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  • The Village Inside Us – The Whole Adam

    08/18/2021 12:02:01 PM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | August 18, 2021 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of my father’s passing. I have felt the day approaching for a few weeks now. I have also been reflecting on why I feel it so poignantly. The truth is that we know a parent in a unique way, indeed, in a manner that differs even from that of our siblings. What we know is never really the person as they stand, fully themselves. We know them as they stand within us. Thus, much of what I feel about my father is rooted in the experiences of a young boy and of that stranger/man standing...
  • Baptism of Rus’ Procession Draws Hundreds of Thousands Faithful Ukrainians (+Video)

    07/30/2021 6:36:55 PM PDT · by marshmallow · 1 replies
    Pravoslavie ^ | 7/28/21
    The Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s annual cross procession on the eve of the Baptism of Rus’ drew its largest crowd ever this year. According to preliminary calculations, more than 350,000 Ukrainian faithful took to the streets to honor St. Vladimir the Equal-to-the-Apostles, who baptized Rus’ in the Orthodox faith, His Eminence Metropolitan Anthony of Borsypil and Brovary, the Chancellor of the canonical Ukrainian Church, reported in the briefing following the procession. The day began with a moleben on St. Vladimir Hill at 1:00 PM in Kiev. Then the procession, headed by His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry of Kiev and All Ukraine, made...
  • When America Got Sick

    06/07/2021 7:43:55 AM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 8 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | June 7, 2021 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    It was in the years following the Civil War, America was hard on the path to “becoming great.” The industrial revolution had moved into full swing, railroads criss-crossed the country, immigration was gaining speed, and wealth was accumulating at a rate never seen before. We were slowly moving from our original agrarian economy towards life as an industrial nation. The middle-class was growing, education was increasing, and the life of management was the aspiration of many. We were also getting sick in new ways. In 1868, the first article on the term neurasthenia was published. Though the word had been...
  • To Live Within the Tradition

    05/28/2021 8:37:05 AM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 6 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | May 27, 2021 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    For a period of about three years in my late teens and early 20’s, I was deeply involved in a charismatic house church. It was a deeply committed group of people (some of us lived in a commune together). Our services could run for hours with very intensive Bible teaching. A feature of that time and the charismatic movement was a concern for the “latest word.” By that was meant new insights, new emphases, and a very heightened sense that we were hearing moment-by-moment what God wanted to say to His people. It was exciting. It was also exhausting. It...
  • Punk Rock Priests Offer Up Their ‘Parallel Love’ in Music and Sacrament

    05/25/2021 8:09:55 AM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 5 replies
    Christianity Today ^ | May 18, 2021 | JOEL HENG HARTSE
    The evangelical indie rock scene of the 1990s can be difficult to explain. A rebellious, unhinged underground movement that emerged from megachurch basements and religious colleges? A generation of musicians who broke ties with conservative Christianity but maintained a fan base built through youth groups and Young Life? You kind of had to be there. Perhaps no band typifies the many paradoxes of this scene and its fallout than Luxury, formed in small-town Georgia in the early 1990s and still together today. The band itself is also hard to describe: maybe Morrissey fronting Fugazi, with sad Radiohead piano, English-major allusions,...
  • What Does Success in Bodily Warfare Look Like?

    05/11/2021 12:29:29 PM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 4 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | May 11, 2021 | Fr. Michael Gillis
    Some of the most accessible and practical wisdom from the ancient Christian desert tradition can be found in the letters of Sts. Barsanuphius and John. They lived in Gaza (Palestine) in the early sixth century. Over 800 letters are preserved for us, and in these letters we get an inside look at what spiritual guidance looked like in the desert monasticism of those early years. And although much is different in the cultural context, even more seems to be the same in regard to the human struggle to draw near to God. In the letters of Sts. Barsanuphius and John...
  • The Sign of the Cross: A Neglected Weapon of Prayer

    05/07/2021 7:03:27 AM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 8 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | May 5, 2021 | Lynette Horner
    Christ is risen! Truly He is risen! I hope your Paschal season is joyous and that you are celebrating with the consumption of “fleshmeats,” as some of the old service books say. In our house, barbecue is definitely on the menu within 48 hours of the midnight Pascha service. As we reflect on Christ’s victory over death, it’s a good season to think about the Cross in our daily lives, and especially about using the sign of the cross. I’ve seen this distinctive gesture repeated on television and in movies through the years, but rarely in real life. The characters,...
  • Knocking Down the Gates of Hell

    05/01/2021 4:07:14 PM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 4 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | May 1, 2021 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    The Swedish Lutheran theologian, Gustav Aulen, published a seminal work on the types of atonement theory in 1930 (Christus Victor). Though time and critical studies have suggested many subtler treatments of the question, no one has really improved on his insight. Especially valuable was his description of the “Classic View” of the atonement. This imagery, very dominant in the writings of the early Fathers and in the liturgical life of the Eastern Church, focused on the atonement as an act of invasion, the smashing of gates and bonds, and the setting free of those bound in hell. Aulen clearly preferred...
  • The Bridegroom and Judgment

    04/27/2021 12:11:50 PM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 1 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | April 27, 2021 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    "Behold, the Bridegroom comes at midnight, and blessed is the servant whom He shall find watching; and again, unworthy is the servant whom He shall find heedless. Beware, therefore, O my soul, do not be weighed down with sleep, lest you be given up to death and lest you be shut out of the Kingdom. But rouse yourself crying: Holy, holy, holy, art Thou, O our God. Through the Theotokos, have mercy on us."+ Troparion of Bridegroom Matins The services of the first few days of Orthodox Holy Week have a collective theme of judgment. The centerpiece of those days...
  • The Limits of Holiness

    04/21/2021 11:32:11 AM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 1 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | April 21, 2021 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    I saw a commercial recently that proclaimed, “Freedom has no limits!” It sought to capture the modern imagination with what is a patently absurd statement. Everything in creation has limits – that is the nature of created things. It is nonetheless the case that we can imagine our life without limits – a shameless existence where nothing impedes our pleasure. This was the inner world of a young woman in Alexandria who would later be known as St. Mary of Egypt. She left home, according to her own testimony, and took up a life of unbridled pleasure: sex, alcohol, whatever...
  • The Ladder of Your Daily Life

    04/14/2021 7:34:13 AM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | April 14, 2021 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    Perhaps the most prominent ladder in our culture is the one associated with careers. It is an image of the American road to success. We begin at or near the bottom and, step by step, make our way towards the top. It is a metaphor that works well with our modern notions of hard work, persistence and reward. It also serves as a justification for many of the structures in our society and colors our common view of those who linger around the bottom. It is through this cultural image that the Ladder of St. John of Sinai (Climacus) comes...
  • Pay Attention! See What You See!

    03/20/2021 5:53:17 PM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 13 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | March 20, 2021 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    It has been said that the whole of Orthodox theology and teaching can be found in a single, well-executed icon. I believe it to be true. Over the years, I have found that certain icons have been invaluable in efforts to teach a class of inquirers or catechumens about certain aspects of the faith. Those “certain aspects” could easily be expanded until, time permitting, the whole of the faith would be expounded. I daresay that some evenings in such classes, the students probably thought that time was permitting. My thoughts turn to this understanding each year as we approach the...
  • Right Glory – Orthodoxy in Its Own Language

    03/12/2021 6:58:29 AM PST · by Carpe Cerevisi · 1 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | March 12, 2021 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    When I was in grad school, I had a term paper graded and returned to me. In it, was a phrase, circled in red, with an explanation and an exclamation mark. It read: “Double modal!” The offending phrase was “might could.” I looked at the phrase, which seemed perfectly acceptable to my ear, and puzzled over it. I consulted my wife, the English major. She politely explained to me that my very common Southern dialect expression was considered “bad grammar.” Interestingly, it is acceptable German grammar (and was once, undoubtedly, good English grammar, somewhere). One of the things that puzzled...
  • Should we get vaccinated?

    02/16/2021 9:43:18 AM PST · by JoanSmith · 56 replies
    Monastery of Saint Hierarch Glicherie of Romania ^ | January 16, 2021 | Bishop Sofronie of Suceava
    This question is asked by millions and millions of Christians, frightened by this invented pandemic. “Fearful people do not inherit the Kingdom of God,” says St. Paul the Apostle. After our church took note of the danger of vaccination through the mouth of His Eminence, our Metropolitan Vlasie Mogârzan, we have communicated our position both from a spiritual point of view, but also from a medical and moral point of view. However, after countless requests, questions raised by Christians, many unanswered, we owe some clarification. Beloved Christians, Even now, after they permanently put your muzzle on, don’t you realize that...
  • Being Found by God

    12/23/2020 6:17:05 AM PST · by Carpe Cerevisi · 8 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | December 22, 2020 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    I was flying into Denver a year or so back to speak at a conference. Seated next to me on the plane was a very well-dressed Muslim woman, who looked quite professional in her outfit and her demeanor. About 45 minutes away from landing, she turned to me and spoke: “Are you a Christian priest?” I was wearing my cassock. “Yes,” I responded. “I have never met a Christian before,” she said. “Do you really believe that Jesus is God and that He died?” I was immediately put in mind of an exam I took in seminary. It was called...
  • I Will Go Into the Altar of God

    11/20/2020 7:50:58 AM PST · by Carpe Cerevisi · 1 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | November 20, 2020 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    Most of my early Church memories center around Sunday School (I think that we did not “stay for preaching” very often). The small Baptist church that we attended was about a mile from our house and was conveniently connected by a railroad track, generally inactive on Sundays. My older brother and I often walked along the track on Sunday mornings when the weather was pleasant. The earliest Bible verses I can recall were learned in those classrooms. One of those was Psalm 122:1: “I was glad when they said unto me, ‘Let us go into the House of the Lord.’”...
  • Grace Enough

    10/05/2020 8:51:12 AM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi · 2 replies
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | October 5, 2020 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    Some years ago I was in hospital for a time and not in the least bit happy about it. One sleepless night I was walking the halls of the unit, unable to sleep, and tempted with self-pity. I thought to myself (in rebuke), “Father Arseny endured the Soviet Gulag with more hope and patience than you’re bringing to this.” Father Arseny is the figure in the book by the same name that relates the story of an amazing Russian priest who was a true saint of his generation. My inner conversation continued, “God gave Fr. Arseny the grace to endure...
  • The Greatest Battle Is at Hand

    08/26/2020 6:27:55 AM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | August 25, 2020 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    In his letter to the Ephesians, St. Paul warns of the dangers of being “tossed about with every wind of doctrine.” Early Christianity had very little institutional existence or stability. Churches met in homes (usually those of the wealthy). They gathered around their Bishop (or Bishops) with their Presbyters and Deacons. They were grounded in the Eucharist. When we think about these things in hindsight, we too easily project the institutionality of our own experience onto a very unstable format. The reality is that, at least in the major cities, there were often competing groups. Generally, they were centered around...
  • Praying God Within Us

    07/20/2020 12:17:10 PM PDT · by Carpe Cerevisi
    Ancient Faith Ministries ^ | July 20, 2020 | Fr. Stephen Freeman
    As a follow up to my last post (God Within Us), I offer this ancient prayer. Most people are probably familiar with it, and some may very well use it in their daily prayers. It began to appear in Orthodox books of prayer over the past few decades, reflecting a rediscovery of the Orthodox Church in the ancient West. This prayer is known as “St. Patrick’s Breastplate.” I’ve seen numerous translations. There is one set to music that was popular in the Anglican Church (“I bind unto myself today…”). It was often sung as a processional at ordinations. St. Patrick’s...
  • Farris: Relativism is Dead

    07/18/2020 11:29:05 AM PDT · by Pining_4_TX · 6 replies
    Caffeinated Thoughts ^ | 07/13/20 | Michael Farrie
    Back in the day, the advocates of relativism wrapped themselves in the mantle of pluralism. The pretense is over, the new orthodoxy has arrived. Remember back just a few years ago, when academia and other societal elites told us that there were no moral absolutes. Every person could decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. There were even entire school courses built around this premise. One popular program was called Values Clarification. Academia challenged the idea that education should center on the pursuit of truth since truth was relative and individualistic. I heard Francis Schaefer speak on...