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  • Was JFK the last REAL president?

    11/22/2023 7:47:07 PM PST · by RandFan · 114 replies
    FR ^ | Nov 22 | RandFan
    Alex Jones often says he was the last REAL president in the sense that they could (back then) actually run things, make decisions/appointments, decide policy etc. Since that fateful day his thesis is that all the presidents have been puppets. Every one of them with the possible exception of Trump who they used impeachment (twice!) / conviction to keep in line. Is there any truth to this do you think?
  • Has voter fraud been mastered now?

    11/07/2023 8:32:15 PM PST · by AnalogReigns · 124 replies
    Myself | Nov. 7, 2023 | Ralph W. Davis
    I'm tending to think the Democrats have totally mastered the arts (there are various kinds) of ballot cheating...and persuading voters just isn't enough anymore. Very depressing for me. Thoughts?
  • Boycotts work, so turn off FNC.

    04/24/2023 4:13:29 PM PDT · by CarmichaelPatriot · 77 replies
    I haven't watched FNC since 11/4/2020 and survived. You can too. The Bud Light boycott is already showing results. Two people have been put on "leave of absence" (fired). Turn off FNC and similar results can occur. Beside, if you watch FNC for 1 hours, you've seen everything newsworthy you're going to see there all day, anyway. The rest is just fluff and filler. Try Newmax, OANN or just your local news (not the network broadcast). Add a little FR and CFP and you'll get all the news you need for the day.
  • Voting integrity (vanity)

    04/20/2023 6:12:43 PM PDT · by notted · 12 replies
    4/20/2023 | notted
    I’m interested in starting a creative discussion on the topic of voting integrity. Should Republicans create a transparent, legally valid, and unassailable voting system, a standard for accurate and verifiability, contrasted to our current unverifiable voting fraud system? Should Republicans prepare to challenge voter fraud by contrasting this standard with current examples of corrupt systems. Should Republicans prepare to fight with law-fare or other tactics necessary to discredit Democrat alternatives? The Republicans could create a pre-voting election before the national election which provides a baseline of valid votes. These votes would be released after the general election for purposes of...
  • One word demonstrating untrustworthiness

    04/20/2023 8:26:23 PM PDT · by Right Wing Vegan · 67 replies
    Whenever any Caucasian individual uses "karen" as a pejorative term in any context, you know that individual cannot be trusted. Few words one uses can indicate trailer, gutter, drug addict, liberal and/or libertarian brainwashing. and probably satanist, more readily than this word spitting out their mouth like a fecal flake.
  • Where’s the Manifesto?

    04/17/2023 8:43:21 AM PDT · by AnthonySoprano · 41 replies
    04/17/2023 | Self
    Where is the Manifesto of the Transgender attack on a Christian school in Tennessee? Where is the Toxicology on the Ulvade shooter?
  • Where Are All The Voices?

    04/12/2023 12:31:33 PM PDT · by jimjohn · 19 replies
    Just a note that I'm starting to see certain folks who did routine live-streaming to have suddenly vanished from both you tube and rumble with no explanation so far. What they had in common was their [I'll just say] alternative reporting of the the actions taking place in Ukraine and around Taiwan. Without naming names (and starting FR-type drama): One was supposed be back on air 4/7. it's been 5 days, and I've seen nothing on the socials from that cute couple. One has become to spotty, understanding that he's overseas. But figured from his wherebouts we'd at least get...

    04/01/2023 2:18:31 PM PDT · by babygene · 72 replies
    Self | Self
    Much has been written about a National divorce. IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be...
  • The security of U.S. psychotropic supply. (Vanity)

    03/31/2023 7:37:34 PM PDT · by Bogle · 13 replies
    My question: How secure is the U.S. supply of psychotropics in the face of major disruptions? Here, I'm referring to issues of supply chain--and also major economic upheavals (war, hyperinflation, etc.). I'm having problems finding current sources. Also--understandably-- more focus is on disease-fighting drugs; but I'm afraid a sudden crash in psychotropics could be much more serious than expected.
  • Vanity: Biden Pardons Trump—What if?

    03/31/2023 8:31:50 AM PDT · by devane617 · 58 replies
    Ok, just a thought. What would be the fallout if Biden decided to pardon Trump? From reading several liberal rags today I can detect a bit of unease on the left at this indictment of Trump. There are so many possibilities ahead if this is actually allowed to play out. Local prosecutors and DA's around the country will fill the courts with charges against former Presidents.
  • John Fetterman

    03/29/2023 8:06:35 PM PDT · by ExpatCanuck · 34 replies
    Self | Self
    When will a group of Republican US Senators insist on meeting John Fetterman? To wish him well, give him some flowers, whatever. Just to see what the response is and to watch the Dems circle wagons and the media show outrage. If they wait until August to reveal that he is in a vegetative state and incapable of executing his duties as a U.S. Senator, then the Democrat governor of PA gets to pick Fetterman’s replacement for the balance of his six year term. If this is disclosed before August there has to be an election, which a Democrat would...
  • 2 American Actresses Who Were Gorgeous As Lolita Force Us To Ask Ourselves Where Adolescence Ends (A Plea Not To Go Too Hard On An Angry Dad Arrested In Florida)

    03/09/2023 5:42:57 PM PST · by Ozguy1945 · 38 replies
    Sue Lyon and Blanche Baker were gorgeous in different ways as Lolita. But that doesn't make understanding the issues involved easy for anyone. I am only going to identify the 44 year old guy under arrest in Florida for firing shots into a bedroom by the one initial M. M believed he was shooting at a man who had been in bed naked with M's teenage daughter was in that bedroom. As I understand it, M called the police. Now M is under arrest. Formally, he should get the presumption of innocence. Some people will see him as a hero....
  • Should the US start a war on the border of China to overthrow Xi?

    02/23/2023 4:40:35 PM PST · by norsky · 51 replies
    Feb. 22, 2023 | norsky
    Should the US start a war on the border of China to overthrow Xi?
  • Who is This? It's NOT the Sarah Huckabee Sanders I remember! (vanity)

    02/07/2023 8:04:57 PM PST · by Don W · 125 replies
    This is the most disappointing speech I have ever watched. What happened to her? I thought her job was to rebut the lies and obfuscations of Brandon. All I heard was stories about her time with The Donald.
  • how is it possible that there are any women for biden?

    01/31/2023 12:25:39 PM PST · by SteveH · 97 replies
    me | me
    how is it possible that there are any women who are for biden? especially after the antics of hunter biden have been publicized??
  • Chit-Chat only - Trying to think of another country on this planet where a small minority of the population is solely responsible for the majority of the crime. Theres got to be more than just the USA.

    01/24/2023 4:45:16 PM PST · by know.your.why · 64 replies
    01/24/23 | Self
    What got me thinking about this is...I conduct inspections at gas station/convenience stores. Exxon,Mobil,Chevron,Texaco,Marathon,Shell,etc... Today at two sites, the workers were from Kenya, Africa. Their accents sounded very British to me. But heres the thing..('the thing'..oh crap) seriously they were all very intelligent and professional. Well spoken. Respectful. Very pleasant people. They came off in a way that reminded me of graduate students. I was stuck by how much I was caught off guard. One gal told me that the Kenyan Gov't was ruled by the British until recently. She actually knew gov't history of her country! Now...the black (american)...
  • Reminder: After the 20th Kamala Harris can be President for TEN years

    01/13/2023 7:55:15 AM PST · by cotton1706 · 67 replies
    This has been the long-term plan. Use Biden for two years, then get him outta there (somehow) and have Obama's preferred person be president for the remainder of Biden's term and then for TWO full terms thereafter. She's a dope but they don't care. The militant leftist minions in the agencies are running the government. And that's how they like it. 22nd Amendment text: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term...
  • why was this pulled ?

    01/07/2023 1:50:08 PM PST · by knarf · 16 replies
    self ^ | December 7, 2023 | knarf
  • Will Trump Be Elected Speaker of the House (for 100 days) on JANUARY 6?

    01/05/2023 7:08:14 PM PST · by PJ-Comix · 42 replies
    Self | January 5, 2023 | PJ-Comix
    Tomorrow is January 6. J6. Imagine the exploding Democrat heads if President Donald Trump is elected Speaker of the House on that anniversary. CHAOS! I think this is a win-win in a yuuuuge way. First of all it resolves the current deadlock in the House on the Speakership vote. And the votes for Trump would come from both conservatives and from the McCarthy camp since it would be the only way he would get his PRECIOUSSSSSSSS as long as he waits for Trump to step down in April. By that time Speaker of the House Trump would have instituted changes...
  • Make Democrat heads explode! Vote Trump as Speaker!

    01/03/2023 12:49:50 PM PST · by Nateman · 47 replies
    Free Republic ^ | January 3 , 2023 | Nateman
    In a historic vote for the first time in over a Century Congress did not get a Speaker of the House in a first vote. Make history even more bigly : Make Trump the first non member to become Speaker!