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  • Liberals Will Come For You Sooner Than You Think

    07/07/2020 3:29:02 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 21 replies ^ | July 7, 2020 | Derek Hunter
    As the saying goes, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” That’s why you should be weary of anyone seeking to rewrite history. They’re likely looking to repeat something from it – something bad – and don’t want you to know what’s coming.  Liberals have spent the last few months wiping clean every piece of history they can. From statues to the very founding of our country, Democrats have declared what was to not have been and what wasn’t to have always been. The joke known as the 1619 Project has rabid racists and professional victims at its...
  • Kids Dont Know Much About History Thanks to Anti-American Indoctrination

    07/06/2020 3:04:57 PM PDT · by Libloather · 12 replies
    Rush Limbaugh ^ | 7/06/20 | El Rushbo
    RUSH: We have repeatedly said, ladies and gentlemen, that these protests and riots are being led by college-aged kids who literally know nothing about American history. They have not been taught the truth. This is key to understand. They have not been taught the truth of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the founding, and then made up their minds that they think these guys are reprobates and creeps. Theyve not been taught the truth. They have been propagandized and indoctrinated from the get-go. They have been filled with hatred, pure and simple. But they think that theyve been taught the truth,...
  • Catholic Schools, Cut The White Privilege Lectures And Teach About Marxisms Evils

    07/06/2020 7:26:43 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies
    The Federalist ^ | July 6, 2020 | Carina Benton
    Teach About Marxism’s Evils We cannot allow another generation to emerge from our schools so ignorant of communism's horrors that they see no problem in courting, dabbling with, or even passively accepting one of history’s most noxious ideologies.
 My child’s Catholic school sent home a letter to parents this week recommending “conversations about white privilege” to encourage “compassionate hearts and confident minds.” Regurgitating the radical-left bile that fuels the fires of resentment and division will not enrich students emotionally or intellectually. Instead, Catholic schools should teach students about the evils of Marxism.Marxist apostles are orchestrating the chaos and violence plaguing...
  • The 1776 Project

    07/06/2020 6:33:56 AM PDT · by daydreamer · 9 replies
    The 1776 Project website ^ | 2020 | Multiple scholars at
    THE 1776 UNITES CAMPAIGN 1776 is an assembly of independent voices who uphold our countrys authentic founding virtues and values and challenge those who assert America is forever defined by its past failures, such as slavery. We seek to offer alternative perspectives that celebrate the progress America has made on delivering its promise of equality and opportunity and highlight the resilience of its people. Our focus is on solving problems. We do this in the spirit of 1776, the date of Americas true founding.
  • 6 Ways To Raise A Patriot

    07/04/2020 6:56:57 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies
    The Federalist ^ | July 4, 2020 | Rachel Campos Duffy
    6 Ways To Raise A Patriot What’s the most patriotic thing you can do right now? Raise a patriot! One silver lining of recent political and cultural upheaval is that parents are finally waking up to the indoctrination of their children. I’ve always known my kids’ schools were liberal, but it wasn’t until COVID-19 homeschooling began that I discovered my son’s high school curriculum included Chinese communist propaganda videos. I sat at my kitchen counter with my jaw open as we watched an assigned video justifying and promoting the Chinese Communist Party’s inhumane population control policies with zero counterpoint...
  • To Restore Americas Legacy, We Need To Learn More History, Not Less

    07/04/2020 5:36:37 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies
    The Federalist ^ | July 4, 2020 | Winfried M. McClay
    Were surrounded today by evidence that too few of us know our history, and too many have been mis-educated to see only its flaws. When we celebrate the Fourth, were not only observing our nations birthday. Were also celebrating the things that came into the world along with it.When we obsess over our faults, we lose perspective and forget that aspect of our past. Never before had a country been built upon the idea that it was not the rule of kings but the dignity of each person that formed the basis of political and social order. We did that.Our...
  • Happy Birthday America!

    07/04/2020 5:22:19 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 5 replies
    MOTUS ^ | 7-4-20 | MOTUS
    There have always been enemies of liberty, freedom, independence, self-reliance - essentially everything America was founded on and most of us still believe in. But its hard to accept that those who have benefited the most from our countrys freedom and way of life are those who would now destroy it. They hate our history, our constitution, our flag, even our national anthem. I once thought that Ronald Reagans warning was directed at foreign tyrants: Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didnt pass it to our children in the bloodstream. The only way they...
  • Football Cheers, Operatic Arias, And Magazine Contests: The History Of Americas Military Anthems

    07/03/2020 8:08:44 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 8 replies
    The Federalist ^ | July 3, 2020 | Elle Reynolds
    This Independence Day, read the unexpected history of the songs that have led our nation's soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen into battle. Armies have used music to rally troops in battle since biblical days. During the American War for Independence, boys too young and men too old to fight often played the fife and drum for the Continental Army, using music to signal commands as well as to boost soldiers’ morale.A particular tune might direct troops to cease fire, or to reload their rifles. While music rarely has such a practical use on the battlefield today, each branch of the...
  • We Must Decide Whether We Want to Save America

    07/03/2020 5:18:52 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 19 replies ^ | July 3, 2020 | David Limbaugh
    <p>America is in crisis. Her destiny is on the line, and she will survive only if we still love her.</p> <p>A battle rages in the streets, in academia, in the culture, and in the hearts and minds of the American people over whether America was and remains a good and great nation.</p>
  • Monument Avenue in Richmond is no more.

    07/02/2020 9:21:44 PM PDT · by central_va · 92 replies
    wrva ^ | 7/2/20 | wrva
    Richmond, VA _ The City of Richmond Thursday removed the Maury Statue on Monument Avenue at Belmont, along with two cannons on Monument avenue, one just west of the Arthur Ashe Monument, and the other east of the Jefferson Davis statue. Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney said the statue and cannons were among eleven the city would be removing in the coming days, following Wednesday's removal of the Stonewall Jackson statue, but it would wait until after the July 4th holiday. Maury was a confederate navy officer during the Civil War and known as the "Pathfinder of the Seas", which is...
  • What Should Republicans Do?

    07/02/2020 12:40:40 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 40 replies
    The Federalist ^ | July 2, 2020 | Ben Domenech
    The thirst among Republican voters isn't even for policy. It's for seeing the politicians they elected join the fray. I’ve been hammering away at conservatives and Republicans for failing to defend the symbols of national pride the woke leftist mob has been tearing at in recent weeks. Yesterday on the “Brian Kilmeade Show,” I admitted to letting my anger get the best of me a bit. Brian said I was speaking not as a publisher but as an American — and that’s fair. But part of my frustration is that this is such an obvious challenge that anti-American leftists and...
  • It Is Time for America to Make a Stand

    07/02/2020 9:56:47 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 31 replies ^ | July 2, 2020 | William Marshall
    We have had enough. American patriots have stood idly by while the International Left has swept through our culture like the Germans swept through France in 1914, burning and slaughtering in their relentless drive toward Paris. Passivity has been our most demonstrable quality as the icons of our history Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant have been attacked, small businesses destroyed, and innocent Americans assaulted and threatened. It is time to summon our manhood, just as the French did at the Battle of the Marne, finally saying, Enough! against an Imperial German army...
  • Christopher Columbus statue removed outside Columbus City Hall

    07/02/2020 3:24:54 AM PDT · by Whenifhow · 22 replies
    nypost ^ | Jully 1, 2020 | Jackie Salo
    A statue of Christopher Columbus was taken down in Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday morning amid renewed criticism over the legacy of the explorer. [ ] The statue, which will be placed for safekeeping in a city facility, had been a gift from the people of Genoa, Italy, in 1955. [ ] Mayor Andrew Ginther announced last month that the statue would be coming down, saying it doesnt represent the citys values, news station WSYX reported. For many people in our community, the statue represents patriarchy, oppression and divisiveness, Ginther said. That does not represent our great city, and we will no...
  • The privilege they erased from history: White Slavery

    07/01/2020 4:05:28 PM PDT · by · 16 replies
    Youtube ^ | Jun 28, 2020 | Dana Ashlie
    Our history is written by the victors. What presentation of our history would best suite their chosen 'end game' for us? The straight up erasing and twisted of true history has happened on a variety of topics of course, but specifically the topic of slavery has been erased and retold in a way that points to another agenda that has been set up. Who gains and who is set to lose are the questions we need to ask.
  • Mob Rule Imperils Western Civilization. Nows the Time for Courage and Leadership.

    06/29/2020 4:54:09 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 17 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | June 26, 2020 | Jarrett Stepman
    The war on history has spread across our country and has even spilled over to other parts of the Western world. Now, on a daily basis, we see scenes of lawless mobs attacking and tearing down statues, and defacing monuments of every typeoften as authorities stand idly by. But this violence has hardly been reserved just for statues. After toppling a statue of an abolitionist who gave his life to the cause as a member of the Union Army, a mob in Madison, Wisconsin, mercilessly beat a Wisconsin Democrat state senator who supported the protests. Mob rule is indeed coming...
  • Teaching history at home (vanity)

    06/29/2020 11:12:32 AM PDT · by PistolPaknMama · 49 replies
    Hello Dear Freepers! My little grandsons are almost 7 and 10. They attend a private Christian school, but we remain concerned about what is required history -- or rather what is not required. Do any of you have suggestions for age appropriate materials for teaching at home so it's fun and interesting? They are both very bright and the oldest is all about some Trump and likes to talk politics. I just don't want their history taken from them. Thanks in advance! PPM
  • The Example of History

    06/27/2020 10:06:21 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 10 replies ^ | June 27, 2020 | Kathryn Lopez
    "Here is the truth ... From us there is nothing except ingratitude." Those words come from a sermon from Saint Junipero Serra, founder of the California missions. Statues of Serra are currently being expunged from the state. Watching the scenes around the Golden State and the country, I'm thinking he was a prophet. The ingratitude seems to capture what we're watching, as a stubborn, violent ignorance seems to reign as the likes of Serra, Abraham Lincoln and even Jesus himself are being targeted. Statues, buildings and businesses, of course, are not the most important things. Churches aren't, either, for that...
  • In Past Eras, Whats Happened When Statues Are Toppled

    06/25/2020 1:06:08 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 21 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | June 25, 2020 | Katrina Trinko
    Modern America is far from the only place where mobs have torn down statues. During the French Revolution there were attacks on statues, says Jarrett Stepman, author of The War on History. Of course, that devolved into attacks on people. Stepman discusses Frances history of statue-toppling, Lincolns warnings on mob rule, and more. Listen to the interview on the podcast, or read the lightly edited transcript, pasted below. Modern America is far from the only place where mobs have torn down statues. During the French Revolution there were attacks on statues, says Jarrett Stepman, author of The War on History....
  • Historians Thomas Jefferson Meltdown

    06/25/2020 12:07:21 PM PDT · by C19fan · 27 replies
    American Conservative ^ | June 25, 2020 | Rod Dreher
    Ive been writing this week about the ideological wars on the Progressphiles listserv for Democratic Party data and technology professionals. A reader who is on H-France, a similar listserv for academic historians of France, passes on news of a similar meltdown on that list along with the emails that brought this to pass. It all began with this June 16 request sent to the list, which is followed by thousands: In the piece, Prof. Daut calls on the French government to remove a statue in Paris depicting Thomas Jefferson. It takes some cheek to be a professor at the...
  • An Immodest Proposal: Cancel Slavery

    06/25/2020 5:21:44 AM PDT · by NOBO2012 · 7 replies
    MOTUS ^ | 6-25-20 | MOTUS
    Some Definitions: Cancel: delete, annul, invalidate, nullify, abolish, void, revoke, negate, scratch Cancel Culture: Canceling and cancel culture have to do with the removing of support for public figures in response to their objectionable behavior or opinions. "Cancel Culture originally referred to having someone canceled from social media platforms for putting forth objectionable behavior or opinions but quickly mutated to a higher stakes game. Soon the woke mob was demanding that people whose opinions somehow offended them or they simply didnt agree with be silenced not just on socials but in reality. They demanded they be fired from their...