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  • Graphika, a tiny company given $7 million in DOD grants/contracts, somehow knew to start monitoring & mass reporting online "conspiracy theories" and dissent about Covid-19 before WHO officially learned about Covid on Dec 31, 2019.

    04/15/2023 6:45:28 PM PDT · by ransomnote · 30 replies
    Twitter ^ | March 26, 2023 | Mike Benz @MikeBenzCyber
    [H/T Grey_whiskers]Mar 26, 2023
  • This Changes Everything You Know About The United States of America

    04/12/2023 8:11:09 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 36 replies
    Youtube ^ | 04/12/23
    MUST WATCH - This Changes Everything You Know About The United States of America message strange truth world news current events april 2023 today this week this month motivation The nanotechnology and the biotechnology filters down from the hydrosphere into the water supply and the food chain. And now every American, all 318 million Americans are infected. See, nano cells are real small. A thousand times smaller than these dust particulates. You inhale it, they go to work replicating, spreading like a virus, multiplying in exponentials. In six months time I could have a hundred million people converted. Ditch diggers,...
  • UK Muslims Blast Call to Prayer from Iconic Royal Albert Hall, Erdoğan and Loyalists Celebrate (Video)

    04/12/2023 7:40:05 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 10 replies
    RAIR Foundation ^ | 4/10/23 | Amy Mek
    The event at the Royal Albert Hall was not just an innocent celebration of Ramadan but rather a show of force by the Turkish government to further Islamize and control Europe.The Royal Albert Hall is an iconic symbol of British culture and heritage, known for hosting some of the most prestigious events in the world. However, on the evening of April 7, its famous steps were overtaken by 500 British Muslims for an Iftar during the Islamic month of Ramadan. This seemingly innocent event is just one more victory in Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s plan to Islamize and control...
  • U.S. Department of Defense issued a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before Covid was known to even exist

    04/03/2023 2:52:24 PM PDT · by Fitzy_888 · 35 replies
    The Expose ^ | March 27, 2023 | Staff
    The world first started to hear about a novel coronavirus in early January 2020, with reports of an alleged new pneumonia like illness spreading across Wuhan, China. However, the world did not actually know of Covid-19 until February 2020, because it was not until the 11th of that month that the World Health Organisation officially named the novel coronavirus disease as Covid-19. So with this being the official truth, why does United States Government data show that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) awarded a contract on the 12th November 2019 to Labyrinth Global Health INC. for ‘COVID-19 Research’, at...
  • DeSantis is allowing kids to be maimed or killed by mRNA “vaccines” [Oct. 2022]

    03/27/2023 7:54:55 AM PDT · by SoConPubbie · 47 replies
    Major Kalhoun DeSantis Research ^ | Oct 21, 2022 | Major Kalhoun
    We need to save our children!DeSantis is allowing kids to be maimed or killed by mRNA “vaccines”Why would a Governor ‘affirmatively against’ mRNA vaccines for kids allow it?Source of Above Quote: Copy: there be a Political advantage for championing anti-vax narrative but a financial incentive for allowing the poisoning of our children to continue?Initially, DeSantis took the unpopular pro-mRNA vaccination position Copy:, DeSantis began to pivot in Mid 2021 Copy:, DeSantis appears anti-mRNA vaccine, but is he? Copy: Copy: never did ban vaccine mandates as he promised Copy: Copy: back to the kids,...
  • BOMBSHELL! Silk Tells Alex Jones Unjabbed Diamond Died From "Vaccine" SHEDDING

    03/21/2023 6:43:51 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 59 replies ^ | 03/21/2023 | The Alex Jones Show
  • Deadly virus leaked from US laboratory in Donbass - DPR Army and Intelligence (Flashback)

    03/09/2023 12:13:07 PM PST · by rxsid · 11 replies ^ | 01.22.2016 | Donbass International News Agency
    Deadly virus leaked from US laboratory in Donbass - DPR Army and Intelligence Friday, January 22, 2016 - 20:05 More than 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died and over 200 soldiers are hospitalized in a short period of time because of new and deadly virus, which is immune to all medicines. Donetsk People's Republic intelligence has reported that Californian Flu is leaked from the same place where research of this virus has been carried out. The laboratory is located near the city of Kharkov and its base for US military experts. Information from threatening epidemic is announced by Vice-Commander of Donetsk...
  • Now in WEFland Switzerland, Swiss residents are thrown out of their apartments and replaced by Ukrainian refugees. This has already started in Germany…

    02/25/2023 2:34:58 PM PST · by E. Pluribus Unum · 49 replies
    Strange Sounds ^ | February 25, 2023 4:05 pm
    This is bad, real bad! I don’t want to see that in my country! Swiss citizens are now facing forced evictions to house Ukrainian refugees. Just one step further and officials in Switzerland will start requisitioning private property and possessions for Ukrainian refugees. This has already started in Germany… In the latest news, the municipality of Seegräben in Canton Zürich is throwing out a long-term tenant out of his apartment because they are unable to find apartments to accommodate asylum seekers from Ukraine. I think this is just the beginning… Fight for your rights… Swiss tenant has to leave apartment...
  • Zelensky Ordered Destruction of All State Docs Associated with METABIOTA on 02/24/22

    01/29/2023 1:38:06 PM PST · by ransomnote · 46 replies
    substack ^ | Jun 14, 2022 | clandestine
    [H/T Little Jeremiah] 🚨BOMBSHELL FROM RUSSIA🚨Ukrainian document released to Russian media outlet, @izvestia, showing decree from Zelensky to destroy all files on Ukrainian defense service members, employees and staff of the state, and any involvement with Hunter Biden’s biolab METABIOTA, on 02/24/22, the same day the air strikes on Ukraine began.See original document above on the left and then translated in English on the right. Holy shit is this a doozy. But wait, there’s a lot more.Remember that infamous video of Ukrainian MIL burning documents RIGHT IN FRONT of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense building in Kyiv, Ukraine? On 02/24/22...
  • Small Twitter user exposes Ron DeSantis’ potential neocon baggage…

    12/17/2022 7:27:03 PM PST · by NeverCheney · 52 replies
    Revolver ^ | Dec 16 2022 | Revolver
    This is concerning for the future of the Republic. Leskov Brandonovic @fjb4587 Congressman Ron DeSantis was very upset about Trump “being very positive about Putin”, wanted more lethal aids for Ukraine. Right now people are still suffering, while McConnell is still working hard to send more money to Ukraine. In the meantime this is the guy GOPe is pushing.
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Moves to Outlaw Orthodox Christianity

    12/08/2022 7:26:40 AM PST · by euram · 58 replies
    Big League Politics ^ | Dec 2 2022 | Jordan Epperson
    America’s favorite moneypot is back, just in time for our American leaders’ favorite pleasure: persecuting devout Christians on the basis of their faith. Yesterday, President Zelensky of Ukraine announced Draft Law 8821, which will make the Ukrainian Orthodox Church illegal throughout the country. The law, if passed, will also allow the Ukrainian government the ability to confiscate all church property and outlaw both public and private practice of the religion.
  • Pizzagate Exposed: Part 5 The Podesta E-mails III (recommended by General Flynn)

    11/28/2022 10:40:14 AM PST · by ransomnote · 10 replies ^ | Jan 27, 2022 | Liz Crokin
    [H/T Ymani Cricket]ransomnote: This article by Liz Crockin's was recommended by General FlynnMichael T. Flynn @TrueGenFlynn: "Follow @lizcrokin if you want the truth. She is an extraordinary and honest journalist. | 11/27/2027 | Michael T. Flynn The Podesta E-mails IIILiz Crokin Nov 27NOTE: As I was writing this column, I discovered that the Wikileaks site has gone down. So some of the screenshots of the e-mails included here are low quality since I couldn’t pull them directly from Wikileaks.In my last column, I said my part 5 of this series would include the one e-mail in the Podesta E-mails...
  • Pizzagate Exposed: Part 1

    11/28/2022 10:45:53 AM PST · by ransomnote · 25 replies ^ | Jan 15, 2022 | Liz Crokin
    First column in a series exposing the truth about PizzagateLiz Crokin Jan 15I want to start my Pizzagate series by establishing the fact that pizza has been a known pedophile code word used by predators to operate hidden in plain sight for many years. In October of 2016, when the Podesta E-mails were released, the Urban Dictionary actually had defined “cheese pizza” as child porn. At that time there were two definitions of pizza as a code word for child porn – one from 2010 and one from 2015. So it’s important to note these definitions were established long before...
  • Mercola-Zelenko Interview: Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanostructures & The Internet of Bodies

    Dr. Zelenko was very sick at the time of this interview, so he didn't use the terms "Internet of Bodies" or "Self-Assembling Graphene Nanostructures". "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you." They people dreaming all this up speak openly about it. If you or I talk about it, we have pointy-heads with tinfoil. They're billionaires surrounded by yes-men, so it's not crazy for them to say it. So, you can listen to them, but you're not allow to talk about with other people.
  • I'm confused

    11/24/2022 2:23:25 PM PST · by conservativesister · 187 replies
    Just read this post by Dan Scavino on Telegram: By the end of January 2023 MOST BANKS will literally DISAPPEAR, that is part of their plan, to leave Americans without a penny so they can control us, that means that the money that you have in the bank will also disappear. How will businesses operate? Why would Scavino post something like this, is there more to it?
  • Lies, Damn Lies & FTX | One Story that Exposes Everything

    11/18/2022 2:14:43 PM PST · by RobaWho · 19 replies
    If you have any public, private, back channel, underground text chains or "friend groups" that might push this out, we gotta fast track the awakening of "normies" - as James Carville famously quipped "It's the economy, stupid." When people find out they've tried to kill their kids AND bankrupt them - it’ll be game over! This ONE story shines a bright light on the entire corrupt ball of wax! 🙏🇺🇸
  • Ukie Pols buyinng Swiss real estate with US taxpayer money

    11/14/2022 8:14:00 PM PST · by ganeemead · 21 replies
    Candace Owens claims Ukrainian officials are driving around Switzerland in exotic cars buying up Swiss real estate with your tax dollars...
  • VAX Nation - COVID Vaccines Plandemic Documentary FULL Part 1-2-3

    11/14/2022 3:37:22 PM PST · by week 71 · 11 replies
    Rumble ^ | 11/13/22
  • BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Tens of Billions of US Dollars Were Transferred to Ukraine and then Using FTX Crypto Currency the Funds Were Laundered Back to Democrats in US

    11/13/2022 9:01:22 PM PST · by piytar · 85 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | November 12, 2022 | Joe Hoft
    The word is now out. The Democrats sent tens of billions to Ukraine and then laundered this money back to Democrat pockets and funds in the US. Now the company is bankrupt and the funds are nowhere to be found.
  • Schwab’s WEF is now pushing to implant Tracking Microchips in Humans as part of The Great Reset agenda

    11/13/2022 12:35:36 PM PST · by Roman_War_Criminal · 23 replies
    The Exposé ^ | 11/12/22 | The Exposé
    The World Economic Forum (WEF) is attempting to normalize the idea of implanting tracking chips into humans, via the Internet of Bodies – a highly controversial technology. The Internet of Bodies (IoB) is the biological extension of the Internet of Things (IoT) that brought us driverless cars and smart homes. As part of the Great Reset, both are part of the plans for the future of humanity devised by the elites of the World Economic Forum. The IoB confirms its belief in the eternal benefits of technology and promises to improve our health and extend our life. That’s a good...