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If we could get millions of Americans to march on Washington, what would we do?
Prior thread ^ | July 18, 2009 | Jim Robinson

Posted on 07/18/2009 11:30:17 AM PDT by Jim Robinson

Edited on 07/18/2009 11:48:33 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

* * R O U G H * * D R A F T * *

(continuing my remarks from prior thread)

Here is our recourse as declared by our Founding Fathers:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

It cannot be denied that the central government has become destructive of our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and our rights to live free. The government is no longer responsive to we the People. They have stretched and shredded the constitution to the point that they have illegally seized for themselves virtually unlimited powers over the citizens and act as if we have no rights and no powers of our own. They are acting without our consent.

Our Founders established that when our government becomes destructive of our rights then it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

We have reached the point where the government's long train of abuses and usurpations has achieved absolute Despotism, therefore it is our right, it is our duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for our future security.

Therefore, We the People of America choose to exercise our right to throw off and alter the abusive government by peacefully recalling and removing from office the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States and all U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives effective immediately.

An interim provisional Chief Executive and congressional representatives will be established as follows:

The Secretary of State shall immediately assume the office of interim Chief Executive. The Chief Executive shall appoint and the interim Senate shall confirm an interim Vice President.

An immediate election shall be held within each state legislature to appoint two interim senators to represent each sovereign state.

A special election shall be held by all states within 30 days to elect interim members of the House of Representatives.

Elections for regular government offices shall be conducted in November, 2010 as previously scheduled, except that elections will be held for all elective offices, including President, Vice President and all U.S. Representatives. U.S. Senators will be elected per class schedule by the various state legislatures.

We alter the government to provide new Guards for our future security as follows:

The Constitution of the United States must be kept intact and must be adhered to and strictly followed by all government entities as originally intended. The government has stretched the constitutional limits well beyond those intended by our founders. We must take steps to ensure that this is corrected and that the out of control government is reined in and that sufficient measures are introduced to maintain the limits, checks and balances on government and that government powers are strictly limited to those enumerated in the constitution and that our rights are reestablished, reaffirmed, re-secured and safeguarded. We must restore and reestablish the sovereignty of the people and the states and restore the constitutional balances between the central government, the various states and we the people. The constitution severely restricts government powers and guarantees unalienable freedom and Liberty to the people.

As we restore constitutionally limited government several wrongs must be righted:

The central government has illegally expanded its powers. They've done this by ignoring or stretching their constitutional limits. They have usurped powers limited to the states and the people. We must reestablish and reaffirm the enumerated powers and limit the central government strictly to just those powers. They've built huge power bases by allowing senators and representatives to be full time professional career positions. We eliminate this by establishing strict qualifications for office and term limits.

We must reestablish and reaffirm the powers to the states and the people as defined by the 9th and 10th amendments.

The central government has denied the states their constitutionally guaranteed republican form of government by introducing the 17th amendment which alters the way the senators which were to represent the sovereign interests of the various states to the central government. We must reestablish that representation by repealing the 17th amendment and allowing the state legislatures of the various states to elect their own senators as intended by our founders. This was never intended to be a function of the people. We the People are represented to the central government by our elected representatives in the House of Representatives. The sovereign states were to be represented by the state's senators to keep central powers and encroachment in check. Power is from the people to the states, and from the states to the central government. They've turned this upside down and inside out. We must correct it.

We hereby repeal the 17th amendment.

The central government has expanded well beyond the limits established for it by the founders and pay for that expansion by directly taxing the people and severely restricting our rights through an enslaving income tax.

We hereby repeal the 16th amendment.

The IRS and all sub departments and agencies are hereby dissolved, disbanded and closed.

The newly elected congress will establish rules and schedules for assessing and collecting fees, tariffs and excise taxes to support the armed forces and all constitutionally authorized departments of The United States Government per the Constitution of the United States (see schedule).

The central government is hereby stripped of all illegal powers and all departments and agencies not authorized by the constitution are hereby dissolved and disbanded. Their current budgets are hereby withdrawn. All disbanded department funds and liquid assets are to be immediately returned to the US Treasury. A list and methods for achieving this is provided in schedule xxx.

Ownership and responsibility for all federally held buildings, lands, parks, waterways, oceans, seas, etc, other than those in Washington, D.C. or military bases, forts, reservations, or local federal buildings owned by valid constitutional federal departments (see schedule) are hereby transferred to the sovereign state governments within which they reside or are located.

Responsibility for all natural resources found within any of the various states or within lands, oceans, lakes, rivers, waterways, seas out through our international boundary limits are hereby returned to the various states. All laws for mining, drilling, logging, or otherwise capitalizing on any minerals or natural resources are to be determined by the various states within which said resources are found.

The social security system is hereby dissolved, disbanded and closed. All social security funds being held by the federal government are to be returned to the private retirement accounts of the individuals owning them. A special fund will be establish for all current recipients and new recipients according to schedule xxy and the social security system shall be phased out accordingly. The funds to support current social security benefits shall become the responsibility of the states within which the recipients reside.

No revenues accruing to the federal government shall be disbursed to any state, city or local government for any reason whatsoever. Or used to subsidize or benefit any government or private entity, organization or person, other than those explicitly authorized and enumerated in the constitution.

All states are hereby solely responsible for any and all revenues or funds required to operate their sovereign states. The central government is not obligated to and shall not interfere in state government or local affairs.

The interstate commerce clause shall be applied strictly to regulating interstate commerce as originally established and intended by our founders. No stretches or reinterpretations of any kind shall be allowed.

Our first unalienable right is the right to life. Protecting Life and Liberty shall be of paramount importance to our central government. Roe v Wade and all congressional acts, regulations, court opinions allowing legalized abortion or the taking of innocent human life are hereby rescinded, overruled, repealed, nullified and voided. Life is fully protected by the U.S. Government.

The Federal Reserve.

Border security.


FAA, FDA, FCC, various federal ABC departments agencies and agencies. Which to close, which to remake with constitutional limits and authority, etc.

Federal Pensions.

Etc, etc, etc.

Need lots of help with this document, folks. Please chime in. Would love to see a committee formed of members of every state to complete and finalize it. Then we should form and send delegates to a special national congress to work out the kinks and plan its presentation and execution.

This concept is an entirely peaceful altering of our despotic government per our unalienable right and duty. No where do I call for violence. The only force I call for is the force of numbers. We need millions of our citizens to sign on to this petition and execute its provisions. Will require millions to march on D.C. to block the government's ability to do business as usual. This is our right and duty as Americans.

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To: Jim Robinson

You forgot to mention that all judges are to back their opinions based on the text and intention of the laws as they are written, not on whatever they feel like at the time.

821 posted on 07/21/2009 9:54:09 PM PDT by mjaneangels@aolcom
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To: Jim Robinson

One more thing.

I, mjaneangels@aolcom am a signatory to the above petition.

822 posted on 07/21/2009 9:54:59 PM PDT by mjaneangels@aolcom
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To: Empireoftheatom48

“I’m afraid the present government would never relinquish it’s power by peaceful means.”

I fear that too, but we have non-violent tools at our disposal. Let’s use them and let the present government make their decisions.

823 posted on 07/21/2009 9:56:44 PM PDT by mjaneangels@aolcom
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To: Jim Robinson


824 posted on 07/22/2009 6:51:37 AM PDT by joebellis (Only you can control your future)
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To: Jim Robinson

Thank you very much Jim!

This is finally the start that we need.


825 posted on 07/22/2009 10:59:00 AM PDT by T Plan
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To: seekthetruth
We will defend our Constitution and have a good time too!

826 posted on 07/22/2009 3:02:59 PM PDT by SloopJohnB (CONGRESS.SYS corrupted...Revolt, Re-boot, Abort, Washington D.C?)
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To: STE=Q; Jim Robinson; ballplayer
“Throw all the Bums Out” would make a great slogan for the movement!

Such as.... 1773 @ DC!!

Or, as a Freeper's tagline used to say:

U.S. Constitution © 1776 - All Rights Reserved

827 posted on 07/22/2009 3:35:33 PM PDT by SloopJohnB (FEDGOV.SYS corrupted...Revolt, Re-boot, Abort, Washington D.C?)
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I particularly took took note of the fellow who said he wanted to prevent elections being stolen. By overthrowing the government, no less. I do have to wonder in the brave new world, what exactly is the plan to deal with liberals, (or even moderates) who might not be keen on having the next government of the “United States” decided in this manner? Prison? Indoctrination camps? Zoos?

828 posted on 07/22/2009 6:53:08 PM PDT by Mr. Kateson (Where goeth the liberals?)
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To: Boucheau

“We’re trying to wake people up. The enemy is working outside the paradigm while most on the right, somewhere in la-la land, still believe we’re just one election cycle away from a Reagan resurrection—IT AIN’T HAPPENING THAT WAY, FOLKS.”

Totally On Point - An Election Cycle is not going to restore anything... no voter verification in most states, ACORN skewing the 2010 Census, ACORN committing Voter Registration Fraud with Billions in Federal funds, Black Panthers intimidating voters and getting away with it, Special Interest being given our vote for hefty campaign contributions, Illegal Aliens voting by the millions...

And - people actually believe that Conservatives can win back the Presidency and take back Congress by going to the voting booth...


829 posted on 07/22/2009 7:37:08 PM PDT by ICCtheWay
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To: ctdonath2

The Bonus Army scenario is totally outdated -— I have previously posted a rebuttal to this ...

In modern times with thousands of points of instant communications (audio, video images, digital still images) — broadcast everywhere by cable, satellite, land line, cell phone, and much more - Government cannot be anywhere near so heavy handed...

If our ‘Government’ ordered ‘Night Stick’ clubbing, Tear gas slinging, Jack Boot Crotch Kicking, head bashing — Americans by the millions (not formerly involved) would march in the streets... Obama would lose totally...

830 posted on 07/22/2009 7:48:29 PM PDT by ICCtheWay
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To: ICCtheWay

“And - people actually believe that Conservatives can win back the Presidency and take back Congress by going to the voting booth...”

I didn’t say it was impossible to take back Congress, or the Presidency. It is certainly possible, but the right has to learn some lessons from the left in regard to subversion. It’s bloodsport nowadays.

My point was that it is not business as usual, Democrat versus Republican.

This new shadow party, if you will, is as hard-left as it comes and is doing damage right now.

We cannot sit and wait to vote.

We have to resist them right now.

831 posted on 07/22/2009 9:27:11 PM PDT by Boucheau
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To: Melas

No one’s talking about rebellion. What we are discussing is RESTORING THE CONSTITUTION to its rightful place as Supreme Law of the Land. By whatever means are needful. There can be no question of “rebellion,” as the source of all legitimate authority the Feds have is WE, THE PEOPLE. And if we REMOVE their authority because they’ve overstepped their bounds, that is NOT HARDLY rebellion. It is more akin to evicting some squatters from the Capitol Building and the White House. Is THAT OK for you?

832 posted on 07/22/2009 9:55:35 PM PDT by dcwusmc (We need to make government so small that it can be drowned in a bathtub.)
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To: dcwusmc; Neil E. Wright; Jim Robinson; Bob J
Marine, are you willing to participate in a SIT-IN and make the Metro Police, DC Park Police, and depending on location, the Fedgov authorities arrest you for a misdemeanor for failing to disperse?

If you could make it to DC for this event and conduct such misdemeanor (no felonies; no violence) "civil disobedience", I give you my Word of Honor I will pay your bail and small fine. I've actually post articles on FR saying I would do the same up to 20 people - got NO response. Not surprised. All you have to do, or anyone, just sit down and refuse to disperse when the authorities say game over. Once the LEO's move in, cooperate with them and let them handcuff you and get up and go. Resisting arrest is usually a felony. However, refusing to disperse is not. And we both know that most LEO's appreciate our position much more than the rowdy socialist's crap.

I've done some research, but I'm not clear on DC Metro, DC Park, and Fedgov Park regulations regarding this. It depends on where you make your stand. I've suggested to JR and others regarding this even that they look into local laws, regulations, and penalties for Sit-ins.

Bottom line is, no matter how many Tea Parties happen around the Country, unless we are willing to take it to the next level, with small sacrifice, the Media will ignore it like they did on April 15th and July 4th.

If I could be there (family illness precludes), I would be the first to just SIT down and/or chain myself to the Capitol steps. It's worked for the liberals for decades. Time to use their strategies against them. Your bro agrees with me. Freepmail me if you want more info. Best, ANV

833 posted on 07/24/2009 1:09:07 AM PDT by A Navy Vet (An Oath is Forever)
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To: Jim Robinson

I like a lot of what you propose but you go too far in opting for the so called current Secretary of State to assume control of the Federal government - and you don’t go quite far enough to rectify the major problems we face. The founders of our nation made a mistake in believing that a central government separate from the States was needed - it isn’t. What is needed to guarantee State’s rights and individual freedom from a centralistic monster is to have no separate central government incipient monster to begin with.

There should be no federal Executive branch, no separate Legislative Branch, and there should be no separate federal Judicial Branch. All these functions should be taken over by committees composed of members of corresponding State institutions to handle national issues. Legislative committees would have no authority to pass laws; they would simply make recommendations. Each recommendation would then be reviewed by judiciary committees for compliance to the Constitution. If passed then such recommendation for national measures would be referred to the State legislatures which would have to pass on them to get them on yearly State ballots for national measures. This would mean that no national measures could ever be enacted without a popular vote of the people. These committees could be hosted each year in a different state, perhaps based on their dates of acceptance into the union. The governor of the hosting state could fulfill a perfunctory role as the national representative to host visiting foreign officials, but there would be no law making authority or the exercise of military or other powers associated with the post.

Federal military service units would devolve to the appropriate State militias according, as you suggest, to which ever state they are based in. Similar joint state militia committees would be responsible for addressing national military needs. This arrangement would effectively eliminated our armed forces being dragged into foreign military adventurism without the approval of the citizenry of the majority of states.

We keep the Declaration of Independence, the first Ten Amendments as our Bill of Rights, and that’s about it. The Federal buildings in DC can be turned into museums.

Currency Reform. Well, of course the damn Federal Reserve is an abomination. But what to do after it’s gone. The calls for a return to a Gold Standard are correct in principle. However, there is a basic problem with how such standards have been implemented in the past, as they have always confused the relationships between true wealth, the medium of exchange, and the standard used. Because of this confusion it has always been easy to manipulate and debase the currency - the medium of exchange, because the ‘Standard’ has always been valuated in terms of the medium of exchange instead of the other way around.

For instance, to keep it simple lets say that the standard value of gold is set at ten dollars to the ounce, and the government has one million ounces of gold. The government can have a total of ten million dollars in circulation, and one dollar becomes equivalent to one-tenth of an ounce of gold. Lets also say that for one dollar you can get a cup of coffee, two fried eggs, four slices of bacon, and a piece of toast with a pad of butter - this food by the way is an example of ‘True Wealth’. In this scenario your monthly salary is five hundred dollars so you can buy five hundred breakfasts in a month...

Then the government in its extreme wisdom declares the value of the gold standard to be set at one hundred dollars. That means that one dollar is equivalent to one-hundredth of an ounce of gold, and the government can print one hundred million dollars: i.e. the medium of exchange, the dollar, has depreciated to one-tenth its former value, but the government can print ten times the amount of paper. What can you now buy for a dollar? Perhaps you can get a cup of coffee. Your salary by the way is still five hundred dollars and your buying power just depreciated to one tenth of what it was.

This is not a good system. What needs to be done is to turn things upside down and set the value of the medium of exchange, the currency, in terms of the standard: i.e. each denomination of currency has its value printed in ounces of gold. Instead of a one dollar bill you would have a one-tenth of an ounce (or whatever) bill. The currency can never be devalued in regards to the standard because its value is based on the standard instead of the other way around. The government can never just start up the printing presses and churn out more dollar bills because it can’t circulate more bills than the amount that reflect the total weight of gold the government has. Your salary can not be devalued at the government’s whim because it would be set in ounces of gold.

What would vary depending on market factors is the value of the various products that constitute true wealth: Crops, livestock, metals etc. brought to market. As production rates and harvest amounts vary according to real market factors then the value of each product in terms of the medium of exchange and the monetary standard will vary, but the currency itself never varies in regard to the monetary standard. Bankers would hate this if all national currencies reflected so many ounces of gold, as they wouldn’t be able to pull their smoke and mirrors trick to make people believe the lie that the medium of exchange is itself wealth. Neither would they be able to artificially manipulate currency exchange markets because all currencies would be equal. How about that..!

However, all of this would be a complete waste of time if no effective practical method for accountability is instituted to determine whether or not those who take an oath of office are qualified to begin with, or having served have done so in good faith or have violated their oaths. Methods to ensure accountability are a fundamental necessity - it is this lack which has brought us to where we are today. All people who hold positions of trust, including but not limited to: public office holders, police, bankers, lawyers, etc. should be required to submit to verification upon hire and at least once a year there after, and at anytime a question arises about their conduct. There is currently one method which fits all of these criteria, being simple, cheap, harmless, and highly effective. However, we can get into that later.

834 posted on 07/24/2009 8:11:40 PM PDT by bacsi
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To: Jim Robinson
Thelma Lovett
Way to go, Jim

835 posted on 07/25/2009 10:31:32 AM PDT by cpstjr
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To: Jim Robinson
This may be old news and not worth talking about. But, in view of Paul's petition to have the Fed audited it seemed appropriate to me. G. Edward Griffin's web-site has a video and book that tell the Fed story. It is not very complimentary. In fact,it tells me that our government and the Fed are the two largest criminal organizations in America and maybe the world. Daily, we are being fleeced of our earnings and savings. Makes any Obama program look like peanuts. Slowly, but surely we are on our way to serfdom, and under the thumb of the money robber barons. Is there a way to stop this evil cartel?
836 posted on 07/26/2009 2:48:36 PM PDT by mulligan
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To: umgud; All

“Hopefully, Oberman will read and report on this.”

Surely the PRO-OBAMA’s are aware of our plans for 9/12. Has anyone heard if they’re planning to show and oppose us? Sorry if it was mentioned somewhere...I haven’t seen it yet.

837 posted on 09/06/2009 1:33:37 PM PDT by Kimberly GG
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To: Jim Robinson
If we could get millions of Americans to march on Washington, what would we do?

Hey Jim! We did it! Are we prepared to move forward?

838 posted on 09/24/2009 6:57:26 AM PDT by Just A Nobody ( (Better Dead than RED! NEVER AGAIN...Support our Troops! Beware the ENEMEDIA))
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To: Jim Robinson

I would walk to DC with my cane just to see you drag that old witch out from behind her gavel, tar and feather her and put her in a stockade so we could throw eggs at her.

pretty please?

839 posted on 09/24/2009 6:59:27 AM PDT by dforest (Who is the real Jim Thompson? I am.)
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To: manc

do we need to bring guns if they wont give it up peacefully? because mine is getting tired of targets at the shooting range.

840 posted on 12/07/2010 9:21:09 PM PST by wendee76
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