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Keyword: pyramids

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  • New Scans of the Great Pyramid Confirm Major Discovery Inside

    09/28/2022 6:35:14 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 67 replies
    The Archaeologist ^ | November 30, 2021 | Ivan Petrievic, Curiosmos
    New scans revealed unprecedented details about the internal structure of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The so-called Big Void inside the Pyramid is now measured at 40 meters in length. Its contents remain a profound mystery.ScanPyramids, as the project is called, is a cross-disciplinary multinational archeological mission that uses state-of-the-art, non-destructive methods to scan various monuments for hidden cavities, chambers, or structures. This is achieved by using infra-red thermography and muons tomography.Muon tomography essentially uses cosmic ray muons to produce three-dimensional images of volumes using information stored in the Coulomb scattering of the muons. Muons can penetrate much more deeply...
  • A long-lost branch of the Nile helped in building Egypt's pyramids – Scientists Say

    09/04/2022 8:33:23 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 23 replies
    Arkeonews ^ | 1 September 2022 | Oguz Buyukyildirim
    For a very long time, scientists assumed that the process required the use of a river or channel, but today the Nile is miles away from the pyramids. However, on Monday, however, a team of researchers reported evidence that a lost arm of the Nile once cut through this stretch of desert and would have greatly simplified transporting the giant slabs to the pyramid complex.The new study, which was released on Monday in the journal PNAS, evaluated the environmental factors that allowed the construction of the Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure pyramids at Giza, which tower over the west bank of...
  • Did the Romans Know How Old the Pyramids Were?

    08/14/2022 8:31:36 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 39 replies
    YouTube ^ | August 12, 2022 | toldinstone
    The Greeks and Romans were fascinated by the ancient monuments of Egypt. But they weren't sure just how ancient they were.Did the Romans Know How Old the Pyramids Were? | August 12, 2022 | toldinstoneChapters:0:00 Introduction0:56 Ancient history's ancient history2:41 Greeks and Romans in Egypt3:23 Wealthfront4:42 Egyptomania5:15 The Pyramids7:00 Why the Romans were wrong
  • These Peruvian Pyramids Are Just As Old As Egypt's Pyramids

    05/25/2022 10:09:18 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 40 replies
    The Travel ^ | Aaron Spray
    Relatively speaking, the Incas are recent history. One unfortunate consequence of the fame of the Incas is that they tend to crowd out the long and rich history of the region with its many kingdoms and civilizations that went before. Some pre-Inca cultures were incorporated into the Inca Empire, while others were ancient history by the time the Incas appeared on the scene. The oldest city now known in the Americas is that of Caral. It flourished at around the same time as the Egyptian pyramids were being built. The ruins of 'Sacred City of Caral-Supe' or simply 'Caral,' is...
  • The Surprisingly Plausible Theory that the Pyramids were Poured from Ancient Concrete

    10/03/2021 10:16:34 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 99 replies
    YouTube ^ | December 15, 2020 | Today I Found Out
    The Surprisingly Plausible Theory that the Pyramids were Poured from Ancient Concrete | December 15, 2020 | Today I Found Out
  • David Rohl : Greek Dark Age, Hyksos Invasion and Sea Peoples

    04/14/2021 10:17:14 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 41 replies
    YouTube ^ | April 6, 2021 | The Amish Inquisition Podcast
    Topics mentioned with David... Greek Dark Age, The Exodus, Trojan War, Hyksos Invasion, The Sojourn, Solomons Temple, Pyramid Construction, Diorite Bowls, Longevity, Babylon Chronology, Hammurabi, Bronze Age Collapse, Etrutria, Aeneas, Greek Expansion, Family Planning in the Ancient World, Festival Of Drunkenness, Golden Calf, Spiked Wine, Psychedelics, Phoenicians in South America, 1177BC, Historicity of The Old Testament, King Saul, King David, etc ...
  • Pyramids Discovered Under Water Off Coast of Cuba, Might be Atlantis.

    01/05/2021 10:30:32 AM PST · by Rakhi Sarkar · 72 replies
    Archaeology World ^ | JUNE 4, 2020 | ARCHAEOLOGY WORLD TEAM
    The remains of what may be a 6000-year-old city immersed in deep waters off the west coast of Cuba was discovered by a team of Canadian and Cuban researchers. Offshore engineer Paulina Zelitsky and her husband, Paul Weinzweig and her son Ernesto Tapanes used sophisticated sonar and video videotape devices to find “some kind of megaliths you ‘d find on Stonehenge or Easter Island,” Weinzweig said in an interview.
  • Drought Reveals “Spanish Stonehenge” Older Than the Pyramids

    12/23/2020 9:08:37 AM PST · by Paul Mahesh · 31 replies
    most-interestingthings ^ | 23-12-2020 | Gavin
    After 50 years of submerged at the bottom of a reservoir, a 5,000-year-old monument has reappeared in Spain. The megalithic site has 144 granite blocks, which are stand over six feet tall and are known as ‘Spanish Stonehenge.’ Its similarity to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Wiltshire is striking, but the Iberian version is made of smaller rocks. In the 1960s, it was thought to be condemned to the history books when a Spanish general ordered the construction of a hydroelectric dam in Peraleda de la Mata, near Cáceres in Extremadura.
  • Egypt breakthrough: How 2,000-year-old mystery was solved after 'lost labyrinth' discovery

    07/15/2020 3:01:04 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 33 replies ^ | Wednesday, June 24, 2020 | Callum Hoare
    The discovery was made in Dashur, an archaeological site 90km south of Cairo, where the tattered remains of Pharaoh Amenemhat III's Black Pyramid can be seen today. The huge mortuary temple that originally stood adjacent to this pyramid is believed to have formed the basis of the complex of buildings with galleries and courtyards called a "labyrinth" by famed ancient Greek historian Herodotus. With no visible remains, the story was thought to simply be a legend passed down by generations until Egyptologist Flinders Petrie uncovered its "foundations" in the 1800s, leading experts to theories the labyrinth was demolished under the...
  • Bosnian Pyramids: New finds

    02/08/2020 5:19:07 PM PST · by wildbill · 71 replies
    Ancient Origins ^ | Jan 2020 | Richard Hoyle
    In 2020, as we begin a new decade, Dr Sam Osmanagich and The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation is celebrating its 15 th year since multidisciplinary investigations of the Bosnian Pyramids began. This year’s upcoming summer excavation season promises to be the most active yet, with active archaeological excavations taking place across the pyramid valley, both above and below ground on the Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun and Moon, Vratnica Tumulus, Ravne Tunnels, Ravne3 Tunnels and the newly discovered Ravne4 Tunnels. In 2005, Bosnian born anthropologist Dr Sam Osmanagich announced to the world’s media his discovery, that a group...
  • Artificial Pyramid Casing Stones: Ancient Geopolymer High Technology ???

    12/09/2019 5:43:12 PM PST · by wildbill · 33 replies
    Ancient Architects ^ | 12/20/2017 | Brian Forester
    This video continues our study of ancient construction techniques. It presents the argument that the base casing stones of the most familiar pyramids may have been molded by some technology which used geopolymers (stone slurry?) This is similar to the speculation that the Incan stone walls were constructed using a similar process.
  • Egypt opens ancient pyramids for first time since 1960s

    07/15/2019 8:42:00 AM PDT · by rdl6989 · 18 replies
    New York Post ^ | July 15, 2019
    CAIRO — Egypt on Saturday opened two of its oldest pyramids, located about 25 miles south of the capital Cairo, to visitors for the first time since 1965. Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany told reporters that tourists were are now allowed to visit the Bent Pyramid and its satellite pyramid in the Dahshur royal necropolis, which is part of the Memphis Necropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Fascinating theory as to how the pyramids were built.

  • Great pyramid of Giza’s shape can focus energy through its chambers

    08/19/2018 11:51:16 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 66 replies
    Tech Explorist ^ | August 5, 2018 | Pranjal Mehar
    Andrey Evlyukhin, DSc, scientific supervisor and coordinator of the research said, “Egyptian pyramids have always attracted great attention. We as scientists were interested in them as well, and so we decided to look at the Great Pyramid as a particle resonantly dissipating radio waves.” “Due to the lack of information about the physical properties of the pyramid, we had to make some assumptions. For example, we assumed that there are no unknown cavities inside, and the building material has the properties of an ordinary limestone and is evenly distributed in and out of the pyramid. With these assumptions, we obtained...
  • Giza Pyramid mystery chamber may hold Pharaoh’s 'meteorite throne'

    01/15/2018 10:10:37 AM PST · by Red Badger · 41 replies ^ | 14 Jan, 2018 07:53 | Staff
    A huge void discovered inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt late last year may hold an iron throne carved from meteorites, according to new analysis of ancient religious texts. Giulio Magli, Director of the Department of Mathematics and Professor of Archaeoastronomy at the Politecnico di Milano, studied the Pyramid Texts, religious writings carved into pyramid walls around 2400 BC. Based on his studies, Magli proposes that it’s possible the throne of Pharaoh Khufu – or ‘Cheops’ – lies inside the chamber. ================================================================================================================================ “Of course it would not be melted iron but meteoritic iron, that is, fallen from the...
  • Believe In Aliens? You’re Probably Racist

    09/19/2017 8:49:15 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 66 replies
    MRC TV ^ | September 18, 2017 | Eric Scheiner
    People who believe in extraterrestrial life are sometimes referred to in a mocking manner. In the ‘X-Files’ TV-series Fox Mulder is often referred to as ‘Spooky,’ but according to a recent article, maybe he should be called ‘racist’– if Mulder believes that aliens built the pyramids in Africa. The Quartz Media article, “Outlandish theories that aliens built the pyramids are rooted in racism,” by Julien Benoit is critical of those who believe the pyramids or other ancient structures were built by aliens. Some may call this belief simply "odd," but Benoit just out and out labels it racist. From the article:...
  • Michigan Man May Have Solved The Mystery Of Stonehenge And The Pyramids

    09/06/2017 2:23:41 AM PDT · by gaggs · 79 replies
    Video: A man in Michigan decided he wanted to uncover some of the ancient secrets techniques used to lift heavy stone blocks. After a lot of trial and error, he finally came up with a system he could use to lift any size rock and move it practically anywhere.
  • The Oracle in Stone

    07/11/2017 8:11:46 PM PDT · by Uri’el-2012 · 10 replies
    You Tube ^ | Daniel Sweek
    Prophesy in the Pyramid at Giza.
  • Engineer stuns archaeology experts by rubbishing their theories about how the pyramids were built

    01/18/2014 11:21:03 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 115 replies
    Daily Record (UK) ^ | January 11, 2014 | Adam Aspinall
    Peter James believes ancient Egyptians formed the huge tombs by piling up rubble and small rocks on the inside and attaching the large bricks on the outside later rather than using giant blocks carried up ramps. There's much debate over how the pyramids were buil AN engineer dubbed Indiana James has stunned archaeologists by rubbishing their theories on how the pyramids were built. Peter James believes ancient Egyptians formed the huge tombs by piling up rubble and small rocks on the inside and attaching the large bricks on the outside later. His claim challenges hundreds of years of accepted belief...
  • Tough-talking Ted Cruz flies into 2nd place in Iowa polls, largely at Ben Carson's expense

    11/23/2015 8:01:25 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 12 replies
    Fox News Latino ^ | November 23, 2015
    With a world on edge after the coordinated terror attacks in Paris, and as criticism grows louder of the Obama administration’s handling of adversaries such as Iran and Syria, tough talk and defiance have become strong currencies in the presidential race. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson’s mild-mannered, soft-spoken demeanor – which helped endear him to many voters in the first place – now appears to be working against him, while Sen. Ted Cruz’s tell-it-like-it-is, in-your-face style is now raising his stock. In the crucial state of Iowa, which holds closely-watched caucuses, the event in Paris on Nov. 13 changed many conservatives’...