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Keyword: archeology

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  • One of the biggest Iron Age weapon hoards in western Germany unearthed

    04/26/2021 2:04:44 PM PDT · by Sawdring · 52 replies ^ | 4/26/2021 | Bob Yirka
    A team of researchers with the Westfalen-Lippe Landscape Association revealed during a presentation in the city of Schmallenberg that one of the largest hoards of Iron Age weapons in western Germany had been unearthed at a nearby dig site on a small mountain in Wilzenberg. In their press release, the researchers note that they found approximately 100 Celtic Iron Age artifacts—primarily through the use of a metal detector.
  • Scientists Find 500-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Brain

    03/26/2021 5:12:51 AM PDT · by PAUL09 · 33 replies
    ANCIENT ARCHEOLOGY ^ | 26-03-2021 | chris
    Scientists Find 500-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Brain The discovery of new evidence supports the previous speculation on 520 million-year-old human-old brain systems, provoking thoughts about the nature of brains, life, and intelligence in the cosmos. Soft, squishy, and delicate; brain and nervous system tissues maybe some of the worst candidates for preservation in the fossil record. In past years the best examples of the ancient brain and nerve structures have come from creatures trapped and preserved in amber that was a couple of hundred million years old. But a few years ago paleontologists claimed to have found evidence of brain structures in...
  • Humans understood astronomy 40000 years ago, European caves provide proof

    03/24/2021 11:37:34 PM PDT · by PAUL09 · 57 replies
    ANCIENT ARCHEOLOGY ^ | 25-03-2021 | chris
    Humans understood astronomy 40000 years ago, European caves provide proof According to a scientific study, 40,000-year-old cave paintings indicate the use of complex astronomy. According to experts, the ancient paintings that were believed to be symbols of prehistoric animals are actually ancient star maps. Early cave art reveals that people in the last ice age had a detailed knowledge of the night sky. They were hardly different from us today in terms of intellect. Animal symbols represent star constellations in the night sky. A new scientific study revealed that humans had a sophisticated knowledge of stars and constellations more than...
  • Kailash Temple, a 1200 years old Hindu temple, carved from a single rock in Ellora

    03/10/2021 3:51:48 AM PST · by PAUL09 · 15 replies
    ANCIENT ARCHEOLOGY ^ | 19-12-2020 | paul
    Kailash Temple is the world’s largest monolithic masterpiece in Ellora, Maharashtra, India. The magnificent structure was carved by skilled craftsmen from a single piece of solid rock in a cave on a mountainside. It took more than two decades to construct the entire building. Table of Contents ABOUT THE TEMPLE ORIGIN ARCHITECTURE Kailash TempleThe Kailasa Temple in Ellora, India( image source ) ABOUT THE TEMPLE Generation after generation of people is always fascinated by the architecture of the Ancient world. Whether it’s the Pyramids of Egypt, the magnificent examples of Roman architecture, or the splendor of the Oriental Temples, these...
  • Greek Farmer Stumbles Upon Ancient Minoan Tomb Revealing Concealed Chamber

    03/08/2021 8:14:27 PM PST · by PAUL09 · 12 replies
    ANCIENT ARCHEOLOGY ^ | 23-12-2020 | paul
    Sometimes you stumble upon remarkable pieces of long-forgotten history when you live in an area that was home to ancient civilizations. According to Smithsonianmag, that is what happened to one Greek farmer living in Crete, not far from the town of Ierapetra. The farmer was parking his truck on his property under some olive trees when the ground underneath him began to give way. He saw that a four-foot-wide hole had opened up in the ground after the farmer moved his vehicle to a safer location. He realised this was no ordinary hole when he peered inside. The farmer informed...
  • Nazi Operated Enigma Machine Retrieved In Baltic Sea

    12/15/2020 8:40:27 AM PST · by PAUL09 · 75 replies
    ANCIENT ARCHEOLOGY ^ | 12-12-2020 | Joyce Williams
    Nazi Operated Enigma Machine Retrieved In Baltic Sea Recovery of the century’s long lost-quintessential mechanical encryption machine: The Enigma code machine was made in the cold Baltic Sea in Europe nearly three centuries after its drastic beneficial purpose had been served during the second world war. Having been said that during the ending period of World War II, the machine was abandoned deep into the sea by German to keep it out of reach of the allies. WHAT IS AN ENIGMA CODE? The Enigma code machine. ( image source ) Enigma machines also used a form of substitution encryption. Substitution...
  • Melting glacier sheds light upon hidden Viking era artifacts in Norway dated back to 300 AD

    12/17/2020 12:51:50 PM PST · by PAUL09 · 49 replies
    ANCIENT ARCHEOLOGY ^ | 15-12-2020 | Joyce Williams
    Melting glacier sheds light upon hidden Viking era artifacts in Norway dated back to 300 AD The tremendous melting of the glaciers resulted in some recent archaeological discoveries revealing several well preserved historical objects, and one of these remarkable finds is the discoveries of artifacts from the Viking era on the hills that were once used for transportation purposes dated back to 300 A.D. as per the study. More glacial melt, although a disturbing factor of a much larger global warming effect, has provided ample shreds of evidence and remains of the age-old objects for today’s generation advantageously. Artifacts from...
  • Discovery of the ruined temple in the ancient sunken city of Heracleion, Egypt

    12/14/2020 8:21:19 AM PST · by PAUL09 · 14 replies
    ANCIENT ARCHEOLOGY ^ | 14-12-2020 | PAUL
    Archaeologists researching on an underwater diving project, stumbled over an ancient underwater temple claimed as Heracleion’s ‘Egyptian Atlantis’ and probably have found a destroyed ancient Greek temple and treasure-laden vessels which might have sunken into the sea due to floods and tsunami 1,200 years back.
  • Scientists Have Unlocked the Secrets of the Ancient 'Antikythera Mechanism'

    03/14/2021 11:25:42 AM PDT · by tbw2 · 74 replies ^ | 3/12/2021 | Becky Ferreira
    A digital model has revealed a complex planetarium on the ancient device's face. “Unless it's from outer space, we have to find a way in which the Greeks could have made it,” researchers say.
  • Faces of ‘Siberian Tutankhamun’ and his ‘Queen’ buried 2,600 years ago reconstructed by science

    01/19/2021 10:21:29 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 36 replies
    the Siberian Times ^ | 08 January 2021 | By Olga Gertcyk, Svetlana Skarbo
    The Arzhan-2 burial of the Scythian ‘King’ and the ‘Queen’, found in 1997 and studied between 2001-2003 by Russian-German expedition is one the most extraordinary discoveries ever made by archeologists. Now for the first time the features of the powerful couple buried in their gold-encrusted, awe-inspiring clothing can be seen in life-like sculptures thanks to work of Moscow Miklukho-Maklai Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, and Novosibirsk Institute of Archeology and Ethnography. Two teams of anthropologists spent months meticulously building 3d models of the skulls, using laser scanning and photogrammetry to then re-create the faces of the people that ruled vast...
  • Tower of human skulls reveals grisly scale to archaeologists in Mexico City

    12/13/2020 6:06:31 PM PST · by blueplum · 41 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 11 Dec 2020 | Staff and Reuters
    Archaeologists have unearthed new sections of an Aztec tower of human skulls dating back to the 1400s beneath the center of Mexico City. The team has uncovered the facade and eastern side of the tower, as well as 119 human skulls of men, women and children, adding to hundreds previously found, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (Inah) announced on Friday. The tower, approximately five meters (16.4ft) in diameter, was first discovered in 2017, and the latest discoveries were made in ...
  • 1,200-year-old pagan temple to Thor and Odin unearthed in Norway

    10/09/2020 3:43:44 AM PDT · by Candor7 · 39 replies
    Live Science ^ | 8/10/2020 | Tom Metcalfe
    The remains of a 1,200-year-old pagan temple to the Old Norse gods such as Thor and Odin have been discovered in Norway — a rare relic of the Viking religion built a few centuries before Christianity became dominant there. Archaeologists say the large wooden building — about 45 feet (14 meters) long, 26 feet (8 m) wide, and up to 40 feet (12 m) high — is thought to date from the end of the eighth century and was used for worship and sacrifices to gods during the midsummer and midwinter solstices. Old Norse culture was famous and feared by...
  • Ground Penetrating Radar For The Masses - Hackaday

    09/12/2020 2:18:24 PM PDT · by tbw2 · 22 replies
    Hackaday ^ | 02/07/2019 | Bryan Cockfield
    Radar is a useful tool with familiar uses such as detecting aircraft and observing weather. It also has some less known applications, such as a technology known as ground-penetrating radar (GPR). Despite the difficulty of sending and receiving radio waves through solid objects, with the right equipment it’s possible to build a radar that works underground as well. GPR is used often for detecting underground utilities, but also has applications in other fields such as archaeology and geology. For those people in these fields, a less expensive GPR was the priority of a group presenting at a 2017 National Institute...
  • Stunning Cave Discovery Just Changed The Timeline of Human Presence in North America

    07/23/2020 2:46:21 PM PDT · by Candor7 · 41 replies
    Science Alert ^ | 23 JULY 2020 | MARLOWE HOOD
    Tools excavated from a cave in central Mexico are strong evidence that humans were living in North America at least 30,000 years ago, some 15,000 years earlier than previously thought, scientists said Wednesday.​ Artefacts, including 1,900 stone tools, showed human occupation of the high-altitude Chiquihuite Cave over a roughly 20,000 year period, they reported in two studies, published in Nature. "Our results provide new evidence for the antiquity of humans in the Americas," Ciprian Ardelean, an archeologist at the Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas and lead author of one of the studies, told AFP. "There are only a few artefacts and...
  • Hidden underground chambers unearthed near Israel's Western Wall

    05/24/2020 12:46:06 PM PDT · by SJackson · 19 replies
    Live Science ^ | 5-18-20 | Yasemin Saplakoglu
    It's not clear why ancient people dug up these chambers, but evidence suggests they used them in everyday life. Co-director of the excavation Barak Monnickendam-Givon standing in the subterranean chambers. (Image: © Yaniv Berman-Israwl Antiquities Authority) Archaeologists recently uncovered three ancient subterranean chambers carved in the bedrock beneath the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem. The 2,000-year-old chambers, consisting of an open courtyard and two rooms, were carved on top of one another and connected by hewn staircases. Inside the chambers, archaeologists discovered clay cooking vessels, cores of oil lamps, a stone mug and a piece of a qalal, or a...
  • Earliest roasted root vegetables found in 170,000-year-old cave dirt

    02/04/2020 9:26:50 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 23 replies
    New Scientist ^ | January 2, 2020 | Journal reference: Science
    Charred fragments found in 170,000-year-old ashes in a cave in southern Africa are the earliest roasted root vegetables yet found. The finding suggest the real "paleo diet" included lots of roasted vegetables rich in carbohydrates, similar to modern potatoes. "I think people were eating a very balanced diet, a combination of carbohydrates and proteins," says team leader Lyn Wadley of the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa. In 2016, her team found dozens of bits of charcoal in an ash layer in the Border cave in South Africa. This ash layer is what is left from the fires of...
  • Biblical Israelites Maintained Cult Practice in Temples Outside Jerusalem

    02/03/2020 11:47:55 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 5 replies
    The Jerusalem Post ^ | FEBRUARY 3, 2020 | ROSSELLA TERCATIN
    Research conducted by Tel Aviv University and Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists shed new light on these cult practices thanks to new excavations at the site of a temple uncovered in 2012.The Bible narrates that in the centuries after ancient Israelites entered the Land of Israel, many if not all of the people turned their back on the God of their Fathers for long periods of times, going back to worshiping idols, creating altars and adopting pagan practices. New research conducted by Tel Aviv University and Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists has shed new light on these cult practices, thanks to new...
  • Four ancient skulls unearthed in Mexico suggest that North America was a melting pot ….

    01/29/2020 5:29:32 PM PST · by blueplum · 44 replies
    The Daily Mail UK ^ | 29 Jan 2020 | Jonathan Chadwick
    Full title: Four ancient skulls unearthed in Mexico suggest that North America was a melting pot of different peoples and cultures 10,000 years ago The first humans to settle in North America were more diverse than previously believed, according to a new study of skeletal fragments. US scientists analysed four skulls recovered from caves in Mexico that belonged to humans that lived sometime between 9,000 to 13,000 years ago. The researchers were surprised to find a high level of diversity, with the skulls ranging in similarity to that of Europeans, Asian and ...
  • Ancient 'chewing gum' yields insights into people and bacteria of the past [Denmark]

    12/18/2019 4:54:33 AM PST · by zeestephen · 13 replies
    Science Daily ^ | 17 December 2019
    It is the first time that an entire ancient human genome has been extracted from anything other than human bones..."What is more, we also retrieved DNA from oral microbes and several important human pathogens, which makes this a very valuable source of ancient DNA, especially for time periods where we have no human remains...Syltholm, Denmark, is completely unique. Almost everything is sealed in mud, which means that the preservation of organic remains is absolutely phenomenal..."
  • 4,000-Year-Old Brain Tissue Was Preserved After Boiling In Its Own Fluids

    10/29/2019 11:05:19 PM PDT · by robowombat · 15 replies
    All That's Interesting ^ | September 12, 2017 | Katie Seren
    4,000-Year-Old Brain Tissue Was Preserved After Boiling In Its Own Fluids By Katie Serena Published September 12, 2017 The brain was boiled, dried, and preserved under sediment for almost 4,000 years. Bronze Age Brain UC San Diego Health Scientists in Turkey discovered a Bronze Age human brain that has been preserved for 4,000 years. The brain was discovered in Seyitomer Hoyuk, Turkey, and is one of the oldest ever discovered. It is also one of the most intact. Brain tissue is rich in enzymes and cells deteriorate quickly after death which is why scientists rarely, if ever, find intact specimens....