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  • A Hidden Tycoon, African Explosives, and a Loan from a Notorious Bank: Questionable Connections Surround Beirut Explosion Shipment

    08/26/2020 2:08:35 PM PDT · by rktman · 19 replies ^ | 8/21/2020 | OCCRP and Partners
    Since the devastating explosion of a store of ammonium nitrate in Beirut’s port on August 4, Lebanese citizens have taken to the streets in shock, outrage, and grief. Above all, they have demanded answers: Where did the nearly 3,000 tons of explosive chemicals come from, and who owned it? Why did the rickety ship that brought the hazardous material to Lebanon end up stranded in the city’s port in late 2013? And how could the impounded chemicals sit for over half a decade in an unsafe warehouse before tragedy finally struck? In Lebanon itself, the causes of the disaster appear...
  • Could the Big Bang have created a hidden 'twin' Universe?

    07/08/2020 4:13:08 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 78 replies
    BBC ^ | February 20, 2020 | Video by Howard Timberlake
    Could the Big Bang have created a hidden 'twin' Universe?
  • 'Waking up': Volcanic region gets hot after 'inactive for many centuries' Could impact travel for decades

    04/14/2020 7:20:07 AM PDT · by rktman · 42 replies ^ | 4/13/2020 | WND staff
    A region of Iceland is erupting for the first time in 800 years, raising concern of disruptions in air travel for centuries to come. The Guardian of London reported that since Jan. 21, the Reykjanes peninsula southwest of Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, has experienced more than 8,000 earthquakes. About 10 centimeters of land has risen due to magma intrusions underground, the paper said. "It seems that after being relatively inactive for many centuries, this region is waking up," Lancaster University volcanologist Dave McGarvie told the Guardian. The area is fed by five volcanic systems, the Guardian said, "which seem to come...
  • Dark Matter Still Missing After Many Decades

    11/25/2019 3:29:26 PM PST · by fishtank · 143 replies
    Creation Evolution Headlines ^ | 11-22-19 | Jerry Bergman, PhD
    Dark Matter Still Missing After Many Decades ... "Big Bang theory in trouble". November 22, 2019 | Jerry Bergman All the proposed candidates for mysterious, unknown stuff have failed to materialize, putting Big Bang theory in trouble. by Jerry Bergman, PhD The cover story of the November 16-22 New Scientist announced prominently on the cover: “DARK MATTER: We still haven’t found it. Our theories are falling apart. Is it time to rethink the universe?” [1] Dan Hooper, author of the cover story, is worried, because Dark Matter theory is a necessary support for the Big Bang. Thus, the Big Bang...
  • UCF researchers discover mechanisms for the cause of the Big Bang

    11/02/2019 11:26:42 AM PDT · by Salman · 84 replies
    Space Daily ^ | Nov 01, 2019 | Space Daily Staff Writers
    The origin of the universe started with the Big Bang, but how the supernova explosion ignited has long been a mystery - until now. In a new paper appearing in Science Magazine, researchers detailed the mechanisms that could cause the explosion, which is key for the models that scientists use to understand the origin of the universe. "We defined the critical criteria where we can drive a flame to self-generate its own turbulence, spontaneously accelerate, and transition into detonation," says Kareem Ahmed, an assistant professor in UCF's Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and co-author of the study. ...
  • Does the Bible teach Big Bang cosmology?

    10/03/2019 7:36:08 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 51 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 10/03/2019 | Hugh Ross
    One of the most popular articles I have written is “Big Bang—The Bible Taught It First!” I wrote it with the encouragement and assistance of theologian John Rea and we published it in Reasons to Believe’s Facts for Faith magazine in 2000.1 In the two decades since then, one of the most common objections I have received from skeptics is that the Bible teaches no such thing. Who is correct?Biblical EvidenceJohn Rea and I did not claim in this article that the Bible teaches all the fundamental features of the big bang creation model. We did explain, however, how it...
  • Stephen Hawking pictured on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Island of Sin'

    07/24/2019 12:17:44 AM PDT · by Trump20162020 · 21 replies
    The UK Telegraph ^ | January 12, 2015 | Agency
    New pictures show Stephen Hawking enjoying the hospitality of Jeffrey Epstein on the private Caribbean island where Prince Andrew is alleged to have slept with an underage "sex slave". The celebrated physicist can be seen at a barbecue on Little St James as well as taking a boat cruise and submarine tour of the sea bed off the island.
  • Toppling Ten Fake Facts That Prop Evolution

    05/29/2019 8:23:11 AM PDT · by fishtank · 308 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | 4-30-19 | Brian Thomas
    Toppling Ten Fake Facts That Prop Evolution BY BRIAN THOMAS, PH.D.* TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2019 ICR founder Dr. Henry Morris wrote in 2003, “Practically all the media strongly promote evolution and...the general public has been taught only evolution in public schools and secular colleges all their lives.” Yet, according to yearly polls, about half of Americans still distrust at least some evolutionary ideas. Dr. Morris suggested these people may recognize the evidence that counters big-picture evolution. I’ve found that by asking thought-provoking questions about evolutionary arguments, I can help friends recognize enough weaknesses for them to think more about creation...
  • Geologists discover a new hotspot in Yellowstone supervolcano that's killing off trees

    04/06/2019 9:10:36 AM PDT · by rktman · 82 replies ^ | 4/5/2019 | Cheyenne Macdonald
    Full Header: Geologists discover a new hotspot in Yellowstone supervolcano that's killing off trees in a patch of warm land the size of FOUR soccer fields A new thermal area has popped up in Yellowstone National Park, in yet another sign of the ever-changing magma activity beneath the surface. Satellite images have revealed an expanse of about eight acres – or the equivalent of four soccer fields – where the ground is warmer than its surroundings, causing the trees and vegetation in that patch to die off. While scientists have only just confirmed its existence, the United State Geological Survey...
  • The Kalam Cosmological Argument

    01/26/2019 5:24:45 PM PST · by pcottraux · 16 replies
    Depths of Pentecost ^ | January 25, 2019 | Philip Cottraux
    The Kalam Cosmological Argument By Philip Cottraux The Big Bang has been greatly mischaracterized as an atheist explanation for how the universe begin. Unfortunately, in most people’s minds, the phrase is synonymous with natural scientific explanations for the origin of the cosmos, disputing the creation account of the Bible. This is based on both a lack of understanding of the theory’s true history as well as years of secularist indoctrination, especially in public schools. The more I research history, the more I find instances where atheists have either lied about it or seized credit for something they were originally opposed...
  • Mayim Bialik says she's 'not doing so well' on Christmas Eve after split from boyfriend

    12/25/2018 12:44:13 PM PST · by bgill · 80 replies
    FOX ^ | Dec. 25, 2018 | Sasha Savitsky
    "The government is in a shutdown, it’s Christmas Eve day, I’m newly single and not doing so well to be quite honest," the actress, who is Jewish, shared. "But the most pressing issue right now is that my cats - after 2 years together - have started a dominance war that involves urine and feces," she added before saying, "Long story short my bed is not able to be slept in and I’m sleeping on my couch. Just keeping you updated as to my life here."
  • Hyperion is an ancient cosmic beast formed 2.3B years after Big Bang

    10/18/2018 5:59:30 PM PDT · by ameribbean expat · 41 replies
    Astronomers have discovered a massive proto-supercluster of galaxies -- bigger than even one million billion Suns. Scientists have called the ancient colossal structure Hyperion, the European Southern Observatory announced Wednesday. It is reported to have appeared just 2.3 billion years after the Big Bang, which took place about 13.7 billion years ago. The cluster's namesake is one of 12 titans born to the gods Gaia and Uranus in Greek mythology.
  • Are we really ready for a Yellowstone eruption?

    05/01/2018 10:47:59 AM PDT · by rktman · 90 replies ^ | 4/30/2018 | Jazz Shaw
    Reuters picked up a quirky science story this weekend which caught my attention and it has to do with Yellowstone National Park. Steamboat Geyser, the largest “active” geyser in the world, erupted on Friday. The typical response should be along the lines of so what? It’s Yellowstone. The place is full of geysers. All true, except Steamboat also erupted on April 19th. And it erupted on March 15th. Still doesn’t sound unusual to you? Before that, the last time it erupted was in 2014. It’s a very inactive geyser. 2003 was the last time that it had three eruptions over...
  • Big Bang, Big Claim: Why This Bold Idea Is Right

    04/24/2018 10:57:04 AM PDT · by ETL · 89 replies ^ | Apr 21, 2018 | Paul Sutter, Astrophysicis | LiveScience
    At 13.8 billion years ago, our entire observable universe was the size of a peach and had a temperature of over a trillion degrees. That's a pretty simple, but very bold statement to make, and it's not a statement that's made lightly or easily. Indeed, even a hundred years ago, it would've sounded downright preposterous, but here we are, saying it like it's no big deal. But as with anything in science, simple statements like this are built from mountains of multiple independent lines of evidence that all point toward the same conclusion — in this case, the Big Bang,...
  • Astronomers Spot Two Massive Galaxies Surrounded by a Halo of Dark Matter at the Dawn of Time

    12/06/2017 11:31:18 AM PST · by Red Badger · 89 replies ^ | 12/06/2017 | By John Wenz
    Less than a billion years after the Big Bang, two titans speed toward each other. NRAO/AUI/NSF; D. Berry ======================================================================= Just 780 million years after the universe formed in the Big Bang, two galaxies speed to confront each other in a head-on collision that will lead to a merger between the two—and one of them is towing along a clump of dark matter larger than any spotted before. The research paper, published today in Nature, highlights a little-understood era of the universe known as the Epoch of Reionization. This is when the first galaxies came together and lit up the universe...
  • Possible vestiges of a universe previous to the Big Bang

    11/27/2017 10:44:27 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 50 replies
    Science Daily ^ | 11/27/17
    Although for five decades, the Big Bang theory has been the best known and most accepted explanation for the beginning and evolution of the Universe, it is hardly a consensus among scientists. Brazilian physicist Juliano Cesar Silva Neves part of a group of researchers who dare to imagine a different origin. In a study recently published in the journal General Relativity and Gravitation, Neves suggests the elimination of a key aspect of the standard cosmological model: the need for a spacetime singularity known as the Big Bang. In raising this possibility, Neves challenges the idea that time had a beginning...
  • Big Bang May Have Never Happened, Suggests New Theory

    10/29/2017 4:15:50 PM PDT · by TBP · 142 replies
    NDTV ^ | February 11, 2015 17:55 IST | World | Press Trust of India
    The Big Bang never happened and our universe may have no beginning and no end, suggests a new theory by physicists, including one of Indian-origin. The theory applies quantum correction terms to complement Einstein's theory of general relativity and may also account for dark matter and dark energy. The widely accepted age of the universe, as estimated by general relativity, is 13.8 billion years. In the beginning, everything in existence is thought to have occupied a single infinitely dense point, or singularity. Only after this point began to expand in a "Big Bang" did the universe officially begin. Although the...
  • Scientists baffled: Universe shouldn't exist

    10/26/2017 10:45:49 AM PDT · by ForYourChildren · 116 replies
    WND ^ | 10/25/2017 | na
    New measurements confirm cosmos should have self-destructed if Big Bang true! Despite the organization’s $1.24 billion annual budget for 2017, the physicists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, are being forced to admit failure in their latest effort to explain why any of us are here. Indeed, why there’s even a “here” here at all. “The universe should not actually exist,” said Christian Smorra, a physicist at CERN’s Baryon–Antibaryon Symmetry Experiment (BASE) collaboration. CERN, founded in 1954, features a circular tunnel some 17 miles around that houses a particle accelerator, which uses peak energy of 14 trillion electron...
  • What Caused the Universe to Come into Existence?

    09/17/2017 6:49:17 AM PDT · by Raymond Pamintuan · 129 replies
    PJ Media ^ | September 16, 2017 | Edward Watson
    We know, to the best of our senses and instruments, that the universe exists. How did it come into reality 13.8 billion years ago? In other words, what caused the Big Bang? Roughly speaking, there are two possibilities: “nothing” caused the universe to come into being or “something” triggered it into existence.
  • What Caused Life to Come Into Existence?

    08/25/2017 7:42:24 AM PDT · by Raymond Pamintuan · 177 replies
    PJ Media ^ | August 25, 2017 | Edward Watson
    It has become axiomatic that life naturally evolved out of nonliving materials billions of years ago. Given enough time and the chemical opportunity, living cells self-assemble. However, the experts on the development of complex molecules from simpler ones, the synthetic chemists, do not know how this process actually occurs. There are no known pathways to create the components that make up a living cell from nonliving matter. They have no idea how amino acids (the building blocks of proteins and enzymes), nucleotides (the building blocks of DNA and RNA), saccharides (also called carbohydrates or sugars, the scaffolding for DNA and...