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  • Revealed- The actual Inaugural Address of Nikolai Bidenski and public response- Sarcasm

    01/21/2021 11:12:33 AM PST · by John S Mosby · 8 replies
    Avocatul Poporului--- You tubbieland ^ | 1-21-2019 video from 12-23-1989 | Romanian National TV- Archive
    Dear comrades and friends, citizens of Bucharest, capital of socialist Romania. First let me send my sincere revolutionary wishes to those of you participating in this great demonstration and to all the inhabitants of the city. I wish you success in all your fields of activity. I also wish to thank the initiators and organizers of this great demonstration in Bucharest. Who is shooting? Someone is shooting. They are entering the building. An earthquake? What? Keep calm! Keep calm! Keep calm! Stop that! At the very last his lunatic wife yells: Securitate- stop them. Stop that now! arrest! Dear comrades,...
  • Welcome to the Resistance! (Resistance is a Must)

    01/21/2021 4:55:11 AM PST · by Kaslin · 18 replies ^ | January 21, 2021 | Derek Hunter
    Democrats spent so much of the last four years talking about “norms” and how they were being “violated” that you’d think they were extras on the set of “Cheers” talking about the latest revelations about Michael Jackson and some pre-teen kid. But, no, they’ve been whining about how President Donald Trump didn’t do things the way politicians did things – like constantly telling people only the things they wanted to hear. It’s a huge part of why Trump won in 2016, and why his supporters are so loyal – people are sick of being talked down to, demonized, or having...
  • The “New Confederacy”? Yes, It’s Time For Conservatives To Unite Against The Globalist Reset

    01/10/2021 12:33:37 PM PST · by Pining_4_TX · 41 replies
    Patriot Rising ^ | 12/17/20 | Patriot Rising
    If we fight back using the same tactics as the leftists or support martial law, then we ultimately erase the civil liberties protected within the Bill of Rights. Those rights will NEVER return (don’t believe the promises for a second) and we become history’s biggest hypocrites and a cautionary tale of the “dangers of nationalism” told to children generations from now, much like the Nazis. There is, however, another option, and it’s not diplomacy. The establishment likes to make people think there are only ever two choices during any crisis, and both choices involve giving up more freedom or giving...
  • Strategic considerations for winning

    01/07/2021 7:39:49 PM PST · by Wpin · 33 replies
    Vanity | 01/07/2021 | Wpin
    Given recent events showing the people that our own congress has failed to serve the people and illegally ratified electors who in seven states were illegally certified. This has placed the nation under great danger and created a situation that is not tenable. The left and globalists are intent on ruling with an iron fist that appears will equal that of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Mao China, etc. Some have suggested a violent overthrow. However, there are several problems with that. First and foremost the cost in human life will be great. Hundreds of thousands if not millions will...
  • Zuckerberg Says Facebook and Instagram Are Blocking President Trump From Using Their Services Indefinitely

    01/07/2021 8:12:23 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 76 replies
  • COVID-19 and Resisting Government Malfeasance

    12/28/2020 2:59:41 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 5 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | December 26, 2020 | Spike Hampson
    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the governments of the United States have mistreated the citizens of the country by destroying their means of making a living and limiting their freedom of movement. Government powers have been used to shut down enterprises, knowing full well that people's livelihoods depend on their operation. Government edicts have prohibited people from moving freely in small localities and even between states. Individual citizens have the right to move about and do work for the purpose of maintaining themselves and their families as long as their work is not harming others. The government's judicial system...
  • 5 Reasons I'll Always Resist Joe Biden and the Democrats (and You Should Too)

    12/25/2020 9:09:41 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 33 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 12/25/2020 | Matt Margolis
    Is anyone else tired of the media and the left telling you that Republicans should get in line and support Biden and stop questioning the election? Well, I definitely am. “The race is over!” they say. “Biden won!” they insist. “It’s time for unity!” they demand. Heh. Unity? Don’t count on it. Joe Biden, who ran claiming to be a uniter who would work with both sides, has shown he will do no such thing. As he picks his cabinet, he’s picked only loyalists and Obama administration retreads. So far, none of the so-called Republicans Biden was reportedly considering for...
  • Christmas Under Lockdown

    12/25/2020 7:26:09 AM PST · by livius · 20 replies
    New York Post ^ | 12/25/2020 | David Marcus
    So we made it to Christmas. It isn’t a normal Christmas by any means: no holiday parties with sloshed colleagues, no late Manhattan nights with red and green lights flickering on chilly streets, no large gatherings or intimacy with our elder kin. As one of the proud New Yorkers who has yet to move to Florida, I can pretty much say that all I want for Christmas is a bar that stays open past 10 p.m. Gov. Cuomo for well on 10 months has been doing his best John Lithgow impression, turning the most vibrant place in the world into...
  • Democrats’ Russia Witch Hunt Was Worse For Our Republic Than Trump’s Election Lawsuits, By Far

    12/17/2020 8:26:58 AM PST · by Kaslin · 11 replies
    The Federalist ^ | December 17, 2020 | William A. Woodruff
    To appreciate the value of our judiciary and its role in preserving democracy, one need only compare the 2016 election to the 2020 election.Since election day, President Trump’s legal team, as well as surrogates and down-ballot candidates, have filed more than 50 lawsuits in state and federal courts challenging the conduct of the election in six swing states. The cases range from allegations of violations of the U.S. Constitution to the failure of local election officials to grant poll-watchers “meaningful access” to observe ballot-counting.These cases have two things in common: (1) They have, to date, been uniformly unsuccessful, and (2)...

    12/16/2020 6:28:28 PM PST · by windhover · 48 replies
    Vanity- Self | 12/16/2020 | windhover
    Just a brief cruise through the conservative Blogisphere will reveal a hardening resistance forming to the violence being done to our Constitution by Marxist scum and the willingness of weak-kneed GOP leadership to accept the stealing of our election without a fight. Soon we who believe in freedom will not have that luxury. I think most of us are again looking for a leader that shares our values and will lead us in this fight. Beyond doubt, President or not, Donald Trump is that person. If we had the time our movement would simply absorb the establishment Republican Party. 25%...
  • THERE ARE...4..LIGHTS!!!! (a response to the MSM et al when they push the Biden win/joke about fraud)

    11/29/2020 8:53:54 PM PST · by DoodleBob · 12 replies
    YouTube ^ | June 13, 2020 | Star Trek: The Next Generation
    TNG 6x10 Chain of Command II Show Star Trek: The Next Generation : Star Trek: The Next Generation - Chain of Command, Pt. 2
  • Reviewing Live Not By Lies by Rod Dreher

    11/25/2020 7:19:08 AM PST · by Pining_4_TX · 8 replies
    Caffeinated Thoughts ^ | 11/25/20 | Collin Brendemuehl
    The work begins with history. History as subtext should be noted. Not only is this about the history of totalitarianism, notably Marxist and Maoist communism, but it is also about remembering national history, about dismissing those myths which detract from our history, dismissing the myths that today’s neo-totalitarians present as fact, and replacing myth with honest history, with strong relationships, with strong teach, with strong commitments to truth, and more. This is not simply a Roman Catholic treatise, though that bell rings loudly, it is honest enough to cover Baptist and other protestant responses to the problem. Richard Wurmbrand, Alexander...
  • Analyzing The Worst Election Chicanery In US History - With The 2020 Election A Total Fraud, It's Time For Patriots Nationwide To Become 'Ungovernable'

    11/25/2020 4:10:22 AM PST · by Adder · 73 replies
    All News Pipeline ^ | Nov.24, 2020 | John C. Velisek
    Our general election was a fraud. The methods and manners of election fraud are numerous. The talking heads and progressive socialists continue to blather that there is no evidence of voter fraud. They expect the American people to nod and go along with the pronouncements they make. They keep claiming that the lawsuits the President has filed and will continue to file are without merit. The media has not investigated any of these lawsuits, which were mostly filed by individual groups of citizens, and were rejected by the respective states' sycophantic justices.
  • [Catholic Caucus] Pope proposes three progressive candidates for conservative Swiss diocese, election body rejects them all

    11/23/2020 12:49:35 PM PST · by ebb tide · 4 replies
    LifeSite News ^ | November 23, 2020 | Maike HIckson
    [Catholic Caucus] Pope proposes three progressive candidates for conservative Swiss diocese, election body rejects them allThe Pope's list had three clearly progressivist candidates, all of whom were now rejected by the dome chapter.SWITZERLAND, November 23, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – In a historic move, the 22 members of the cathedral canons called to elect a new bishop of the Diocese of Chur in Grisons, Switzerland rejected with a majority the list of three candidates for the new bishop. Chur has been traditionally the last conservative diocese of the generally very liberal Catholic dioceses in Switzerland. The Pope's list had three clearly progressivist...
  • Congressional Republicans Must Give The Trump Resistance A Run For Their Money

    11/16/2020 11:30:52 AM PST · by Kaslin · 23 replies
    The Federalist ^ | November 16, 2020 | C.J Grover
    Joe Biden’s historically weak administration and the far-left wing pulling its strings should not get Reagan-Tip O’Neill good-faith bipartisanship it laughably seeks.President Donald Trump is rightly fighting for his political life and the future of our nation. His legal team is presenting specific evidence of voter fraud from election officials in pivotal states. The Supreme Court has already ruled in his favor in one lawsuit. A complete audit of results in states using software that incorrectly counted votes in Michigan is a must. This is not over, and any Republican who concedes prematurely does so at high risk. Good luck...
  • 12 Ways For Trump To Bomb The Battlefield While Biden Claims The Presidency

    11/10/2020 8:03:12 AM PST · by Rummyfan · 19 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 10 Nov 2020 | Joy Pullman
    President Trump is right to refuse to concede the 2020 election until every legal vote has been counted and allegations of significant fraud have been fairly investigated. His voters deserve and need to know if we were beaten fair and square. Otherwise, Democrats are poisoning the nation’s political well and ensuring Republicans never wield power at the federal level again after having established that Republicans will not fight fraud. Since the president’s team has begun releasing increasingly good evidence of large-scale voter fraud in key states, the tide may yet turn again. At the same time, the same media-Democrat complex...
  • Grassroots In-Person Campaign Needed to Get Past the Censorship (Vanity)

    11/08/2020 3:54:06 PM PST · by Columbo · 2 replies
    self | 11/8/2020 | self
    The truth about this election is being purposefully hidden from everyday American citizens by the mainstream media. Here is a flyer created by a few everyday America citizens which gives resources and information regarding the voter fraud in this election and media/ social media censorship and what you can do. Please pass this out (or make your own) to as many Trump Supporters as possible. There are many Trump yard signs all across the country. Please consider leaving the flyer on the front porches of all these patriots. (DO NOT LEAVE IN MAILBOXES AS THAT IS ILLEGAL). Do not harass...
  • Mark Levin says he's part of the new resistance if Biden wins election

    11/06/2020 8:08:41 PM PST · by conservative98 · 51 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | | November 06, 2020 10:22 PM | Anthony Leonardi, Breaking News Reporter
    Fox News commentator Mark Levin said he will not unite around apparent winner Joe Biden if he's officially elected. The way Democrats treated President Trump during his first term warrants a conservative resistance to Biden should he obtain the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency, he said. "There's more evidence of voter fraud than there was ever evidence of Russian collusion. So those who keep saying, 'Let's see the evidence,' where the hell were you the last four years? You were nowhere," Levin told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Friday, adding that Democrats would "fix" the election...
  • Mark Levin: If Joe Biden wins I am part of the new resistance and not uniting around him {Hannity}

    11/06/2020 8:01:23 PM PST · by conservative98 · 28 replies
    Youtube ^ | 11/6/20
    They didn't give this man one minute of peace when he was president. Not one minute. State criminal investigations. Federal criminal investigations. Congressional investigations. Phony impeachments. Cuo attempts. The Obama Biden adminstation where the FBI spies and all the rest. At no time during the last 4 years did Joe Biden ever say lets unite around our President. So, Mr. Biden, god forbid if you're president I intend to treat you the same way Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jim Acosta, Fredo Cuomo and all the rest of them treated my president. So I am not uniting around this man any...
  • Trump Resistance Plans ‘Mass Mobilization’ After Election To Shut Down The Country If Biden Doesn’t Win

    10/20/2020 9:36:18 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 105 replies
    The Federalist ^ | October 20, 2020 | Joy Pullman
    Shut Down DC's 'Strategic framework for action following the 2020 election' sketches out their plans for rioting and attacking American institutions and life unless and until Joe Biden is installed as president. Shut Down DC's 'Strategic framework for action following the 2020 election' sketches out their plans for rioting and attacking American institutions and life unless and until Joe Biden is installed as president. In the days following the election we’ll continue to come out into the streets every day to respond to rapidly changing events. We may be waiting for votes to be counted or we may be responding...