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Religion & Science (Religion)

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  • The Saul Alinsky Created “Catholic” Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) Funds … Demon Worshipers?

    11/30/2023 1:23:05 AM PST · by spirited irish · 16 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 11/23 | John Zmirak
    things at the CCHD have gone beyond mere Marxist materialism into fully occult directions, Lepanto reports. Not only does CCHD fund groups that flagrantly violate the church’s pro-life and other moral teachings. It also supports neo-pagan groups engaged in witchcraft. Lepanto’s latest report:A few weeks ago, the Lepanto Institute proved that a recent grantee called CUSH collected homosexual pornography with the intent to provide it to children. Then, the Lepanto Institute proved that the CCHD provided grants to Unchained, a pro-abortion, pro-LGBT organization with intimate ties to Marxist entities.
  • The Brotherhood and the Rise of Global Satanic Religion

    11/29/2023 1:42:56 AM PST · by spirited irish · 9 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 11/23 | Linda Kimball
    “All the…large and small nationalities are destined to perish…in the revolutionary world storm... (A general war will) wipe out all…nations, down to their very names. The next world war will result in the disappearance from the face of the earth not only reactionary classes…but…reactionary peoples.” (“The Magyar Struggle,” Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Friedrich Engels, Jan. 13, 1849)One of the 20th century’s NWO apocalyptic purification movements was new pagan Marxist Communism, an evolutionary Gnostic pagan mass movement that impoverished Russians and purified the human gene pool by murdering millions of subhuman useless eaters (men, women, and children). Today’s NWO purification movement is...
  • When the UFOs Finally Land

    11/28/2023 8:50:50 AM PST · by Roman_War_Criminal · 31 replies
    Terry James Prophecy Line ^ | 11/26/23 | Terry James
    Peter Jennings, the late anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, once remarked the following as host of a television investigation of unidentified flying objects: “We have a lot of skeptics—I am very skeptical—but we seriously investigated something a lot of people are serious about,” he said. “And when we come to the end, this is wonderfully interesting. “More than 80 million Americans believe intelligent beings from somewhere else have come here,” he said. “Forty million believe they have seen UFOs, so this is of deep interest to people.” Jennings said further in exploring the wide span of those interviewed who...
  • The Peppermint Latte Argument for the Existence of God

    11/27/2023 6:17:18 AM PST · by KierkegaardMAN · 8 replies
    The Stream ^ | John Zmirak
    …Hand me a peppermint latte, shake some fake snow over me, and point me toward flickering trees in glistening Highland Park Village. I can feel my IQ diminishing, trickling down my leg. My face is already growing a vague “Joe Biden Wandering a Summit” smile as I sniff around for some egg nog…
  • [Video transcript] Can Scientists Answer These Questions? RNA, Abiogenesis, Chemical Natural Selection & more Dr. James Tour. [More of his videos here].

    11/26/2023 11:45:43 AM PST · by daniel1212 · 14 replies
    Dr. James Tour ^ | 8-24-2023 | Dr. James Tour
    [Video transcript] Can Scientists Answer These Questions? RNA, Abiogenesis, Chemical Natural Selection & more Dr. James Tour. [Video. [More of his videos here]. [Note: this is from a synthetic organic chemist at Rice University and who and what he presents here is way out of my league, and read just a little, but think it is worth posting. Thus I used to format this* provocative transcript from the YouTube video, which was a giant wall of text.] Note also that the main body of the transcript is here, but Question number 3 was evidently mistakenly listed in the vid...
  • Video: You CANNOT Deny God’s Existence Once You See This

    11/26/2023 1:24:02 AM PST · by spirited irish · 37 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 11/23 | Answers in Genesis
    You CANNOT deny biblical creation once you see this… In this episode of Amazing Animals, Calvin Smith teaches us how all creatures reveal the hand of a master designer, and specifically discusses the INCREDIBLE design of dragonflies.
  • Gen. 11:6–Lives Sacrificed On The Altar Of Scientific Progress: New Research Seeks To Create Synthetic Human Life

    11/24/2023 1:33:23 AM PST · by spirited irish · 7 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 9/23 | Ken Ham
    “And nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them” (Genesis 11:6). These chilling words from the account of the tower of Babel in Genesis 11 came to mind regarding this summary of a news article reporting on horrific new research out of Israel that created “‘complete’ models of human embryos” in the lab. These scientists, by disregarding the value of human life, have decided that “nothing will now be impossible” as they try to create synthetic human life.
  • The Slow Death of the Christian West: How Paganism Has Re-Emerged Through the Failure of the Church to Be Faithful

    11/16/2023 1:50:09 AM PST · by spirited irish · 12 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 11/23 | Rev. Benjamin Glaser
    In our prayer and worship help today we are going to talk about the world in which we live today and how the same men tasked with building up have been working to destroy and tear down. We are now experiencing the results of this evil. In some sense the reappearance of the strong gods, the pagan culture we left a millennia or more ago is all a result of men abandoning their responsibilities in accordance with the Fifth Commandment. Everything comes back to the law of God, and whether society will bow their knee to Christ or seek to...
  • Modernist Evolutionary Christians in a Little God-Man Centered Universe: Scientific Neutrality and Biblical Deconstruction

    11/15/2023 1:45:36 AM PST · by spirited irish · 24 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 2023 | Linda Kimball
    En-darkened modernists claim scientific neutrality as a general operating assumption. Two applications of modernist thought evidence this: deconstructionism (destructive criticism/critical theory) and evolution (anti-creation account/relentless change/relativism), an inverted exegesis that deconstructs and reduces man in the spiritual image of the Trinity to evolved ape. Along with evolution, deconstructionism is a form of relativism or nihilism that for more than eighty years has been spilling into and contaminating our moral and culture sustaining institutions from seminaries and Biblical scholarship to academia, law, media, arts, and politics, thence our minds, individually and collectively. (2)The origin of the neutrality principle is the Garden...
  • 2 Cor. 10:5…What Kind of God Do You Believe In?

    11/11/2023 1:17:33 AM PST · by spirited irish · 35 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 2023 | Linda Kimball
    Today, large numbers of Christians and seculars believe that modern secular science has proven the earth and cosmos to be billions of years old, and that every living thing, from fish to dogs, apes and humans, evolved from a single cell which itself is the result of chance combination of chemicals. Most believe that primordial matter resulted from the Big Bang. Certain high profile evolutionary theists and the influential Evangelical theologians and scholars who support them, teach that God is both the energizing force behind the Big Bang and the director of evolutionary process.Against this way of thinking, the Word...
  • Faith Summit in Abu Dhabi to highlight role of believers in addressing climate change

    11/07/2023 1:37:34 PM PST · by ebb tide · 8 replies
    Vatican News ^ | November 5, 2023 | Christopher Wells
    Faith Summit in Abu Dhabi to highlight role of believers in addressing climate changeAhead of the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, religious leaders from around the world are meeting in Abu Dhabi to emphasize the role of believers in the response to the global crisis of climate change.Faith leaders from around the world are converging on Abu Dhabi for a global summit on climate action ahead of next month’s COP28 meeting in Dubai.The summit has been organized by the Muslim Council of Elders, in collaboration with the COP28 Presidency, the United Nations Environment Programme, and the Holy See, and aims...
  • Is Jesus Christ the Creator God? Genesis vs Big Bang

    11/02/2023 1:22:08 AM PDT · by spirited irish · 25 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 2023 | Russell Grigg
    The Bible affirms in several places that Jesus Christ is the Creator God. For example, “All things were made through him” [the Word, in Greek ὁ λόgos, = Jesus Christ] (John 1:3), and “For by him [Jesus Christ] all things were created” (Colossians 1:16).If this is true, we should expect to see some parallelism between what happened at creation and the works of Jesus during his ministry on earth. What do we find?First let us consider what kind of evidence we are looking for.Some of the essential and distinctive elements of creation, as revealed in Genesis chapter 1, as well...
  • U.S. Bishops Ignore Embarrassing Papal Letter on ‘Climate Crisis’

    11/01/2023 5:14:07 PM PDT · by ebb tide · 5 replies
    Breitbart ^ | November 1, 2023 | Thomas D. Williams
    U.S. Bishops Ignore Embarrassing Papal Letter on ‘Climate Crisis’ROME — The United States bishops have distanced themselves from an embarrassing letter by Pope Francis on the “climate crisis,” preferring to invest their apostolic witness in real issues of concern.The far-left National Catholic Reporter (NCR) indulged in much ritual handwringing at the bishops’ unenthusiastic non-response to the papal letter titled Laudate Deum, a follow-up to the pontiff’s 2015 encyclical letter Laudato Sí.In its latest issue, the NCR editorial team called the U.S. Bishops’ Conference (USCCB) official acknowledgement of the letter “underwhelming,” noting that the response “did not even warrant the attention...
  • John 8:32: The Devil, Big Bang, Evolution, Extraterrestrials and the Genesis Problem

    10/31/2023 1:20:05 AM PDT · by spirited irish · 20 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 10/23 | Linda Kimball
    One of the devil’s greatest achievements in our age of biological science and evolutionary thinking has been to convince natural science-and-evolution worshipping Westerners to believe that all that exists is the evolving universe of matter and energy (naturalism). The only problem, and it’s a really big one because unresolvable, is that though evolutionists have tried several different anti-creation models of the universe none can account for life, conscious life, and information. Additionally, recent research has shot their models full of holes, leaving evolutionists with the hated Big Bang model.In a 2012 editorial, “The Genesis Problem,” New Scientist editors admit that...
  • Scientists Discover “Breathtaking” Flash of Light That Occurs At Conception!

    10/30/2023 6:21:43 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 32 replies
    100% Fed Up ^ | Oct 29, 2023 | Staff
    HAPPY SUNDAY! This is truly stunning! One confession: this isn’t truly “breaking news” but it is new to me. And probably you. Reposting because a friend just reminded me of it today. It’s a few years old, but big thanks to a reader who brought this to my attention. I had never seen it before and so I suspect many of you have not either. Be prepared to be blown away. What does the Bible say about life and light? This….from John 1:4-5: 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light...
  • “Do You Have to be a Creationist to be Christian?” A Tactical Question that Avoids the Real Issue.

    10/28/2023 1:23:39 AM PDT · by spirited irish · 140 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 2022 | Gary Bates
    This question often comes up, particularly during QA sessions at ministry events. In my experience, the type of person that usually asks this question is not, what we would call, a biblical creationist, and has subscribed to some sort of view that adds millions of years or some evolutionary process to the opening chapters of Genesis. For example, I was once invited to speak at a Christian high school as part of an origins series. Those with differing views were invited to share opinions on the creation/evolution debate. The teacher leading the meeting said that the purpose of exposing students...
  • Video: Scientific Evidence For Life After Death – Gary Habermas

    10/26/2023 1:52:53 AM PDT · by spirited irish · 17 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 10/23 | Gary Habermas
    Gary Habermas talks with John Ankerberg about the evidence for life after this life.
  • The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex

    10/25/2023 4:50:23 AM PDT · by marktwain · 15 replies
    Citizen warrior ^ | October 2007 | Citizen Warrior
    Have you ever wondered why so many Muslim men are dedicated to killing Americans? Or why so many are willing to blow themselves up to kill Israelis? Or why they are so committed to blowing up random people in Bali, London, Madrid, etc.? Orthodox Muslims are attacking non-Muslims all over the world. Why? Because of memes. The technical definition of a meme is anything that can be copied from one mind to another. The custom of shaking hands, for example, is a meme. A melody is a meme. A recipe for lemonade is a meme. Even the word "meme" is...
  • Five Miracles Atheists Believe

    10/23/2023 1:39:00 AM PDT · by spirited irish · 63 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 2022 | Don Batten
    Did you know that atheists must believe in miracles? How so?As plant biologist, Dr Don Batten, explains, there are many things in the universe that defy naturalistic explanations. That is to say, naturalistic explanations for these events actually _contradict_ the very laws of physics, chemistry, genetics, and so on, that naturalism is built on! Believing these events happened naturally anyway—in spite of the evidence—is like believing in magic!
  • Genesis Impact (2020) | Full Movie [text transcribed using AI Scripted exchange btwn science museum teacher and student challenging him. See comment]

    10/22/2023 1:46:00 PM PDT · by daniel1212 · 13 replies
    [Video : Lead Actors: Reggie McGuire, Hannah Bradley. Secular museum docent (Reggie McGuire) presents his best case for evolution at the natural history museum, but little does he know that Christina (Hannah Bradley) has a few questions at the end of his talk that turn the tables…... Length: 67 Minutes [McGuire, beginning at 3:41 mark of vid] I encourage you to visit the exhibits that will help you visualize what we've discussed today. These exhibits should be marked in the maps that we provided for you. First, we have a wonderful exhibit that shows that apes and humans share about...