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  • MSNBC Prepares Liberals for Trump Tax Returns Disappointment

    03/06/2021 1:22:35 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 58 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | March 4, 2021 | P.J. Gladnick
    For any liberals that might be reading this blog, take this as your trigger warning! Why? As MSNBC opinion columnist Jessica Levinson explained on Monday, former President Trump's 2011-2019 tax returns might not be all that damaging and instead the ultimate nothingburger.After years of legal wrangling, Trump's tax returns were turned over to New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance on February 22. Since the documents are subject to grand jury secrecy rules, the information won't be released to the public for at least the near future.You can tell the story will be disheartening for liberals from the title of the...
  • Video Shows How Violent Antifa-BLM Thugs Attack “Gays For Trump” At A Manhattan Rally – Police Arrested Two Antifa Men Who Tried To Attack Trump Supporters With Knifes

    03/06/2021 10:16:19 AM PST · by USA Conservative · 18 replies
    Red State Nation ^ | 03.06.2021 | Sarah Hall
    President Donald Trump supporters rolled down 5th avenue in New York City on Friday afternoon with massive “Trump 2024” banners. Link The march advertised as “Trump Save America Flag Unfurling” featured gigantic pro-Trump signage — with one banner exhibiting Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a demon of sorts. The protest was broken up by Antifa-BLM thugs who attacked the peaceful Trump protesters. At least 6 Antifa goons were arrested. Two of them tried to attack Trump supporters with knives. Videos: LinkLinkThe protesters went after the Trump supporters, even the gay Trump supporters. LinkThe New York Antifa decided to mobilize as soon...
  • A Photographer Snapped Photos From Trump And Biden Press Secretary’s Helpful Notes – Matches The Description Of A Conservative Manager vs A “Creative” Liberal

    03/06/2021 7:52:00 AM PST · by USA Conservative · 42 replies
    USA Supreme ^ | 03.06.2021 | George Rowe
    The mainstream media have a totally different approach to the Biden administration, unlike Trump’s administration which was under constant attack from the media, Biden’s team is having a leisure opponent. The same goes for their press secretaries. When Kayleigh McEnany was press secretary the MSM attacked her for very strange reasons, One of the mainstream media headlines at the time was: Why does White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, thumb through a notebook in order to answer questions from the press like it is a high school debate? The answer is easy, Kayleigh McEnany, was able to run through a...
  • White House Cuts Biden Live Feed For A Second Time In A Week As He Offers To Take Questions After Covid Roundtable Discussion (Video)

    03/06/2021 5:31:52 AM PST · by USA Conservative · 53 replies
    Right Journalism ^ | 03.06.2021 | Natalie Dagenhardt
    So far, President Biden has not been nearly as loquacious as former president Donald Trump. Biden’s Twitter feed is pretty dull and his encounters with the media have been carefully controlled — a question here and there, a CNN-hosted town hall and no full-length presidential news conference yet. Biden has not held a full-length news conference even though he has been president for 44 days, beating the previous laggard, President George W. Bush, who waited 33 days. (President Barack Obama held his first news conference on his 20th day and Trump on his 27th. Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush...
  • Multiple Videos Show Confrontation Between Antifa And MAGA Supporters - 6 Arrests Reported So Far At The Trump Save America 2024 Rally

    03/05/2021 2:39:59 PM PST · by USA Conservative · 23 replies
    Conservative US ^ | 03.05.2021 | Alex Hall
    President Donald Trump supporters rolled down 5th avenue in New York City on Friday afternoon with massive “Trump 2024” banners. Link The march advertised as “Trump Save America Flag Unfurling” featured gigantic pro-Trump signage — with one banner exhibiting Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a demon of sorts. “Love me some Diamond and Silk,” one pro-Trump demonstrator told Right Side Broadcasting Network correspondent Mike Nificent. The New York Antifa decided to mobilize as soon as they find out that MAGA supporters and the Proud Boys would in town. Nearing the end of the march, a few angry New Yorkers clashed with...
  • Antifa’s John Sullivan Goes On Live Stream Interview And Admits That His Father Is The Retired USAF General Who Got Caught With “Loose Nukes”

    03/05/2021 10:32:35 AM PST · by USA Conservative · 32 replies
    Defiant America ^ | 03.05.2021 | Kellyanne Richardson
    A lot of speculations surround John Sullivan who uses aliases such as “Activist X,” “Activist John,” and “Jayden X.” He is a left-wing activist who openly documented and discussed his involvement in the pro-Donald Trump rally which turned into an insurrection at the Capitol and is now facing criminal charges. Sullivan, 26, founder of protest group Insurgence USA, recorded himself entering through a Capitol window that had been broken out by the rioters before roaming the halls of Congress during the January 6 attack. Sullivan, of Utah, told authorities that he was in Washington D.C. that day as an activist...
  • VIDEO: "OPEN BIDEN!" ---A Cringeworthy Nancy Pelosi Fable

    03/05/2021 6:08:45 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 7 replies
    Rumble ^ | March 5, 2021 | DUmmie FUnnies
    VIDEO Although many commentators noted that the feed of the virtual meeting by Joe Biden and the Democrat Caucus this week was cut off when he asked for questions, this same electronic meeting also had an extremely cringeworthy fable by Nancy Pelosi. Oh, and note that she must have President Donald Trump always on her mind because she introduced Biden as the "45th president."
  • Pelosi Says Her Grandchildren Don’t Say Open Sesame, They Say Open Biden (Video)

    03/05/2021 5:50:35 AM PST · by USA Conservative · 27 replies
    Red State Nation ^ | 03.05.2021 | Ann Stossel
    Every year, the House Democrat Caucus holds an Issues Conference in the early spring, and this year was the same save for one glaring difference. Thanks to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, this year’s conference turned into a stunningly sycophantic and horrifyingly cringe ode to President Joe Biden. During the Speaker’s remarks, after being introduced by Congresswoman Angie Craig of Minnesota, she told a strange story about her grandchildren and Joe Biden. Pelosi remarked that her 4 and 5-year-old grandsons were “longtime friends of Joe Biden” and that they “love him.” Pelosi said she was taking the children to see Biden...
  • Dangers OF COVID-19 Experimental Gene Therapy “Vaccine”: Just Say NO!"

    03/04/2021 8:32:43 PM PST · by SecAmndmt · 37 replies
    CRTX News ^ | Feb 22, 2021 | Dr Steven Hotze
    (...) This so-called COVID-19 “vaccine” does not provide the individuals who receive the vaccine with immunity to COVID-19, nor does it prevent the transmission of this disease. That is why it is a deceptive trade practice, under 15 U.S. Code, Section 41 of the Federal Trade Commission, for pharmaceutical companies who are producing this experimental gene therapy, to claim that this is a vaccine. These pharmaceutical companies are lying to the public. The government health bureaucrats are also lying to the public, by calling this treatment a vaccine. (...)
  • Decades-Old Video Surface Showing Liberal Darling Tom Hanks Exposing Himself To Men, Women, And Children On A Movie Set

    03/04/2021 1:16:08 PM PST · by USA Conservative · 44 replies
    USA Supreme ^ | 03.04.2021 | Bruce Hoenshell
    iberals celebrate Tom Hanks as the nicest guy in Hollywood. The left celebrated Hanks, even more, when he ridiculed Trump back in 2016. Hanks said that Donald Trump will be president “when spaceships come down filled with dinosaurs in red capes.” Speaking to Sky News on the red carpet at the London premiere of his movie, A Hologram for the King, Hanks also took issue with Trump’s central campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” He was and still is a hero for the liberals and even some conservatives call him Mr.Nice Guy. But it seems that he does have a...
  • Where's the Beach? New York Times Publishes Data-Free Story About Miami's 'Rising Seas'

    03/04/2021 2:56:51 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 37 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | March 3, 2020 | P.J. Gladnick
    The seas are certain to rise in Miami, or so says the New York Times in their story on Tuesday by Christopher Flavelle and Patricia Mazzei, "Miami Says It Can Adapt to Rising Seas. Not Everyone Is Convinced."Could it be that "not everyone is convinced" because they have yet to see proof that the sea is actually rising? The article certainly presents no such proof. Although the story is chock full of projections of future sea level rise, the reader can not find any evidence that the sea has, well, actually risen in the past which would indicate a trend...
  • JUST IN: RSBN Has Been Suspended From YouTube Over Trump CPAC Speech – Search Results Show That Other Live Streams Of Trump’s Speech Were Also Taken Down

    03/04/2021 10:38:32 AM PST · by USA Conservative · 44 replies
    Right Journalism ^ | 03.04.2021 | Mark Van der Veen
    The Right Side Broadcasting Network, which prides itself on its live-streaming of Donald Trump’s rallies, once gave its guests free rein to talk about politics. Now, due to YouTube’s recent crackdown on misinformation, the channel increasingly cuts them off. “We do have to be super careful,” RSBN’s Liz Willis recently told Mike Lindell, the Trump-supporting MyPillow CEO, just as he was getting ready to talk about coronavirus vaccines. “I hate to do it, you know I love you, but due to YouTube’s guidelines, we will get our whole platform shut down if you talk about vaccines.” It seems that even...
  • BOMBSHELL: Lin Wood Leaks Whistleblower Transcripts Exposing VP Pence

    03/03/2021 10:35:07 AM PST · by rxsid · 209 replies ^ | 03.03.2021 | Populist Press
    BOMBSHELL: Lin Wood Leaks Whistleblower Transcripts Exposing VP PenceWe don’t use the bombshell term ever… but this is truly one instance.From Lin Wood: Let’s get the day started with a big BANG of truth. Below is the transcription of the entire taped interview conducted with the brave whistleblower who speaks credibly about crimes committed at the highest levels of our government. He speaks at risk of his life and the life of his family. He consented to this public revelation of his truth. You can judge for yourself whether the claims of the whistleblower must be investigated by law enforcement....
  • Not the time for drastic moves

    03/03/2021 8:06:14 AM PST · by John Conlin · 12 replies
    American Greatness ^ | 02/17/2021 | John Conlin
    Alcohol sales are through the roof, especially when considering most bars and restaurants—which make up about 22 percent of total alcohol sales—are closed or severely limited. Marijuana sales—where it is legal, and probably where it isn’t—are also off the charts. One would have to guess all illicit drugs are experiencing similar sales explosions. Gun and ammo sales are setting unheard of records. Suicides are way up and the mental health of children seems to be at a record low. Trust in almost any institution is at historic lows—with governmental institutions generally residing in the cellar. The country is split on...
  • New Video: Deputy Nearly Shot In The Face At Point-Blank Range While Conducting Welfare Check – The Suspect Received Instant Karma

    03/03/2021 4:58:37 AM PST · by USA Conservative · 10 replies
    Conservative US ^ | 03.03.2021 | Kathy Sullivan
    A newly released video shows a man shot at a Warren County sheriff’s deputy at his door before she fired back at him. The Warren County Sheriff’s Office released Tuesday a doorbell camera video that captured the split-second actions of Deputy Sara Vaught. On Feb. 15, deputies were dispatched to the 7800 block of Hunt Club Drive a little before 7 p.m. for a well-being check. In the video, you see them trying to make contact with 56-year-old Lance Runion who the sheriff’s office says then opened the door and shot at Deputy Sara Vaught who was standing on the...
  • The Covid fraud will not stay hidden...

    03/02/2021 8:28:31 AM PST · by delta7 · 46 replies
    Armstrong Economics ^ | Mar 2 2021 | Armstrong
    The medical profession has really bought into COVID because of the simple fact that they got paid bonuses if the person had COVID. They were claiming that COVID was impacting minorities more, but failed to mention that if you did not have insurance and said you had COVID, the government paid 100% of all the medical expenses. They bribed medical professionals to turn COVID into a national crisis, and even with all of the hype the death toll is only 0.028%..... Now families are starting to demand investigations because their loved one was listed as dying of COVID when they...
  • Cruz Fires Back at Boehner After His ‘Anatomically Impossible’ Insult

    03/02/2021 6:15:52 AM PST · by rustyweiss74 · 12 replies
    MenRec ^ | 03/02/21 | Rusty
    Ted Cruz fired back at John Boehner after the former Republican House Speaker rattled off an expletive-laced insult to the Texas senator while recording audio for his upcoming book. Boehner reportedly went off-script in recording his memoir saying, “Oh, and Ted Cruz, go (expletive) yourself.” ... Cruz began by joking that Boehner’s suggestion was, in fact, not a request he could fulfill. “You know yesterday, John Boehner made some news,” he said. “He suggested that I do something that was anatomically impossible.”
  • The Coming Genocide of Adverse COVID Vax Reactions, and Who to Blame for It

    03/02/2021 7:51:43 AM PST · by JosephJames · 99 replies
    Coronanews123 ^ | January 25, 2021 | Publius
    According to the US federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), as of Jan. 29, 501 deaths have been recorded as possibly related to the experimental COVID vaccinations, 10,748 reported injuries, and 153 permanent disabilities. At least 3,150 of the adverse reactions have rendered people “unable to work,” or perform “daily activities.” (Note: When pasting this document into Free Republic, it seems that most of the special formatting is lost, such as bold, italics, underlined words and embedded links. To read the document with the formatting and embedded links go to the link of the document.) Yet some scientists warn...
  • Videos: Flight Staff Caught Making Anti-Semitic Celebration As Jewish Family Was Removed From Flight When Their 15-Month-Baby Couldn’t Keep The Face Mask On

    03/01/2021 8:13:50 AM PST · by USA Conservative · 32 replies
    Red State Nation ^ | 03.01.2021 | Ann Stossel
    Once again, another incident took place involving Jews on an airplane and mask compliance. The latest incident occurred on Sunday evening, on Frontier Airline flight F9 2878 from Miami International to La Guardia Airport. An eye-witness tells YWN that the flight attendants made an issue over a 15-month old toddler that was not wearing a mask, despite airline regulations that clearly state that “Face coverings are not required for children under the age of 2.” Image below: Fly Frontier’s own website says that children under the age of 2 don’t need masks. But even if this was an incident of...
  • Pricey Bullets: 5 Most Expensive Ammo Calibers

    03/01/2021 7:16:53 AM PST · by Onthebrink · 36 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 3/1/2021 | Peter Suciu
    Of course, nothing comes close to the cost of a single shell used for the cannon originally designed for the U.S. Navy’s USS Zumwalt, which came in at an estimated $800,000 each and made the gun too expensive to operate. However, there still some are calibers that are so expensive that shooters may want to think twice before ever squeezing the trigger. When shooting these rounds you can expect that it will be a costly day at the range. (Note: many of the prices below could be much higher due to what seem like regional price increases due to the...