Since Nov 18, 2002

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One man with courage makes a majority.

- Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)

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A reckless liberal in my youth, am now an older & wiser true conservative male living in GOD'S COUNTRY - that's right, British Columbia!! - always with an addiction to news and politics. Now, thanks to FreeRepublic, that part's easy.

Found out about FR via an article on CNN, and enjoy the exhange of current news and, best of all, the comments from people around the world. Don't enjoy the all-too-common insults of the insecure posters. Oh well.

Ferry heading for Horseshoe Bay, Howe Sound, north of Vancouver - lots of good hiking, camping and fishing in the area.

Interests: astronomy, ancient History (esp. Rome and Egypt), education

Sports: Hockey, Football (watching), biking, camping (doing), baseball (both)

Music: gotta be rock'n'roll. I've tried jazz and classical, but they just don't have the energy the keep me going.

Mt. Cheam, Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver - beautiful country, scented with Douglas Fir, and great salmon fishing every fall.

The Miracle of Life - when you're young, there's always so much to do, you're so busy you don't really notice .... but as you grow older, you start to appreciate....

Dogwood flower - a common sight in our province during the spring, also the provincial tree of B.C. Its knarly & twisted wood is useless for lumber. Legend has it that the tree originally had straight limbs, and that it was the tree used to make Christ's cross; when God saw what had happened, he was so angry he deformed its shape to make sure it never happened again.

Long-time America-phile. (Ameriphile?) Still think that the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution are among the most beautiful and logical writings ever produced. And the Apollo program was one of mankind's finest engineering achievements ever, if not THE best!

Strong Personal Influences: Ben Franklin, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK

And I also have a weakness for animals ....