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    10/02/2022 5:20:07 PM PDT · by Impala64ssa · 85 replies
    Outkick ^ | 10/1/22 | Ian Miller
    The Cleveland Guardians have ridden a dominant pitching staff to a division title, their first since the 2018 season. They’re also an exciting team to watch, with the youngest roster in Major League Baseball that averages just over 26 years old. They’ve had an outstanding second half as well, going 42-24, which puts them just behind the Houston Astros for best record in the American League. None of that has helped attract more fans Guardians home games. This has been a season long issue in Cleveland, extending past attendance into struggles with local television ratings. At the time, some defended...

    10/02/2022 6:22:49 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 16 replies
    Powerline ^ | 1 Oct 2022 | John Hinderaker
    Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is a lawyer and conservative activist. She was called to testify before the “January 6 Committee” on Thursday. The first question is: about what? As to what purported criminality is she a witness?NPR says that the committee’s chief focus was Thomas’s communications with John Eastman, quoting California Democratic Rep. Pete Aguilar:“I’ll say broadly that the committee has been very clear that we’d like to hear from Ginni Thomas, her discussions and coordination to Mark Meadows and specifically to John Eastman,” he said.Eastman is a law professor who had an interpretation...
  • Paramedic Murdered In NYC, Politicians Say Don’t Call Police

    10/02/2022 5:33:29 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 16 replies
    Victory Girls ^ | 1 Oct 2022 | Nina Bookout
    Progressive politicians in New York City don’t want their constituents to call the police. They say that even as a veteran paramedic was murdered in broad daylight in their district.Allison Russo-Elling was just six months away from retirement of a long distinguished career that included her role as a first responder during and after 9/11. The attack was unprovoked. The long-time paramedic was on her lunch break Thursday afternoon when Zisopoulos suddenly tore after her, slammed her to the ground, mounted her and relentlessly stabbed her, according to police sources and sickening video of the deadly attack.~SnipThe 25-year veteran, who...
  • Thanks for nothing, John Durham

    10/02/2022 5:19:40 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 55 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 1 Oct 2022 | Peter McArdle
    Raise your hands, anyone who thought special counsel John Durham's probe into the outrageous treatment of President Trump by the Obama FBI, DOJ, CIA, and State Department was ever going to amount to anything. Anyone? No one? Me neither. As Durham's investigative "work" finally wraps up, it's embarrassingly obvious he's just another swamp creature with a nice suit, a bad goatee, and no spine. A stroll back in time to May 2019, makes Durham's ensuing abdication of duty abundantly clear. Back then, Fox News's Brooke Singman described Durham as "aggressive, tireless, and fair." Three years later, we can see that...
  • Nextrush Unplugged Weekend: The Presidential Challenge?, Snowden Points To New Tyranny Post 9/11

    10/02/2022 2:40:12 AM PDT · by Nextrush · 4 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 10/1/2022 | Nextrush/Self
    Newsdump Alert: 30 Dead, 88 Wounded In Ukrainian Attack ON Convoy Entering Russian Zaporozhye Region in Ukraine... Keeping Cuba Communist: A Referendum On Gay Marriage... News Update: And Whoa Cuba asking the US for help over the power grid damage from Hurricane Ian with protests underway over the power outage... The "enemies" of the USA are sanctioned heck North Korea, Iran, Russia and China. Individuals are sanctioned among these nations. So the challenge for Presidential candidates and heck this could apply to candidates running for office here in 2022... Upset With Edward Snowden New Russian Citizen Well I Put Things...
  • Putin's War, Week 31. Mobilization, Annexation, and Russian Forces Routed From New 'Russian' City

    10/01/2022 10:45:02 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 7 replies
    Red State ^ | 10/01/2022 | Streiff
    Week 31 of Putin’s War, that projected 3-day romp through Ukraine is not starting off well. Just one day after annexing the Ukrainian oblasts of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson, Ukrainian forces routed Russian troops from a critical defensive position and overran the newly “Russian” city of Lyman. This may be the first time in history that a city has been annexed on Friday and conquered on Saturday.My last update was two weeks ago, Ukraine Update. The Tempo Slows and Ukraine and Russia Plot What Happens Next. Read it along with Putin’s War, Week 28. The Sitzkrieg Goes Blitzkrieg as...
  • Kyiv vows Russian troops will ‘simply be exterminated’ after Putin annexes Ukrainian territory

    10/01/2022 6:52:22 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 64 replies
    Politico ^ | 9/30/22 | Sergei Kuznetsov
    KYIV — Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions, announced by President Vladimir Putin on Friday, will not affect Kyiv’s resolve to free them with military force, said an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. “For our plans, [Russia’s annexation] doesn’t matter,” Mykhailo Podolyak told POLITICO, speaking before the signing ceremony in Moscow orchestrated by Putin. The Russian leader railed at the United States and the West, denounced the Ukrainian government, and warned: “We will protect our land using all our forces.” The annexation comes on a day when Ukrainian soldiers have reportedly encircled thousands of Russian troops near the city...
  • Fourth leak found in Nord Stream pipelines

    10/01/2022 6:05:22 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 21 replies
    Watchers ^ | 9/29/22 | Watchers
    The Swedish Coast Guard (SCG) said they found a fourth leak in Nord Stream pipelines on September 29, 2022, just 3 days after underwater explosions severely damaged two Nord Stream 1 pipes and one Nord Stream 2.1 NS 1 and 2 are key underwater pipelines built to deliver Russian natural gas to Germany. Nord Stream AG – a Switzerland-based consortium for the construction and operation of the Nord Stream (Nord Stream 1) said earlier this week the damage is unprecedented. Due to the severity of the damage, the repairs would take several months or more. The fourth leak was detected...
  • Okay, Okay! Enough of Ian! Unleash the Maria!

    10/01/2022 8:36:02 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 6 replies
    New American Digest ^ | 30 Sep 2022 | Gerard Van Der Leun
    Maria. Turned back at the Rio Grande after attempting to swim across while pushing her paraplegic autistic daughter on a reed raft. Handmaid.Already being front-loaded at near hurricane strength into the barrels of media bluster and blather will be the endless "Maria" stories aimed at denigrating and damaging Governor DeSantis. Within the next three days, the flood-sodden Maria stories will be pumped out of a hundred media outlets to be immediately replicated by ten thousand Twitterbots in an intense round of retweeting autofellatio. The aptly named headlines will all be a variation of "Papertowel DeSantis! Worse Than Trump!" Marias will...
  • Biden renews vow to bring ‘decency’ back to politics despite slamming ‘MAGA Republicans.’

    10/01/2022 7:40:04 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 37 replies
    Instapundit ^ | 1 Oct 2022 | Glenn H Reynolds
    Biden renews vow to bring ‘decency’ back to politics despite slamming ‘MAGA Republicans.’During an event at the White House Friday, President Joe Biden said one of the reasons he ran for the nation’s highest office was to “bring back some decency and honor” to politics, particularly related to how “we talk about one another, the way we deal with one another,” even though he labeled “MAGA Republicans” an extremist threat just a month ago.“When I ran, I said one of the reasons I was running was to restore the soul of America. Bring back some decency and honor in the...

    10/01/2022 6:05:57 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 7 replies
    Powerline ^ | 1 Oct 2022 | Steven Hayward
    So let’s see: Biden wonders where a dead congresswoman is, while Vice President Harris lets slip with where her real political loyalties lie—North Korea. Meanwhile, White House spokestoken Karine Jean-Paul Sartre lamented the damage to the “Nordstrom” pipeline, which can only mean the supply chain for Armani suits is in big trouble. Only a Cat 5 leftist brainstorm can explain all this, but as we know, only Republicans are the cause of serious storms.
  • Lawyer Who Firebombed Cop Car for George Floyd Doesn't Want to Be in Jail Anymore

    09/30/2022 12:42:39 PM PDT · by Rummyfan · 30 replies
    Jim Treacher Substack ^ | 30 Sep 2022 | Jim Treacher
    We’ve all been there: It’s Friday night, you’ve had one too many vodka shots, a black guy in a city 1,000 miles away just got killed by the cops, you’re sad and angry about a bunch of other stuff, and…Well, okay. So maybe. Possibly. Perhaps… you firebombed one little police car. Out of all the law enforcement vehicles in the entire world, maybe one of them caught on fire because of your actions. Not 100. Not 10. Not even two. Just one single solitary teensy-weensy cop car.Does that mean you should go to jail? For, like, years?Twitter avatar for @jchristenson_...
  • Bill Gates says political polarization 'may bring it all to an end' and could even lead to a civil war

    09/30/2022 12:29:31 PM PDT · by shadowlands1960 · 66 replies
    Business Insider ^ | Sept. 24th, 2022 | Sarah Jackson
    - Bill Gates is sounding the alarm on political polarization in the US. - "Political polarization may bring it all to an end, we're going to have a hung election and a civil war," he told Forbes recently. - Gates, who has been the target of many conspiracy theories over the years, also pointed out the dangers of misinformation. Bill Gates usually focuses on issues like poverty and infectious diseases through his charitable foundation, but another problem on his mind is the polarization of US politics. "I admit that political polarization may bring it all to an end, we're...
  • Global Financial Storm of Epic Proportions

    09/30/2022 10:04:21 AM PDT · by Diana in Wisconsin · 15 replies
    Gold Switzerland Editorial ^ | September 28, 2022 | Egon von Greyerz
    As the dark years are approaching, the world is now approaching survival mode. Admittedly, if you go to a high class restaurant in New York, London or Zurich, there are no signs of misery but instead of incredible affluence. What is happening to middle America or England has not yet reached Wall Street or the City of London where exquisite food is plenty and excellent wines are flowing. This is of course no different to the end of eras with major excesses and decadence. It was the same at the peak of the Roman Empire 2000 years ago or in...
  • YouTube Scrubs Newley Elected Italian Prime Minister's Pro-Family Speech With No Explanation: Read the Text of Her Speech and Try to Find Anything Wicked in it

    09/29/2022 8:36:44 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 22 replies
    Red State ^ | 09/29/2022 | Alex Parker
    If you haven’t yet heard new Italian leader Giorgia Meloni’s pro-family speech, YouTube may not be the best place to get an earful.Giorgia recently became the first female prime minister in the country’s history, which might’ve been viewed favorably by the Left. However, she doesn’t share their views; hence, they won’t call it a win.In fact, legacy media have essentially characterized the lady as evil.From CBS News:It’s a stunning victory for Giorgia Meloni and her Brothers of Italy Party — stunning because it was just a fringe party until a few short years ago, and stunning because of Italy’s disastrous...
  • The US Army’s First Transgender Officer Turns Out to Be a Russian Spy

    09/29/2022 8:26:57 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 21 replies
    Red State ^ | 09/29/2022 | Bonchie
    The US Army’s first transgender officer has been indicted for attempting to pass medical information to the Russians in a bid to aid Vladamir Putin’s campaign in Ukraine.A grand jury came to the conclusion that Jamie Lee Henry, who is a Major in the Army and transgender, and his wife Anna Gabrielian (confused yet?) committed conspiracy and illegally disclosed “individually identifiable health information.” The indictment was unsealed on Thursday after the two were arrested.Breaking 911 provides some further details.BREAKING: First openly trans Army officer charged in plot to give U.S. military medical info to Russians to help in war against...
  • New Zealand Radio Host Laughs HYSTERICALLY At Climate Activist!

    09/29/2022 3:36:10 PM PDT · by Impala64ssa · 11 replies
    Anthony Brian Logan ^ | 9/29/22 | Anthony Brian Logan
    A radio host laughed hysterically at New Zealand-based climate activist Izzy Cook during an on-air interview. The host was having a discussion with the young activist about actionable steps.. It is ironic that a climate activist would tell someone to not do something that they did themselves. Cook’s excuse was that her parents went so she didn’t have a choice. This is typical of climate activist type of people. Al Gore is the prime suspect. He is the type of person to rail against people with large carbon footprints as he travels the globe in private planes. When he is...
  • Democrat Ex-Congressman Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Election Fraud. ( Pennsylvania )

    09/29/2022 5:47:03 AM PDT · by george76 · 25 replies
    Slay News ^ | September 28, 2022 | David Hawkins
    A Democrat former congressman has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for election fraud charges. The judge threw the book at a corrupt former Rep. Michael “Ozzie” Myers (D-PA), jailing the 79-year-old Philadelphia politician for multiple voter fraud felonies. Myers was sentenced to 30 months in prison, with three years of supervised release, and ordered to pay $100,000 in fines. $10,000 of the fine was due immediately. United States District Court Judge Paul S. Diamond threw the book at Myers after the disgraced Democrat plead guilty to conspiracy to deprive voters of civil rights, bribery, obstruction of justice, falsification...

    09/29/2022 7:16:40 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 14 replies
    Powerline ^ | 27 Sep 2022 | Scott Johnson
    Talk to someone who has run a legitimate free lunch program funded by the United States Department of Agriculture as administered by the Minnesota Department of Education. You will learn that it isn’t a way to wealth and riches without fraud on a massive scale. Feeding Our Future gave us fraud on a massive scale. It was open, obvious, blatant, and gross. Aimmee Bock fronted the scheme and recruited a large cast of Somali participants to get in on the action. Bock’s modus operandi was to scream discrimination whenever anyone questioned the bona fides of her program. Her Somali recruits...
  • How the SHTF in Bosnia: Selco Asks Americans, “Does this sound familiar?”

    09/28/2022 11:58:03 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 12 replies
    The Organic Prepper ^ | 11/14/2019 | Daisy Luther
    Things that I experienced in my case prior to SHTF, and things that you might recognize: Things that make differences between people are more and more problematic (race, religion, political opinion). Polarization is getting obviously stronger. People want to come to your country, but they do not want to “assimilate” or contribute to the greater good. They want to preserve their way of life which is often absolutely contradictory to the way that your country (society) works. The political way of solving those problems often fails, because, in essence, those problems are hard to solve in a democratic way (in...