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  • Digital yuan could bust the United States

    02/24/2021 5:02:57 PM PST · 21 of 21
    RetiredArmy to The MAGA-Deplorian

    And I don’t know what your comment about the Book does not say that as you did not identify what you were arguing against. But, what I said, IS in the Scriptures. There is not one made up thing there. Nothing. All those nations are mentioned, some in their ancient names, not todays names, IE. Turkey. Otherwise, you’d need to make a direct comment and show me where I am wrong! But, there is nothing that I said that is not in Scripture.

  • Digital yuan could bust the United States

    02/24/2021 5:00:07 PM PST · 20 of 21
    RetiredArmy to The MAGA-Deplorian

    The US will be a part of the forces that come against Israel at Armageddon. THAT is fact because it says all the world will come to that valley. If you think America has been worse off than this, think again. The Civil War was us against us. That was a very different time. Today is very different. The times are very different. Back then half the nation was not on the government dime. Today they are. Cut off those dimes and watch how quickly they fall into lock step with the ruling mob in Sodom on the Potomac. And you can stick your gladys comment. I have been on the battle field. Have you? If not, shut the hell up sister.

  • NC woman went shopping with $150K virus relief loan.....excursions to Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton and diamond stores.

    02/24/2021 6:51:22 AM PST · 5 of 40
    RetiredArmy to caww

    Hell, I thought biden and his band of thieves would have given her the presidential medal of freedom for her thieving plan, since they are all thieves!!

  • Reporter Wrecks Biden Spokesperson After He Tried to Take Credit for Trump-Era Policy

    02/24/2021 6:49:37 AM PST · 25 of 26
    RetiredArmy to Kaslin

    How long until they take credit for Trump’s achievements in the Middle East, the peace treaties between Israel and Arab nations, the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem, the great economy?? Yup, they will try to take credit for all Trump’s good achievements.

  • Digital yuan could bust the United States

    02/24/2021 6:35:18 AM PST · 13 of 21
    RetiredArmy to Sirius Lee

    To keep from filling up the post here, I sent you a FR mail. Check that.

  • Digital yuan could bust the United States

    02/24/2021 3:47:48 AM PST · 5 of 21
    RetiredArmy to Diogenesis

    America is done. Finished. Toast. There is absolutely NO mention of a western power in the Last Days of the Age of Grace, the Church Age, in Scripture. NONE. China, Iran, Russian, Israel, the Middle East, Sudan, Egypt, Turkey, all are mentioned, but not a western nation, especially one of our power. Some try to say the eagles wings in some Scripture is the USA, but it is not. It speaks of moving swiftly and that was Israel. No, the USA MUST FALL in the End Times. We are starting that drop and we are going down rapidly. biden and his gang of thieves are GOD’s instrument that will blow holes in the sides of the American ship and cause it to sink faster. They, the Marxist’s that run them, are the End Days enemy that will eventually become the power of the EU and the Anti-Christ. America will never come back. Maybe a little victory here and there, but no, it is over. We will never see another Republican president, not even Trump. The Big Fix of Elections is IN!! They will spend the next four years making that more sure than the past four years they FIXED the election. Sorry, but no, America as founded is done, is over. The Book says so, and I believe the Book.

  • Happy Birthday, General Washington

    02/23/2021 5:54:53 AM PST · 12 of 12
    RetiredArmy to ProgressingAmerica
    George Washington??? Errr, who was he?? Oh, right, the Christian, first president, fighting the British and KICKING THEIR @$$e$ IN THE WAR FOR OUR FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE from a dictatorial king!! Kinda what we are fighting now, huh?? Man, do we need a massive bunch of Washington's, Adams', Jefferson's, Madison's, Lincoln's, Reagan's, Trump's, Teddy Roosevelt's, Minutemen of New England, the brave and proud men who stormed the beaches of Normandy, and all the Marines and Army who stormed all the islands in the Pacific. The proud men and women who fought in Korea, Vietnam, and all around the Middle East. In the air, on the high seas, on the ground, our nation is filled with the graves of wonderful men and women who fought to give this nation freedom from the scum of the world. Now, in ONE election, a cheating bunch of Marxist's scum and their henchmen of the political left and one world government types.

    America would have those freedoms again, IF, IF they would get off their high horse and get on their knees and pray to the GOD of Heaven to heal this land. The Bible clearly tells us that IF we did that, HE would hear from Heaven and heal this land. But now He is withdrawing our hedge of protection and allowing the very evil that we have embraced to fall upon our heads. I know that there are a major bunch of those who are conservatives, that post here each day, are not Believers in Jesus Christ. However, I EMPLORE each of you who are not, before it is too late, for you to come to Him and seek His face so that you may be saved before it is to late. The Holy Scriptures clearly tell us we are in the very last days of the Age of Grace, the Church Age. You have time. You need to seek Him out. Folks, this is REAL. This ain't a bunch of Jewish fireside chats. THIS is real.

    The unbelieving leftist all say this, however the Dead Sea Scrolls prove them wrong. Those clearly showed us that the Bible is true. The left is going to destroy America. There is NO America in the Bible in the End Times or even before. No big leading nation from this part of the world. BUT, Iran, Israel, China, Syria, the Arab nations, Turkey are all there. The end is clearly in sight. Matthew 24, Luke 21, Daniel 11, all tell us what is coming. Do yourself and your family a massive favor, please. Get right with GOD if you are not a believer. That is what you and America need. THAT is what GOD requires!!! FAITH. Faith in GOD.

  • Reparations: A Black existential crisis and supremacy for liberal whites

    02/22/2021 2:32:29 PM PST · 33 of 35
    RetiredArmy to blueunicorn6
    Neither did mine. We have never been called rich, white slave owners. We were country people, WHO WORKED IN THE DAMNED FIELDS ourselves!!!! My mother and father both grew up deep in the country. They grew everything they ate, farming, pigs, cows, fishing, hunting, swapping with others for this and that as each had a need. They worked from before daylight until after the sun went down. Dad said they rarely even listened to the radio because you could not pick up the AM stations after they powered down at sunset. So, no TV, little radio. They went to bed early and got up early. Kids off to school and out of school at planting and harvesting times. Nope, we didn't own a damned thing, except the land they lived on. THAT was it. We never owned another human being.

    I would suggest these people check out the muslims of today. EVEN today they are selling, swapping and trading blacks from Africa as slaves!!! HOWEVER, you will not here the black muzzie Louie Mat@$$ mention his muzzie brothers selling his black brothers off. Nope. Won't hear it.

  • Texas Power Outage Started with Bad Policy ["Green Energy" Subsidies]

    02/22/2021 2:25:41 PM PST · 137 of 137
    RetiredArmy to gleeaikin

    I remember well driving out through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming on vacation when my wife and I still lived in Washingtonstan, communist bloc next to Canadastan and Oregonstan. We passed a windmill “farm” of about 50 of thing ugly things along the top of a small mountain range, in one of those three states, I forget now as it has been 20 plus years ago, but we passed these damned things and there were no more than 4 or 5 of the damned things working. Men were up on several of them working, I assumed trying to get them to work or run. But none of the damned things were working. Lots of luck there.

  • Newt Gingrich: 'Woke' American military puts US in danger. Here's how

    02/21/2021 3:28:55 PM PST · 35 of 43
    RetiredArmy to jazusamo

    What if they don’t do it? What then? Kick them out? I am so damned glad the Good LORD of Heaven and earth allowed me to be long retired and gone from the military. I would have quit. If it was this bad then, I would not have even joined in the first place. I joined KNOWING my butt was headed for the jungles of Southeast Asia in a little nothing country called Vietnam. But, I joined. Just like my family members did in WWII and Korea. Sadly, I retired in March 1992. I know of NO other family, extended as we are, bunches out there cousins, etc., but none of them have gone into the military that I know of. I may well have been the last in a very long line of military people. I had kin that died in the War of Northern Aggression. Sad.

  • Skynews: ‘Never Before’ Has The Leader Of The Free World Been ‘So Cognitively Compromised’

    02/21/2021 3:25:14 PM PST · 127 of 127
    RetiredArmy to littleharbour

    Yup. And republicans, some of the biggest “eat their own” in history stayed home and didn’t vote for Moore and that gave us Doug Jones!! Another abortion, anti-Christian bigot. Thankfully we got Tubbs this election. I don’t care how much some here do not like him, WE decided he was BETTER THAN JONES!!! So, we in Bama gave him well over 60% of the vote to run off Jones, the puke dimoMarxist.

  • Nearly 100,000 in U.S. Died from Coronavirus in Biden’s First Month in Office

    02/21/2021 5:59:34 AM PST · 48 of 52
    RetiredArmy to stylin19a

    Well, he only missed it by two months.

  • Nearly 100,000 in U.S. Died from Coronavirus in Biden’s First Month in Office

    02/21/2021 5:58:51 AM PST · 47 of 52
    RetiredArmy to conservative98
    JUST IN FROM KNN, THE KLINTON NEWS NETWORK: IT IS ALL TRUMP'S FAULT!!! If he had not stormed the congress with all his mutineers, then we would all be in safety and the fine new selected president would have more time to kill more babies in the womb, give Iran their billions, blame Israel for the world's ills, and dump all his failures on Donald Trump's doorstep.

    I have been just rereading Brad Thor's book, Deep Black. If you have the hard back book, check out pages 71-74. Brad wrote this book back 11 years ago. He has hit what is coming upon this world today, back then. He has it down to the letter!! Just exactly what the Marxist's will do to gain control of the nation, our schools and colleges, and kids. Right on target.

  • Texas Power Outage Started with Bad Policy ["Green Energy" Subsidies]

    02/20/2021 6:43:16 AM PST · 127 of 137
    RetiredArmy to gleeaikin

    THIS MORNING, Saturday the 20th, on the weather channel global warming propaganda machine said that CLIMATE CHANGE was responsible for the power outages. If not for CLIMATE CHANGE, it would not have been this cold. The failure of 95% of the windmills was not their fault, it was TEXAS’ fault for NOT BEING PREPARED for BELOW ZERO WEATHER!!! When the hell has Texas had to deal with this kind of weather for this long???? By Tuesday, it will be in the 70’s in Dallas. THAT is kind of normal, not minus SEVEN!!! These pigs will stop at nothing to get their agenda of lies into the shows of lies.

  • Skynews: ‘Never Before’ Has The Leader Of The Free World Been ‘So Cognitively Compromised’

    02/20/2021 6:40:18 AM PST · 80 of 127
    RetiredArmy to Helicondelta

    Hell we knew this BEFORE the election. Sadly tho, the idiots of the left did not recognize it. Even if they did, they chose to ignore it. Now, the left are set up to put harris in the spot when Brain Dead joe is declared nuts and if lifted from office. Then harris gets to put into the VP job whom she wants, or as soros or gates and gang of thugs tell her to put into the spot. hillary? naw, she’d never take that job.

  • Joe Biden’s Massive Amnesty Bill is Here: The legislation will be known as the "U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021"

    02/18/2021 6:02:36 PM PST · 65 of 66
    RetiredArmy to Lurkinanloomin

    Yup. Has the social security number of a dead man and the social security administration DOES NOT RECYCLE SSN’s. He was given that and he was probably illegal but had a UK passport from Kenya. All hid by the people in Hawaii by sealing his records. Marxism at work.

  • Newsweek Courageously Warns that Sex-Change Surgery Might Just Destroy Your Life

    02/18/2021 6:01:00 PM PST · 41 of 41
    RetiredArmy to GOPJ

    Your right about that friend.

  • Despicable! MSNBC, CNN Give Rush the Soviet Treatment, Black Out Morning News of His Death

    02/18/2021 6:00:15 PM PST · 52 of 52
    RetiredArmy to Glad2bnuts

    Roger that. I like that guy on Serios or whatever it is called, Andrew Wilkow. He is good. I think he needs a larger voice.

  • Despicable! MSNBC, CNN Give Rush the Soviet Treatment, Black Out Morning News of His Death

    02/18/2021 8:53:09 AM PST · 36 of 52
    RetiredArmy to governsleastgovernsbest

    I told my wife yesterday that the left will be holding drunken parties last night all over the nation. I fully expect they were toasting themselves now that OUR VOICE is gone. I am surely as hell going to miss Brother Rush. I pray he is now without pain in Heaven with our LORD. Rush said he believed in our LORD and I believe him. We have truly lost our “voice.” There will never be another Rush.

  • Texas Power Outage Started with Bad Policy ["Green Energy" Subsidies]

    02/18/2021 8:50:07 AM PST · 2 of 137
    RetiredArmy to austinrepub