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  • Catholics Want Mayor to Stop Desecration of BVM Statue

    12/21/2015 9:19:30 PM PST · 27 of 51
    SoulStorms to vladimir998

    They don’t need rifles. If they showed up with sticks and stones, or spit and jello...if they just SHOWED UP with something more than “respectful pleas”, they could stop this crap.

    Run this guy off the street, and don’t stop until they have to take people away from City Hall in cuffs. Next time, the puny political types will think twice before they incite Catholics.

  • Fumes at Capitol, Hazmat crews on scene

    01/03/2004 3:02:11 PM PST · 24 of 82
    SoulStorms to FairOpinion
    Hillary! Farted.
  • The Anti-Father Police State

    12/25/2003 1:46:13 PM PST · 34 of 53
    SoulStorms to Orangedog
    And the women who are so glad that this machinery is in place to exact revenge upon their ex husbands will be in for a big and unpleasant surprize...

    ...when the state comes for their sons.

  • IBM to Export Highly Paid Jobs to India, China

    12/15/2003 1:47:59 PM PST · 103 of 189
    SoulStorms to Norse
    but to enact reforms here at home that make it more advantageous to do business in the U.S. than in other foreign nations.

    Like what--give every worker a mud hut and pay them in rice and beans?

  • TIME Exclusive: Notes from Saddam in Custody

    12/14/2003 7:05:45 PM PST · 180 of 202
    SoulStorms to FairOpinion
    “Tariq Aziz [former deputy prime minister] hasn’t really spoken,”

    Didn't we negotiate a surrender for this idiot, which involved securing the safety of his family members? We should give the family members a card with a 6 week expiration date. After that, if the Tariqs of the world haven't cooperated, then send the snakes back to the pit they came from.

  • It's time to kick some British butt (Star Parker)

    12/03/2003 2:20:37 PM PST · 25 of 32
    SoulStorms to dwd1
    the truth is she had help in coming to where she is now. All that I see her doing is criticizing others for the same things she did

    I don't think she is "beating up on minorities", as you put it, or recommending her past to the rest of us. She obviously did things that were not right, but the point, I think, is that she stopped doing them.

    Yes, there was help available to her, but again, the point is that she took advantage of that help and changed.

    I hear her criticizing those who are content to wallow in the past as an excuse NOT to make changes, so yes, she can find fault with Al and Jesse. You may have a point that she does not seem contrite enough about her own past, but I prefer to think that she is merely staying on message.

    Her point is not to bemoan her own life in public, because--who cares? Her point is to motivate others who are stuck in a bad paradigm to change it, then change themselves.

  • Classic Inside Job (JFK baggage handlers smuggled $$ millions in drugs)

    11/26/2003 1:47:42 PM PST · 110 of 116
    SoulStorms to genefromjersey
    Some Freepers insist the solution is to legalize anything and everything.

    I have struggled with this approach too. However, when I hear other Libertarians try to flesh out how this might look, they always seem to point to countries where people are "free" to use drugs, but then those who choose to live their lives responsibly are "obligated" to fund the inevitable medical costs.

    Freedom needs to be commensurate with the responsibility born by the free.

  • Romney Signs DNA Bill-ALL PERSONS Having ANY Felony Convictions Must Submit Sample to State

    11/20/2003 12:06:37 PM PST · 89 of 90
    SoulStorms to Pavlovs Dog
    you might want to try not doing any of those things, then you wont run the risk of being a felon.

    If you are breathing, talking, or thinking, you will aways run that risk. Think about the creeping hate crime legislation that gradually seeks to make thinking the wrong thing a crime.

    I don't think I commited any felonies today, but I did snicker when a guy got on the bus with his "man purse". Hate crime? Not yet, but it's coming. Falling back on the old "don't do anything illegal and you won't have anything to worry about" paradigm isn't a solution. If it were, we wouldn't be in a "free country" arguing about it.

  • Romney Signs DNA Bill-ALL PERSONS Having ANY Felony Convictions Must Submit Sample to State

    11/15/2003 2:15:05 PM PST · 25 of 90
    SoulStorms to Servant of the 9
    I don't see this as any different than taking fingerprints from everyone arrested.

    It's very different. A fingerprint is only a unique identifier. Your genetic code is an infinite source of information about you and your entire family.

    Can you imagine your health insurer or future employer being able to screen you for future health issues from a database because you got caught up in a bar brawl when you were 21? How about having your genetic information end up being used for bioweapons research because you pilfered an avocado?

    Wanna lose your kids? Care to end up on a "watch list" because you have been identified as "high risk" from your genetic makup for some unwanted behavior? Try doing any of that with fingerprints.

  • Romney Signs DNA Bill-ALL PERSONS Having ANY Felony Convictions Must Submit Sample to State

    11/15/2003 2:00:03 PM PST · 18 of 90
    SoulStorms to Maceman
    I really don't have a problem with this at all. We are talking about CONVICTED felons here.

    Think about what you're saying. Anything can be made a felony, from murder to having a joint in your pocket.

    Here in California, law abiding gunowners jumped through all the existing hoops to buy a certain legally manufactured firearm. A couple years ago they were told that those weapons had to be turned over to the state, or their mere possession would be a felony after the deadline.

    The legal activity you enjoyed today, friend, could easily become the felony of tomorrow; will you have a problem with a law like this then?

  • Man Arrested in Abortion Clinic Bomb Plot

    11/12/2003 7:33:18 PM PST · 4 of 13
    SoulStorms to yonif
    ..."he thought Jordi once mentioned to a relative that he might "do something to an abortion clinic." Ward said Jordi never specifically talked about blowing up clinics.

    Jordi is "overzealous about the Lord,"

    Nice juxtaposition of those two statements. Let me read between the lines and take a whack at the message:

    George Bush and the Republicans are on the attack against a WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE, and they've brought the Christian kooks out to force women back into the DARK AGES.

    ...Did I do okay?

  • US Operation underway in Baghdad

    11/12/2003 11:39:15 AM PST · 141 of 206
    SoulStorms to GrandmaPatriot
    And where is Fox News on this? They have been doing a poor job lately pulling away from regularly scheduled programs when something really breaking is happening

    It seems to me that an increasing amount of their time is spent slinging celebrity gossip and publicizing TV projects, they don't really have time for news.

    I find myself switching off to MSNBC more and more often. It's sad.


    11/11/2003 2:49:36 PM PST · 78 of 164
    SoulStorms to areafiftyone
    I will never forget his huckabuck dance. God bless him for all the uproarious joy that moment in T.V. has brought me.
  • U.S. Warrior's Slow Death Being Exploited By Lawyers

    11/10/2003 2:12:28 PM PST · 1 of 8
    Let's see...

    It took several medical exams, plus a brain biopsy to diagnose Staff Sgt. Alford's disease. Even then, the diagnosing doctor says he worked very hard to hide his illness (as any proud warrior might). The military restored his rank and pay upon diagnosis, and apologized to the family.

    It seems to me that the tragic story should have ended right there, but notice how the remaining verbiage goes on to paint the military as cruel, negligent and remiss in its level of compensation to the family.

    My sympathies are with our proud warrior and his family, but to all appearances, they are being used by ambulance-chasers to get a hand in the taxpayer's pocket.

  • Greenspan Delivers Upbeat Forecast on Economy and Jobs (Democrats being sent to ICU)

    11/06/2003 11:14:16 AM PST · 45 of 64
    SoulStorms to areafiftyone
    offset by either spending cuts or increases decreases in other taxes...
  • US, Afghan troops kill nearly 20 Al-Qaeda men near Pak border

    10/27/2003 11:43:45 AM PST · 13 of 28
    SoulStorms to Coop
    "According to our information, the Al-Qaeda attacked American forces first." This is what's known as a tactical error. Doesn't really sound like Al Qaeda, though. My guess is mostly Taliban, or AQ trainees/wannabes.

    I think any attack on U.S. forces along this border (Where we think UBL might be hiding) should make us suspect that it might be a diversion which allows one ass riding another, to quietly escape into the ether once again.

  • U.S. Senate passes anti-spam measure

    10/23/2003 4:44:25 PM PDT · 54 of 62
    SoulStorms to yonif
    could face jail time and million-dollar fines under the bill

    ...And how much of those fines will find their way to the people who get spammed??

  • Teacher who called boy 'monkey' appeals dismissal

    10/17/2003 10:16:21 AM PDT · 62 of 65
    SoulStorms to TexasCajun
    The teacher then explained to the student that "monkey" was a "term of endearment," according to the statement read by Nelson, but when the student continued to be upset, the teacher apologized and the student stomped away.

    There's the problem. The teacher should never have apologized for something she didn't want to be fired for later. What if the teacher had asked the student WHY the comment was upsetting, and assured the student that his offense was unfounded?

    I believe the kid's reaction is a perfect example of the poison that racial politics have fed to the next generation.


    10/06/2003 3:01:51 PM PDT · 40 of 151
    SoulStorms to Dolphy
    Unfortunately, if Arnold wins, I don't think Drudge will let go

    What does he think will happen? Is Arnold going to start assaulting old ladies in his office because he's having a bad day? Oh yeah--that's Davis. I guess I got my governor's mixed up...

    Why isn't Drudge giving that story some play? I understand how conservatives could have misgivings about Arnold, and find themselves partial to McClintock, but I really hate how just about every conservative radio talk show host in my area has turned his show into a non-stop campaign headquarters for Tom...Drudge included.

    I'm sure nobody is happier with that than Davis.

  • FINAL DIRT PUSH TAKES TOLL; CONCERN FOR MARIA'S HEALTH [More allegations against Arnold]

    10/04/2003 3:04:46 PM PDT · 86 of 165
    SoulStorms to Ol' Sparky
    More reason why character does matter. Only someone in deep denial would deny Schwartenegger and Clinton are almost identical in their sexual abuse of woman.

    I'm getting tired of hearing this comparison.

    Was it really such a big deal to pat a woman on the butt in the seventies? Are any of the women now morphing these incidents into "sexual abuse" willing to swear out their allegations under penalty of perjury, the way Clinton's accusers did? Are any of them talking about rape? Can any of them show how Arnold has used the apparatus of government to intimidate them into silence, or to punish them for their speech?

    Let me help you: no, no, no, and no.

    There is no fair comparison. This is simply a last minute smear campaign by the people who say sex doesn't matter. Here, they're not even talking about sex. We're just allowing the liberals to frame an "issue" where there is none, and bickering amongst ourselves about it...just like we always do.