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"Eat your vegetables, DON'T elect them!" - Sen. John Kennedy, Louisiana
Thin Blue Line Flag (United States)
"The founding fathers didn't believe in the future. They believed it in. You're always believing ahead of your evidence."

-Robert Frost />
"So, Death, here is thy defeat! If, after a sufficiently thorough investigation of the elementary particles of Physics, we place our person, our 'I', in what appears to be its rightful place, then there is no more real Death for us...any more than there is real Birth. We live on the same spiritual plane as the Universe itself."

- Jean-Emile Charon, The Spirit: That Stranger Inside Us

"...you and I have got to emancipate ourselves from these little picayunish ideas of the universe, and know that God, Spirit, is Infinite Love and Intelligence, Wisdom and Power, and that is enough.

You and I may worship this God as we see fit. Your manner of approaching the Deity may be entirely different from mine and might be the best way. You might get a greater sense of the touch of the Divine Hand if you went to a certain place and worshiped in a certain way. If you say it is good, that is good. Somebody else might do it by fishing, etc. It is good. There are no churches and church times for the universal God; there is just simply I AM, and there is not anything else. And so let every living soul forget what individuals do and how they attempt to reach God, and mind their own affairs, just reach God within themselves.

- Ernest Holmes, Love and Law

"Evolution is not the same as Creation. It is the unfolding of potentialities involved in things already created, but not the calling into existence of what does not yet exist; that is Creation."

--Thomas Troward, 'The Creative Process in the Individual', 1915

"What I really want is to give comfort to people in this wilderness of death and trouble. And to myself, too. So, when I can, I take the poison and hate out of my books; but I hate, just the same. I hate violence, and tyranny, and vulgarity. I hate despair and destruction, and the writers who insist that that is all there is, there isn't anything else.

Robert Nathan

"Human beings are not on earth to be citizens, or taxpayers, or socially engineered pawns of other human beings; rather they are here in order to grow, to transform, to become their authentic selves."

- Stephan Hoeller

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