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  • Donald Sterling receives lifetime ban

    04/29/2014 11:46:16 AM PDT · 77 of 223
    Dan Nunn to jimjohn

    As I said in #57, you better believe he did. We’ll probably never know the specifics, but with the NBA having a rev share, and the boycotts affecting the LA Clippers, don’t you think his actions have hurt the other owners? If his contract with the NBA didn’t cover something like that, well, then the NBA needs new lawyers.

  • Donald Sterling receives lifetime ban

    04/29/2014 11:42:54 AM PDT · 63 of 223
    Dan Nunn to RginTN
    Robert ‘kkk’ Byrd is still a Democrat in good standing

    Not quite standing, he's been laying on his back for nearly 4 years ;)

  • Donald Sterling receives lifetime ban

    04/29/2014 11:41:53 AM PDT · 57 of 223
    Dan Nunn to circlecity
    I don't agree that anyone should be fined and banned for life for a private comment made in a private conversation.

    The NBA has a revenue sharing program. There are 29 other NBA teams. Because of the stupid comments and subsequent boycotts, it is devaluing the investments and costing the 29 other owners real money.

    And you can bet his franchise agreement provides the ability of the NBA to monetarily penalize him.

    The NBA has every right to protect their business interests.

  • Tampa Bay Times Financials Strained

    03/01/2014 6:37:39 AM PST · 6 of 31
    Dan Nunn to shortstop
    The Tribune is really going after the Times this morning, probably in response to the Times firing its first shot a couple weeks ago: Jo-Ann Stores sues Tampa Tribune, alleging inflated circulation numbers.

    Here's another followup sure to be highlighted by the Tribune this weekend: Poynter Institute's Struggles Mirror the Times.

    I loved this part:

    While Times reporters have often investigated nonprofits and charities and the paper has published an ongoing series titled “America’s Worst Charities,” Poynter stumbled in getting its own nonprofit properly registered with the state.

    Poynter failed to file paperwork with Florida to register as a nonprofit entity until 2009, decades after the Times patriarch Nelson Poynter established the school.

    Remember, the Tampa Bay Times is the organization that publicizes Politifact.

  • TSA will grope you less for $85

    07/23/2013 4:20:34 AM PDT · 16 of 30
    Dan Nunn to Oldeconomybuyer

    You’re talking the GOES program right? It’s slightly different (but also allows for TSA Pre). There are supposedly going to be more interview locations for this.

  • Tampa doctor's son accused of killing unborn child

    05/16/2013 6:45:44 AM PDT · 1 of 17
    Dan Nunn
    A very selfish and despicable act. I'm very curious how this plays out.
  • These photos could contain the bomber

    04/17/2013 7:50:08 AM PDT · 13 of 245
    Dan Nunn to humblegunner
    You left out the picture of the exploded backpack to make your non-point.

  • Parents, kids sought in Tampa kidnapping case (anti-government?)

    04/03/2013 1:29:34 PM PDT · 62 of 78
    Dan Nunn to GOPJ

    I’ve since switched to FiOS, but when I did have Brighthouse, I enjoyed Al Ruechel. Something tells me he’s not a liberal.

    But I hated their Political Connections when they would bring on Adam Smith from the TBT.

  • Vanity. Need computer advice.

    03/19/2013 8:47:37 AM PDT · 8 of 65
    Dan Nunn to saminfl
    Is Linux hard to use?

    Yes. There may be people here who try to convince you otherwise, but unless you consider spending time trying to fix computers a hobby, you won't enjoy it. Tracking down binary drivers, figuring out dependency issues, and googling for command line syntaxes gets frustrating after awhile. And that's before you even get to your point about .avis (and their codecs), Office compatibility, and more.

    I'm a Mac user, and I can appreciate your stance (though a Mac Mini isn't expensive), so I won't try to push it on you.

    Thus, I'll simply recommend going for Windows 8. As always, the bark is louder than the bite, and while you'll be annoyed at a few of the changes (lack of a start button, "Metro" interface), you can largely use it just like previous versions. It's not as bad as those make it out to be.

    I'm a technical guy. I use Linux on my servers (hosted in the Amazon cloud). But I wouldn't ever recommend Linux to anyone on a desktop unless they have a ton of free time and patience.

  • Firearms Companies Restricting Sales To GOVERNMENT Agencies In Areas That Restrict Gun Rights

    02/22/2013 9:45:47 PM PST · 15 of 17
    Dan Nunn to maddog55

    That’s the key. Of course the smaller players get on early, they have nothing to lose, especially if they do little LEO business in NY and CA. We need to turn the tide of the BIG players in the industry like Smith and Wesson and Glock. THEN the legislators will start listening. Every bit helps, but let’s get some big players in on this.

  • Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Sparks Controversy. Offensive or Overreaction?

    02/14/2013 9:33:17 AM PST · 3 of 57
    Dan Nunn to Impala64ssa
    Jezebel is one of the most obnoxious man-hating sites on the internet (especially from their resident anti-male male, the limpwristed Hugo Schwyzer). I've blocked them so I don't accidentally click any of their links.

    It goes without saying that they are part of the Gawker network, which published the names of NYC CCW holders in response to the suburban newspaper that did the same, then went on twitter to disparage anyone who called them out on it.

    The entire Gawker network is scum and I urge everyone to never visit any of their sites, listed here.

  • Assault Weapons Ban Has Rough Road Ahead, Grassley Says

    02/04/2013 1:22:34 PM PST · 5 of 22
    Dan Nunn to neverdem
    Sen. Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, said vulnerable Senate Democratic incumbents could be the key to preventing an assault weapons ban from passing this year.

    Gee, you mean the NRA's single-issue strategy actually works?

    But I thought a common theory here suggested that the NRA only endorse Republicans?

  • NRA chief: Why we fight for gun rights

    02/01/2013 8:20:22 PM PST · 23 of 26
    Dan Nunn to CodeToad
    You are an absolute, unadulterated moron. You have been spewing the same scumbag garbage for years - since you started at FR. It was irrelevant then and it's even more irrelevant now.

    For the last 7 years you've been on here saying that forty five (45) years ago, in 1968, their magazine admitted to helping pass gun control acts then and in 1934 - seventy nine (79) years ago.

    Since then, you've claimed this as proof that the NRA would come out in support of any gun control regulation that might come to the forefront and claim they are stopping any worse legislation. That is, that they would "compromise." And, for 7 years, you've offered only your own vapid speculation, and for 7 years, rejected any argument that the NRA-ILA was formed after 1968, et. al.

    Fine. Let's put all of that behind us. Because for the last 6 weeks, your 7 year long tirade on the NRA has now been put to the test, and instead of you recoiling into silence about how completely wrong you were, you double down on your own idiocy! It's like watching Saddam Hussein's Ministry of Information. It's truly mind-boggling how clueless you look.

    December 14, 2012 was the date of the most horrific gun crimes ever to hit this nation. Maybe not the most deadly, but the one that tugged at our nation's heartstrings more than any other - innocent, young children getting shot and killed point blank by a ravenous evil madman. The response was swift, and the mechanics of the anti-gun lobby swung into motion. Decades of laws that have failed in the past were brought to the forefront, none of which would have stopped Newtown, of course, but I digress. Millions of moms who had no stance on the issue were brought to tears and anger by the biased media.

    And one week after the event, what did we see? If we were to believe your theory, it would have been a press conference by Wayne LaPierre agreeing that "something needs to be done to stop gun violence" and that they will work together with those on Capitol Hill that everyone can agree on. BUT WAIT! That didn't happen! Wayne LaPierre rightly stared down the biased media, called them out, looked Code Pink in the face, and stated that GUN LAWS WILL NOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. In other words, he did the exact opposite of what you've been ignorantly carping for 7 years!

    And thus, the NRA has been pilloried in the biased media and by hack politicians as having "blood on their hands." Week after week, NRA execs have been on Capitol Hill, the Sunday talk shows, cable outlets, and in newspaper editorials getting the message out that additional gun laws won't solve this problem. They didn't put their foot out, see LaPierre get attacked, and take a step back. They fought, like they have been saying they have done for years, for our gun rights. Behind the scenes, we can be sure they are on the phones with politicians who have benefited from them in the past, reminding them that the time to pay back that favor is now - you think Harry Reid doesn't know this?

    And now we begin to see that the gun control cabal is fading. Their persistence and consistency is working, because their message is better. They are getting the word out that "assault weapons" are just cosmetic features with no connection to how 'deadly' a weapon is. They are getting the word out that a "gun show loophole" is nothing other than Americans having the right to free trade. And most of all, the media are coalescing around a universal background check, thinking that might be the consolation prize in this whole battle - the NRA has come out against that, too.

    In short, everything you've said for 7 years has been blatantly wrong. And instead of congratulating them on being the public face of the 2nd Amendment at a tremendously emotional time, you stick to your two-track recitation of "1934 NFA!" and "1968 GCA."

  • NRA chief: Why we fight for gun rights

    02/01/2013 8:00:12 PM PST · 22 of 26
    Dan Nunn to US Navy Vet
    Tell THAT to the “NRA” when they keep STABBING us in the back with “endorsments” of POS DEM Politicians(Harry Reid).

    Who's "us"? NRA doesn't stand for National Republican Association, FYI.

  • Oh, by the way: New York forgot to exempt cops from its new ban on high-capacity magazines (Ooops)

    01/17/2013 8:28:04 PM PST · 8 of 27
    Dan Nunn to cripplecreek

    Best comment I’ve read in a while.

  • Trying to Find a Good HTML Web Hosting Site

    01/17/2013 6:25:42 AM PST · 20 of 40
    Dan Nunn to ducttape45
    There are great suggestions here, and I'll throw another one in the ring. It may not be the simplest, but it's probably going to be one of the most cost effective: Static HTML hosting with Amazon S3.

    Regardless of who you choose for a hosting provider, I urge you to check this out for designing a simple page. You can make an awesome looking webpage with very little HTML whatsoever. It's called Bootstrap, and it was designed by the Twitter team that found themselves creating new services for internal use, but wanted to stop reinventing the wheel of creating a UI for each individual project:

    Check out some of the Examples and do a View Source in your browser to see how easy it is to make something that looks that good.

  • NRA says gun lobby has the support in Congress to block assault weapons ban

    01/13/2013 11:22:27 AM PST · 12 of 50
    Dan Nunn to cripplecreek

    They have been, especially in state legislatures.

    But methinks Newtown is a setback for national reciprocity for years.

  • Rick Perry: I Can’t Make Cuomo A Texan

    01/13/2013 9:07:02 AM PST · 10 of 34
    Dan Nunn to Berlin_Freeper

    Ed Koch is fully aware of this phonetic conundrum.

  • Here Is a List of All the A*****es Handsome Law-Abiding Citizens Who Own Guns in New York City

    01/08/2013 3:48:23 PM PST · 24 of 31
    Dan Nunn to dubyajam

    You (legally) cannot in NY. You have to arrange a meeting with the pistol permit office and get the gun added to your license before you can ever take possession of it from a gun shop. Private party sellers would be unwise to sell a pistol to someone else and neglect to deregister it from their license.

    God, I’m glad I left that hellhole.

  • Corbett Backtracks On Comments About Restricting Gun Sales On State Property

    01/07/2013 4:23:13 PM PST · 6 of 9
    Dan Nunn to stevio

    This is a classic case of the media creating an issue where none existed. Corbett NEVER said he was considering anything. More info here: