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  • Kremlin Cheers Obama Election

    11/07/2012 7:26:09 AM PST · 12 of 16
    Dr_Zinj to crosshairs

    Russia is not going to attack the U.S.; so you can drop the Red Dawn histronics as far as they are concerned.

    Vlad was just doing the usual political thing that all world leaders do when someone new wins the big seat. Nothing suspicious about that. For all of the corruption in Russia, Putin is still the best thing to happen to that country in over a hundred years.

    However, I’m still not pleased with our Traitor in Chief’s words to Putin’s running dog. We need to impeach Obama, even if the Senate doesn’t have the guts, ethics, morals, or legal backbone to do so.

  • The Tea Party Got It Right, Mitt Got It Wrong

    11/07/2012 7:20:48 AM PST · 117 of 317
    Dr_Zinj to Chainmail

    The Tea Party was never a real party, just a loose association of people who had three common goals of advocates strict adherence to the United States Constitution, reducing U.S. government spending and taxes, and reduction of the U.S. national debt and federal budget deficit. And because they had too many radically unacceptable fringe elements, they were used by the Democrats to vilify and demonize the Republicans who did run with those sorts of leanings. Too few people stood up to call the Democrats on their lies during the campaign; assuming that the media would even publish them.

  • Anybody else have the feeling we've been "played?-and other thoughts musings (Vanity) Very long one.

    11/07/2012 7:01:30 AM PST · 23 of 30
    Dr_Zinj to DownInFlames

    There are estimates that 40,000 military voters were unable to vote due to deliberate failure to provide them with absentee ballots in time. Failure attributable directly to the Obama Administration.

    Polling numbers are dependent on the number of votes counted; not on the number of people who came to vote.
    How many ballots were “tossed” some how?
    Was there anyone actually counting the number of people who came to vote to compare with the number of votes counted? No.

  • What's a Disheartened Clinger To Do? FIGHT

    11/07/2012 6:50:04 AM PST · 22 of 28
    Dr_Zinj to econjack

    Actually, putting Biden in charge would be an improvement. He’s too inept to do anything of consequence, and if he did try, he’d do something egregious enough to get him impeached also.

    The bigger problem is that the next in line would be Hillary Clinton, assuming she stays on as Secretary of State.

  • Any NRA Endowment members?

    12/11/2009 6:38:54 AM PST · 9 of 10
    Dr_Zinj to Oshkalaboomboom

    Normal Fees for various NRA Memberships are as follows:

    Life: $1000
    Endowment: $2000
    Patron: $3500
    Benefactor: $5000

    Upgrades from lower level of membership credit the cost of the lower membership to the cost of the next higher one. So a life member upgrading to Endowment would pay an additional $1000, not the full $2000.

    The “only” benefits I can think of for higher level of membership are a supposed guarranteed invite to the bigwig NRA events, bragging rights of course, and a feeling of satisfaction on providing the Association with more financial support to fight those totalitarian running dogs in Washington.

    Obviously, a discount to $200 for upgrade from Life to Endowment means you get bragging rights to both the higher level membership, and for saving 80% of the cost; not an inconsiderable factor when explaining to your significant other what you spent the money on. ;-)

  • US court: Monitoring Muslims was constitutional

    10/23/2009 7:39:15 AM PDT · 11 of 11
    Dr_Zinj to dools007
    Call it a day late, and a dollar short, but I did get back to you.

    I come by my position honestly, with knowledge, experience, and the investment of 22 years of blood, sweat and tears as a retired military veteran. I, like your son, volunteered to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC. And I can also say that I volunteered to do so immediately after the Vietnam war when it wasn't popular. I've been on the receiving end of rifles and while I'm not happy about it, I still support everyone's rights under the Constitution until they, as individuals, prove otherwise.

    The people killed in 9/11 attacks were killed by a minority group of people holding a form of Islamic beliefs. I spent the better part of a year in the area of operations during the first Gulf War. I had contact and conversations with dozens of Muslims during that time. Just because they are followers of Islam doesn't make them any more of a threat than all the Jewish or Christian people of the world. KKK members may all be fundamentalist Christians, that doesn't mean we should round up or monitor all Christians as possible terrorists.

    So you can call me sanctimonious if that makes you feel better. You can say I'm talking nonsense. But at least I earned the right to my position. I can hold my head up and look you straight in the eye and say at least I've been true to the intent of the Constitution.

  • A Duty Not To Vote?

    10/29/2008 7:43:13 AM PDT · 25 of 45
    Dr_Zinj to Kaslin

    I respectfully disagree.

    Everyone who CAN vote, Should vote.

    Those who don’t care won’t even go to the polls.

    Those who know nothing will balance out those who know nothing. Statistically, they will distribute their votes evenly across the candidates.

    Those who are totally confused, or overwhelmed by the information will fall in with those who know nothing.

    Which leaves us with those who know what they are doing; and those who think they know what they are doing, but have bad information.

    Americans had bad information from GW Bush & Co about going into Iraq. It was a deliberate denial of, and alteration of information concerning justification for military action. Most of us were supporting something for reasons that in reality didn’t exist. We are responsible for what we supported; but we are also responsible for implementing corrections (or not) once we found out the truth.

    So those who know, or think they know, should get out and vote. Take responsibility for your selections. And don’t sweat it that there are plenty of fools in the voting lines.

  • Secret Service: No One Shouted 'Kill Him' at McCain Rally

    10/16/2008 11:00:29 AM PDT · 11 of 17
    Dr_Zinj to Presbyterian Reporter

    If true, that paper should probably fire him for gravely unethical behavior and the news industry should black ball him for life.

  • McCain Suspends Campaign to Help With Bailout

    09/24/2008 12:25:09 PM PDT · 258 of 1,664
    Dr_Zinj to Qwackertoo

    Like any of them are going to be able to do anything useful.

    Let it ride, let it crash, at least it will be stable when it’s through.

  • US court: Monitoring Muslims was constitutional

    09/24/2008 12:24:58 PM PDT · 5 of 11
    Dr_Zinj to SmithL

    I care. I’m for equal treatment before the law, no matter where you’re from. Treat reasonable human beings reasonably humanely.

    There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have visitors to the country check in in an emergency, or even periodically the check their credentials. Interestingly enough, the people involved in this particular case all have been deported for discrepancies in their visitor status.


    08/08/2008 9:45:52 AM PDT · 32 of 32
    Dr_Zinj to My hearts in London - Everett

    One or two forensics reports as this being a forgery are inconclusive.

    Like any good scientist, I want to see a lot more unbiased evaluations of the certificate; or at least a half dozen each of the ones saying yay and the ones saying nay.

  • Should Suspects Go Free When Police Blunder?

    07/18/2008 1:02:40 PM PDT · 38 of 98
    Dr_Zinj to reaganaut1

    Should criminals have evidence suppressed, or be acquited due to improper procedures by police?

    Crazy as this may sound, but yes, evidence should be suppressed, and criminals acquited.

    Case in point. Mr Bennie has a gun and some meth on his person. Officers screw up and grab him in a case of mistaken identity. They then bust him on a drug charge, and aggravate that with gun in possession during a crime. Mr Bennie was not engaged in activity that any reasonable person would identify as criminal at the time. Assuming that Mr Bennie did not have enough meth to be considered a distributor, nor was he uttering threats to shoot anyone, then Mr Bennie was NOT engaged in activity that could reasonably be assumed to be threatening harm to anyone else. Ergo, the cops have no reason to have any interaction with him.

    Put this in a different perspective. Government agents harass citizens. They ignore the rights of habeus corpus. They break into the wrong homes and kill the inhabitants thinking they are drug dealers. They “discover” illegal weapons in the home, along with perscription narcotics where the perscription has run out. And subsequently charge the inhabitants for those crimes.

    Under the viewpoint of “castle” law, as long as I am not an active, visible threat to anyone in the community, the fact that I keep a balisong knife under my pillow and a sawed off shotgun in my closet for self defense purposes is not discoverable by the police. i.e. they have no basis to even try to obtain a warrant to search my home for those things.

    Similarly, almost every home in America has perscription drugs that no longer have a valid perscription that could be abused. Many people have multiple, expired perscriptions for oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine, etc in their medicine cabinets. Far over the limit to be considered enough to be charged with distribution. That does not give the government the right to break into a home, arrest and charge a person with drug possession and dealing.

    This is exactly the sort of thing that will occur if convictions are granted for evidence of crimes found with the use of improper policing procedures.

  • THE REAL HILLARY CLINTON: Episode #30 - Billy Dale, Get the H*ll Out of Here Right Now!

    02/19/2007 6:56:15 AM PST · 32 of 41
    Dr_Zinj to doug from upland

    I know the Dales personally. Blanche Dale used to work for me while I was at Andrews AFB. I've met Bill at a couple of functions.
    The IRS not only went after Blanche and Bill, but they also went after their children. We're talking about harrassment of the entire extended family.
    Did you also know that Blanche suffered a stroke and was partially crippled? She was back to work when I first arrived at Andrews, but co-workers all knew her as being physically fit prior to Travelgate. Most of them agreed that the stroke was caused by the stress of the 'investigation'.
    I can also tell you that the Dales were terrified that what happened to Vince Foster would also happen to them.