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Why Democrats Must Lie To Win (Rush Mentions Free Republic Alert)
Rush ^ | 10/08/2007 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 10/08/2007 4:05:23 PM PDT by goldstategop

RUSH: I had some rudimentary information on this two weeks ago, and it wasn't enough for me to trust going with. But since then, it has been verified, and most of it's been verified by a "Freeper" at Free Republic. Everybody is writing about this now, since the Freeper posted it over the weekend. This 12-year-old kid that the Democrats used in the Saturday radio address to whine and moan and cry to President Bush about the S-CHIP children's health program, it turns out that the family of this kid sends its kids to "one of Baltimore's expensive private schools." This family owns a house in a neighborhood of homes valued in the $400,000 to $500,000 range. This family bought commercial property in 1999 for $160,000.

This is Graeme Frost, the 12-year-old, and Frost's father is self-employed. He owns the building in which he works. His father makes about $45,000 a year while his mother is employed is at an unspecified salary by a medical publishing house that doesn't provide health insurance coverage. Bottom line. This is from Mark Tapscott, who is an editorial page editor at the Washington Examiner, has been tracking all this on the blogs. "Two points. First, people make choices and it's clear the Frosts have made choice to invest in property and a business, but not in private health insurance. The Maryland-administered version of the federal SCHIP program, by the way, does not impose an asset test on applicants." It's one of the states where you have no asset test, so anybody can be part of the program! What the Democrats did: "President Bush used his regular Saturday radio address yesterday to explain and defend his veto of the massive expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) approved last week by Congress. ... An hour later on national radio, the Democrats' response to Bush was delivered by Baltimore private middle school student Graeme Frost, who along with his sister was seriously injured in an auto accident three years ago.

"His response to Bush was actually recorded earlier in the week and Matthew Hay Brown, a reporter from The Baltimore Sun, interviewed the young man after he did his recording. Frost said his parents work hard to provide for him and his sister but one thing they can't afford is private health insurance, so they have to depend upon the government program, Brown reported for The Sun. Perfect illustration of why the SCHIP program should be expanded, right? Actually, no, because the Sun only reported the Democratic version of the story and we can't depend upon a mainstream media outlet like the Sun to get the rest of the story." Well, the rest of the story is: "It turns out the Frost family sends its kids to one of Baltimore's expensive private schools, owns a house in a neighborhood of homes valued in the $400,000-500,000 range and bought commercial property in 1999 for $160,000." What's the upshot of all this? This is nothing new. The Democrats lie! They have to in order to make their case. What was seductive to them was that this young man and his sister were severely injured in an auto accident, and they didn't have private insurance. "That's all we needed. That's all. Just smear the president. That's all we needed. We don't need any other details, because we know that our buddies in the mainstream media are not going to uncover the details, and if they do uncover 'em, they're not going to report 'em -- and when they do get uncovered a couple weeks later, a day later, the story is already ours. We already own it."

So the bottom line for me is: they can't rely on truth to make their case for their cause. They have to lie. Be it about me, be it about their own voters (such as the Frosts) be it about President Bush, they must lie -- and anybody who stands in the way of their succeeding with that lie becomes an enemy, becomes a target. That's where I and my buddies in talk radio come in. We are a thorn in their side because we represent the truth they are trying to hide, the truth that they are lying about, and they have to do something about it -- and they have to do that by lying. The truth will not help 'em. The truth is inconvenient to today's Democrat Party and today's left. "Fiction" is their byword. Make it up. Make sure people cry about it. Have a lot of emotion attached to the fiction, and have no guilt about it. "Once you get past the lying, the rest is easy," is their philosophy. The kid, Graeme Frost, in one of his radio addresses, asked the question: "Why doesn't President Bush want children to have health care?" They send the kid out to lie. They filled this kid's head with lies just as they have some of these soldiers about me. Put lies in the kid's head or put it on the script that he's reading. He goes out and reads it. He's 12 years old! They will use anybody! They'll corrupt anybody, to get where they're headed. That's who they are, folks.

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To: goldstategop
Dimocrats lie???? I knew that WELL before this story broke. Didn’t need this story to tell me that. But, it just reinforces the reinforcement of the enforcement of the prior enforcement of the dimocrat lies. If a dimocrat lies, 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time, it is a lie. The other .whatever 1 it is, would be correct to something like: “I hate those guys.” That would be the only time they are correct. Cause I know they hate me, but my contempt for them out numbers their hate for me.
21 posted on 10/08/2007 4:19:09 PM PDT by RetiredArmy (Marxist Dimocrats & Harry Reid are the true PHONY supporters of the Military.)
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To: rabscuttle385

An inconvenient truth?

22 posted on 10/08/2007 4:19:16 PM PDT by wastedyears (George Orwell was a clairvoyant.)
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To: goldstategop


23 posted on 10/08/2007 4:19:24 PM PDT by Lancey Howard
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To: Garden Island
Here's another related piece that was posted on FR today. It needed a barf alert because it came from a Left-leaning publication.
24 posted on 10/08/2007 4:21:22 PM PDT by LowCountryJoe (I'm a Paleo-liberal: I believe in freedom; am socially independent and a borderline fiscal anarchist)
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Get a load of this:

25 posted on 10/08/2007 4:23:20 PM PDT by wastedyears (George Orwell was a clairvoyant.)
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To: goldstategop

Hey, Rush, isn’t it about time to talk about Paul v Clinton?

26 posted on 10/08/2007 4:24:29 PM PDT by doug from upland (Stopping Hillary should be a FreeRepublic Manhattan Project)
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To: SauronOfMordor

Yes...see #14

27 posted on 10/08/2007 4:25:54 PM PDT by DCPatriot ("It aint what you don't know that kills you. It's what you know that aint so" Theodore Sturgeon))
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To: icwhatudo
The "Not So Poor" 12 Year Old Who Rebutted Bush on SCHIP Veto

Great Work!!!

28 posted on 10/08/2007 4:28:01 PM PDT by DrewsDad (PIERCE the EARMARKS)
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To: goldstategop
Onya, Rush!

29 posted on 10/08/2007 4:30:11 PM PDT by Viking2002 (Fred in '08. Deal with it.)
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To: goldstategop

Wonder what Rush’ name is??

PRay for W and Our Troops

30 posted on 10/08/2007 4:33:03 PM PDT by bray (Think "Betray U.S." Think Democrat)
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And from Daily Kos: Kos Moonbats-SCHIP family being Freeped!(We're "Swiftboating Them! ROTFLMAO!)
31 posted on 10/08/2007 4:35:17 PM PDT by EdReform (The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed *NRA*JPFO*SAF*GOA*SAS*RWVA)
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To: bray

Seems to me this story is just begging for a GEICO underwriting!

32 posted on 10/08/2007 4:36:06 PM PDT by princess leah
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To: rabscuttle385

Do Democrats always lie?

Does a bear dump in the woods?

Is Helen Ready?

33 posted on 10/08/2007 4:37:08 PM PDT by Edit35
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So, according to DU, the wife/mother does not work?

34 posted on 10/08/2007 4:37:12 PM PDT by khnyny (It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it..Aristotle)
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To: wastedyears

One wonders if they’ll claim the kids are on a scholarship - if they do, time to PROVE it.

BTW - they were in a car accident? Whose fault was the accident, because if it were the other driver’s fault, I cannot believe this wasn’t litigated so that they could recover their medical costs and punitives for pain and suffering. If the other driver wasn’t insured, why didn’t they carry uninsured motorist?

This isn’t passing the smell test.

35 posted on 10/08/2007 4:38:11 PM PDT by Right Cal Gal (Remember Billy Dale!!!)
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To: Right Cal Gal

Oh that smell, can’t you smell that smell

Oh that smell, the smell that’s around youuuuuuuu

36 posted on 10/08/2007 4:41:27 PM PDT by wastedyears (George Orwell was a clairvoyant.)
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To: goldstategop
They're sh***ing bricks over at Daily Kos.

I found the Kos site and perused the relevant thread.... and got stone bored in less than two minutes. There's no substance there - - only hand-wringing followed by vitriol followed by more hand-wringing, etc. I will say, however, that their spelling, grammar and punctuation skills were several grades above what I used to see during Schadenfreude visits to Democrat Underground.

37 posted on 10/08/2007 4:44:34 PM PDT by Lancey Howard
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To: goldstategop

“I love it, Jim! Send it to Fraudrather and watch him blow up, LOL!”

Send it to Drudge and watch him ignore it.

38 posted on 10/08/2007 4:46:30 PM PDT by ButThreeLeftsDo (Tracking The Flyin' Imams Since 11/20/06)
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To: goldstategop
As Ann Coulter has observed, the victim can never be criticized. <<<<

May I? . . .

Nor e'en the contrived (by Allah!) victim.*

*Cat Stevens.

39 posted on 10/08/2007 4:46:43 PM PDT by alcuin (I HATE YOU!!!)
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To: goldstategop
Anyone see a pattern? Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry all used phony human props to cite their position on health care insurance.

During John Kerry's nomination acceptance speech during the 2004 DNC, he trotted out his health insurance "poster child", Mary Ann Knowles. Kerry stated that she had to "keep working day after day right through her chemotherapy, no matter how sick she felt, because she was terrified of losing her family's health insurance". In reality, she had excellent coverage with 26 weeks of paid disability leave, but she chose to work through most of her treatment because her husband was unemployed.

Video of Kerry's Speech

Links to story on FR

Al Gore tried this same tactic in 2000 with Winifred Skinner.

Al Gore said, "It brings tears to your eyes. Here's this adorable, elderly woman out in Iowa who's so sick and so poor, that in order to pay for medicines she needs to stay alive, she has to scavenge in a local dump yard for cast-off tin cans."

"She gets a small pension," he said. "But in order to pay for her prescription drug benefits she has to go out seven days a week, several hours a day, picking up cans."

It turns out, as the statement was rectified, Mrs. Skinner goes out zero days a week, for zero hours a day, and that she was only speaking "in the name of" people she assumes must do this.

In 1994, Hillary Clinton used Kathy Bush when citing her case as an example of the high cost of medical care.

Later, investigators found her mother guilty of intentionally making her daughter sick and forcing her to undergo more than 40 needless surgeries, in what prosecutors called a case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

40 posted on 10/08/2007 4:50:08 PM PDT by DocRock (All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. Matthew 26:52 ... Go ahead, look it up!)
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