Since Oct 30, 2000

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I am a Believer in Jesus Christ first and foremost.

After that, I am retired United States Army, Vietnam war veteran with the 4th Infantry Division at An Khe, RVN. I served nearly 9 1/2 years of my 20+ years in Germany with assignments in Bad Kissingen, Giessen, Frankfurt and Munich. I was originally in the Infantry, but wounds in Vietnam caused the military to reclassify me out of Infantry into Legal. I worked the last 16 years in Army JAG Corps Legal handling mostly Courts-Martial.

After the military I worked in three different law offices in Seattle, WA (my wife's home town), before she retired from Bank of America as a VP in commercial loans. We then moved back here to my home area in Alabama where we happily live in retirement. We ride our bicycles 50 miles every other day and do work in our church. My wife is in a quilting club with ladies from local churches.

My main activity in these last days of earth’s history is studying my Bible, reading Biblical materials and studying Scripture and writings. I don’t come here as much as I did when Free Republic was first put on the web. I started with another user name and changed to this one later on. I have posted on FR since the site first hit the web in the 1990's.