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UPDATE...Nov. 9, 2016.....Yo Media! GOP ELites! Out of touch Liberals! CAN YOU HEAR US NOW????

I don’t engage liars or bullies more than one reply, if at all. My time is too important.

IF Trump loses this election it will be for one reason...THE MEDIA! Only we can change this dishonest media. Trump can’t do it alone...we should be in front of every affiliate in every city protesting and handing out REAL news instead of the stuff they make up! Until we confront this media, NOTHING changes!

Trump is right on trade, right on immigration, right on the 2nd amendment.....and without those NONE of the rest of it matters.

September 03, 2015 Donald Trumps best quality? HE LISTENS!

For 15 years, I have worked to get information out about the CRISIS and factual cover up of illegal immigration and lop sided legal immigration going on in this country promoted by BOTH parties and the media.

Donald Trump did more in a week than I and many like me were ever able to accomplish. Know why? He is a great listener!

Evidently the ONLY one in politics today, other than Jeff Sessions, willing to put his ASS on the line to tell you the truth!

He LISTENS...and evidently he listened in 2004, during the debates of the presidential race when Bob Shieffer of CBS stated that the most questions he got from the PUBLIC to ask the candidates was about......WAIT FOR IT...



THAT is how long we have all been ignored, until Donald Trump!

SCHIEFFER: Let's go to a new question, Mr. President, I got more e-mail this week on this question than any other question. And it is about immigration.

(PS....if you really want to see what phonies both Bush and Kerry were, take a look at their answers in that debate to the ONE immigration question!

Marco Rubio..OWNED by illegal alien lobby & Private Prison Big $$$$ donors!

History repeats itself, and this time, we are the NATIVES! Who is Cesar Conda? The immigration Guru who owns Rubio!;page=1


I can imagine a backroom filled with liberal politicians, their friends and lobbyists and young upstarts. An old, seasoned legislooter is advising the young one. The young one says, “I hate those darn republicans!”.

The old guy says, “ Now, Son, There must be one or two things you like about ‘em! Think REAL hard!”

“Well”, the youngster says, “ I kinda hate that we have to pay so damn much in taxes, now that I’m making some money!”

“There ya go, boy! That’s why you got tell us how ya really feel....You just keep preachin’ it...Hell! Sell it! Make some bucks along the way! Congratulations! You are now a CONSERVATIVE!”

And THAT is how a Grover Norquist or Cesar Conda gives birth to conservative con artists like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio. If you don't know who Norquist and Conda are, you shouldn't be voting.______________________

For those of you interested in what REALLY went on in the CIVIL WAR in Indian Territory, it's all here:

Jesus Wept - An American Story