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  • Energy Prices in Europe Hit Records After Wind Stops Blowing

    09/18/2021 6:15:31 PM PDT · by 11th_VA · 47 replies
    WSJ ^ | Sept. 13, 2021 | By Joe Wallace
    Heavy reliance on wind power, coupled with a shortage of natural gas, has led to a spike in energy prices Natural gas and electricity markets were already surging in Europe when a fresh catalyst emerged: The wind in the stormy North Sea stopped blowing. The sudden slowdown in wind-driven electricity production off the coast of the U.K. in recent weeks whipsawed through regional energy markets. Gas and coal-fired electricity plants were called in to make up the shortfall from wind. Natural-gas prices, already boosted by the pandemic recovery and a lack of fuel in storage caverns and tanks, hit all-time...
  • Biden Administration Launches Probe Into Soaring Gasoline Prices

    09/17/2021 8:39:48 AM PDT · by george76 · 100 replies
    Oil price ^ | Sep 17, 2021 | Charles Kennedy -
    The Biden administration is looking into prices at the pump and why they are higher than they are supposed to be. “There’s lots of evidence that gas prices should be going down -- but they haven’t,” President Joe Biden said on Thursday, as quoted by Bloomberg. “We’re taking a close look at that.” “We’re also going after the bad actors and pandemic profiteers in our economy,” the U.S. president also said. U.S. gas prices have risen by as much as 50 percent since the start of the year. Earlier this week, the average reached $3.19 per gallon, Bloomberg noted, citing...
  • Biden’s State Department Authorizes Ban on Imported Ammo from Russia

    09/15/2021 5:23:15 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 36 replies ^ | September 15, 2021 | Young Voices Contributors
    Editor's Note: This piece was authored by Samuel Mangold-Lenett.Last month, the State Department announced that the federal government will soon begin prohibiting Americans from importing “ammunition manufactured or located in Russia.” This restriction comes as part of a new set of sanctions pushed by the Biden administration against the Russian Federation for its habit of poisoning political opposition. The Biden administration claims that it is pursuing these sanctions to punish Russia for its mistreatment of political dissidents. Don't be fooled. This policy is just a convenient cover for the White House’s anti-gun agenda. By making it illegal for American citizens...
  • Putin plays Biden with gas price hike in Europe

    08/20/2021 4:24:40 PM PDT · by DeathBeforeDishonor1 · 17 replies
    Wash Exam ^ | 8/19/21 | Tim Rogan
    Russia fueled President Joe Biden's global credibility implosion on Thursday, hiking its gas export price projections for Europe. For Biden, the timing could hardly be worse. As allies lament the president's apparently proud ineptitude in Afghanistan, Vladimir Putin has arrived to gut Biden's foreign policy further. The Russian state-owned Gazprom energy giant has announced a 30% hike to its 2021 price projection for long-term contracts with European non-former Soviet states. The new estimate is $269.60 per 1,000 cubic meters. It follows a previous increase announced in late June. Further clarifying Putin's intent to play Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel...
  • Pipeline Hypocrisy! Evening Nets IGNORE Biden Approving Russia’s Pipeline for 2 Days

    07/23/2021 6:24:40 AM PDT · by JV3MRC · 11 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 7/23/2021 | Joseph Vazquez
    The ABC, CBS and NBC evening networks didn’t seem to care that President Joe Biden canceled the Keystone XL while behaving like a Russian crony and approving the country’s controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline. CNBC reported July 21 that the United States and Germany “reached an agreement to allow completion of the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline [in Russia].” The outlet noted that the unease around the pipeline that will pump Russian gas directly into Germany “stems from Moscow’s history of using the energy sector to gain leverage over Russia’s neighbors, namely Ukraine.” When finished, the pipeline will reportedly...
  • Joe Biden Has Given Vladimir Putin a Huge Win on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

    07/23/2021 3:40:21 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | July 23, 2021 | Josh Hammer
    For years, Democrats and their cable news echo chamber conjured up and broadly disseminated the most lurid and patently ludicrous rumors about former President Donald Trump being a corrupted and (literally) compromised agent of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. Democratic talking heads ultimately tried in vain to distance themselves from this sordid oeuvre's most far-fetched talking points, such as the infamous "pee video kompromat" from the discredited Steele dossier. But for four years, Democrats' unquenchable obsession with the "Russiagate" hoax pervaded, distorted and sullied our politics. The irony is that Trump, on actual substantive merits, toed a very hawkish line...
  • Biden Says He Couldn’t Do Anything To Stop Nord Stream 2

    07/23/2021 12:23:14 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 14 replies
    One America News ^ | 6:56 PM PT – Thursday, July 22, 2021 | OAN Newsroom
    Joe Biden claimed he could not do anything to stop the Russian-German pipeline Nord Stream 2 from being completed. This comes as Republicans said Biden did a major geopolitical favor for Vladimir Putin by lifting U.S. sanctions on pipeline operators. However, Biden said German Chancellor Angela Merkel would prevent Russia from using Nord Stream 2 to exert political pressure on Ukraine. …
  • Can Europe escape Gazprom's energy stranglehold?

    07/11/2021 11:12:40 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 77 replies
    Deutsche Welle ^ | 07.11.2021 | Andrey Gurkov
    Trouble is brewing on the European gas market. In the wake of a long, cold winter, natural gas reservoirs are unusually low and should, in principle, be refilled very quickly. Russia’s state-owned corporation Gazprom could increase supplies. The market leader, however, has not done that, despite prices recently reaching a 13-year high. In turn, there is growing concern across Europe that there may be insufficient gas supplies for the upcoming winter. Gazprom has not booked any additional gas transit through Ukraine in July, although deliveries of Russian natural gas to the EU will drop by more than 2 billion cubic...
  • U.S. explains abolishing of sanctions against Nord Stream 2

    06/29/2021 8:47:46 AM PDT · by elpadre · 10 replies ^ | June 29, 2021
    Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs George Kent explained why the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden made a decision to release from the sanctions the main company that is responsible for the activity of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline – Nord Stream-2 AG as Voice of America reported. “It was made to leave the space for diplomacy. We made clear our expectations – Germany has to do the right thing, be a leader of Europe as it is now and assume actions to make sure that Russia does not use its energy as the weapon,”...
  • USA and Germany plan to compensate Ukraine's losses due to Nord Stream 2

    06/26/2021 10:42:07 AM PDT · by elpadre · 19 replies ^ | June 26, 2021
    The United States and Germany want to compensate Ukraine for losses after the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Bloomberg reports citing sources. The agreement, which some officials hope to have ready for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to Washington next month, could see the countries commit to bolstering Ukrainian infrastructure and compensating it for transit fees that will be lost because the pipeline bypasses the country. Germany may also commit to supporting the “Three Seas” plan to boost Eastern European cooperation on energy and transportation. Possible options for a deal were spelled out by several people familiar with...
  • Blinken: U.S. not to allow Russia to use Nord Stream 2 as weapon against Ukraine

    06/23/2021 9:19:48 AM PDT · by elpadre · 29 replies ^ | June 23, 2021
    U.S. State Secretary Antony Blinken stated that America would not allow the Russian Federation to use the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as a tool for putting pressure on Ukraine and Europe as Reuters reported. "Our goal remains to ensure that Russia cannot use energy as a coercive tool as a weapon against Ukraine, or anyone else in Europe," Blinken stated. Related: Zelensky: Nord Stream 2 - weapon against Ukraine He also reminded the opinion of Washington that the Nord Stream 2 is the geopolitical project of Moscow, threatening the energy security of Europe and disrupting the security of Ukraine...
  • Germany Is a Bad Ally

    06/13/2021 7:26:26 AM PDT · by george76 · 46 replies
    Center for the National Interest ^ | June 10, 2021 | Michael Rubin
    Biden and Blinken may associate acquiescence to Berlin with sophisticated diplomacy and may assume that Germany stands for the same values as the United States, but this would be a mistake. Simply put, Germany is neither a good ally nor does its leadership share the same liberal, democratic worldview as the United States. When Russia’s Gazprom and European partners announced plans to expand pipelines carrying Russian gas to Europe, eight European Union members and the Obama administration raised objections. Not only would Nord Stream 2 make Europe more dependent on Russian gas but, by rendering the existing pipeline across Ukraine...
  • Putin Says That First Line Of Nord Stream 2 Is Now Complete

    06/07/2021 8:07:48 AM PDT · by george76 · 12 replies
    Oil price ^ | Jun 05, 2021 | RF/ERL
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that laying the pipes for the first of two lines of the prospective Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany has now been "successfully completed." Addressing an economic forum in St. Petersburg on June 4, Putin also said that "work on the second line is continuing." While the underwater section still needs to be linked to the section on German territory, Russian energy giant Gazprom "is ready to start filing Nord Stream 2 with gas," he added. Gazprom shares went up 0.6 percent after Putin's comments, reaching 273.80 rubles ($3.74) -- their highest level since...
  • News Summary Intelligence Report Sunday 6/6/2021 Vaxx deaths up 15 percent in one week Minneapolis Protests

    06/06/2021 6:53:46 PM PDT · by Nextrush · 12 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 6/6/2021 | Nextrush/Self
    The number of vaccine deaths jumped double digits in the latest US reporting. The Israeli political situation with Prime Minister Netanyahu saying 'people rightly feel cheated' with the new government being proposed but first... 27 arrests in Minneapolis Saturday night in a third night of protests over the killing of Winston Smith by a US Marshals Task Force... (Comment) Not such a big deal because Joe Biden is President mainstream media? Also feds not using body cams if local law enforcement uses them why not feds? The latest Centers for Disease Control data on vaccine side effects showing 759 new...
  • Russia plans to complete Nord Stream 2 construction by end of year

    06/04/2021 8:14:42 AM PDT · by elpadre · 9 replies
    112.International ^ | June 4, 2021
    Russia plans to have the construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline completed by the end of the year. "The works did not stop; the operator and the companies partaking in this project continue to implement it together. We hope this work will be over, perhaps, by the end of this year", DW quoted Aleksandr Novak, the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. The official spoke at the Petersburg international economic forum. According to Novak, the overall length of the pipeline is 1,230 kilometers, and another100 km remains to be laid. Earlier, the Ukrainian Parliament passed the decree No.5520, in...
  • Biden received funds from top Russia lobbyist before Nord Stream 2 giveaway

    05/29/2021 1:59:00 PM PDT · by massmike · 25 replies ^ | 05/29/2021 | Jon Levine
    President Biden and his allies raked in campaign cash from a top Russia lobbyist in 2020, just months before his administration’s decision to scrap sanctions on a controversial firm building a Russian oil pipeline to Germany. Richard Burt, a managing partner at McLarty Associates and a former U.S. ambassador to Germany during the Reagan administration, ponied up $4,000 for Joe Biden in October 2020 and dropped another $10,000 in the lefty-aligned political action committee Unite The County in March 2020, FEC records show. In addition to violating Biden’s own campaign pledge not to take lobbyist cash, the money from Burt...
  • Joe Biden: Blocking Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Would Be ‘Counterproductive’ with Europe

    05/25/2021 7:46:31 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 35 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 25 May 2021 | CHARLIE SPIERING
    President Joe Biden defended on Tuesday his decision to allow the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline to finish construction, arguing that blocking it would hurt his relationship with European countries. The Biden administration plans to scrap sanctions on the Russian company responsible for the pipeline, Axios reported last week, clearing the way for the project to continue. Biden spoke about the pipeline as he left the White House for a trip to Delaware, placing a priority on European interests, despite Republican senators condemning the project. “To go ahead and impose sanctions now would, I think, be counterproductive in terms of...
  • resident Biden Eradicates Trump Programs — With Zero Regard for Effectiveness or Logic

    05/23/2021 12:32:59 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 19 replies
    Red ^ | May 23, 2021 | Brad Slager
    While entitled to do so, Biden is eradicating programs merely for their having Trump’s signature at the bottom.There had been a proposed installation for Washington, D.C., meant to honor historical national icons. Proposed by President Trump last summer, the National Garden of American Heroes was going to honor a number of prominent individuals from our past involving a number of categories, both historical and cultural. That plan has since been scrapped by President Biden, in a move that follows in a line of other items from Trump’s tenure that have become rescinded arbitrarily by Biden.The garden, while not the most...
  • News Summary Intelligence Report Friday 5/21 Newsdump Friday Epstein Guards Plea Deal, Biden Host Floyd Family

    05/21/2021 9:55:34 PM PDT · by Nextrush · 3 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 5/21/2021 | Nextrush/Self
    Ammon Bundy wants to be the next Governor of Idaho and President Trump is getting back on the campaign trail but first... The federal prison guards on duty when Jeffrey Epstein died in August of 2019 cutting a plea deal... Former President Trump planning campaign rallies in four states... He's been in the forefront of opposition to Idaho Republican Governor Brad Little's state of emergency...Now libertarian activist Ammon Bundy is in the race to challenge incumbent Brad Little... A subscriber exclusive story from "OregonLive" says that Oregon businesses have two bad choices from the latest mask mandate... Oregon Governor Kate...
  • What Does Putin Have on Biden?

    05/21/2021 9:03:45 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 43 replies ^ | May 21, 2021 | David Harsanyi
    Only a few months ago, the Biden administration argued that Nord Stream 2, a proposed natural-gas pipeline running from Russia to Germany, was "a bad deal" that "exposes Ukraine and Central Europe." White House press secretary Jen Psaki had noted at the time that any new pipeline carrying the fossil fuel on the continent "goes against Europe's own stated energy and security goals." This week, Axios reports that President Joe Biden is set to waive sanctions against a major company building the pipeline -- as well as its CEO, Matthias Warnig, a former Stasi agent and a Putin, er, associate....