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  • Study finds a strong correlation between elevated hypertension and irregular sleep patterns

    03/30/2023 8:42:52 PM PDT · by ConservativeMind · 5 replies
    Medical Xpress / Flinders University / Hypertension ^ | March 28, 2023 | Hannah Scott et al
    New research shows the chances of higher blood pressure increases exponentially, particularly for overweight middle-aged men, with every hour of sleep they lose or change to their regular nighttime routine. A new study is one of the first large-scale extended studies into the effect of variable sleep patterns on blood pressure. The study involved a global sample covering the equivalent of more than 2 million nights of home sleep data measured from 12,287 adults—88% of them men and, on average, overweight (BMI; 28±6kg/m2)—in their own homes using portable under-mattress sensor monitoring technology and remote blood pressure assessment. On average, each...
  • Ukraine remains at heart of freedom’s future

    03/28/2023 7:07:58 AM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 51 replies
    The HIll ^ | 03/28/2023 | LAWRENCE J. HAAS
    “The global struggle for democracy approached a possible turning point in 2022,” Freedom House writes in its latest annual report on political rights and civil liberties around the world. “There were signs … that the world’s long freedom recession may be bottoming out, which would set the stage for a future recovery.” Freedom shrunk for the 17th straight year over the past 12 months, but did so only slightly this time, with 34 countries growing freer and 35 less free. In addition, “the year’s events showed that autocrats are far from infallible, and their errors provide openings for democratic forces....
  • 21-Year-Old MMA Fighter Isaiah Abels Suffers a Cardiac Arrest During Fight

    03/12/2023 6:26:23 AM PDT · by GrandJediMasterYoda · 47 replies ^ | 3/12/23 | Jim Hoft
    21-Year-Old MMA Fighter Isaiah Abels Suffers a Cardiac Arrest During Fight Earlier this month, a young fighter suffered a medical emergency during a fight at The Coliseum in downtown Evansville, Indiana. Amateur MMA fighter Isaiah Abels, 21, was rushed to the hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest shortly after landing a second-round takedown during a fight, Express reported. Medical personnel rushed in and were able to restart Abels’ heart before he was taken to the hospital. According to the doctors, Isaiah experienced brain damage due to a lack of oxygen to his brain for several minutes. Abels’ brother Zach posted...
  • Long-term intermittent fasting reduces COVID-19 heart failure issues and death in heart disease patients

    Intermittent fasting, especially when done over the course of decades, can have positive effects on metabolic and cardiovascular health. Now, a new study finds that it may also add an extra layer of protection from heart-related COVID-19 complications in people who had already sought cardiac care. "We already know that regular fasting over long periods of time can lead to overall health improvements. Here we found that it may also lead to better outcomes in COVID-19 patients who required a cardiac catheterization," said Benjamin Horne, Ph.D. "Fasting won't necessarily stop a cardiac event from happening, but it may prevent someone...
  • Ablation found to reverse common type of heart failure (50-75% of HFpEF patients, regardless of atrial fibrillation)

    03/03/2023 6:54:24 AM PST · by ConservativeMind · 9 replies
    In a world-first randomized study, catheter ablation has been shown to reverse heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) in patients with both HFpEF and atrial fibrillation (AF). Researchers found catheter ablation substantially improved exercise capacity, lung pressure and quality of life in participants, and significantly, 50% of participants randomized to the study group no longer met the criteria for a HFpEF diagnosis. Dr. David Chieng said that catheter ablation should be considered as a treatment option for those with AF and HFpEF. "After catheter ablation, half of our study patients showed reversal of HFpEF using the gold standard testing...
  • Transgender hormones linked to 'substantially' higher risk of heart attack, stroke: study

    03/01/2023 6:09:00 PM PST · by NetAddicted · 21 replies ^ | 2/28/2023 | Jean Mondoro
    According to the study, gender-confused individuals who use cross-sex hormones have nearly seven times the risk of stroke and nearly six times the risk of heart attack. (LifeSiteNews) — A study released this month shows that the use of cross-sex hormones among gender-confused individuals leads to “substantially increased risk” of serious cardiac issues, including heart attacks and strokes. The research, presented at a conference of the American College of Cardiology, found that “people with gender dysphoria taking hormone replacements as part of gender affirmation therapy [sic] face a substantially increased risk of serious cardiac events, including stroke, heart attack and...
  • Insomnia tied to greater risk of heart attack, especially in women

    People who suffer from insomnia were 69% more likely to have a heart attack compared to those who didn't have the sleep disorder during an average nine years of follow-up, according to new research. In addition, when looking at sleep duration as an objective measure of insomnia, researchers found that people who clocked five or fewer hours of sleep a night had the greatest risk of experiencing a heart attack. People with both diabetes and insomnia had a twofold likelihood of having a heart attack. People who reported five or less hours of sleep a night were 1.38 and 1.56...
  • New treatment regimen may decrease mortality in patients with cardiotoxicity from immune checkpoint inhibitors (Abatacept & Ruxolitinib w/ myocarditis = 3.5X survival rate over corticosteroids)

    02/25/2023 7:23:50 PM PST · by ConservativeMind · 1 replies
    Among cancer patients who developed cardiotoxicity after treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy, those treated with abatacept (Orencia), ruxolitinib, and/or mechanical ventilation as needed had a significantly lower mortality rate than those treated with standard-of-care corticosteroids. Immune checkpoint inhibitors, in rare cases, lead to an overactive immune system that can attack muscle cells known as myocarditis when it involves the heart muscle, which occurs in approximately 1% of patients receiving ICI therapy. Patients are typically given high-dose corticosteroids. Salem hypothesized directly targeting the autoreactive T cells may improve survival. Abatacept prevents macrophages from activating T cells and is sometimes...
  • Frequent marijuana use linked to heart disease

    02/24/2023 12:29:21 PM PST · by Red Badger · 27 replies
    Medical Express ^ | FEBRUARY 24, 2023 | by American College of Cardiology
    People who used marijuana daily were found to be about one-third more likely to develop coronary artery disease (CAD) compared with people who have never used the drug, according to a study presented at the American College of Cardiology's Annual Scientific Session Together With the World Congress of Cardiology. As cannabis becomes legal in an increasing number of U.S. states, this study is among the largest and most comprehensive to date to examine the potential long-term cardiovascular implications of using the drug. CAD is the most common form of heart disease and occurs when the arteries that supply blood to...
  • ‘We were all forced’: Mum of ‘healthy’ 21-year-old who died after Moderna blames vaccine mandates

    02/22/2023 9:37:37 AM PST · by upchuck · 12 replies ^ | Feb 17, 2023 | Frank Chung
    Natalie Boyce was a “fit and healthy” student who dreamt of travelling the world and buying her own home. The 21-year-old from Rowville in Melbourne’s southeast — a competitive netball player and hardworking student in her fourth year of law and commerce at Deakin University — would have turned 22 on Monday. Nearly one year ago, on March 27, 2022 — her late grandmother’s birthday — Natalie died of heart failure at The Alfred Hospital, six weeks after receiving a booster dose of the Moderna vaccine. “You’ll never be the same,” her mother Deborah Hamilton, 52, told “No parent...
  • Myocarditis: Once Rare, Now Common

    02/16/2023 11:19:09 PM PST · by fireman15 · 36 replies
    Epoch Times ^ | Feb 16, 2023 | Thomas E. Levy
    As an actively practicing clinical cardiologist for many years in three different communities, I knew about myocarditis. I just never saw it. Quite literally, I recall seeing ONE young woman who presented with a picture of acute congestive heart failure, and her echocardiogram study revealed a big and poorly contracting heart. Such a condition is diagnosed as an idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy, which basically means the heart is enlarged and functioning very poorly, and you have no idea why. After treating her with traditional measures for congestive heart failure, she started getting better. To my great surprise, after six to nine...
  • Netherlands Largest News Agency Blanketed With 14,445 Post-its, Each Representing a Covid Vaccine Death in 2022

    02/07/2023 10:50:25 AM PST · by Jan_Sobieski · 15 replies
    The post-its also included texts such as ‘sudden death,’ ‘heart failure after injection,’ ‘suddenly the new normal,’ and ‘Pfizer report.’On Saturday morning, the NOS [Netherland’s largest news organization] building was filled with 14,445 post-its. Each post-it represents one excess death associated with the Covid “vaccine” in 2022, reports Nine For News.Demonstrators gathered in front of the building, holding banners stating, ‘NOS = fake news,’ ‘honest research into excess mortality,’ ‘NOS, RTL, SBS, NRC, AD, Telegraaf, Loyal, we are tired of your lies,’ ‘stop lying’ and ‘stop the censorship.’The post-its also included texts such as ‘sudden death,’ ‘heart failure after injection,’...
  • Gum infection may be a risk factor for heart arrhythmia, researchers find

    02/01/2023 4:49:54 PM PST · by ConservativeMind · 12 replies
    Periodontitis, a gum disease, can lead to a litany of dental issues from bad breath to bleeding and lost teeth. Now, researchers have found that it could be connected to even more severe problems elsewhere in the body—the heart. The team found a significant correlation between periodontitis and fibrosis (which is scarring to an appendage of the heart's left atrium that can lead to an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation) in a sample of 76 patients with cardiac disease. "Periodontitis is associated with a long-standing inflammation, and inflammation plays a key role in atrial fibrosis progression and atrial fibrillation pathogenesis,"...
  • FAA Press Office responds: There will be no investigations into pilot death/disability caused by the COVID vaccines

    01/30/2023 6:45:45 PM PST · by george76 · 30 replies
    Steve Kirsch ^ | Jan 27, 2023 | Steve Kirsch
    The top management of the FAA needs to be gutted. This is unacceptable that they look the other way when pilots and flight attendants are killed or injured by the COVID vaccines. ... Executive summary The FAA is not investigating any pilot injury, disability, or deaths if it is associated with the COVID vaccines. They know about the incidents, but there is no investigation. When contacted, they have no comment as to why there are not investigating these incidents. The official story is “we haven’t seen a problem” but they haven’t seen a problem because they refuse to look. The...
  • The Epidemic of #DiedSuddenly

    01/25/2023 8:15:21 AM PST · by Paul46360 · 39 replies
    The FREE PRESS ^ | 1-25-23 | Vinay Prasad John Mandrola
    Why are so many people, many of them quite young and seemingly in the peak of health, dropping dead? Today, the news of such events is so inescapable that it feels like an epidemic.
  • Public Schools Start Screening Athletes for Heart Problems While Pretending This Is Normal

    01/12/2023 5:03:33 AM PST · by Tench_Coxe · 19 replies
    There’s an apparent trend that’s forming across America, and for once it’s not a negative one. More Americans are rapidly waking up to the reality that the Covid-19 jabs “may” be ineffective and unsafe. For those who regularly read our stories or hear my shows, you’ve likely been aware of these facts for a long time. But now the “normies” are waking up in droves which is prompting responses from organizations that had previously been firm and confident in their pro-vaxx stances.
  • Project Veritas Strikes Again: Pfizer scientist admits the unthinkable on hidden camera… they all knew…

    01/13/2023 6:31:16 AM PST · by Jan_Sobieski · 40 replies
    Revolver.News ^ | 01/10/2023 | Staff
    Project Veritas is back with a vengeance. Elon reinstated their deleted Twitter account and they’ve been taking aim at Big Pharma with redoubled vigor.But targeting Pfizer is nothing new for Project Veritas. You’ll recall back in 2021, they jumped head-fist into the “vax mandate” debate by publishing a 10-minute video showing Pfizer scientists touting the benefits of natural immunity.Washington Times:“When somebody is naturally immune, like, they got COVID, they probably have better – not better, but more antibodies against the virus,” says Mr. Karl in the hidden-camera footage. “Because what the vaccine is, like I said, that protein that’s just...
  • Moderna begins trialing mRNA shot that is injected directly into the HEART to treat heart attack patients

    01/12/2023 5:01:46 PM PST · by aculeus · 47 replies
    daily mail uk, ^ | January 12, 2023 | Caitlin Tilley
    The shot encodes for relaxin, a hormone which is known to improve blood flow. Patients have received the injection in a phase one trial looking at dosage levels. Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told Sky News: 'It's like science fiction medicine.'
  • Air Force Academy Football Player Suddenly Dies, ‘Collapsing’ While Walking to Class. He Was 21.

    01/11/2023 12:06:58 PM PST · by montag813 · 40 replies
    RNN ^ | 01-11-2022 | Jim Clayborn
    by Jim ClaybornThe Air Force Academy said a cadet suddenly died on Monday after he collapsed while walking to class.Cadet 3rd Class Hunter Brown, 21, was walking to class from his dorm when he experienced a "medical emergency," the Air Force Academy said in a statement. Monday was the first day of class following the winter break. First responders performed lifesaving measures, but Brown ultimately passed away. Officials have not yet determined a cause of death. His roomate, and 2 teammates said that Brown had "no prior health issues" of which they were aware.Brown was a sophomore member of the...
  • Thai Princess Remains Unconscious 3 Weeks After Collapsing From Heart Issue

    01/09/2023 2:25:56 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 7 replies
    The Straits Times ^ | JAN 9, 2023 | Thai princess remains unconscious 3 weeks after collapsing from heart issue
    Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati, the eldest child of Thailand’s King, remains unconscious in hospital due to a bacterial infection, said the royal palace on Sunday. The 44-year-old princess has been unconscious for more than three weeks, after she collapsed due to a heart issue on Dec 14. In its third statement on the princess’ condition since she was hospitalised, the palace said doctors have determined that she has severe heart arrhythmia – irregular heartbeat – which was caused by an inflammation after she suffered a mycoplasma infection. Doctors continue to treat her with medication, including antibiotics. And medical equipment is...