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  • Is Your Progressive Neighbor Waiting to Ethnically Cleanse You and Your Family?

    04/13/2023 2:18:24 AM PDT · by spirited irish · 35 replies
    PatriotandLiberty ^ | 4/11/23 | John Zmirak
    Here’s an icebreaker the next time you end up speaking to one of your left-wing neighbors or colleagues. Or a telling question you can pose the next person who applies to you for a job. Apropos of nothing, inquire of this person along the following lines:Hey, I’m just kind of wondering … five years down the road … do you see your family and mine living in the same nation-state, under the same kinds of laws with equal rights and liberties? Or are you planning on people like us being driven out by angry mobs/ imprisoned for thought crimes /...
  • The Trump Indictment Is Even More Silly Than Anyone Imagined….

    04/05/2023 2:27:58 AM PDT · by spirited irish · 48 replies
    PatriotandLiberty Blog ^ | 4/4/23 | Sundance
    Some, generally those who recognize a historic context within the moment of its manifest, will say that President Donald Trump carries an anointing – a protection that keeps harm from his purpose.Others, mainly those who pontificate punditry while exclaiming, “the beginning of the end” and “the walls are closing in”, will likely gnash their horrible teeth and declare the bad man Trump is coated in Teflon. Albeit with a slowly lessening voice, while becoming even smaller than they were.
  • "No Shoot Zone" activist Tyree Moorehead shot, killed by officer in West Baltimore {because he was attacking a woman with a knife}

    03/21/2023 11:59:44 PM PDT · by Cronos · 33 replies
    CBS ^ | 6 nov 2022
    A Baltimore police officer shot and killed a man who was wielding a knife in West Baltimore on Sunday, according to Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Michael Harrison. That man, Tyree Moorehead, was the creator of the city's "no shoot zones." As an activist, he spray-painted that message across the face of Baltimore—from block to block and from neighborhood to neighborhood. His father, Carlton Moorehead, confirmed to WJZ that his son had been killed by an officer while in the neighborhood of Sandtown-Winchester. Moorehead had been holding the knife while assaulting a female on the ground near the intersection of North...
  • Dog Hilariously Attempts to Find a Bear That Suddenly Disappears From His TV Screen

    01/11/2023 3:39:22 PM PST · by allen592 · 13 replies
    The Pet Zealot ^ | January 11, 2023 | James Alain L.
    Oftentimes, pet owners share funny videos of their dogs watching the TV as humans do by focusing on the screen like they understand what’s going on. One totally hilarious footage of a dog trying to find a bear after it vanished from his TV screen went viral.
  • The GOP Did Nothing to Stop the Fraud in 2020; Repeat 2022. What Now America?

    11/13/2022 1:17:17 PM PST · by NoLibZone · 51 replies
    America The Loud ^ | America The Loud
    Another upside-down questionable election in 2022, after the disastrous fraud uncovered in the 2020 Presidential election, threatens the very survival of our Constitutional Republic. It doesn’t appear the average American realizes how very dire the situation is with the continuation of one-party control of our government, the “mob rule” of a “democracy’ (51% majority), an evil tyranny that our Founding Fathers warned against. Schools and colleges have become nothing more than Communist factories. Pacification of the masses is their tool of choice to harvest weak people. The attacks on Judeo-Christian values will continue. History is clear about what happens next...
  • Biden’s COVID Coordinator Announce That For The 4th Time, Biden’s “COVID” Symptoms Change And It Sounds Like He’s Declining

    07/24/2022 8:34:56 AM PDT · by MNDude · 206 replies
    In his previous update on Biden’s health, O’Connor said the president had an elevated temperature of 99.4 F on Thursday evening. This morning Biden’s Covid coordinator (the one that told us that Biden ate all of his food and showed him the plate) announced that Biden has mild respiratory lines due to Covid! Of course, the media weren’t interested in asking how respiratory lines could be mild!
  • With note of caution, Newsom signs bill decriminalizing loitering for purpose of prostitution

    07/01/2022 7:41:44 PM PDT · by rintintin · 45 replies
    Sacramento Bee ^ | July 1 2022 | Sacramento Bee
    Loitering for the purpose of prostitution is no longer a crime in California.
  • Run For Cover! Banks Park Near Record Amount With Fed As Global Inflation Soars, Overnight Reverse Repo Operations Above $2 Trillion (Gasoline Prices Rise To Highest In History)

    05/31/2022 5:38:09 AM PDT · by Browns Ultra Fan · 16 replies
    Confounded Interest ^ | 05/31/2022 | Anthony B. Sanders
    Run for cover! Markets opened after a long (and expensive) Memorial Day weekend, with the 10-year Treasury yield up 8.1 basis points (to Meanwhile, banks continue to park funds at The Federal Reserve in the form of reverse repos as global inflation soars. And then we have US gasoline prices rising to the highest in history. Its like banks know something that the rest of us don’t. Although we do know about the highest gasoline prices in history.
  • Jessica Reznicek set fire to Dakota Access Pipeline construction. Is she a terrorist?

    05/31/2022 5:35:01 AM PDT · by The_Media_never_lie · 37 replies
    Grist ^ | May 18, 2022 | Naveena Sadasivam
    On election night in 2016, Jessica Reznicek and Ruby Montoya set fire to a bulldozer and construction equipment at a Dakota Access Pipeline construction site in Iowa. Over the next few months, the activists used oxy-acetylene torches to melt holes in pipeline valves at three other locations in the state. It was at the height of the Indigenous-led protests against the 1,172-mile-long pipeline, which opponents like the Standing Rock Sioux tribe argued would pollute local water sources and contaminate soil. When Reznicek and Montoya’s actions failed to halt pipeline construction, they held a press conference and publicly took responsibility for...
  • The worst kind of domestic terrorism (SUV driver at parade)

    11/22/2021 3:33:10 AM PST · by MtnClimber · 83 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 22 Nov, 2021 | John F. Di Leo
    Darrell Brooks – the alleged driver in the Waukesha parade killings - repeatedly was caught, processed, and intentionally released on violanet crime charges including felony assault just two days before the parade. SNIP The alleged perpetrator is known; the motive, however, is in doubt. Darrell Brooks, a 38-year-old rapper with a long rap sheet, is the alleged driver of the vehicle. Early reports point to two possibilities: either he did this on purpose, as an intentional terror attack, or he and his cronies were fleeing an earlier crime – reportedly, a stabbing – and he made the horrible choice of...
  • How To Kill The Second Amendment: Sue Gun Manufacturers Into Bankruptcy

    05/15/2021 5:53:56 AM PDT · by Onthebrink · 23 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 5/14/2021 | Peter Suciu
    Lawmakers in the Empire State want to hold the firearms industry accountable for gun violence, which is on the rise in New York. Already there are measures underway that could bypass federal protections and allow individuals to sue gun makers when their products are used in a crime. Last year, New York State Sen. Zellnor Myrie (D-Brooklyn) authored a bill he said he believes would significantly expand the state’s ability to challenge manufacturers whose products are used illegally. The measure would amend the state’s criminal nuisance law to include the sale or manufacture of a product that endangers people’s health...
  • Sign at George Floyd Square Gives Special Rules ‘for White People’

    04/23/2021 8:00:36 AM PDT · by McQ444 · 42 replies
    NN ^ | 04-23-21 | Daniel Newton
    White people who visit the square where George Floyd was murdered by ex-Minnesota cop Derek Chauvin will now have to obey 'special rules' according to a new signposted. The sign at the square reads: “A Sacred Space for Community, Public Grief, and Protest.”

    04/19/2021 2:41:48 AM PDT · by NonValueAdded · 30 replies
    National Park Planner ^ | 06/10/2020 | Unattributed
    ... In the meantime, more Patriot militiamen were gathering at various bottlenecks along Battle Road to set up ambushes, the first being at Meriam’s Corner where the British had to cross a small bridge. On the open road, most of the soldiers marched in a column five men wide, while other troops known as flankers fanned out like wings on a bird to protect the column by keeping the Patriots out of accurate range. Of course, at a bridge the flankers had to join the main column so they could cross as well, which allowed the Patriots to come closer....
  • Joe Biden Wants To Sue The Gun Industry Out Of Business

    04/14/2021 6:39:42 AM PDT · by Onthebrink · 23 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 4/14/2021 | Peter Suciu
    Biden’s calls to overturn the PLCAA would be a way to sue firearms makers into bankruptcy. “He wants to drive us out of business,” Mark Oliva, the director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade group, told NBC News. “So it’s a very scary proposition, and we take it very seriously.”
  • Nextrush Unplugged Weekend: UK Admits Vaccine Blood Clot Deaths, The Emerging Police State

    04/03/2021 8:10:03 PM PDT · by Nextrush · 6 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 4/3/2021 | Nextrush/Self
    Welcome to the weekend. He got the harshest prison sentence in connection with the 1972 burglary of the Watergate headquarters of the Democratic Party. G. Gordon Liddy passed away at the age of 90 this week. In 1978 around a year after his sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter, Liddy spoke to William F. Buckley Jr. on "Firing Line". Liddy says the feds wanted him to be a snitch and he wasn't... Newsdump Easter Weekend Alert: British Government Admitting Blood Clot Deaths Following COVID Vaccination With Astra Zeneca Vaccine But Denying Link For Now... Is The FBI Trying To...
  • Five Greatest Tank Battles In Military History

    02/10/2021 6:10:04 AM PST · by Onthebrink · 50 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 2/9/2021 | Peter Suicu
    A single Israeli armored brigade with less than 100 tanks held out for four days against a Syrian infantry division equipped with more than 1,400 tanks including some 400 T-62s, the most modern Soviet tank in the field at that time. Unable to call in effective air support, the Israelis dug in and fought like the future of their country depended on it. Nearly the entire Israeli tank force was destroyed and the defenders were on the verge of collapse but as reinforcements finally arrived, the Syrians withdrew – not knowing how close they came to victory. Instead, they suffered...
  • Montana-Class: The U.S. Navy’s 71,000 Ton Battleship

    02/08/2021 10:10:59 AM PST · by Onthebrink · 24 replies
    19FortyFive ^ | 2/8/2021 | Peter Suicu
    The Montana-class was authorized under the “Two Ocean Navy” building program, and it was funded in Fiscal Year 1941 (FY41). Nearly a third larger than the preceding Iowa-class, the super-battleship was to be 920 feet in length with a beam of 121 feet. Displacing 60,500 tones – 71,000 tons with its war load – it would have been even larger than the Royal Navy’s HMS Vanguard, the last battleship ever built.
  • The Easiest Animals for Beginners to Spot and Hunt

    09/24/2020 7:03:58 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 24 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/24/20 | A Wells
    Which game critters offer new hunters the best entry into the sport? From spotting to taking down with a clean shot, we cover America’s most feasible options. When getting into the hunting game, it's best to start with some lighter or easier prey to help you practice. Of course, before you head out into the wilderness, you need to do some target practice to ensure you know how to use your weapon properly. Once you can easily hit a target that isn't living, you can start hunting animals. The general rule of thumb for hunting is that the smaller the...
  • M16 or M4

    09/23/2020 7:34:55 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 22 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/23/20 | N Perna
    Which Duty AR is King? – Nick Perna, a former soldier and currently a cop, weighs in on whether the M16A2 or M4 is a better overall weapon system. Age equals experience. One of the few perks of getting old is that you get exposed to more things throughout the course of your life. This includes weapon systems. I’ve been making a living with a firearm since the late 1980s. In jobs ranging from the military, bounty hunting and law enforcement, I've carried a wide variety of handguns, long guns, crew-served weapons and other things that go "Bang!" I've personally...
  • WWII Japanese Paratroops Folding Rifle

    09/17/2020 8:05:51 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 33 replies
    Am Shooting Journal ^ | 9/17/20 | C Cocole
    The Idea looked better on Paper - In World War Two Japan had a paratroop corps, Germany provided the technical assistance with equipment implementation in the late 1930’s. One of the methods was the use of parachute-equipped containers housing the firearms, this was dropped separately from the paratrooper. In the combat drop at Sumatra (Japanese) and Crete (Germany), both drop zones had problems of weapons containers landing far from troops, resulting being out gunned. Especially, the experiences of the airborne attack on Palembang in Sumatra, Dutch East Indies, February 13-15, 1942. In that battle, the airborne troops were equipped with...