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  • Your smart meter is watching

    11/19/2009 4:39:06 PM PST · 12 of 14
    herkbird to opentalk
    When I first moved in my house I had to read my own electrical meter when my latest electrical bill came due. They would use my reading for the next months bill. They also had a device that you could have installed that would control your AC unit so they could control the EMC usage and keep the rates lower. I never bought into the AC control, I live in the South and I don’t like a hot house, even though they said you would not notice it.

    Then one day I was walking around my house and scared the heck out of a guy installing a new smart meter that could be read as a guy drove through the neighborhood each month to check the consumption. This ended the AC control program, as well as me being able to fudge my Electric bill when I needed money some where else.

  • Naked Mole Rat Wins the War on Cancer

    10/27/2009 4:39:28 AM PDT · 6 of 6
    herkbird to fhayek
    Having seen my older brother die of Leukemia, this mole looks like it's already had a dose or two of Chemo since it's almost hairless. The skin and bones look also makes me think its’ just days away from losing the battle of staying alive. It's hard to tell which one really has the best advantage in the overall picture of life.

    Cancer and the cruel battle to stay alive makes this creature look like it is always in a major battle to just live, Damn, life has some strange options?

  • Naked Mole Rat Wins the War on Cancer

    10/27/2009 4:39:00 AM PDT · 5 of 6
    herkbird to fhayek
    Having seen my older brother die of Leukemia, this mole looks like it's already had a dose or two of Chemo since it's almost hairless. The skin and bones look also makes me think its’ just days away from losing the battle of staying alive. It's hard to tell which one really has the best advantage in the overall picture of life.

    Cancer and the cruel battle to stay alive makes this creature look like it is always in a major battle to just live, Damn, life has some strange options?

  • Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009

    01/26/2009 1:02:49 PM PST · 174 of 177
    herkbird to Kickass Conservative

    I remember taking my BB gun to show and tell in the mid 60’s even after Kennedy was wacked. Kids going to school now of days have no idea how many freedoms they have lost in the last 50 years. This took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which was rated as one of the friendliest cities to live in back then.

    Now I live in Metro Atlanta, Georgia where the daily death toll matches many war zones. Except for Kennesaw, Georgia, where residential gun ownership is the law, which keeps many criminals afraid of getting shot from intruding into this hood, Guns in the right hands save lives and do STOP STUPID CRIMINALS.


    01/09/2009 9:49:14 AM PST · 22 of 78
    herkbird to Camel Joe

    I must have toured the USS North Carolina just a couple years after she was put on display in 1965. I was around 14 years old myself as we spent a week at Long Beach, NC. We also visited many places my parent lived when my father was a young Marine stationed at Camp LeJune. The Marines really made him a hard ass as a father, thank goodness he wasn’t a lifer.

  • The Andy Griffith Show "Chrsitmas Story" from 1960

    12/24/2008 3:08:42 AM PST · 19 of 36
    herkbird to iowamark

    I remember watching this episode many times back when this show was still broadcast on free rabbit ear TV. I’m one of the die hards that refuses to pay for something that was once mostly free, until cable and satellite slowly steal away all the great shows like above.

    I discovered that 32 hours of “Leave it To BEAVER” will air during the Christmas Holiday on one of the DTV sub channels. I’m sure the Cleaver’s were staunch Conservatives in their show. But in real life I’m sure they are as liberal as most other Hollywood Card carrying members.

    Merry Christmas to all Freepers out there. Drive safely.......

  • City Council pushing knife statute (carrying a knife to be made illegal)

    10/29/2008 3:15:16 PM PDT · 27 of 33
    herkbird to Lurker

    Just look like a loser and the cops will bust you, we know how the system works? If it appears as though it would take you all year to pay a $300.00 fine, your busted. Then you get extra time and troubles because your a poor unfortunate loser.

    Life can really suck, if you don’t meet the discretionary look of a respectable citizen, even if your law abiding, you can now become an instant law breaker and end up as habitual criminal because you’ve carried a pocket knife all your life.

    This law will bring the demise of the Great Swiss Army Knife manufacturer.

  • Air NZ guides Qantas jet to safety

    10/29/2008 2:20:25 PM PDT · 23 of 26
    herkbird to DemonDeac

    I worked at a C-130 LockHeed Martin Flight Training Center in Marietta, Georgia and we trained the Kiwi Air Force Crews. They were always extremely friendly and certainly enjoyed downing the Booze. They were always ready to party at the drop of a hat. They also didn’t observe the rule of no drinking so many hours before flying, when it came to flying in our Flight Simulator. There were many times the Simulator had to come off motion to avoid a crew member from barfing in the Simulator. Sometimes they didn’t make it into the restroom and we had to charge them to have a special cleaning crew to come in and clean up their mess.

    In regards to this article, the NEWS Morons surely know how to show their ignorance when it comes to reporting Aviation Incidents.

  • Mystery Surrounds General Electric’s Price Drop Today (GE) [Mod note - article is from 9/12]

    10/01/2008 7:51:47 AM PDT · 27 of 36
    herkbird to Richbee

    GE is widely diversified in the Aviation Inustry, it was a big shame when the GE/Honeywell merger was prevented by the European Community. That would have made GE a much bigger player in the aviation leasing division.

    The low price of GE stock has made it a great day trader special. I think that is the main reason for the big price shifts from day to day. I hope to pick up a bunch of shares during this volatile period of ups and downs myself.

  • Ice "Bergs" on Lake Michigan - Updated with new images!

    03/19/2008 6:08:57 AM PDT · 52 of 56
    herkbird to george76

    i grew up in Western Michigan in the mid 50’s and I can remember when there were years that Lake Michigan froze from one side to the other in certain areas. My mother would take us out on the Lakes ice, which was a piled up mess of broken ice full of crevices and other places of peril. We never saw any other fools out there, my mother was a very adventurous and full of fun.

    Some times we would walk miles to get to the edge of the frozen ice, which was a really neat experience. There would be huge balls of ice floating on the edge that were probably 10- 25 feet in diameter floating among a huge slush of ice chunks.

    For a young kid it was pretty scary, I always think back to the big crevasses and what would’ve happened if we fell in one. We never took a rope or safety gear, plus we were in a pretty isolated area back then around Ludington, Michigan.

    I do miss hearing the Fog horns on a cool foggy morning though. There’s nothing more errie than a huge fog bank coming at you with high winds and zero visibility sitting in a small row boat out from the shoreline a good bit.

    Then we moved to Georgia, where the lakes were full of red clay when we first moved down there. I still enjoy the water, but not nearly as much as I did in Michigan.

  • U.S. official: Missiles fired at Somalia terror target

    03/04/2008 2:40:47 PM PST · 68 of 69
    herkbird to buccaneer81

    Have you ever heard of a farmer losing his whole herd of cows when Lightning struck the tree. I’ve seen many farmers lose 60-70 cows under one tree and wipe out his dairy farm in a thunderstorm.

    Many times neighbor farmer will donate a few cows to get him back on his feet. Farmers are some of the few people on earth who are still good neighbors to each other.

    I always enjoyed going to my grandparents farms, those were always some very memorable times in my life as a kid, even though we had to do a lot of hard work when it came to picking some of the crops.

  • 'US missiles' kill 13 in S Waziristan(Clues as to who was the target)

    02/29/2008 5:46:38 PM PST · 62 of 62
    herkbird to Slapshot68

    Nothing like this to ruin your day, or send you on your way to 72 virgin hogs.

    I would really hate to be in that building when I heard the first and probably last bang. Technology is Great.....

  • Chapel Hill High Breaks Cheating Ring

    02/26/2008 9:52:35 AM PST · 20 of 21
    herkbird to GOP_Party_Animal

    I saw this in the College I attended, although there was no key. The teachers Aides, who were the top students in the school had access to the tests prior to taking them. All they had to do is then sit down in a group and make sure they made a perfect answer sheet for each test.

    This used to bother me, especially when one black student who never studied was always on the deans list. On one occasion he must have made the Teachers Aide Group mad as his test grade on one test dropped from the usual 95-100 down to an 18, that’s how stupid he actually was.

    All of the honored Teachers Aides from the different classes from year to year also passed down tests questions to underclassman aides to keep the ring going.

    I must say that a few of the students among this ring were actually extremely brilliant and smart. These were the ones who would also build cheat sheets if the test wasn’t available prior to the test date. The answers would then get passed down from him and spread to his elite group of other Teachers aides.

    Even though I knew this was going on, I held my own, grade wise and occasionally would beat this group when they were unable to get a cheat scam during a test going. This would then make a professor think I was doing the cheating. Then on the next test he would eye me like a hawk while the cheaters could do their dirty work again.

    I’m sure this cheating is probably going on at this same colllege to this day. I ran into some of the Schools college recrutiers and told them the whole story to their shock and dismay. They promised to do something about it, but I bet they didn’t.

    What beats all, is many students paid a lot of hard earned money to learn very little if anything. I always wondered how some of these students panned out in the working world unless they cheated and back stabbed others up the corporate ladder.

    The demise of the great American System as people become lazier and cheat there way through life in what they think is an honorable way of doing it.

  • Georgia Lacks Long-Term Plan for Water Crisis

    12/05/2007 3:19:35 PM PST · 24 of 26
    herkbird to river rat

    When the rain finally pours down in Georgia, people always wish for it to stop. I admit, Georgia’s lakes are hurting pretty bad, but some of them fill up so fast, it’s almost hard to believe. I’ve seen lake Allatoon go from 20 feet down to over 10 foot over flood stage in just a month or two. Then they hurry up and drain it down too low for the summer.

    The only decent lake in Georgia is Lake Oconee, which stays pretty steady year round. In extreme drought years they have lowered it by 4 foot one year. That made for the best fishing the next year, because of all the weeds and brush that grew up on the bare shores. So far this year they have only lowered it 2.5 feet during the drought. For one thing, it’s a pump back resevoir and it varies each day like a tidal system during the week when the dam is operating. That’s also when the fish bite best, making fishing during the weekends horrible.

    They need to build some more dams in north Georgia and build some pipelines to Atlanta. I went a week without water in Savannah when Hurricane David hit in 1978, and that wasn’t much fun either.

  • Marketers Use Trickery To Evade No-Call Lists

    10/27/2007 11:18:47 AM PDT · 53 of 58
    herkbird to Inspectorette

    When I get a very rare phone solicitation, I strongly let them know I’m on the Federal No-Call, State No-Call, and My (Personal Name) No-Call. I then tell them if they ever call me again, I’ll kick their AZZ to the Curb. It seems to work very well.

  • Park Service Follies

    09/11/2007 1:40:01 PM PDT · 16 of 28
    herkbird to Jaysun

    What would happen to all the lost income from RV and travel trailer sales. These are some of the few remaining truly made in America artifacts left in our great country, even though some of them are not built all that well anymore.

    Shut down all the weekend boating as well so the Boating Industry of America would go into ruins as well. Why do people need to fish, we have fish markets with plenty of imported fish. Might as well just destroy all the fishing tackle industry as well as the hunting industry while their at it. That would solve the gun problem in America real quick if any excuse to own a gun was eliminated.

    The Parks could generate plenty of money if they were privately operated and improved to handle the huge crowds that visit them each year and especially on the holidays. This government waste system of using the budget money all up before the end of the year or lose it, must go. This whole Government budget system stinks to high hell when greedy incompetent people get involved in it. The time to fire government workers and replace them with honest loyal Ammericans who know how to budget money is long past due.

    Why not just make VIDEO GAMES for all the PARKS and RECREATION so people would no longer get off their couches and ruin the American Wilderness. With HDTV the scenic veiws and experiences could be just as good and realistic as being out in the real thing. Roasting your marshmellows over a gas log fire in the fireplace would replace sitting around a smokey campfire.

    Maybe these Park Idiots are smarter than we give them CREDIT?

  • Russia to give helicopters to South Korea to repay loans

    08/23/2007 2:51:36 PM PDT · 6 of 6
    herkbird to AppyPappy

    Spare parts has always been where the big money is. I’m amazed that older Aircraft can be kept airworthy with the bizzarre cost of replacement aircraft parts.

    I use to buy aircraft replacement parts and I would go into sticker shock every time I got the latest price increase on parts. It should be almost criminal, the yearly price increaces on parts.

    When an Aircraft goes out of production, buying replacement parts goes through the roof. The long term parts support of an aircraft is nothing like it is for say a car.

  • Texas Motor Speedway Alleviates 'Dale's Dip'

    08/21/2007 5:38:28 PM PDT · 5 of 6
    herkbird to biff

    You have just confirmed your ignorance on Birth Defects that sadly cause many men to be squatters. I suffer from HydroSpadia, which can make a real mess of your bathroom and mine if I choose to stand. My deformed Urethra can make aiming a straight stream of urine very difficult.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to shower your bathroom in urine because I cannot control the direction or stream. Many times my urine sprays like a mad shower head and can make a real mess of a bathroom.

    Although it can be difficult for a man to fully urinate in the squatter position, many times I urinate in the sink for complete bladder relief. I always make sure to clean the sink properly.

    This is much better than spraying Urine all over the toilet, floor, walls, and anything nearby that my uncontrolled spray may cover.

    Just because some men are forced to be squatters, doesn’t mean they are less than a MAN. I’m sure most women would prefer me being a squatter if they had to use the bathroom after I tried urinating standing up like a REAL MAN.

  • Cop writes a ticket for giant sausage

    08/10/2007 2:14:44 PM PDT · 4 of 35
    herkbird to Hoplite

    That Massive Hot Dog used to reside in my neighborhood many years ago. Apparently Oscar Mayer lets employees in different states drive that massive Hot Dog around the city to plug their weiners. I’m not sure how many Weiner mobiles Oscar Mayer has, but they do certainly catch your eye.BTW, I live in Acworth, Georgia, where the big Hot Dog use to reside.

  • Kern [CA] man eats live snake for 'Survivor':Tehachapi man's stunt disgusts crowd at tryouts [video]

    07/16/2007 12:34:02 PM PDT · 36 of 59
    herkbird to GeorgiaDawg32

    I’ve heard stories where they cut the top of the head off a live monkey and people eat the brain. This could be just a Viet Nam War story people talked about to pass the time, although Ray Liotta eat his own Brain in a horror film. Later on in an intervieew on the “VIEW” he commented that it tasted like chicken.

    I’ve eaten fresh Live Oysters plucked right out of the ocean on many occasions and just loved the fresh succulent taste. I must admit if I had never tried it at a restaurant, eating Oysters would have been a little intimidating if I hadn’t known other people also ate them.

    I’ve heard there’s a place in Asia called “Snake Alley” where you can buy a live snake. They string it up with a lasso at the head and drain the blood, which people drink like a shot of Whiskey.

    Culture and Customs have dictated many strange eating habits in different places of the world, maybe eating a live snake is not that uncommon some where on this crazy planet Earth.