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  • Free Republic "Bump List" Register

    09/30/2001 4:46:44 AM PDT · by John Robinson · 191 replies · 12,118+ views
    I have created a public register of "bump lists" here on Free Republic. I define a bump list as a name listed in the "To" field used to index articles. Free Republic Bump List Register
  • Peggy Noonan: Speak Softly, Mr. Bush

    07/15/2004 5:19:08 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 38 replies · 1,784+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | Thursday, July 15, 2004 | PEGGY NOONAN
    Recently I wrote a column on a particular anxiety I've been feeling regarding the coming election and the prospects of President Bush. I stated that some voters may be feeling or come to feel that history has simply become too dramatic the past few years, and one way out of the drama might be to change presidents, and hire Mr. Kerry to, in effect, make things more boring and force history to calm down. This has given rise in the blogosphere (see this Instapundit entry, for example) to a question: Do I, and others who have written on this subject,...
  • Peggy Noonan: What I Saw at the Evacuation

    06/24/2004 5:02:59 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 65 replies · 653+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | Thursday, June 24, 2004 | Peggy Noonan
    What I was thinking was: they brought their souls. We are all these physical repositories of ourselves, of our characters and personalities and ambitions. But everybody is a soul, has a soul, and all these people gathered for the funeral of a great man, and their souls came. I tell you this because it somehow has to do with something that followed. Many, not all, were aging or old. They had run the country 20 and 30 years ago. They had lived lives of import and meaning. But they were not this afternoon their official selves, their old formal selves,...
  • Because I Am Not Done; What I saw at the funeral, part 2.

    06/16/2004 10:35:24 PM PDT · by ambrose · 42 replies · 689+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 6.17.04 | Peggy Noonan
    Because I Am Not Done What I saw at the funeral, part 2. Thursday, June 17, 2004 12:01 a.m. EDT All week people who had waited in line to see Ronald Reagan's casket at the Rotunda would walk up to me wherever I was, introduce themselves and say, "There were these young soldiers and sailors, we waited on line six hours, and we all got in at 2 a.m., and as they rounded the casket they would stop, every one of them, and salute." Or, "Did you see the American Indians in full ceremonial dress who came and stood in...
  • Peggy Noonan: The Ben Elliott Story (What I saw at the funeral)

    06/13/2004 9:04:38 PM PDT · by Pokey78 · 236 replies · 1,486+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 06/14/04 | Peggy Noonan
    What was the meaning of the past remarkable nine days? You cannot stop the American people from feeling what they feel and showing it. From the crowds at Simi Valley to the hordes at the Capitol to the men and women who stopped and got out of their cars on Highway 101 to salute as Reagan came home--that was America talking to America about who America is. It was a magnificent teaching moment for the whole country but most of all for the young, who barely remembered Ronald Reagan or didn't remember him at all. This week they heard who...
  • Peggy Noonan: The Most Exalting Day

    06/05/2004 8:29:46 AM PDT · by Pokey78 · 5 replies · 222+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 06/04/04 | Peggy Noonan
    What we talk about when we talk about D-Day. Television will be full of reports this weekend of the festivities surrounding the 60th anniversary of D-Day. This has me thinking of why we still talk about the invasion, why television news producers are certain we are interested, and why the programmers of movie channels believe we will want to see "The Longest Day" again, and "Saving Private Ryan." The Normandy invasion was a great moment in history (brave men joining together to do the right thing) and a definitive moment (the Nazi hold on Europe was loosed; in less than...
  • Peggy Noonan: Big Mike, No Message

    06/03/2004 1:50:17 AM PDT · by The Raven · 40 replies · 638+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | June 3, 2004 | Peggy Noonan
    I have been paying attention to the graduates of Ivy League universities. Every one I see the past few weeks is beautiful. They are tall and handsome and gay-spirited; they are strong and laughing and bright. I ask them what they are going to do now. I am repeatedly told things like, "I want to go into TV." And "I'm going to drama school." And "I'm going to journalism school." It occurs to me that all young people who graduate from elite American universities now want to go into communications. It's a whole generation that wants to communicate. But what...
  • People Have Eyes(Noonan)

    04/21/2004 9:09:55 PM PDT · by ride the whirlwind · 59 replies · 256+ views
    WSJ Opinion Journal ^ | April 22, 2004 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>I do not know precisely why President Bush's popularity continues high despite a month of the most relentless pounding from partisans, the press, the 9/11 commission and history itself (Fallujah, etc.) No one else knows either. Professionals will read the polls through the prism of their own expertise. Media people will say it's the cumulative effect of Mr. Bush's stirring ads. Those who agree with the president's stand on Iraq will say it's Iraq. Others may argue it's because he put tax cuts at the heart of his economic policy and the economy has begun to rebound. There is probably some truth in all of this. But my guess would be something else.</p>
  • Peggy Noonan: A Good Newscast On Good Friday

    04/07/2004 9:04:08 PM PDT · by Pokey78 · 19 replies · 414+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 04/08/04 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>Peter Jennings: . . . a week so extraordinary, so packed with history that one hardly knows where to begin. An overview from our correspondent Jack McWethy.</p> <p>McWethy: Peter, what a week it was. On Thursday in Washington riveting testimony. The head of the National Security Council, Condoleezza Rice, live before the 9/11 commission and the country. She was a dramatic witness. In calm tones and over three hours Rice walked through the history of America and al Qaeda, reviewing both the Bush administration's eight-month leadership before September 11, 2001, and the Clinton administration's eight years. She came with heavy documentation--memoranda, briefing notes.</p>
  • Peggy Noonan: An Eight-Month Run

    03/10/2004 9:05:05 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 39 replies · 450+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 03/11/04 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>Starring John Kerry in "Airplane" and George W. Bush in "The Happy Warrior."</p> <p>In a patriotic attempt to help make the next eight months more interesting and fun, some practical advice for both presidential contenders.</p> <p>First John Kerry.</p> <p>The Democrats this year are proving themselves bold and tough. Mr. Kerry this week has been audacious--going into Florida and warning that Republicans mean to steal it, challenging President Bush on national security when national security is Mr. Kerry's famous weak spot. Why would he draw attention to his own weakness? To confuse things, to make them seem in play. That he isn't hiding from his weak spot but highlighting it will convince some people it's probably not a weak spot. This is good stuff.</p>
  • Peggy Noonan: JFK Disease

    03/03/2004 9:04:58 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 93 replies · 767+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 03/04/04 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>John Kerry certainly looks like a president--the thick steel-wool hair, the Lincolnian planes and shadows of his face. He is tall and slim and seems serious. He also has the guts to wear salmon-colored ties. A red tie is red and a blue tie is blue, and red and blue know what color they are. Salmon is a more delicate hue. Salmon can't decide what color it is. Sometimes it's pink and sometimes it's orange. It's like wearing ambivalence on your shirt. This is an unusual thing for a politician to do if it's thought through, and it takes courage.</p>
  • Peggy Noonan: The Democrats Have Had Their Fun. Now It's Time to Rumble

    02/14/2004 8:49:01 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 114 replies · 253+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 02/15/04 | Peggy Noonan
    The past few months, heartland Republicans have felt like hitchhikers on the highway of life, watching big black limousines speed by. The limos have been full of happy Democrats on their way to The Fight. Democrats clinking glasses and placing bets on Dean in five, or Kerry with a TKO. Democrats having a ball. Zoom. The Republicans, meanwhile, have been out there all alone, looking for a lift. They just wanted to get home, have macaroni with the kids, watch a little TV. Even though when they did watch, when they turned on a cable TV news-talk show, what they...
  • Peggy Noonan: The Paragraph- Help the White House make the case for re-election

    02/11/2004 9:04:18 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 381 replies · 329+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 02/12/04 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>When you are a conservative and tend to support conservatives, it will come as a surprise, and an unwelcome one, when you ding one, as I dinged President Bush the other day about his "Meet the Press" performance. Of those who responded, about 60% disagreed with me, and the rest were more or less in agreement. Many of those who disagreed with me said they thought the president had done well with Tim Russert, that the interview made clear his decency and sincerity. Others said I was kicking the president when he's down and that's the problem with conservative pundits, they can't be trusted. My answer is the obvious one: It is the job of a writer to write the truth as he sees it, and if it's an uncomfortable truth, then so be it.</p>
  • Peggy Noonan: Janet Jackson and the Frog

    02/04/2004 9:05:12 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 135 replies · 1,637+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 02/05/04 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>Has our culture gone iredeemably to pot, or can we jump for our lives?</p> <p>On Saturday night Sept. 8, 2001, I did something unusual. I went to Madison Square Garden to watch the taping of a Michael Jackson special that was soon to be aired on CBS. A friend had come to town with tickets and we decided to meet for dinner and go together. We thought it would be fun because we thought it would be strange.</p>
  • Peggy Noonan: General Malaise (Stop Wesley Clark!)

    01/26/2004 9:05:17 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 58 replies · 359+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 01/27/04 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>Democrats, for the good of the country: Stop Wesley Clark!</p> <p>Let me assert something that I cannot prove with a poll but that is based on serious conversations the past few months with Republicans and also normal people: 9/11 changed everything. Yes, I know you know that. But it has even changed how people who usually vote Republican think about Democratic candidates for president. Our No. 1 question used to be: Can we beat this guy easily? But now we feel the age of terrorism so profoundly challenges our country, and is so suggestive of future trauma and national pain, that our No. 1 question has become: Is he . . . normal? Just normal. Is he stable and adult and experienced?</p>
  • Peggy Noonan: 'Passion' and Intrigue- The story of the Vatican and Mel Gibson's film gets curiouser

    01/21/2004 9:03:36 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 222 replies · 459+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 01/22/04 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>On the matter of the pope, "The Passion" and the famous papal quote, you are perhaps perplexed. You are not alone. This is a story marked by, among other things, a certain amount of intrigue, and some of it is like something out of "The DaVinci Code."</p>
  • Peggy Noonan: Iowa May Be Howard's End

    01/14/2004 9:03:30 PM PST · by Pokey78 · 54 replies · 274+ views
    Opinion Journal ^ | 01/15/04 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>One way to look at life is that we're all waiting. You're born, you grow into the autonomy of adulthood, and then you have to find a way to pass your time until a) you enter your real life, the one that never ends and is full of joy, or b) you enter the meaningless black void that is death and the silence of the tomb. The trick lies in finding a way to spend your time that is pleasurable, satisfying and honorable. What does this have to do with political prognostication? I really don't know. I just know that political pundits have chosen, as their way to spend the heart of their adult years, gathering the latest facts on and trying to explain politics.</p>
  • The Dean Disappointment: I want to like him. I really do

    01/08/2004 3:57:15 AM PST · by billorites · 45 replies · 222+ views
    OpinionJournal ^ | January 8, 2004 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>I want to like Howard Dean. I don't mean I want to support him; I mean I want to like him, or find him admirable even if I don't agree with him. I want the Democratic Party to have a strong nominee this year, for several reasons. One is that it is one of our two great parties, and it is dispiriting to think it is not able to summon up a deeply impressive contender. Another is that democracy is best served by excellent presidential nominees duking it out region to region in a hard-fought campaign that seriously raises the pressing issues of the day. A third is that the Republican Party is never at its best when faced with a lame challenger. When faced with a tough and scrappy competitor like Bill Clinton, they came up with the Contract with America. When faced with Michael Dukakis they came up with flag-burning amendments. They need to be in a serious fight before they fight seriously.</p>
  • 'It Is as It Was' (Peggy Noonan on the Pope's Viewing of "The Passion)

    12/17/2003 10:42:40 AM PST · by Pyro7480 · 162 replies · 428+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 12/17/2003 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>'It Is as It Was'</p> <p>Mel Gibson's "The Passion" gets a thumbs-up from the pope.</p> <p>Wednesday, December 17, 2003 1:06 p.m.</p> <p>Here's some happy news this Christmas season, an unexpected gift for those who have seen and admired Mel Gibson's controversial movie, "The Passion," and wish to support it. The film has a new admirer, and he is a person of some influence. He is in fact the head of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.</p>
  • Joy to the World (Peggy Noonan)

    12/14/2003 10:29:57 AM PST · by bellevuesbest · 121 replies · 324+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 12-14-03 | Peggy Noonan
    <p>Joy to the World They thought that we would rue it. They doubted we'd do it. But now they must admit it, that succeed we did.</p> <p>First, let's just be happy. Let's feel a burst of joy.</p> <p>Let's not be boring people who Consider the Implications. Let's not talk about the domestic political impact. For just a day let's feel the pleasure history just handed us.</p>