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  • McCain won because of the votes of non-Republicans and Hispanics

    01/31/2008 5:35:52 PM PST · 16 of 44
    burzum to rmlew

    This story is idiotic. Even the smallest amount of research would allow the writers to know that the Hispanics in Florida are mostly Cubans not Mexicans. All this open borders crap is irrelevant. Here is what is relevant: what has Romney said about how he wants to handle Cuba? McCain has been concrete and has vocally pushed for prosecution against Raul Castro for the 1996 shootdown of the Hermanos al Rescate planes which resonates very strongly with Cuban exiles. Romney just gives generalities. McCain has been supporting Cuban exiles in Congress for years. Romney just discovered them this year when he had to run for election in Florida and then decided to group them into a comprehensive Latin American Policy Group (basically equating their legitimate struggles against communism with those of illegal Mexicans in the country).

    Conservative Hispanics in Florida voted for McCain because the Romney campaign completely ignored them. Romney could have won them if he would have paid attention. He didn’t and lost.

  • Planet Mercury is shrinking, volcanic

    01/31/2008 7:55:20 AM PST · 13 of 19
    burzum to NormsRevenge

    I can’t wait until MESSENGER gets in orbit. The high resolution images should be able to give some decent dating values to these ridges. I’m curious how old these ridges are. I would guess that decent dating of these features would give a pretty good understanding of the interior dynamics of the planet.

    It is interesting that the Moon doesn’t have these features and that Mercury doesn’t have maria. It would appear that Mercury cooled much faster than the Moon (so that the maria didn’t have time to form on Mercury and so that the crust on the Moon had time to relax). I would bet that this would be due to a much higher accretion energy per unit mass. This should be easy to disprove if the dating on these features is younger than ~3 billion years. We’ll know in a couple of years.


    01/29/2008 6:03:46 PM PST · 1,957 of 3,498
    burzum to westmichman
    Thanks for telling me what I can and can’t do.

    Well you are telling others the same so I figured I'd just follow your excellent example.


    01/29/2008 5:47:39 PM PST · 1,777 of 3,498
    burzum to westmichman
    McCain is going to win by 100,000-120,000 votes..

    And if he doesn’t your credibility is shot and you are banned. Fair enough?

    No, that's not fair. If he is right though you should volunteer to be banned in lieu of Onerom99. That would be fair. You can't gamble without anteing up.


    01/29/2008 5:27:26 PM PST · 1,537 of 3,498
    burzum to StarFan

    Miami-Dade is coming in at a 4:1 ratio for McCain vs Romney.

    Game over.


    01/29/2008 4:55:31 PM PST · 1,101 of 3,498
    burzum to levotb
    It DOESN’T look good, my Romney friends...The BIG, populated areas of Miami and Orlando and Jacksonville haven’t reported in, and McShame is widening his lead...NOT at all good...

    Remember President Reagan's 11th Commandment. And don't try to pretend that you are smarter or more politically savvy than Reagan. There is a very strong reason for the 11th Commandment and it shouldn't be ignored.

  • Cuba Page of Wikipedia

    01/29/2008 4:28:11 PM PST · 23 of 32
    burzum to redpoll
    I never let my students use wikipedia as a main source for anything. This is just one of many reasons.

    I wouldn't let students use any encyclopedia as a primary source if I were you. Fortunately, Wikipedia and other encyclopedias give references for their claims.

  • Cuba Page of Wikipedia

    01/29/2008 4:17:48 PM PST · 22 of 32
    burzum to El Jigue
    I've read the talk page and have seen no concerted effort to force one view over another. This is just tilting at windmills. You have to be willing to support any changes you make to the article with a valid argument as well as references. You failed to do that in your complaints. Are you trolling FR for sympathy?
  • 5 dead after crash at "fly-in" community runway

    01/26/2008 7:31:50 PM PST · 25 of 27
    burzum to relee
    So, was the tree going 18 MPH or did gravity increase the car's speed?

    The vertical component of their speed would have been about 50 mph.

    Actually CNN noted that they hit the tree 15 ft above the ground changing these numbers to about 65 mph when they left the embankment, and about 80 mph on impact (45 mph vertical component). Either way they left the embankment at a very high speed which probably indicates they underestimated the braking distance required.

  • 5 dead after crash at "fly-in" community runway

    01/26/2008 3:12:31 PM PST · 19 of 27
    burzum to varina davis
    As it neared the end of the runway, the car traveled off the end of an 85-foot high embankment. It became airborne for 200 feet and struck a large tree.

    Just doing a rough estimate, but if they fell 85 feet and traveled 200 feet laterally then they left the embankment about 59 mph and hit the tree at about 77 mph. Any BMW could easily do 120 mph or more. Unfortunately the stopping power does not increase linearly with momentum. It would take roughly 4 times as long to stop at 120 mph as it would at 60 mph. I'm guessing that they were probably driving faster than 100 mph and underestimated the distance it would take to stop the vehicle.

  • Sharapova, Ivanovic move into Australian Open women's final

    01/25/2008 9:20:42 PM PST · 62 of 64
    burzum to andyssister
    Oh I hope not. She could be a great tennis player and I hope she doesn't get sidetracked like Kournikova did. Maria just won. Good for her,she played awesome tennis at this slam.

    I agree. Maria needs to only win the French Open and she will have won all of the Grand Slams. She massacred her opponents during this open. Seeing how she has played in the last couple of days I'm surprised that Ana Ivanovic did so well in this match. Even #1 Justine Henin noted that Maria was unstoppable during this open after Maria took her down 6-4, 6-0.

  • Calif Supreme Court: Workers can be fired for using med marijuana

    01/25/2008 5:11:20 PM PST · 53 of 171
    burzum to robertpaulsen
    Million of individuals growing marijuana in state would render the regulation of interstate commerce of marijuana useless. Certainly you agree with that statement.

    Why then was a Constitutional Amendment required for Prohibition instead of a simple Public Law? Certainly the same logic applies.


    01/23/2008 7:28:06 PM PST · 217 of 226
    burzum to gbscott1954

    Without runoff polling, a third party getting power is not possible today. If you want a third party then you need to first support runoff initiatives (like IRV).

  • Mexican military surrounds Matamoros police station

    01/22/2008 12:40:22 PM PST · 4 of 29
    burzum to SwinneySwitch

    This is part of Calderón’s continuing efforts to stop police corruption. These operations have been going on for over a year.

  • Chavez to farmers: Sell within Venezuela or it's 'treason'

    01/21/2008 12:50:29 AM PST · 29 of 33
    burzum to RDTF

    I’ll just bet that milk producers in Venezuela are just dying to invest more money in dairy cows and milk production facilities knowing that they’ll be able to sell even more of their product at a loss. Socialism at work. I just wish that at least one person in their administration took a 100 level microeconomics course.

  • Official NFL Conference Championship Games-Patriots beat Chargers 21-12; Giants beat Packers 23-20

    01/20/2008 4:00:16 PM PST · 437 of 1,634
    burzum to misterrob
    Yes. You won’t likely see something like this run ever again. 5 AFC Cmapionship games & 4 SBs in 7 years.

    Yep, they've even eclipsed the 49ers accomplishments during the 80s. The Patriots are looking to become the Yankees of football.

  • Official NFL Conference Championship Games-Patriots beat Chargers 21-12; Giants beat Packers 23-20

    01/20/2008 3:43:59 PM PST · 391 of 1,634
    burzum to Last Visible Dog
    Watching the TV does not make you MANLY.

    Do you mean the TV networks have lied to me? Drinking beer and watching sports doesn't make me a sports star? All of those years have been wasted?!?

    Dang. Well, at least I still have NASCAR.

  • Pro-American German Woman Threatened

    01/19/2008 9:28:24 PM PST · 1 of 6
    Karin Quade, a stalwart German supporter of the US, has had a terrific blog called Anti-anti-Americanism where she breaks down a lot of the myths that cause anti-Americanism throughout Europe. She explains that the vile video is a death threat that shows where she lives with background music and comments saying that she should be killed. Hopefully it will be pulled from YouTube soon. I have already flagged the video.
  • The secret undersea weapon(India's nuclear submarine)

    01/19/2008 12:53:17 AM PST · 13 of 51
    burzum to sukhoi-30mki
    About 25 years of which were spent on debating whether an N-sub was required in the first place.

    And the answer was yes. Without SSBNs, a nuclear deterrent has no credibility unless you want to either move missiles periodically on trucks and trains or keep airplanes with nukes in the air 24/7. The problem is that SSBNs are extraordinarily expensive to build and maintain. And you have to build them quiet so that they aren't followed. Good luck to India on the endeavor. I just hope they have the security procedures in place to prevent this technology from leaking to Pakistan. The last thing the world needs is for Pakistan to have the technology to build a blue water sub that can deploy nuclear weapons around the world.

  • Chicago Lawyer goes before judge for damage to Marines car. Judge is a former Marine.

    01/18/2008 8:34:25 PM PST · 72 of 91
    burzum to Talking_Mouse
    The Judge then, in as angry a voice as I have ever heard him use, scolded the defendant, saying that the Marine license plates the complaining witness had were not vanity plates or about ego, but the proceeds go toward the Marine and Navy scholarship fund for the children of fallen soldiers, sailors and marines. These Marines protect his very existence "so people like you can enjoy their freedom." He further said that the reason there were so many in the courtroom and so much public interest is that the Marines have a tradition since 1775 that "No Marine gets left behind." Several Hoorahs in the courtroom.

    This just warms my heart!