Since Feb 29, 2000

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I’m an evangelical Christian, with Reformed/Anglican & Lutheran convictions (yes, I know, strange combination...), recently graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary(RTS), Charlotte, NC campus. My undergrad degree is in Political Science.

I firmly believe that mature Christian philosophy leads to an idea that “government governs best which governs least” even though that heretic Tom Jefferson said that...

Seriously though, one profound idea I’ve come across in seminary, is the idea that when people lose faith in God, they tend to gain faith in the next biggest power in their mind, which tends to be Government. This explains why some of the most secular nations on earth (think of countries in Europe) which are democratic, also are the most, Dillon said, “ya gotta serve somebody.”

If you don’t serve God, people will want to serve government—thinking it will grant them security and/or prosperity. That’s not to say that committed biblical Christians don’t have all kinds of ideas about governance. However, not all ideas are equally valid...if we accept the idea that God is the God of absolute truth.

As Madison said, “If men were all Angels, government would not be necessary.” The corollary is that as men become less angelic—increased government control becomes more necessary. A lack of internal governance, makes the iron hand of external governance—force—more desirable, if public order is to be maintained. Therefore the level of self-governance and freedom—really is dependent on the level of virtue of a people. One reason I’m skeptical of efforts to establish democratic governments amidst people groups without a history of Christian virtue—self control—is, as, democracy is, according to Franklin (yet another heretic) “two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.”

This is why the minority groups (Christian and other) in Iraq are systematically being persecuted now--in spite of our best efforts there. I will be surprised if the goal of democratic government--ordered liberty--succeeds in any Islamic country, because of the tyranny of the majority. The tyranny that is Islam itself needs a tyrant to control it...

My screen name, “AnalogReigns” reflects that I reject the idea of the digital (computer/internet/mobile phones/TV/electronic media of all types) is ultimately powerful—as digital information is ALWAYS a simplification, and reduction of reality, which is, and always has been, analog in nature. I was working for an IT firm when I dreamed up that screen name. Analog Reigns, is another way of saying, GOD, not human innovation, REIGNS.

“He was crucified for our sins, and raised to life for our justification.” (Romans 4:25)