband_and_Wife to Candor7

    I’m sick right now, but as I came in to check on this, I think it’s been pulled from the side bar threads. Tonight of all nights!! :o(

    I don’t understand this ...