Since Nov 29, 2000

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Who shall separate us from the LOVE of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? Rom 8:35

Oh how King George and the Nobles of England must have laughed at the dirt poor commoners in the New America when they had their Boston Tea Party. How dare a bunch of rag tag urchins destroy the King’s cargo in an outright uprising to high taxes and corruption in the middle of Boston? Bet it looked a lot like we saw a year ago when our Nobles and their Establishmedia mocked, spit upon and laughed at the Tea Parties w/all of their thuggish names and threats. Now they are beginning to fear the urchins the same way the Nobles of England learned to fear our Namesakes. On November 2nd we will be fighting w/our precious votes rather than muskets and cannons. Our Forefathers knew this day would come and there had to be a way for the people to overthrow corrupt Lords and Nobles

We are about to lay siege on Yorktown w/our ragtag army w/o a General to lead it. In reality there is no need for a single General since we have history to guide us. We have a small group of men throughout our amazing history who gave us the walls to flourish within. We have left those walls and are paying the price of decades of tearing down those walls of security and freedom. The Tea Party is going to begin to rebuild their walls on Nov 2nd to throw out some of our corrupt nobles and replace them with commoners bringing stones and mortar. This is why we are so well liked and respected by regular Americans since they understand we are here to save and rebuild America into a better land than we were born into.

We have one final push toward this victory. We have to, like the Continental Army fight this battle like it was our last and go 24/7 to Yorktown. We can’t be satisfied that we have the Congress or the Sinate we have to squeeze every vote out like it will be the one that wins the race. We need every Tea Patriot we can vote into office to fight this evil which is trying to steal our way of life. These are selfish tyrants who want all the spoils for themselves, who want to tax and enslave the producers of this land. This has been their goal for decades and now they are within reach of our enslavement, except a funny thing happened on the way to the Gulag, spot of Tea?

This is the greatest revolt since Boston. This one scares the Nobles to the core since they realize they have been exposed for the tyranny they are attempting to install. There is no more hiding their craven power and all of their lords have been shown to be corrupt. Their long forming secret society really only works in the shadows and the Tea Party and its spotlight, the internet has exposed it for the truly evil dictators they are. Our Continental army is lined up and filling the broadband war with smoke and musket balls exposing their lies as well as corruption. We have shown the truth of the economic meltdown and how the guilty parties are Fannie/Freddie and Frank. Our digital muskets aim true and have ignited the flames of Liberty in the hearts of Tea Patriots as well as average Americans from sea to shining sea.

Like the boy in Tiananmen Square, America is ready to stand up to these tanks and face them down at the ballot box. Unlike our Forefathers who too have been disgraced by these Redcoats, we never had to face a winter in Valley Forge w/o shoes or socks or even pants. They didn’t have a vote, they had to fight Royalty which was installed by birthright as well as a caste system which is attempting to be installed here in its Communist form. Rather than hereditary Nobles these are corrupt Inner Circle Nobles who have worked their way up inside the Neo-Commie machine. Once they reach the halls of power their wealth and status are guaranteed as well as oppressive dictates. Just like 1776 when George Washington defeated General Cornwallis at Yorktown we too need to defeat the Neo Commie Army to restore Freedom to our Great Land.

The wind is in our sails as our Forefathers who sit in the annals of history have the Wheel of Old Ironsides turned into this battle for Freedom. They are who lead this Tea Party as they have written the course she will take to bring Lady Liberty back to America. They are the leaders of this Revolution and have given their lives for our form of Government, By the People and For the People can we give less? They are the ones we are voting for on November 2nd as we hear their words echoed through the ages into our ears and hearts. These giants are our Generals as we follow them into battle just as they did against the impossible odds at Bunker Hill, Trenton, Lexington to Yorktown. We are following them to rebuild their walls, stone by stone until we have that perfect Republic they envisioned. When the Tea Party rebuilds their walls and America is truly free; the entire World will see Lady Liberty’s Torch raised high, lighting their lands and hearts once more.

Pray for the Election