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  • Comprehensive FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE site

    09/16/2016 4:54:43 AM PDT · by Mr. K · 23 replies
    One of the 3 REQUIREMENTS for becoming a US President is they must be a natural born citizen and Obama is in FACT NOT. He was also holding dual citizenship at the time of his birth which also makes him ineligible. Below is a video and text presentation to guide you step by step, starting with the most simple basic facts, and ending with the lengthy detailed published report by expert Dr. Ron Polarik Phd. In fact, all experts who have examined Obama’s short form certification of live birth have concluded it is in fact a forgery. After reviewing, we’re...
  • Obama Revealed More Than His Birth Certificate Last Year

    11/04/2012 4:44:01 PM PST · by null and void · 55 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 11/4/12 | Ronald Jay Polland
    When President Obama released his long-form Certificate of Live Birth on Apr. 27, 2011, (Picture 1), everyone in the press and the public had forgotten about the other birth certificate he released in 2008: the short-form Certification of Live Birth that his campaign staff posted on its website (Picture 2).
  • 'I created Obama's certification of birth'

    08/09/2011 6:10:13 PM PDT · by rxsid · 246 replies ^ | 08/09/2011 | Jerome R. Corsi
    <p>When the White House posted online an image of President Obama's purported long-form birth certificate, it also linked to the previously circulated "Certification of Live Birth," the short-form version that had been presented as the only birth documentation available.</p> <p>However, the short-form certificate to which the White House linked April 27 was a forgery, claims computer expert Ron Polland, Ph.D., who says he made the image himself.</p>
  • Alias Barack Obama: The greatest identity fraud in history

    07/27/2011 9:43:05 AM PDT · by Natural Born 54 · 46 replies
    Dr. R. J. Polland's book web site ^ | 07-27-2011 | Dr. Ron Polland
    Exclusive: Dr. Ron Polland Provides Preview of His Upcoming Online Book "THE GREATEST IDENTITY FRAUD IN HISTORY" by Ron Polland, Ph.D., ©2011 (Jul. 21, 2011) Dr. Ron Polland, PhD, has just finished a new e-Book, Alias Barack Obama: The greatest identity fraud in history that covers his three-year investigation into the life and background of Barack Hussein Obama, and the mystery of his online birth certificate. From the day he joined Free Republic in June 2008 (using his original family name, Polarik) to the present, none have worked harder and longer on this issue. During the course of his three-year...
  • What radio and TV talk show hosts are pushing the Obama Birth Certificate issue?

    07/16/2009 12:48:54 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 59 replies · 1,942+ views
    July 16, 2009
    What radio and TV talk show hosts are pushing the Obama Birth Certificate issue? I'm not aware of any.
  • Stanley Ann Dunham's Birth Certificate REVEALED.

    09/09/2010 3:55:30 PM PDT · by Fred Nerks · 152 replies · 4+ views
    The Greater Evil ^ | Posted by Polarik on Wednesday, September 08, 2010 11:22:55 PM | Posted by Polarik
    At the end of July, some of Stanley Ann Dunham's passport documentation had been released to Mr. Christopher Strunk by the State Department following a lawsuit brought against the State Department for failing to comply with a Freedom of Information request originally made in October 2008. The released documents indicate Dunham's husband, Lolo Soetoro, petitioned the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the State Department in 1967 to obtain a waiver to return to the United States to rejoin his wife and her infant son, Barack Obama Jr. As usual, the birth certificate for Barack Obama was conspicuously absent from the...
  • OBAMA'S BORDER TROUBLES (The "Death Blow" to Obama's COLB fraud)

    07/31/2010 9:37:35 PM PDT · by Polarik · 294 replies · 57+ views
    TheDrRJP Channel ^ | 07/31/2010 | Dr. Ron Polland
    OBAMA'S BORDER TROUBLES (The "Death Blow" to Obama's COLB fraud) Play that "funky border," white boy... Ever wonder how or why that UGLY, GRAYISH-GREEN BORDER wound up on Obama's 2007 COLB? I mean, besides it being a forgery. Well, wonder no longer. After two years of research and testing - and a few thousand combinations of multiple image parameters - here are the answers to HOW and WHY this BOMBASTIC BORDER was made. Believe it or not, even a few, staunch Obama supporters found the border to be "Fishy," "Suspicious," "Unrealistic," and "Something a decent Forger would never do." On...
  • Dr. Ron Polland speaks with the Post & Email about Obama's online birth certificate.

    07/22/2010 8:29:11 PM PDT · by Polarik · 280 replies · 2+ views
    The Post & Email ^ | 07/22/2010 | by Sharon Rondeau
    Dr. Ron Polland recently completed a comprehensive research investigation into the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate. On June 12, 2008, nine days after Obama was nominated as the Democratic candidate for President, a scan image claimed to be his “original birth certificate” was posted on the Daily Kos, an ultra-liberal blog. It was also on this date that Dr. Polland looked at the image and thought, “This is not a genuine scan,” setting into motion the most intensive and exhaustive scientific evaluation ever conducted on a birth certificate facsimile.
  • What ever happened to Carl Limbacher?

    08/04/2009 8:20:51 PM PDT · by Politics4US · 21 replies · 1,186+ views
    I haven't heard anything from him in awhile. Does anyone know?
  • "FRAUD IN THE USA Chapter 2-1: The illegitimate birth certificate"

    05/06/2010 8:41:51 PM PDT · by Polarik · 62 replies · 2,509+ views
    The DrRJP's Playlist on YouTube ^ | 05/06/2010 | Polarik
    I hope that my first four videos have opened everyone's eyes to the levels of deceit, deception and disinformation that both Factcheck and Politifact have proffered. They have been hiding behind a facade of false respectability and facile "fact checking" while at the forefront of the attacks on our Constitutional rights to know the truth about the person who occupies the White House. I hope you've had a chance to let them marinate, because here comes the bombshell that blows all of them out of the water. Here is a link to the playlist, where you can watch all...
  • Obama Birth Certificate - Hawaii Revised Law

    02/24/2010 6:02:13 PM PST · by BuckeyeTexan · 213 replies · 3,676+ views ^ | 12/27/2008 | Forsetti
    PrefaceThis post addresses unanswered legal and factual questions about the Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution's requirement that a President be a natural born citizen, and how they relate to President Obama.  It is by no means a complete analysis of the facts and issues.  I welcome any editing suggestions and response posts.   Input is welcome, criticism is expected. PostMr. Obama claims that he was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. As his only evidence that he meets the Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution's requirement that a President be a natural born citizen, he produced a...
  • Is this really it? (re: possible Obama's Kenyan B.C. - Attny Taitz) Click on the link

    08/02/2009 1:35:53 AM PDT · by rxsid · 12,580 replies · 468,211+ views ^ | 8/2/2009 | rxsid
    <p>Attorney Taitz filed a NOTICE OF MOTION AND MOTION to Expedite authentication, MOTION for Issuance of Letters Rogatory for authenticity of Kenyan birth certificate filed by Plaintiff Alan Keyes PhD.</p> <p>Barry's Kenyan B.C.??</p> <p>Possible Malware Warning! 2009-08-05 The Orly Taitz website is currently compromised. It contains a hidden iframe that links to a Chinese malware site ( I strongly suggest that you disable all JavaScript before visiting. The exploit was NOT detected by Norton AntiVirus 2009 nor AVG (both with current definitions)! It's fresh, folks. Beware!</p>
  • POLARIK springs some startling news re McCain's birth certificate.(interesting read)

    (From Plainsradio blog) POLARIK springs some startling news re; McJuan's birth certificate. Private ping: The "other" forged birth certificate From Polarik | 06/25/2009 11:33:30 AM PDT new Keep this under your hats until I spring it on people I was doing research today on the eligibility and birth certificate controversy that PRECEDED Obama. Namely, the one on John McCain. It appears that: 1. Not only was there a forged birth certificate for McCain, he didn’t produce it. SHADES OF RATHERGATE! Someone named Don Lamb in Panama forged a Panamanian BC showing that McCain was born there in 1936. Wait! There’s...
  • Blogger admits Hawaii birth certificate forgery, subverting Obama claims (Uh-oh)

    07/03/2008 4:35:19 PM PDT · by SE Mom · 9,664 replies · 131,028+ views
    Israel Insider ^ | 3 July 2008 | Reuven Koret
    Jay McKinnon, a self-described Department of Homeland Security-trained document specialist, has implicated himself in the production of fraudulent Hawaii birth certificate images similar to the one endorsed as genuine by the Barack Obama campaign, and appearing on the same blog entry where the supposedly authentic document appears. The evidence of forgery and manipulation of images of official documents, triggered by Israel Insider's revelation of the collection of Hawaii birth certificate images on the Photobucket site and the detective work of independent investigative journalists and imaging professionals in the three weeks since the publication of the images, implicate the Daily Kos,...
  • Why Obama will never show his vault birth certificate.

    04/13/2009 9:04:32 PM PDT · by Polarik · 170 replies · 9,889+ views
    The Greater Evil ^ | 04/13/09 | Polarik
    Q: What do these four things have in common? Aliens from Outer Space Abominable Snowman Boogeyman in the Closet Barack Obama's Certification of Live Birth A: All of them are imaginary!   People say that Obama released a genuine copy of his actual Certification of Live Birth. He never did, and they are mistaken, misinformed, or misleading others if they do. People say that Hawaii confirmed this copy to be Obama's actual Certification of Live Birth. Hawaii never confirmed a request for, nor the printing of, this Certification of Live Birth. People say that Factcheck verified this image as...
  • Obama’s birth issue isn’t going away

    03/06/2009 10:24:01 AM PST · by pissant · 105 replies · 3,819+ views
    Examiner ^ | 3/6/09 | All Ritter
    The newest plaintiffs on the scene for lawsuits about Obama’s birth certificate are a group of military personnel, some active, some reservists, and some retired. They all share the same concern, they don’t think that our sitting President has the requirements set forth in the Constitution to be our President. Many cases have already been submitted concerning the same issues, but all so far have either been dismissed without comment, or dismissed on the grounds of “no standing.” So far Barack Obama has spent close to $800,000 through 3 different law firms to deny access to his birth certificate, and...
  • Polarik speaks out on Obama COLB forgery and paternity question

    01/11/2009 4:35:26 AM PST · by dascallie · 159 replies · 3,874+ views
    Posted by Ron Polarik IP: Jan 10th, 2009 - 2:10 PM I hate to rain on anyone's parade here, but the only way to know for sure when and where Stanley Dunham was married is to see a certified genuine copy of her original Marriage Licenses on record in Hawaii -- assuming that she actually had one for Obama Sr. to begin with. (BTW, a copy of the marriage license was not a required document to get a divorce, as explained below). Back in 1961, common-law marriages (marriages w/o a marriage license needed) were still recognized as legitimate unions....
  • Ron Polarik's Final Report

    11/25/2008 9:48:13 AM PST · by pissant · 15 replies · 1,365+ views
    MitchellLangbert Blog ^ | 11/25/08 | Mitchell Langbert
    Contrairimairi has forwarded this link to Ron Polarik's blog. Polarik offers an in-depth analysis of the question of the forgery of the Obama birth certificate. I'm trying to understand if the judge who supposedly checked out the copy in one of the cases was able to assess Polarik's claims. Polarik writes of President-elect Obama's birth certificate that the Obama campaign had posted on a left-wing blog: "from the first time I saw the Daily Kos image, or what I now call, "Obama's bogus birth certificate," that something was just not right about it. As someone who has scanned hundreds of...
  • Polarik’s final report: Obama’s ‘Born’ Conspiracy - A FRAUD

    11/25/2008 8:29:10 AM PST · by OL Hickory · 25 replies · 1,192+ views
    Len Lamphere ^ | 25-nov-08 | Len Lamphere
    While doing research on Leo Dinofrio I was led to this site.(Len Lamphere) while in the middle of reading the article about "Polarik" the Len Lamphere site crashed (AS of 11:25am EST) The source URL is cashed from on url and scroll halfway down till you see this: Polarik’s final report: Obama’s ‘Born’ Conspiracy - A FRAUD What the heck is going on?
  • Polarik's Final Report: <i>Obama's 'Born' Conspiracy</i>

    09/17/2008 11:58:31 AM PDT · by Polarik · 76 replies · 3,557+ views
    The Greater Evil ^ | 09/17/2008 | Polarik
    Polarik's Final Report: Obama's 'Born' Conspiracy Part OneOverview In the June 9, 2008 edition of National Review Online, writer Jim Geraghty posted the following story to his blog, the Campaign Spot: Obama Could Debunk Some Rumors By Releasing His Birth Certificate.Having done some Obama-rumor debunking that got praise from Daily Kos (a sign of the apocalypse, no doubt), perhaps the Obama campaign could return the favor and help debunk a bunch of others with a simple step: Could they release a copy of his birth certificate? Reporters have asked for it and been denied, and the state of Hawaii does...