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  • President Kennedy Asked the FBI to Look Into Speaker Pelosi’s Father for Connections to the Mob – Documents Quietly Released Last Week Confirm This

    01/13/2021 8:39:45 AM PST · by Impala64ssa · 34 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 1/13/21 | Joe Hoft
    President John F. Kennedy requested that Speaker Pelosi’s father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. be investigated by the FBI for his connections to organized crime. The related FBI documents were quietly released on January 6th. On January 6th the FBI quietly released documents related to Nancy Pelosi’s father. Thomas D’Alesandro Jr was investigated by the FBI in 1961 per a request from President John F. Kennedy. The document drop was released while Big Media and the Democrats were busy approving a stolen election and pushing the narrative that Trump supporters are violent: There were prior reports that D’Alesandro Jr was connected to...
  • The 2020 Election Aftermath Is Not At All Unprecedented In U.S. History

    01/12/2021 8:39:21 AM PST · by Kaslin · 21 replies
    the federalist ^ | January 12, 2021 | Chuck DeVore
    The aftermath of the 2020 election finds the nation unsettled, with legitimate concerns about election fraud overshadowed by the capitol riot and kooky conspiracy theories.The presidential election was close. Only 84 Electoral College votes separated the contenders. Widespread allegations of ballot fraud were claimed by national party chairmen in 11 states, with court challenges lasting into the middle of the year following the election. Changing the results in just two states would flip the election.The fraud allegations were serious, including dead people voting and votes far in excess of registered voters in some counties. Yet partisan election boards quickly certified...
  • President Trump pledged to open classified JFK assassination files. What happened to that?

    01/06/2021 5:03:07 PM PST · by rintintin · 26 replies
    Tampa Bay Times ^ | Dec 7 2020 | By Kevin G. Hall
    Like many Americans his age, Donald Trump shared an interest in the mysterious assassination of President John F. Kennedy. So much so that soon after taking office he pledged, as a Washington outsider, to order the release of all related documents kept secret in government vaults. Now weeks away from leaving office, it appears he’ll leave that task of historical interest and significance to President-elect Joe Biden.
  • British Airways to test JFK-bound passengers for COVID-19 at Cuomo’s request

    12/21/2020 10:49:13 AM PST · by ChicagoConservative27 · 13 replies
    nypost ^ | 12/21/2020 | Bernadette Hogan, Nolan Hicks and Jesse O’Neill
    At the request of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, British Airways has agreed to test passengers for a new coronavirus mutation before they board a flight to Kennedy airport. In an effort to keep New York free of the highly contagious strain that has shut down London, Cuomo asked airline officials to take the proactive measure, the governor said on Monday.
  • JFK on the Survival of Liberty

    Unlike many current Democratic nominees, JFK was a patriot. Sure, he might have made some decisions that we conservatives don’t agree with. But still, he loved America and the values such as liberty that make it great. And that’s what this quote by JFK on the survival of liberty is about. Because JFK was so eloquent, there’s little to explain this quote of his. But, I do think examples of what it actually means would be helpful. Yes, America should try to avoid foreign entanglements. We shouldn’t get involved in forever wars to try to establish democracies in the Middle...
  • Will Joe Biden Release JFK Assassination Records?

    11/29/2020 8:42:52 AM PST · by rintintin · 117 replies
    Newsweek ^ | Nov 22 2020 | Brendan Cole
    Sunday (Nov 22) marks the 57th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and nearly six decades on, fascination still abounds over the details of one of the 20th century's landmark events. The 35th American president was fatally shot by Lee Harvey Oswald shortly after midday on Friday November 22 1963 while riding in a presidential motorcade through Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas. Footage of him in the car with his wife Jaqueline and Texas Governor John Connally and his wife, has gone down in history as one of the iconic images of the age. Most of the documents...
  • Oswald interrogator talks before, after Ruby murder

    11/22/2020 2:13:26 PM PST · by plain talk · 23 replies
    Stars and Stripes ^ | Nov 4 2016 | Stars and Stripes
    James Leavelle was the first person to interrogate Lee Harvey Oswald after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He described what happened leading up to after Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby while speaking at the 19th annual American Veterans Center Veterans Conference & Honors and National Youth Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.
  • JFK assassinated 57 years ago – here are the shocking news videos and pics from that day

    11/22/2020 11:55:08 AM PST · by E. Pluribus Unum · 170 replies
    American Military News ^ | NOVEMBER 22, 2020 | RYAN MORGAN
    On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was riding in his open-top motorcade in Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas when he was struck by multiple gunshots and killed. Former U.S. Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was believed, by the prevailing accounts, to have been responsible for firing the shots from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository Building, which struck Kennedy in the neck and head as his motorcade passed through the plaza at 12:30 p.m. that day. According to, Oswald is believed to have fired three shots, with two hitting and fatally wounding Kennedy and another...
  • What Were You Doing 57 Years Ago Today?

    11/22/2020 8:53:24 AM PST · by JBW1949 · 277 replies
    myself | myself
    November 22, 1963
  • When Fake News Becomes Fake History – the Cuban Missile Crisis, 58 Years Ago This Week

    10/24/2020 3:59:11 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 46 replies ^ | October 24, 2020 | Humberto Fontova
    President Kennedy “employed a combination of toughness, nerve and wisdom, so brilliantly controlled, so matchlessly calibrated that it dazzled the world!” (Democrat court historian and Kennedy presidential aide Arthur Schlesinger, in his media-acclaimed and Pulitzer Prize winning, A Thousand Days.) "Follow Kennedy's Lead to Deter North Korea. It's Time For Real Deterrence," wrote the late Charles Krauthammer in 2006, contrasting President Bush’s wimpy response to North Korea’s missiles to Kennedy’s testicular cowing of the Russians during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  National Review’s Andrew McCarthy said "hear-hear" to Krauthammer. "It would be better for President Bush to emulate the Kennedy strategy"...
  • Mail-in Voting Is Only Democrats’ Latest Election-Stealing Strategy

    08/17/2020 9:08:29 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies
    The Federalist ^ | August 17, 2020 | Bob Anderson
    This November, election integrity is on the ballot as well. If the final tally is close, is there any doubt which way the final votes will land? Sometimes a few votes make all the difference. Just ask former Senator Norm Coleman. On the morning after the election in November 2008, the official tally showed him with a 725-vote lead out of 2.9 million total votes cast. Coleman claimed victory. But Democrats flooded the state with lawyers to challenge the outcome. After the first recount, his lead was down to 206 votes, but things were just getting started.Caches of ballots showed...
  • World War II in the Pacific, ramming of PT-109, & JFK on Religious Freedom, Israel, & Faith in God

    08/02/2020 6:44:19 PM PDT · by Perseverando · 52 replies
    American Minute ^ | August 2, 2020 | Bill Federer
    The South Pacific had many major battles during World War II: Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, Wake Island, Dec. 7-23, 1941, Doolittle Raid, April 18, 1942, Coral Sea, May 4-8, 1942, Midway, June 4-7, 1942, Guadalcanal campaign, Aug. 7, 1942-Feb. 9, 1943, Gilbert & Marshall Islands campaign, 1943–44: Makin Island, Aug. 17-18, 1942, Tarawa, Nov. 20, 1943, Makin, Nov. 20-23, 1943, Kwajalein, Feb. 14, 1944, Eniwetok, Feb. 17, 1944, Truk Island, Feb. 17-18, 1944,  Mariana & Palau Islands campaign 1944: Saipan, June 16, 1944, Philippine Sea, June 19-20, 1944, Guam, July 21, 1944, Tinian, July 24, 1944, Peleliu, Sept....
  • Time for cancel culture to ditch the Kennedys

    07/05/2020 9:25:49 AM PDT · by billorites · 25 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | July 5, 2020 | Howie Carr
    If Abraham Lincoln and Christopher Columbus no longer pass woke muster in Boston, then it’s time for the Kennedys to go. And everything with their names plastered on it — the JFK Library and JFK federal building, his statue at the State House, the Kennedy School of Government across the river, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, the Edward M. Kennedy Whatever They Call It, etc. Everything must go! Profiles in Courage? The Kennedys were more like Profiles in Caucasity, as that woke Harvard gal said this week before she too got canceled. Let’s start with President Kennedy. Just for starters, he...
  • Amity Shlaes’ ‘Great Society:’ How Poverty Won America’s War on Poverty

    04/20/2020 2:50:10 PM PDT · by rktman · 18 replies ^ | 4/18/2020 | Ed Driscoll
    —Sargent Shriver, brother in law of JFK and the “architect” of the “War on Poverty,” to socialist Michael Harrington (who wanted much, much more of the American taxpayers’ dollars), 1964. Amity Shlaes’ newest book, Great Society: A New History is a sequel to her two studies of 1930s and 1920s, 2007’s The Forgotten Man, and 2013’s Coolidge. The eponymous Forgotten Man was the taxpayer, the man footing the bill to fund FDR’s New Deal. As a UCLA press release explained in 2004, “FDR’s policies prolonged Depression by 7 years, UCLA economists calculate.” Even socialist Roosevelt worshiper Paul Krugman has been...
  • JFK...

    04/12/2020 10:28:17 AM PDT · by Rummyfan · 150 replies
    Steyn Online ^ | 11 Apr 2020 | Kathy Shaidle
    There's too much chatter about movies that are "so bad, they're good." These admittedly amusing musings distract from a truly insidious phenomenon: Movies "so good, they're bad." No such creature as "just a movie" exists. We may (believe ourselves to) be capable of separating fact from fiction, but millions of people never will. Take the "Hitler's Pope" canard. It was popularized by, of all things, a Soviet-orchestrated stage play called The Deputy, back in 1963. How many individuals have heard of this play, let alone seen it performed? A few thousand? Yet the Vatican's supposed collusion with the Nazis is...
  • 'American Pie' singer Don McLean says music no longer exists because of 'nihilistic society'

    04/11/2020 9:01:29 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 175 replies
    Fox News ^ | 04/11/2020 | Melissa Roberto
    Don McLean, the 74-year-old singer best known for his 1971 hit “American Pie,” says he is not impressed with the music of today. The singer-songwriter believes times have certainly changed since his early days in the music industry, and he’s claiming there is no longer music of substance when he turns on the radio. The folk-rock singer sat down with Tom Cridland for his YouTube series “The Greatest Music of All Time” to reflect on his musical career highlights. During the candid conversation, McLean partially discusses his political views, claiming that politics no longer “really mean anything,” and he likened...
  • Bob Dylan releases 17-minute song about John F. Kennedy assassination

    03/28/2020 8:07:09 AM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 114 replies
    New York Post ^ | March 27, 2020 | Variety
    ...As the clock struck midnight on the east coast Friday morning, Dylan released a new song, “Murder Most Foul,” that has a 16:57 running time — and it’s an epic free association on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy...In the song’s view, the killing of JFK, “right there in front of everyone’s eyes,” is the “greatest magic trick” — and one he presumably thinks has some relevance in 2020.
  • Democratic Icon: Liberty Is Rooted in Religious Principles

    02/12/2020 5:14:57 AM PST · by Kaslin · 8 replies ^ | February 12, 2020 | Terry Jeffrey
    Only a month before, the top local newspaper had been promoting the fact that one of the 10 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in an urban northeastern congressional district was also "one of the few women vet candidates for political office in the country." Even so, she lost the primary. Now, on the Fourth of July, the man who had defeated her was the principal speaker at the city's historic town hall. He was preceded by the mayor and introduced by his grandfather. He did not deliver the typical Democratic message. "Throughout the years, down to the present, a devotion...
  • Sex in the Senate [and more: old news but relevant for certain stone throwers]

    02/09/2020 4:15:25 PM PST · by daniel1212 · 29 replies
    Politico ^ | November 19, 2013 | TODD S. PURDUM
    “Senator [Clinton] Anderson [D-N.M.] was a big disappointment. He was full of hate. I had a little Mexican-American kid as a page boy and he told me, he said, ‘Senator Anderson is the meanest son of a bitch I have ever met.’ He said, ‘He just treats you like you’re a dog.’ And he was also sort of a sex maniac…” “Senator [Estes] Kefauver [D-Tenn.] had a drinking problem. He smelled like booze all the time, but he was not a mean man. His staff loved him …He was despised among all the Southern Democrats. Not a one of them...
  • Really cool resource

    12/06/2019 11:01:46 AM PST · by spacewarp · 3 replies
    JFK Files Demo ^ | Unknown | Microsoft
    I was doing some training about Azure search and found that Microsoft has tons of documents online and they're OCR (read by the computer for search) so you can search for a keyword or a tag and find all documents that have been publicly released for specific data. Again, the URL is JFK Files Search Demo