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  • Benedict XVI Reflects on "Dei Verbum"

    11/08/2005 6:21:34 PM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 7 replies · 191+ views
    Zenit ^ | 11/08/05 | Zenit, Benedict XVI
    Benedict XVI Reflects on "Dei Verbum" "'Lectio Divina' Will Bring to the Church a New Spiritual Springtime" ROME, NOV. 8, 2005 ( Here is the address Benedict XVI delivered in the courtyard of the papal summer residence of Castel Gandolfo, on Sept. 16, to 400 participants in the international congress on "Sacred Scripture in the Life of the Church." The Sept. 14-18 congress, in Rome, attracted 400 experts, including about 100 bishops. The initiative commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council's dogmatic constitution on divine Revelation, "Dei Verbum." * * * Your Eminences, Venerable Brothers in the Episcopate...
  • Prayer and Meditation - Carrying One's Cross

    04/12/2005 8:52:31 AM PDT · by Knitting A Conundrum · 4 replies · 80+ views
    Catholic Meditations ^ | 4/12/05 | Knitting A Conundrum
    Then Jesus told his disciples, "If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. Matthew 16:24-25Lamb of God O Lord, here, where the wood of my own cross rubs agains my shoulders, I begin to realize that redemption had a real price, that the blood flowing down your arms was not theater decoration, But you, Lamb of God our pascal offering slain, the blood of atonement, offered drop by drop...
  • Meditation on the Passion

    02/25/2005 12:57:57 PM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 16 replies · 172+ views
    Knitting A Conundrum
    Passion of my Lord, strengthen me, so weak and ready to sin, may memory of each drop of blood spilled pour into my heart like a beacon of love to pull me back into the way of my Lord. O Jesus!Bring to mind each labored, pain-filled breath, each step towards Golgotha, each blow, each word of mocking each glance at your loved ones, each moment of darkness, undertaken for love, for hope, for life. In my weakness, bring me here, to the foot of your cross, where I, with the Magdeline, will weep bitter tears, where I, with your Mother,...
  • The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery: The Crucifixion

    02/20/2005 6:35:36 PM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 6 replies · 149+ views
    Knitting A Conundrum
    Jesus on the Cross How hard the wood rubbed against your bruised and bleeding back, how hard the iron that made your arms throb with excruciating pain, how the thorns dug in when you held your head fully up, a symphony of pain whose depths I can only vaguely imagine, how hard it was to see the Magdalene there, weeping her heart out, your aunt, and especially, your mother, who watched every moment, sharing your pain as you moved into the darkness of death, but could any of these compare to the wall of separation from your Father that our...
  • Prayer Thread - The Third Sorrowful Mystery: Jesus is Crowned with Thorns

    02/17/2005 8:28:13 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 8 replies · 124+ views
    Knitting A Conundrum
    The Third Sorrowful Mystery: Jesus is crowned with thorns and mocked The Crowning The dirty soldier's cloak, a proper Roman scarlet is draped over his bleeding raw back, the fabric growing darker wherever it touches the handiwork the soldiers left behind in long red stripes still bloody. A game he has become in their hands. For the soldiers bored, violent children of a violent culture, he is a doll to take their frustrations out against everything they hate about this dusty foreign place filled with strange people. They crown him with their disdain, hate, fear, wrapped amid the thorns. And...
  • Prayer Thread - Meditation on the Second Sorrowful Mystery: Jesus is Scourged

    02/13/2005 1:25:03 PM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 8 replies · 126+ views
    Knitting a Conundrum
    The Second Sorrowful Mystery: Jesus is Scourged The First Blow The whip travels in a descending arc, three thongs carrying weights of lead double headed cargo to increase the impact. The hand that wields is the rough and calloused hand of a soldier doing a duty, unknowing, uncaring of whose back it was in front of him. Perhaps as he swings, he thinks of all the looks of disdain, the women who turn away, the men who spit when he passes and they think he does not see, this strange people with their strange hates and strange language and strange...
  • Meditation on Gethsemane

    02/12/2005 9:16:14 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 5 replies · 144+ views
    Knitting a Conundrum
    Two Gardens In one garden, the lie was chosen over the will of God, and naturegroaned under the curse and the grief and the countless tears of mankind that followed. In one garden, quietly, one full moon nightthe will of God was chosen over the lie and nature knew the promise of healing that would free a woeful mankind of its tears had begun in the unfathomable grief of the one who said yes.
  • Prayer Thread - Friday Meditation

    02/11/2005 12:54:24 PM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 5 replies · 87+ views
    Knitting A Conundrum
    Friday morning in spring, was the weather mild or cool that day as the passover crowds milled through the street, in festive mood? Did the whisper pass from ear to ear that morning about the trial, letting the crowd gather at the courtyard to witness another passover, a spectacle unexpected, perhaps, but which would shout through the centuries. How frail you must have seemed when he presented you to the leaders to the gathering group, beaten, bloody, so far removed from the prophet-king of last Sunday, no hosannas this time, just calls for your blood. Some merely curious, some angry,...
  • Prayer Thread - Ash Wedneday

    02/09/2005 7:17:18 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 17 replies · 260+ views
    Knitting a Conundrum
    Meditation on Ash Wednesday Do I not here the bells tolling, one for each year of my life, how few the number seems when set against the starry sky, the count of sand even the flow of history, how short this mortal coil, this gift of God this time of trial. If it were not for you, Lord, this brief short span could have no focus, no purpose, nothing but a brief flare dying out in pain and fear. Yet Lord, If we turn to you, if we humble ourselves, and realize who we are, where we are, and what...
  • Prayer Thread - Meditation on the Passion

    02/06/2005 4:21:08 PM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 10 replies · 130+ views
    Knitting A Conundrum
    Meditation on Christ's Passion When you prayed in the garden, Lord, and the heaviness pressed all around you as the full moon's light peaked through the olive trees, and your apostles snored in the shadows, and you sweated blood in the depths of your grief, how heavy did today weigh on your shoulders, with a war-torn world, mad with bloodlust, despising your peace, hot with hatred and selfish fulfilment sometimes done in the name of God, or done in the name of self, careless with all you have taught? When they tied you to the pillar, Lord, and scourged you...
  • Prayer Thread - Meditation on the Presentation

    02/02/2005 5:17:35 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 2 replies · 80+ views
    2/2/05 | Knitting a Conundrum
    Amazing how such a small slip of a young woman, glowing with the happiness of being a joyful new mother could contain in her arms God a baby nestled in swaddlings, being presented to his true Father. Amazing gift from she who said yes, giving us over and over the Son of her heart, Asking each of us to do whatever he tells us. And when the time came for their purification according to the law of Moses, they brought him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord (as it is written in the law of the Lord,...
  • Prayer Thread - Meditation on Walking With Christ

    01/31/2005 9:09:46 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 22 replies · 196+ views
    Catholic Meditations ^ | 1/31/05 | Knitting a Conundrum (Susan Stone)
    Meditation on St. Patrick's Breastplate Christ with me, For without you, my Jesus, what am I but aging, sad and foolish? Christ before me, For if I do not go your way, the way you ask me I am lost, confused, homeless. Christ behind me, You who watch my comings and goings, you who use me as your tool, behind me, the footsteps of where you have carried me. Christ in me, The gift of my baptism, to be enwrapped in the burning flame of divine love, a particle in the body of Christ, a child of God Christ beneath...
  • Prayer thread - Meditation on human suffering and the Passion

    01/28/2005 4:30:54 PM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 4 replies · 115+ views
    1/28/05 | Knitting a Conundrum
    Lord, the pain wraps around us, throbbing, throbbing, like the rhythm of the hammer fall piercing, deeper, lodging in the wood. The pain, oh the pain, a woman crying out as her loved one is slain, a child shocked at the blood falling from a beheaded parent, the armwrenching agony as they hauled you, nailed to the crossbeam up up to the drop, white pain electric through your arms as the beam found the mortise, like the pain of the tortured screaming beneath their captor's hands, screaming as the electricity screams through their bodies, throbbing, screaming, the pain of being...
  • Prayer Thread - Being Weak

    01/27/2005 7:16:48 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 9 replies · 121+ views
    1/27/05 | Knitting a Conundrum
    Thank you for my weakness, Lord, in letting me have to let go and let you, in letting me be the tool you use to reach others, to let others practice being Christ to those in need, to joining you on your long hard walk to Golgotha to strip away the layers of defense between me and thee until here, at the foot of your cross I can press my face against the rough wood, touch your feet, look up into your eyes and know what truly matters. Be thou my life, Lord, now and forever. Amen.
  • Prayer Thread - The Eucharistic Jesus

    01/26/2005 8:25:28 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 12 replies · 193+ views
    Catholic Meditations and Prayers ^ | 1/26/05 | Knitting a Conundrum (Susan Stone)
    Meditation on Jesus in the Eucharist at Elevation O Light of Heaven come down to earth, come down in the guise of translucent white bread held in the hands of your priest, lovingly for all your children to see, those who believe, those who deny, but reality is what it is. If they could but see, my Jesus, the light cascading out, like a supernova pulsating with tidings of peace and hope and healing, see the angel host bowing down to the ground, flashing their wings in homage and love and overwhelming joy. O Lord, like a true lover you...
  • Prayer Thread - Contriteness and the Need to be Forgiven

    01/24/2005 7:09:23 PM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 4 replies · 103+ views
    1/24/05 | Knitting a Conundrum
    Lord, forgive us for all the ways we wrap ourselves in delusion and deceit, churning the dust until we are lost in a grey smoke designed to hide your light from our every day life. Forgive us, Lord, for all the ways we work, doing everything we can to hide the truth of your way, of your path, of your call. And yet, no matter how much we call evil good and glory in death over life, nothing we can do can eradicate your footsteps glowing in the dust, your smile in the face of a child, your eyes in...
  • Prayer thread - Meditation on the Fourth Station of the Cross

    01/15/2005 12:27:03 PM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 6 replies · 147+ views
    12/15/05 | Knitting a Conundrum
    Did you feel your heart beating in your throat as the crowd closed in, the swolen passover crowd, some jeering, some just strangers trying to see what was happening, blocking your access, blocking your view, blocking you. Did you struggle through the backways to catch up, the need to be there like panic burning in your heart, pulling you and the others like a magnet, your son, your light your life. And when you finally caught up, and saw him, sprawled out on the road, rough hands trying to yank him upright, bloody, beaten, exhausted, muscles trembling in their fatigue,...
  • Prayer Thread - Meditation on the love of Jesus

    01/14/2005 6:54:19 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 6 replies · 130+ views
    Knitting a Conundrum
    Jesus,you who love us beyond the ken of earthly wisdom, who calls us home even the ugly, the aching, the miserable, the cast off, the poor, the selfish, the self-righteous, the uncaring enough to die for each and every one, here, watching God's folly, I fall down on my kneesand adore you. O Jesus, son of Mary, son of God, who knew the taste of dust on the road, the feel of sweat on your forehead, the bite of hunger at the end of a long day, the weight of wood, smooth under a carpenter's hand, rough against the back,...
  • Prayer Thread - Meditation on Jesus as God With US

    01/13/2005 7:05:13 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 6 replies · 102+ views
    Knitting a Conundrum
    How dark, how quiet, save for the beating of her heart, quickened with the angel's greeting, and her determined yes, and the touch of the Spirit, then suddenly, in a moment unwatched by any mortal eye, there was fusion between heaven and earth, and a moment later, division, such a tiny speck, Lord of the universe emptied out, master of time and space contained in a zygote. Incarnation, limitless spirit taking on mortal flesh, encased in the warm darkness, quietly pulsing with the beating of her heart. Thank you Lord, for sanctifying our little human life from conception until death...
  • Prayer Thread - Meditation on Suffering

    01/12/2005 7:34:42 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 9 replies · 200+ views
    Knitting a Conundrum
    At this moment, Lord, I come to you, frail, ill, so aware of my mortality, and full of knowledge of how small a speck I am in the face of an immense universe. And yet rather than despair, I instead remember a time you chose to become frail, vunerable, grieved, tortured, and executed by a miserable death for all the poor vunerable, sinful small specks that we are for love. Thank you Lord, for holding our hands when the days are dark. Let me offer all my fears and sorrows and suffering and pain on the altar of your love,...