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  • The City is Killing America-America’s real problem are urban problems

    10/21/2020 1:41:06 PM PDT · 30 of 32
    Garth Tater to SJackson
    Dysfunctional cities are one of the symptoms, not one of the causes of our dying country/culture. Universal suffrage is the primary cause.

  • Wayne Allyn Root: My sources have WATCHED the Hunter Biden videos

    10/18/2020 9:47:11 PM PDT · 455 of 494
    Garth Tater to The_Media_never_lie
    "Those videos were already debunked."

    Good one!

  • Hunters Laptop: Computer shop owner contacted the Senate Committee on Sept 24th (new Johnson letter)

    10/17/2020 3:44:28 PM PDT · 62 of 89
    Garth Tater to DJ Frisat
    Definitely something to think about. I hope Rudy provides a lot more information on this situation QUICKLY.

    One possible explanation for all the emails being stored locally on Hunter's laptop is that Gmail, Hotmail, etc. are frequently set up as business or project specific addresses which then forward everything to a private mail server hosted elsewhere, maybe even on the laptop. This is good for (among other things) keeping your Chinese deals separate from your Russian and Ukrainian business. And always, ALWAYS keep separate email accounts for each of your babes.

    With this setup when you want to get away from a business or a babe quickly without affecting your other relationships just drop that email address and you're good to go on scamming your way through life unhindered.

  • Defense canes

    10/16/2020 2:22:27 PM PDT · 30 of 68
    Garth Tater to StickmanRay

    Raising Cane - The Unexpected Martial Art

    Stockman Cane

    Cut about 5 inches off the crook and leave a nice, sharp point.

  • Woman arrested, tased for not wearing mask at middle school football game

    09/24/2020 10:24:35 AM PDT · 117 of 140
    Garth Tater to magna carta
    "its best to stay cool and then file a lawsuit"

    Logan and Marietta are down in hill country. That's not how personal matters are handled down here. That cop is going to have years to regret the mistake he made manhandling someone's woman.

    "Nice truck you got there buddy. Be a shame if something happened to it..."

  • WHO warns coronavirus vaccine alone won’t end pandemic: ‘We cannot go back to the way things were’

    08/21/2020 2:05:00 PM PDT · 49 of 70
    Garth Tater to Jane Long
    "Pretty gutsy."

    Yeah, they enjoy shoving it in our faces, laughing at the sheeple and knowing that the few that see them for what they are and know what they are doing won't be able to do anything about it. Yet.
  • WHO warns coronavirus vaccine alone won’t end pandemic: ‘We cannot go back to the way things were’

    08/21/2020 1:44:39 PM PDT · 43 of 70
    Garth Tater to ChicagoConservative27
    "This is all a FING scam."

    Yeah, it's a scam but it's a scam with a plan. They are trying to get more supra-national organizations in place and to do that they need global problems. Their last global problem was running out of steam and they needed something to replace it with. Global pandemic is going to be the new global climate change they'll be using to get us used to global governance.

  • Regardless of who is elected, it'll be civil war

    08/20/2020 12:33:50 AM PDT · 56 of 314
    Garth Tater to wardaddy
    Yes, we are definitely a different people. It's a long process turning a strong, free people into pussified idiots but it's almost over. Another generation or two and no one will even remember what being a free man meant.

    Liberty or death? Eff that man, have you seen the latest rap video?

    Bread and  circuses  smartphones. Works every time.

  • Regardless of who is elected, it'll be civil war

    08/19/2020 11:58:19 PM PDT · 42 of 314
    Garth Tater to wardaddy
    "The next war will be an actual civil war like the English or Spanish or Mexican"

    I hope I'm wrong, but I think we as a people are much too well managed to ever be allowed an open revolt. Why would they risk letting things getting out of control when we are so happily allowing ourselves to be led down the path to bondage? If we start bitching about the pace they will just slow the march down a bit, but after seeing how easily we accepted the mask and lockdown mandates I'd be surprised if they aren't planning on picking the speed up a bit in the near future.

  • ISIS battle in Jalabad Afghan prison reported

    08/03/2020 7:47:44 PM PDT · 17 of 20
    Garth Tater to hanamizu

    I have some fond memories of that stuff. A little fuzzy, but fond.

  • ISIS battle in Jalabad Afghan prison reported

    08/03/2020 6:52:06 PM PDT · 15 of 20
    Garth Tater to hanamizu
    "It is not our circus and they are not our monkeys."

    We're not there to feed the monkeys, we're there to pickup the heroin.

  • A Top Doctor Answers My Burning Questions About Coronavirus

    07/27/2020 4:28:01 PM PDT · 24 of 29
    Garth Tater to LouieFisk
    Someone disagreeing with your views and they being a fool are not necessarily the same thing. My doctor and I disagree on the use of statins - that disagreement doesn't make him a fool. Now if I found out he was a flat earther I would find a new doctor, wouldn't you?

  • A Top Doctor Answers My Burning Questions About Coronavirus

    07/27/2020 3:48:06 PM PDT · 22 of 29
    Garth Tater to LouieFisk
    "I’d say it’s not a stretch to say “getting clicks” is what pays the bills at the media outlets."

    Clicks and eyeballs do bring in the $$$ but that is not what is determining the media's coverage of this shutdown. If the good doctor does not know that the covid "pandemic" is politically driven then he is a fool. If he does then he lied by misdirection. When I go to a professional for his profession services I prefer he not be a fool in other matters.

  • A Top Doctor Answers My Burning Questions About Coronavirus

    07/27/2020 3:36:19 PM PDT · 20 of 29
    Garth Tater to IrishBrigade
    "he didn’t lie; he responded to a question with his opinion"

    Anybody with half a brain and the least bit of discernment knows that the major media organizations are propaganda outlets, not profit oriented businesses. But I guess you didn't know that either.
  • A Top Doctor Answers My Burning Questions About Coronavirus

    07/27/2020 1:06:41 PM PDT · 17 of 29
    Garth Tater to LouieFisk
    "to my surprise, the Dr. here is quite informative and thoughtful with his answers - good, interesting read."

    "Q - Why does the media hype cases constantly but seem to ignore the deaths stabilizing and death rates declining?"

    "A - Drama sells. Good news doesn’t bring in big ratings. Our news media has become flawed in their constant fixation on showing a particular narrative they’ve chosen to push."

    The good doctor is either a fool or a liar. Ratings are not the driving force in their reporting. If he is willing to lie about this why should anyone listen to anything else he has to say?

  • Tucker Bomb — Pentagon set to release classified UFO findings — ‘Off-world vehicles not made on this earth’…

    07/24/2020 3:04:39 PM PDT · 88 of 99
    Garth Tater to allendale
    "Either you beleive Einstein and his proven theories of relativity or you beleive that UFOs are mechanical and biological entities that have travelled hundreds of light years through space to visit earth"

    Yep, old Al had it all figured out.

    Instantaneous actions that break Al's speed limit... maybe "they" don't actually have to be here to make their presence known.
  • Rand Paul: Paper is paper; money is money

    07/24/2020 1:30:49 PM PDT · 59 of 60
    Garth Tater to Rockingham
    "We seem to have reached a moment of insight: your affection for gold combines nostalgia and faith"

    Nostalgia and faith, huh? No facts, logic or reasoning? Is that why when I pointed out the error you made in saying that fiat currency is a store of value you ignored it and failed to respond? And when I pointed out your two contradictory statements:
      1. You can't create wealth by issuing currency

                 - and -

      2. When currency is issued it can become a store of value

    you ignored it and again failed to respond.

    And now you want to give me a lesson in Roman history and the development of the modern (read govt sanctioned fraud) banking system? Why would I take the time to refute (easily) any of the points you've made? You will simply ignore my side of the conversation and return with another irrelevant lecture. Frankly Rockingham, you are not worth the time and are now on my ignore list.

    Have a nice day.

  • Rand Paul: Paper is paper; money is money

    07/24/2020 1:06:23 AM PDT · 56 of 60
    Garth Tater to Rockingham
    "In the  aggregate  short term, both gold and reliable fiat money function as a store of value"

    Forty eight years ago the first new car I bought cost me $2700. The last car I bought two years ago cost me $24,000. Priced in gold those cars would have cost me 7 ounces and 13 ounces. Seems like the "reliable" fiat currency didn't hold its value nearly as well as the gold.

    "but their utility requires them being legal tender and broadly functional and accepted in the marketplace as a medium of exchange."

    Gold is accepted everywhere and always has been. It has intrinsic value and requires no legal status. US dollars on the other hand have value only due to their legal status. Yes, there have been times and places where oppressive governments have outlawed the use of gold as a currency, but even then a man's business was still able to be transacted in gold.

    "Gold is nicer to look at than paper currency but it is harder to carry and break down into smaller units."

    Harder to carry? At $1800 per ounce one million dollars worth of gold weighs about 35 lbs. I think I could carry enough in my briefcase to transact any business I might happen to find myself involved in.

    Harder to break down into smaller units? That's why we have silver coins. Sheesh.

    "One could live a long time -- many lifetimes -- without ever needing gold for the sake of survival."

    Could is the operative word. Shit does happen and predicting the future over a lifetime is a fools game. Though one thing is easy to predict and that is that a fiat currency will lose some of its value every year.

    "And if things ever get that bad, guns, ammo, and food will be more sought after than gold."

    Which has nothing to do with the discussion. If you can envision a time when gold has no value (which has never happened) do you really think a fiat currency will have value?

    "Eventually, as with too much fundamentalist preaching, the mind may rebel in favor of more substantial fare."

    More substantial fare? You've told me that wealth can't be created "de novo" by issuing currency and you've told me that after a reliable currency is issued it can serve as a store of value. If a stored value isn't wealth, what is it?

    I think your more substantial fare might be able to learn a thing or two from Rand.

  • Rand Paul: Paper is paper; money is money

    07/23/2020 10:48:31 AM PDT · 51 of 60
    Garth Tater to Rockingham
    "No society can create wealth "de novo" for itself by simply issuing currency."

    That is correct and it's also pretty much Rand's point. Wealth can't be created "de novo" and money being a form of wealth also can't be created from nothing - but fiat currency can and is created "de novo." How many trillions of fiat dollars have been created in the last 4 months?

    "Indeed, even a sack of gold coins does not constitute wealth unless there are things available for purchase that one needs or wants to purchase."

    That's just a silly statement. There are always things that one wants to purchase. A pretty young lady's attention for one - which is one of the reasons why shiny gold has intrinsic value.

    "In the modern era, dollars and all other functional fiat currencies are just accounting entries"

    A fiat currency requires trust to maintain its value - gold and silver don't (as long as there are pretty young ladies.) Now that vote buying is approved of by the uneducated masses (as long as they get their bag of bucks) how long do you think our politicians will be able to control themselves?

    "New currency can be created, but unless it is in balance with the supply of goods and services, every new unit of currency diminishes the value of all other currency."

    "unless it is in balance" Apparently, after taking a look at the national debt, it's not in balance. But what are we going to do, accept this hidden theft or descend into chaos? Tough choice, but either way I'd like to have a bit of the shiny on hand to see me through.

    "In the end, there is no escaping the need for work."

    Most people have to work in order to be able to purchase goods and services, but not all people - some just create their dollars with a simple accounting entry.

    "Unless people are willing to work to produce and sell goods and services, a sack of gold coins or a stack of hundred dollar bills have no worth."

    When the shit hits the fan, as tends to happen with fiat currencies, that pretty young lady is still going to want that pretty gold necklace - your stack of hundred dollar bills... not so much.

  • Rand Paul: Paper is paper; money is money

    07/23/2020 2:16:39 AM PDT · 44 of 60
    Garth Tater to Rockingham
    "Rand Paul is a gold bug. And he does not understand the nature of money and wealth in a modern economy."

    With your superior understanding, do you think you could answer the question Rand posed?

    “If wealth can be created de novo, why should we work at all?”