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  • A Beautiful Woman Blossoms Among Soft Serb Conservatives

    01/17/2022 10:46:26 AM PST · by Ozguy1945 · 8 replies
    Monica is a quiete conservative. So were the Serb supporters of Novak Djokovic outside the Federal Court in Melbourne, Australia, last Sunday. They danced and sung national songs to take their stand for freedom. Among them Monica blossomed.
  • Question: Do you really think the FED will raise rates?

    01/17/2022 8:11:41 AM PST · by millenial4freedom · 133 replies
    1/17/22 | Me
    I know this is discussed frequently on here, but wanted to gather your input. Do you actually think the Fed will carry on with its plan to raise rates? Even though it can potentially trigger a stock market correction/housing correction? If this scenario plays out, I can see it making Biden/Democrats even more unpopular heading into the midterms. On the other hand, if the Fed doesn't raise rates and remains complacent, inflation could continue raging. Either way, it seems like Biden/Democrats/the Swamp are on the losing end of this.
  • Free Republic Stuned Beeber Alert

    08/21/2006 1:17:43 PM PDT · by Responsibility2nd · 74 replies · 2,321+ views
    Hello FReepers

    01/16/2022 9:29:33 AM PST · by the OlLine Rebel · 32 replies
    me | 1/16/22 | the OlLine Rebel
    TOURNAMENT FOR THE GREATEST SONG OF THE '50S! ROUND 1B – ‘50sThe baseline for the survey is the top 10 hits of each year of the '50s, as compiled by BILLBOARD. This is NOT based on personal preferences, biases, prejudices, or counter-culture fringe-element reactionism. Nor based on weekly charts.Round 1 involves ranking candidate songs in order of preference for each year. Part B, as before with A last week, will be 5 years’ worth of rankings, so hunker down again because that’s 50 songs to handle! (The remaining rounds are handled as play-offs, starting with 32 pairs of songs to...
  • One for the "You can't make this stuff up" file...

    01/15/2022 6:39:25 PM PST · by ThunderSleeps · 26 replies
    Self | 1/15/22 | Thunder Sleeps
    Happened to be stuck in traffic this afternoon with some friends coming back from an event. Bumper to bumper, 4 wide, stop and go. (bad accident) Happen to end up next to a hearse. Look over, and the driver "alone" in the in vehicle, is wearing a mask. I wanted to roll down my window and shout "HE (SHE) IS ALREADY DEAD, YOU DON'T NEED TO WEAR A MASK TO PROTECT HIM/HER!" I mean honestly. The level of insanity I've seen lately... SMDH...
  • Did our Gummit kill a half million Americans on purpose? (Sunbray)

    01/16/2022 6:47:39 AM PST · by bray · 46 replies ^ | 1/16/22 | bray
    This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. Galatians 5:16 (King James Version) The number one tennis player in the world is hated by most of the world media for one reason, not getting the vaccine. Novak Djokovi who is the defending champion of the Australian open and number one player in the world refuses to get the clot shot so the Australia Tennis Federation is giving him grief about letting him defend his title. They may deny him playing in their tourney without a vaccine which does not work...
  • Prayers for Colleyville, TX Synagogue Hostage Situation: IN THE NAME OF JESUS, LET THOSE HOSTAGES GO!

    01/15/2022 5:49:56 PM PST · by Patriot777 · 24 replies
    Father God, I ask in The Name of Your Beloved Son, Yeshua, Jesus our Lord and Savior, that the monster holding Your People, Jewish families as they went to honor You Father God at Shabbat services in their synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, that You Almighty God set them free from him. Lord Jesus please station Your guardian angels roundabout each person and family within that synagogue, and also around all First Responders and Texas law enforcement, as well as any other entities. Let this filthy attempt by the evil one come to naught, and in The Name of Jesus I...
  • Let the Free Republic site create the Title, Author, Date, and Source, given the Source URL

    01/09/2022 5:57:58 AM PST · by karpov · 155 replies
    vanity | January 9, 2022 | me
    I'd like the ability to post by entering only the Source URL, clicking a button and having software populate the entries of Title, Author, Date Published, and Source. The user would still supply Topics and Keywords (if any). This would be optional -- the user could still fill out the fields as is done now. It's good to have diversity of sites. Free Republic is text-heavy, which makes it easy and fast to scan many posts. But I do think the suggested feature would make it easier to use, like Reddit, where if you enter a URL, it generates a...
  • Went to my bank 2 weeks ago. In their list of days closed in 2022 they had Indigenous Peoples Day, I told them how insulted I was by this

    01/15/2022 11:13:13 AM PST · by Chickensoup · 103 replies
    chickensoup | 011522 | chickensoup
    Went to my bank 2 weeks ago. In their new list posted of days closed in 2022 they had Indigenous Peoples Day, I told them how insulted I was by this naming and the Least they could do is have both names on the day. The manager was surprised. And last week they changed it. Said I was the only person to complain. But I made sense. So Kick Up a Fuss!
  • 2ft Tsunami Warning Along Pacific Coast from 7:30 am to 8:30 am PDT (2 minute video, volcanic eruption on Tonga)

    01/15/2022 7:59:22 AM PST · by ransomnote · 73 replies
    Twitter ^ | 1/15/2022 | BPEarthwatch
    What'd I miss? There was supposed to be a 2ft tsunami warning along the Pacific Coast. Should have arrived 7:30 to 8:30 am PDT. Did anyone see it?Tsunami Warning/ Entire US West Coast - YouTube
  • Google just took over my Android

    01/15/2022 7:23:02 AM PST · by G Larry · 75 replies
    Self | 1-15-22 | Self
    Received a mandatory update (34) alert on my Samsung Galaxy S10e. You can delay the install, but not avoid it. Now all internet access starts from a Google Chrome page. While you can uninstall Google Chrome, you also lose access to Google maps. And those duckduckgo searches you thought were private....uh, no, they are sitting there listed as "recent searches".

    01/14/2022 5:27:48 PM PST · by certrtwngnut · 7 replies
    1/14/22 | CERTRTWNGNUT
    We are now getting a channel on comcast called NTD - WMBTV. They're news seems to be down the middle with a slant to the right. It is refreshing to see. Is any one else here watching it? If you are is your opinion in line with mine.
  • Kicked out of half price books for lack of mask

    01/13/2022 2:55:32 PM PST · by algore · 64 replies
    I ordered a Haynes car manual for my kid, but he never got it and I cannot even find the order, so I decided to stop at Half Price books to see if they had one. I walked in and the one of the employees saw me and made a noise like he is being strangled, another one said "You have to have a mask, there are some right there" I said no thanks, "If you don't put on a mask you cannot be in the store" I said really loudly It's ok I am just looking for your Security...
  • Viking Kitty/ZoT Rebuild

    01/13/2022 4:21:32 AM PST · by Bikkuri · 408 replies
    FreeRepublic ^ | 1/13/2022 | Bikkuri
    Ok, deleted 4 paragraphs.. We need to bring back the Kitties (Viking Kitties/ZoT).. It is getting 'lax' here on FR, and I have received both Freepmail and email about the currant situation...
  • Covid testing site in Washington State

    01/12/2022 11:25:36 AM PST · by Indy Pendance · 29 replies
    My husband forwarded this to me. This is real.
  • China Virus at my office (vanity)

    01/12/2022 9:23:08 AM PST · by bort · 29 replies
    January 12, 2022 | Bort
    I wanted to put out there my personal experience with China Virus and am interested in hearing your experiences. I definitely had COVID back in September/October 2021. I was sick for about two weeks, but did not go to the doctor. Basically, it felt like a mild, bizarre flu, with a fever that moved from my waist to my forehead. I made a full recovery (with the exception of my sense of taste and smell which is still a little screwed up) and actually worked every day while I was sick. Fast-forward to this past week, when I had 4...
  • W'Sup w/ no EUA 1/7/22 news ?

    01/12/2022 8:36:21 AM PST · by cuz1961 · 7 replies
    Vanity | Vanity query
    I can't find any news regarding an expectation of the Emergency Use Authorization expiration on 1/7/2022. Has it expired ? Has it been reauthorized ? Or is it now permanent ?
  • Why CRT is so Critical -- So the Deep Staters Can Imagine Themselves Righteous

    01/11/2022 9:06:44 AM PST · by CharlesOConnell · 4 replies
    Tradition | 01-11-2022 | CharlesOconnell
    The first, greatest experiment in human intellectual life was conducted around 500 BC, in ancient Athens, when the cream of a few philosophers for the first time in history, broached the possibility of rising above the common tyranny of empires, for a rational rule of law and government to be conducted on an enlightened basis. Yes, the Athenians excluded the commoners, and their enlightenment reposed on the subjugation of non-Athenian states. So have all other civilizations. Yahweh commanded the same of the Hebrews in Deuteronomy 20:10, that they could offer peace and servitude to remote foreign peoples if they would...
  • What year were you born in?

    01/11/2022 7:01:40 AM PST · by Jonty30 · 89 replies
    This is making the rounds on the internet. If you take the number of years between 2021 and your year of birth and then subtract those years from your year of birth, what year would that be? In my case, 2021-1968 = 53. Then 1968 - 53 is 1916. Just for fun, what year would you get?
  • Effectiveness & Negative Effectiveness

    01/11/2022 5:55:57 AM PST · by John Leland 1789 · 7 replies
    January 11, 2022 | John Leland 1789
    We are trying to locate a precise report regarding vaccine effectiveness and negative effectiveness. We were listening to WBAP (AM 820), Dallas this morning from southern Indiana. The reception was slightly fair. WBAP broadcast mentioned a report in the Wall Street Journal as follows: Regarding the Omicron Variant: 30 days after being vaccinated, the vaccine is not effective at all. 90 days after, the vaccine has a NEGATIVE effectiveness, making it more likely that a vaccinated person will contract Covid than an unvaccinated person. Has anyone seen the pertinent WSJ report?